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 Booms echoed continuously. While Whitey dashed along the way, a set of bright armor appeared on its body.

The armor looked as if it was made of some special metal that shone dazzlingly, which was so cool and mesmerizing.

Many people were so surprised. They didn't expect to see an iron puppet dashing out when that young chef screamed.

At the Divine Spirit Realm, that puppet looked extraordinary and magical. No one could make this sort of puppet on the Hidden Dragon Continent.

What did this puppet intend to do?

There were many Saint Sovereigns of the Royal Court in this place, and they all had broad knowledge and a profound cultivation base. However, at this moment, they didn't know what the puppet Bu Fang had summoned could do.


Whitey became fierce and tall. It stomped strongly on the ground, cracking it, before zooming into the sky like a cannonball. It aimed at the pressing vault of the sky.

Many people in the Valley of Gluttony were frightened after witnessing this scene.

The lightning punishment made them shudder in fear. They were actually afraid of this kind of heaven and earth's prestige.

Whitey's metal wings on its back spread open. Moving, it flew up into the sky that was filled with lightning strikes. Those lightning strikes rolled in the dark sky, gathering into a roaring Thunder Dragon.

"That iron puppet wants to face the lightning punishment directly?!" Alkaid Saint Sovereign's eyes shrank, screaming in astonishment.

The other Saint Sovereigns were also surprised, shaking their heads.

"Impossible... Even though that puppet was made of something special, its aura is just at the Divine Spirit Realm. How could it resist the lightning punishment?"

"One strike of lightning punishment is enough to strike that puppet to the worst damnation!"

"Heaven and Earth's prestige... can't be trespassed."

The Saint Sovereigns discussed and criticized Whitey's intent. They thought that Bu Fang didn't know his power when controlling the puppet like that.

Although that chef could cook something that had triggered the lightning punishment, unfortunately, he didn't have the sufficient power to face it.

It was the biggest regret!

Whitey's mechanical eyes became even colder, its ash-white eyes glinting.

The fat belly opened, revealing a black hole. Then, Whitey raised its hand, hauling out a red iron stick from that hole.

It was the War God Stick, which had so many mysterious patterns.

Whitey's wings shook. Holding the War God Stick in one hand, it fearlessly soared up, facing the roaring thunder and lightning in the sky.

Bu Fang lifted his head, his mental force surging. It seemed he could see through the roof to see the sky and the fearless Whitey flying toward the lightning.

"You, Whitey, eat thunder and lightning!" Bu Fang said casually.

His faint voice echoed and lingered.

The jug of wine in front of Bu Fang shook a little bit. It seemed like the liquid inside was turbulent, and the wine aroma became thicker and thicker.

After talking, Bu Fang retrieved his mental force, becoming cold and indifferent.

He picked up a goblet, which was so shiny and sparkling that it astonished the others.

What kind of bowl was that? They had never seen it before.

Bu Fang used two fingers to hold the goblet's stem. Then, he gently patted the jug of wine, which shook it and created some pleasant ding-dong sounds.

As the liquid in the jug of wine shook, the gold liquid rolled out of it like a dragon, stirring in the goblet as it settled.


The sound of the wine hitting the goblet was so pleasant to the ears. After the wine was poured into the glass, its radiance began to scatter.

Eventually, it became like a starry sky.

The liquid turned light blue, with many dots of transparent light moving around. Those light dots resembled the stars in the dark night.

Smelling the lingering wine aroma, people were so infatuated with it.

The Saint Sovereigns had to take in deep cold breaths. They had never smelled something as good as this wine!

Bu Fang pulled a chair, slowly seating himself. He crossed his legs by the knees, and the tunic of his Vermillion Robe slid down as he raised his leg.

One hand of his held the goblet, gently swaying.

As the Yellow Spring Helplessness Wine, which looked like a starry night, swayed in the goblet, the aroma of wine became even richer.

Ni Yan and Nethery's eyes lit up. The way Bu Fang was drinking wine... was so elegant!

The old man couldn't help but squint. He looked so infatuated with that jug of wine and the goblet Bu Fang was holding.

Meanwhile, outside the restaurant, people were attracted by Whitey and the lightning in the sky.

In the middle of the rolling black clouds above them, the Thunder Dragon was discernible, which was extremely terrifying.

Whitey looked bold and fearless. It soared up into the sky, attacking the Thunder Dragon.

Bu Fang's voice lingered in Whitey's ears. Its eyes sparkled, and the ash-white light turned darker.

"I, Whitey, eat thunder and lightning!"

Whitey's robotic voice resounded. Then, it got inside the Thunder Dragon, messing up with its heavenly prestige!

Boom! Boom!

Dark clouds rolled and pressed down unceasingly, shaking people's hearts. This scene was just like doomsday, which was extremely terrifying!

Where was that puppet?

Many people's eyes shrank. One of them gulped, thinking, "That puppet... I'm afraid it's melted by the Thunder Dragon's attack..."

"How intimidating is that lightning punishment? Even a Saint Sovereign would be very cautious if they were to go against the lightning punishment. But this puppet..."

"It's not going to work. A lightning strike is enough to evaporate that puppet!"

The Saint Sovereigns' eyes turned pitiful.

That human couldn't stop the lightning punishment. And that puppet said it wanted to eat thunder?

Simply a joke... The lightning punishment was the heaven's prestige, the presence of the Great Path.

Even if it was a peak expert of the Hidden Dragon Continent at a Saint Sovereign's level, they would find it hard to stop the lightning punishment, much less this iron puppet.

Even though the Hidden Dragon Continent's Great Path's Principle wasn't here, the power of its heavenly prestige didn't reduce a bit.

No doubt, that puppet must have been destroyed!

Everybody thought so, and the result seemed so.

However... against those people's expectations, it didn't happen like that. What they saw next made them scream in astonishment.

In their narrowed eyes, the Thunder Dragon was crossing the dark sky, with purple lightning as its life-like scales.


A white figure fell out of the black clouds as the sound of flapping wings echoed.

Whitey's wings steadied the pressure as they moved, staying suspended in the sky. It held the War God Stick in one hand, its ash-white eyes cold and heartless.


Another loud explosion was heard. It seemed as though the sky was enraged.

The Thunder Dragon jutted its head out. Opening its mouth, it released an ear-piercing roar, and at that moment, its heavenly prestige burst out.

Whitey raised the red iron War God Stick, which seemed to have burning flames on it.

Its mechanical eyes looked so sharp. It stepped in the void, its body turning into a jet of light as it soared up.

The War God Stick got bigger and bigger!

Holding the War God Stick with both hands, it dashed directly toward the Thunder Dragon in the sky.


A loud boom echoed. The Thunder Dragon came out of the dark clouds, attacking the War God Stick in Whitey's hands.

Sizzle! Sizzle!

In just a blink of an eye, the sky boomed, hitting Whitey with a lightning strike.


Whitey fell from the sky, hitting the ground and digging up a deep hole. A moment later, it got up from the ground, spotless. Not a single speck of dust could be seen on its body.

In the sky, the Thunder Dragon was entangling with the massive War God Stick. Eventually, both of them fell.

Whitey showed its belly, which had a madly revolving black hole.

The falling War God Stick was aiming at Whitey's black hole as it continued to entangle with the Thunder Dragon, entering that black hole...

Sizzle! Sizzle! Sizzle!

Lightning crawled disorderly and unceasingly on Whitey's body. As Whitey received an electric shock, its body fumed black smoke.

The first strike of lightning punishment... was caught!

The hole on the ground was getting bigger.

However, the pressing lightning punishment hadn't gone yet...

Many Saint Sovereigns dropped their jaws and goggled.

"That lightning punishment hasn't gone yet?! Did this food trigger two... lightning punishments?"

After being astonished, the Saint Sovereigns took in breaths of cold air!

The lightning punishment was divided into nine scales or nine strikes.

Since the Saint Sovereigns had ignited five divine flames, they were peerless talents that could trigger the lightning punishment once they ignited the sixth divine flame. However, they could only trigger only one strike.

Only experts with seven or eight divine flames could trigger two strikes of lightning punishment!

And, a Slaughtering Master Realm expert with nine divine flames... could trigger three strikes of lightning punishment!

Three strikes... seemed like it was the end of the world. In the Hidden Dragon Continent, no one could bear three strikes of lightning punishment!

It was also the reason why the Hidden Dragon Continent had never had an expert at Slaughtering Master Realm.

Sizzle! Sizzle!

Whitey had now swallowed the War God Stick. The first strike of tribulation was caught.

However... the second strike was gathering. This time, in the tribulation clouds, it wasn't another Thunder Dragon.

Everyone heard some horse galloping. It was a divine, thunder winged horse, which was dashing in the dark clouds.

All of a sudden, they heard the sounds of horse hooves clanging! The divine horse turned into lightning, striking from the sky with a loud rumble.

Whitey's wings rose as it thrust its belly out, showing the black hole.

Everyone watching this scene was so stunned, dropping their jaws... The lightning swallowed Whitey completely!

Terrifying waves of heat came with the thunder, shaking everybody's heart and mind.

"It's the real lightning punishment... Too powerful!"

Alkaid Saint Sovereign's eyes turned to the size of a bean. She was so frightened. It was just a jug of wine, but it could trigger such terrifying lightning punishment!

Simply intimidating!

This wine... was it really magical?

Furthermore, it didn't trigger only one strike of lightning punishment...

Everybody froze. Then, they carefully turned to see a mass of scorching light, their tears almost dropping the moment they saw it...

Too dazzling!


A figure arose from the lightning. It was Whitey.

Whitey's wings appeared to have some damaged spots because of the lightning strike. In the lightning, its sturdy body swayed.

However, the black hole at its belly was still swallowing lightning!


After another loud boom, the Thunder Horse was eaten completely!

Whitey pounded both of its fists on the ground. Lightning was crawling in both of its mechanic eyes.

Sonic booms reverberated.

"I, Whitey, eat thunder and lightning!"

The robotic voice arose... Lingering in people's ears.

All of them were stunned.

That iron puppet... Had f*cking eaten lighting?!

Meanwhile, in the restaurant, Bu Fang remained sitting with his legs crossed. Sitting askew, he swayed the wine in his goblet, causing the starry night-like wine to slowly swirl around.

Through the restaurant's door, he could see Whitey with lightning crawling on its body, and the corners of his mouth rose.

The serious voice of the system echoed in his head. However, before the system finished talking, Bu Fang's eyes focused all of a sudden.

He stopped swaying the goblet as his eyes moved, falling on Ni Yan's body.

At this moment, Ni Yan wore an innocent face, looking at Bu Fang. Then, her body began to emit starlight.

Above the sky, the dark clouds that were about to retreat rolled and gathered one more time...

Thunder clouds rolled and surged intimidatingly...

The third strike of lightning punishment was coming!