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 Owner Bu's wine was about to be opened!

At this moment, Ni Yan was so excited. It looked familiar as if she had seen this scene somewhere before.

Back then, the moment Owner Bu brewed and opened the Frost Blaze Path-Understanding Brew in the Light Wind Empire, half of the city could smell its aroma.

The sweet aroma of the Frost Blaze Path-Understanding Brew had lingered in half of the imperial city, so Ni Yan could never forget that scene and smell.

A flask of Frost Blaze Path-Understanding Brew had attracted so many experts. Just recalling that mesmerizing scene made her experience an intense burst of emotion.

And now, Owner Bu wanted to open another good wine. Although it wasn't the Frost Blaze Path-Understanding Brew, this wine's thick aroma would surely permeate everywhere. She knew that it would be the same with the time he opened the Frost Blaze Path-Understanding Brew.

The old man clasped his hands, strolling into the restaurant. As soon as he entered the restaurant, the warm air surprised him.

It was the first time he felt such a particular air in a restaurant. It seemed sitting in this restaurant would cheer up people.

The old man then saw Bu Fang, who was placing his hand on the jug of wine.

With his cultivation base, he could sense a formidable energy in that jug. Once that energy burst out, it would absolutely be powerful.

Was it wine in that jug?

The holy lands' Saint Sovereigns frowned, gazing at Bu Fang.

They could see Bu Fang's true energy cultivation base. However, he was just at the peak of Divine Soul Realm, and he hadn't ignited the divine flame yet, which meant he hadn't entered the Divine Spirit Realm.

To them, Bu Fang wasn't even at the sect-founder level. He couldn't get their interest nor attention.

However... That lowly ant had asked them to keep quiet, which startled them. Indeed, they were taken aback by this contrast, making them speechless.

But as soon as they got a hold of themselves, the Saint Sovereigns felt somewhat angry.

Mo Tianji dropped his jaw, looking at Bu Fang. The latter's advanced cultivation base also shocked him.

Not a long time had passed, but Bu Fang's cultivation base had reached the peak of Divine Soul Realm...

How did this fellow cultivate?!

Also, what did he just say?

He wanted the Saint Sovereigns to keep quiet?

Who were those Saint Sovereigns?

They were the top experts who led the entire Hidden Dragon Continent... The frontline force that resisted the intruders from the Ruin Prison.

They were the Hidden Dragon Continent's guardians, the leaders of forces.

Bu Fang was just a little chef, and he dared to talk to many Saint Sovereigns like that...

The Saint Sovereign pulled themselves together.

The Rising Sun Saint Sovereign was the most aggressive. He rolled his eyes at Bu Fang, his hair rising as he wanted to shout.

However, the old man swung his hand to stop the man before he could speak, saying, "That young chef isn't ordinary. You guys, calm down."

The Rising Sun Saint Sovereign glared at the old man.

If it weren't for the old man, who was the strongest here, the Rising Sun Saint Sovereign wouldn't stay idle.

The Heavenly Secret Saint Sovereign smiled faintly, his eyes pensive. He seemed to recognize Bu Fang.

As the old man had stopped the Rising Sun Saint Sovereign, the rest of the Saint Sovereigns felt that something was strange.

They weren't foolish. Since no one created any trouble, they found seats and helped themselves.

Their eyes all gazed at Bu Fang, whose hand was placed on the lid of the jug.

Watching for a while, the Saint Sovereigns' eyes shrank as they could sense a flow of cold air.

"Got it... That young chef is really extraordinary. That jug of wine... Tch, tch, tch," muttered the old man as he smoothed the tuft of white hair on his head.

"That... That jug of wine is made of Brilliant Flowery Stone?" an expert at Saint Sovereign's level asked solemnly.

Brilliant Flowery Stone... It was an extremely rare natural resource on the Hidden Dragon Continent.

In general, the Brilliant Flowery Stone was used to forge divine weapons. Although they were experts at a Saint Sovereign's level, their weapons only had bits of Brilliant Flowery Stone.

That was because the Brilliant Flowery Stone was too scarce.

"Too extravagant! He used Brilliant Flowery Stone to make a wine jug..."

The Heavenly Pivot Saint Sovereign was an old man who was more than eighty years old. He was so angry his hair rose.

If he got this amount of Brilliant Flowery Stone, he could create more divine swords to kill more demons from the Ruin Prison!

"So... don't say it's ugly. This jug of wine is really extraordinary!" The old man stroked his tuft of white hair, chuckling.

Bu Fang touched the jug, feeling the surging energy inside. He nonchalantly lifted his head and looked at the twittering old man.


The old man stopped chuckling immediately...

He embarrassedly touched his head, saying to Bu Fang, "Okay, just carry on..."

Of course, Bu Fang didn't mind the others' stares. At this moment, his mind was focused on the Yellow Spring Helplessness Wine.

This Yellow Spring Helplessness Wine had taken a lot of time and effort from him. He had to go to the Earth Prison to pick a one-leaf Yellow Spring Grass, return to the Light Wind Empire to cook Phoenix Egg Fried Rice to help Ni Yan recover her memories and fuse with the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk... All of them had consumed his time and efforts.

Thus, Bu Fang had high expectations for this wine.

Under the Path-Understanding Tree, Lord Dog's nose wrinkled. He opened his eyes, watching Bu Fang.

Flowery's Tri-Flower Eyes moved, curiously looking at Bu Fang.

Nethery was waiting. The corners of her red lips rose, her long hair cascading.

Bu Fang gently exhaled. The dragon was roaring in his spirit sea.

Then, Bu Fang pressed the paper seal, opening the jug...

Everyone's eyes were fixed on Bu Fang, watching his every move.

"Muahaha! Bu Fang young man, here comes His Highness!"

However, the moment people thought that Bu Fang would lift up the seal, loud laughter came from the outside.

Nether King Er Ha brought Saint Daughter Zi Yun, walking in. However, his laughter ceased instantly.

Everybody was speechless, looking at him.

Bu Fang wore an emotionless face.

Nethery rolled her eyes.

Lord Dog stuck his tongue out, mocking and ridiculing.

That hilarious moron...

Nether King Er Ha scratched his head. He seemed to recognize his funny mistake.

"Please carry on... Don't mind me. I'm just an average Joe," Nether King Er Ha said after a moment's pause.

Bu Fang moved his eyes from Nether King Er Ha. A moment later, radiance covered his hand, and his true energy moved.


As people watched, a sharp cracking sound rang out. The mud sealing the jug had cracked a small hole.

People's eyes shrank. Then, in their eyes, tens of thousands of light beams bloomed!

Those light beams were so bright and dazzling, and they looked like starlight.

It was... star energy?

This f*cking wine got star energy?!

Everybody took a deep breath.

The Saint Sovereigns and the old man were so thrilled. They couldn't believe it.

Star energy... Only the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk had this kind of energy. It was so powerful.

Ni Yan was watching the jug's mouth. When she saw the radiance shooting up with star energy, her face brightened even more.

Indeed, this wine... had her own trace in it.

As the seal was shattered further, the radiance became even more dazzling.

A fragrance violently dispersed from the jug.

This wine fragrance was like a flood that was out of control. It deluged, crushing everything.

With the Taotie Restaurant as the center, it diffused, permeating everywhere.

The people on the ten-mile long street of the Gluttony God City were astonished. They stood rooted to their spots as they took in the wine fragrance in the air, their faces dumbstruck.

In the Sunset Lake, a man in a straw coat was fishing on a small boat. He looked pensive as he smelled the wine aroma in the air.

In his shabby restaurant, Wenren Shang was lying hunched on a table, his chest bare. In front of him was a pile of bamboo flasks. When the wine aroma flew over, he was shaken.

In just a blink of an eye, he sobered up.

"This smell of wine..."

In just a glimpse of time, the entire Valley of Gluttony was covered in this wine aroma. After a breath, the wine aroma had spread in the whole valley!

It was unstoppable!

Outside the Valley of Gluttony, black clouds were pressing on the city wall.

The strongest demon king was clasping his hands, walking. All of a sudden, his nose wrinkled. He opened his eyes, and his energy seemed to tear the void.

With his nose wrinkled, the strongest demon king looked hesitant and... infatuated.

"This wine... has the aroma of the Earth Prison!"

His nose fumed white smoke, and he couldn't help but swallow his saliva as he exclaimed, "Who is that... Who could cook such a dish with the Earth Prison's scent? And this wine smells so good!"

He gazed at the silhouette of the Valley of Gluttony in a far distance, grinning.

What a coincidence. The wine aroma came from that direction, which was also his target.


Boom! Boom!

Above the Taotie Restaurant, a layer of gray clouds gathered thickly, which looked so constraining.

In the Valley of Gluttony, everybody was drunk in the wine aroma, so no one had found the strange phenomenon yet.

All of a sudden...

A rumbling thunder echoed in the gray clouds.

Purple lightning tore the vault of the sky, booming ear-piercingly!

The terrifying thunder woke people up!

Lightning punishment?!

Another lightning punishment?!

A thunderclap had woken up everybody. In the restaurant, all the Saint Sovereigns were frightened!

What did this lightning punishment mean? Why did it come?

This dish wanted to overcome a lightning punishment?

The Saint Sovereign experts felt bewildered as the wind blew.

Although they had ignited five divine flames, they hardly caught the Great Path's attention, which would trigger the lightning punishment.

That f*cking jug of wine could trigger lightning punishment?

So, that jug of wine was equal to their countless years of cultivating hard?

The old man was even more baffled.

Being the First Valley Master of the Valley of Gluttony, he understood clearly what kind of food could trigger the Great Path's lightning punishment!

That young chef had reached such a level?!

Although he wasn't as good as the chefs from the Immortal Cooking Realm, he was... much stronger than him!

No matter what, the old man couldn't cook a dish that could trigger the Great Path's lightning punishment!

No wonder he was defeated in the bronze palace...

Although he had been defeated, he wasn't aggrieved.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

Bu Fang's eyes focused. Strong and high waves rose in his spirit sea as the gold dragon spirit roared.

He made a blow, causing the seal to be broken completely.

The wine aroma reached the sky, permeating. The entire restaurant seemed to turn into a wonderful world.

In the sky, the thunder dragon roared and meandered.

Bu Fang lifted his head. It seemed he could see the divine thunder dragon through the restaurant's roof.

The lightning would strike soon.


Bu Fang screamed.

A moment later, a brawny figure shot out from the kitchen.

The sonic booms echoed unceasingly.

Whitey's ash-white eyes moved. While moving, its body turned bolder and fiercer!

In front of everyone's shocked eyes, Whitey zoomed out of the restaurant. Its two metal wings spread as it soared up into the sky, heading to the lightning punishment!