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 Chapter 90: Most Impressive, My Senior!

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"Senior, this place is the Valley of the Fallen Phoenix," Tang Yin said as he pointed toward the paradise-like valley in the distance while standing above a large boulder.

The Valley of the Fallen Phoenix was located at the boundary between the outskirts and the inner layer. After passing through the stone forest, a single step was like stepping into paradise. There were many unusual treasures growing within the valley and precious medicinal ingredients could be found everywhere. The strong medicinal aroma emanating from within the valley was almost forming a multi-colored curtain as it hovered in the skies.

"This is truly a wondrous location," Bu Fang said. Only such a beautiful scenery could correspond with the fantasy world in Bu Fang's heart. After arriving at the Hidden Dragon Continent so long ago, this was the first time Bu Fang felt the marvel of the fantasy world.

"Didn't you guys say there's a spirit beast with a higher grade than the Thunderfire Spirit Pig? Where is it?" Bu Fang asked. After he finished praising the scenery, his thoughts once again went back to the matter of the ingredient.

"Senior, that spirit beast is hiding inside the valley! We need to enter before we can meet it." Before Tang Yin could reply, Lu Xiaoxiao responded to Bu Fang's question first.

Tang Yin was frowning as he swept his gaze toward his junior sister. He turned to Bu Fang and said, "Senior, the interior of the Valley of the Fallen Phoenix is not safe because of the uniqueness of its location... There might even be seventh grade spirit beasts in there."

Since the Valley of the Fallen Phoenix was located at the boundary between the outskirts and inner layer, there was a possibility of seventh grade spirit beasts appearing...

"Oh... Seventh grade spirit beasts? That should be considered as an ingredient of a higher grade than the Thunderfire Spirit Pig," Bu Fang indifferently said.

Tang Yin was dumbfounded.

As expected of his senior, even a seventh grade spirit beast was only an ingredient in his eyes... Tang Yin's admiration toward Bu Fang has simply reached the point of worship.

Even a human seventh grade Battle-Saint would find fighting against a seventh grade spirit to be an arduous task. However, in the mouth of his senior, the so-called seventh grade spirit beast was only food. How awe-inspiring!

Most impressive, my senior!

With Tang Yin leading the way, the three of them passed through the stone forest and stepped into the Valley of the Fallen Phoenix.

Within the serene valley, lush vegetation was growing everywhere. At a single glance, they could only see green. However, within this greenery, they could occasionally spot a few thickets of flowers beautifully blooming in this winter.

Even though it was winter, the Valley of the Phoenix seemed to be in a different world. There was no cold winter winds or falling snow. The inside of the verdant valley was exuding a warm wetness and was extremely comfortable.

This was also the first time Tang Yin and Lu Xiaoxiao stepped into the Valley of the Fallen Phoenix. Their eyes were filled with curiosity as they looked around.

"Second brother! Look, it's a Butterfly Leaf Herb! A third grade spirit herb!" Lu Xiaoxiao suddenly exclaimed when she saw an herb that resembled the wings of a butterfly.

Furthermore, it was not just the Butterfly Leaf Herb. Within the valley, there were all sorts of precious herbs growing all over the place. At the very least, the herbs used in the Sage Herb Phoenix Chicken Soup could be seen everywhere.

As the thunderous sound of a waterfall resounded in their ears, the three of them picked the herbs while following a small path. They soon came before a waterfall.

As a strong wind mixed with water vapor blew past them, their sleeves and the edges of their clothes flapped violently. Their eyes were squinting as they looked forward.

"Hmm? Is that a Sage Herb?" Bu Fang raised his eyebrows as he looked toward a touch of purple foliage near the edge of the waterfall. The Sage Herb was beneath the foliage.

"Correct, that's the fifth grade spirit herb, Heavenly Sage Herb. I didn't think the Valley of the Fallen Phoenix would even have Sage Herb!" Tang Yin took a deep breath and was rather happy as he said.

Bu Fang nodded and started walking forward. He would naturally not miss such an opportunity to acquire the Sage Herb which he was very familiar with. Especially when the value of the herb was indisputable and it was a rare delicacy as well.

Just as Bu Fang was only a few meters away from the Heavenly Sage Herb, he knitted his eyebrows together as the sound of an object sailing through the air reached his ears.

Bu Fang's expression remained unchanged. As he waved his arm, the unassuming Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife immediately appeared in his hand and was swung toward the swiftly approaching figure.

During the instant the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife appeared, the body of the approaching figure suddenly stiffened and was immediately hewed into two halves by Bu Fang's kitchen knife.

Bright red blood spilled onto the floor, while the figure that was split in two was convulsing on the ground.

"Hiss..." When Tang Yin saw the scene, he sucked in a breath of cold air.

That was a fifth grade spirit beast, the Phantom Spearhead Viper! It was one of the most troublesome among the fifth grade spirit beasts!

After Bu Fang slayed the viper, he twirled the kitchen knife in his hand. There was neither dust nor blood on the blade. It turned into a wisp of green smoke and returned into the mark on Bu Fang's wrist once more.

He pulled out the Sage Herb. The plump herb was filled with a dense amount of spirit energy. Even though it was slightly inferior to the Sage Herb provided by the system, it was still much better than the one provided by the crown prince.

"System, can't you provide me with some kind of storage function? You can't be expecting me to carry the spirit herbs around with my bare hands, right? The ingredient I am going to capture might just be an enormous creature. Even if I manage to capture it, I won't be able to bring it back," Bu Fang said to the system.

The system did not immediately reply and was silent for a while.

"Dimensional bag function is being activated. Countdown until activation, 3, 2, 1... Activation completed. The host may now use the dimensional bag function." The system's solemn voice rang out.

The corners of Bu Fang's mouth widened into a smile. As he exerted his will, the Sage Herb in his hand was stored into the dimensional bag. The capacity of the dimensional bag provided by the system was not small. The space inside was around the size of the store.

After storing the Sage Herb and a few other miscellaneous items into the dimensional bag, Bu Fang's eyebrows were knitted together as his gaze landed on Tang Yin once more.

"Where's the high quality ingredient you mentioned?" Bu Fang expressionlessly asked.

"Senior, please wait... That spirit beast is right inside this valley!" Tang Yin hurriedly replied. He did not dare to irritate Bu Fang. Along the way, the unfathomable feeling coming from Bu Fang was terrifying him.

"Second brother! Look! That's... Phoenix Blood Herb?!"

Suddenly, Lu Xiaoxiao, who was standing next to Yang Yin, excitedly shouted while pointing toward a small hill next to the waterfall.

Phoenix Blood Herb? What was that? Bu Fang knitted his eyebrows together as he looked toward the direction Lu Xiaoxiao was pointing. He saw a blood red herb that resembled the tail feather of a phoenix atop a small hill swaying along with the wind. A dense amount of spirit energy was emanating from the herb.

"Phoenix Blood Herb is a seventh grade spirit herb. According to legends, it's a herb that mutated after coming in contact with the blood of the Ancient Phoenix. Those who consume the herb will gain the chance to rise from the ashes and succeed after failure. This is an excellent ingredient for the Elixir Cuisine. The system suggests acquiring this ingredient."

Bu Fang's eyes lit up. The Phoenix Blood Herb seemed pretty good from the looks of it.

"This Phoenix Blood Herb is just about to mature. When the time comes, the spirit beasts hiding within the valley would probably all appear... Senior, that spirit beast you're seeking will appear as well."

"The Phoenix Blood Herb is a good thing. I didn't think there would be an unexpected gift as well," Bu Fang said with a smile. The Phoenix Blood Herb swaying along with the wind was becoming more beautiful. The thick spirit energy was spreading to the surroundings and forming a cloud of white mist.

When Lu Xiaoxiao heard Bu Fang's words, her expression immediately changed. She asked, "Senior... Are you going to take the Phoenix Blood Herb as well?"

Bu Fang knitted his eyebrows together and puzzledly turned his head toward her. He looked at her and asked, "Is there anything wrong with that?"

After hearing his reply, Lu Xiaoxiao's expression became unpleasant. At the same time, a series of powerful spirit energy fluctuations emanated from within the valley and terrifying auras were continuously leaking out.

Suddenly, Tang Yin's expression changed. As he looked around, he saw a horde of bestial figures had gathered in their surroundings without their realization...