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 Dark clouds rolled.

Thick Nether energy covered the entire sky in just a blink of an eye. Thunderclaps boomed and roared.

Discernible shadows slowly floated up into the sky.

The Papillion dragons spread their wings and soared up in the sky, bringing the seeds of the Mandala Tree, crossing the horizon. Then, the dragon eggs were dropped from the sky, hitting the Hidden Dragon Continent.

The Mandala Trees grew fast. Soon, they turned into sky-covering giant trees, which became the entrance for the great armies from the Ruin Prison.

Among the rolling black clouds, a sturdy figure could be seen.

The strongest demon king clasped his hands as a horde of Ruin Prison experts stood by him. Although there were no demon king level experts here, they were all big demons from the Ruin Prison.

Those demons were grinning evilly as they followed the strongest demon king, heading toward the Hidden Dragon Continent's residential areas.

Although the Hidden Dragon Continent's Great Path's Principle was shattered, its power stayed still. When the demon king level experts entered the Hidden Dragon Continent, they would still have to bear the attacks from the Great Path.

Thus, at this moment, the Ruin Prison's army wasn't led by any demon king but the strongest demon king.

Since the strongest demon king had been idle in the Hidden Dragon Continent for quite a long time, he had got the continent's energy and aura, which saved him from the Great Path's repelling attacks.

Thinking of what had happened earlier, the strongest demon king's eyes had a hint of coldness.

The opportunity he had waited for ten thousand years was snatched by a human. He had broken the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk, but it seemed to have recovered now.

It was as if he couldn't get through anything, which gave the strongest demon king a brutal will that he wanted to destroy everything.

His mind flickered. Dark smoke rose behind him, reaching the sky. Vaguely, it looked like a giant, terrifying face.

That face opened its mouth and roared crazily, leading the strongest demon king and his Ruin Prison's army toward the Valley of Gluttony.



Ni Yan's aura bloomed. Her true energy surged as starlight radiated magnificently from her.

The power she showed at that instant caused Mo Tianji, who was standing underneath, to become dumbstruck.

Mo Tianji's cultivation base was strong, but he hadn't reached that kind of level yet. Saintess Ni Yan was weaker than him, but now, after just a blink of an eye, he couldn't see through her cultivation base.

That bursting cultivation base was enough to crush him.

What... What was going on?!

Mo Tianji was speechless. His eyes focused, then he swung his hand. When his star compass emerged, he began to deduce.

He gazed at Ni Yan while deducing. However, the star compass in his hand shattered, causing him to give up.

Ni Yan seemed to have a thick layer of mist covering her, and he couldn't see through that mist.

Ni Yan screamed. Her long hair fluttered in all directions. Her extremely beautiful face was fulgent as if she was radiating light, which was too beautiful to behold. At that moment, she looked like a magnificent goddess.

She stepped on the air, flying up higher and higher. Shortly, she hovered high in the sky.

Ni Yan's body shot like a comet. She was as fast as lightning that people couldn't catch her trajectory.

In the Valley of Gluttony, the Saint Sovereigns, who were recovering from their injuries, emerged when they sensed Ni Yan's aura.

They lifted their heads, watching Ni Yan flying in the sky. Their faces turned grave.

The Heavenly Secret Saint Sovereign's eyes shrank as he took in a breath of cold air.

"How could that little girl's cultivation base break through that fast? How long has it been since I last saw her? She has already reached such a level?"

Ni Yan's long hair fluttered. She felt so excited.

Completely fusing with the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk, she finally felt relaxed.

Inside the restaurant, Bu Fang's mental energy expanded. It was like when a stone hitting the still water surface of a lake, rising ripples.

Many Saint Sovereigns were startled. That sort of mental energy... No doubt, it was another expert at a Saint Sovereign's level.

So, the Hidden Dragon Continent still had other Saint Sovereign level existences?

A moment later, figures shot out, dashing toward the restaurant. As soon as they arrived, their eyes gazed at the restaurant.

Mo Tianji wore a dumbstruck face.

The First Valley Master of the Valley of Gluttony was clasping his hands, his face begrudging as he watched the restaurant.

"This restaurant... Has some expert at a Saint Sovereign's level?" The Alioth Saint Sovereign frowned, asking skeptically.

"Heavenly Secret Saint Sovereign, since when did your Saintess reached such a cultivation level? Is it true that she had fused with the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk? The Heavenly Star Catcher Disk was broken, so why is she still alive?" asked the Rising Sun Saint Sovereign. He looked at the Heavenly Secret Saint Sovereign as his muscles bulged, a fiery sun spinning behind him.

The Hidden Dragon Heaven Pass had fallen, and they had to retreat and guard this place.

That was because the First Valley Master of the Valley of Gluttony was here.

However, they had never thought that they would encounter the auras of two other Saint Sovereign level experts.

With these two Saint Sovereign level experts, they would have the chance to counterattack. They would not be holed up in this small corner.

Some Saint Sovereigns with a quick mind looked at the restaurant with bright eyes. They advanced and were about to knock on the restaurant door to meet those other Saint Sovereign level experts.

However, the moment they raised their hands to knock, a dazzling radiance shot out of the restaurant one more time.

The Saint Sovereigns were frightened, backing off.

A moment later, the radiance vanished, and some delicious smell diffused.

It was a genuine but thick flavor of wine. It was so thick that it almost felt sticky like rice and as smooth as silk.

What was that smell?

The Saint Sovereigns were thrilled. They exchanged looks and saw astonishment in each other's eyes.

Alkaid Saint Sovereign was a beautiful woman. She wore a long gold robe, which made her look elegant, noble, and gorgeous.

Her long eyelashes trembled. Light shot out of her eyes as if she wanted to see through the doors. However, as soon as she did that, her eyes felt hurt, and tears couldn't help but roll down her face.

Alkaid Saint Sovereign was flustered. She hadn't expected that she couldn't see through that restaurant!

Her eye technique couldn't see it!

Because of that, this restaurant became more mysterious in her eyes.


In the restaurant

Bu Fang stood at his spot. He raised one hand, pressing on the jug's lid to seal the fragrance emitting from it.

His mental energy was so viscous that it seemed like it was running sand, which shrouded the jug of wine within.

The combined essences of the ingredients in the jug were fermenting at speed the naked eye could observe.

The Heavenly Star Catcher Disk spun fast. In every round, a drop would be released. Combining together, those drops became a blue-green liquor liquid.

Then, they dripped into the jug of wine.

Congregating, they became the Yellow Spring Helplessness Wine that Bu Fang had been yearning for a long time.

This liquor looked like a cool blue-green stone that was crystal clear and fulgent, full of energy.

The brewing method had just simply mixed all the energies together. Although it sounded simple, it required a strict use of mental energy to control the process.

Every time the mental energy fluctuated, a drop of wine would appear.

The wine liquid was cool with a strong aroma. That aroma felt like a soft, silky ribbon brushing against people's cheeks.

While brewing, Bu Fang couldn't help but gulp.

Drops of wine seeped and gathered, becoming a jug of wine. The jug of wine then bloomed in radiance.

After a while, the star disk in the jug vanished after its energy was used up.

Bu Fang held the jug provided by the system in his hands. It felt warm to him.

This jug of wine looked simple and unadorned. Bu Fang couldn't see the liquid inside nor know how it would taste like.

Finally, the brewing of the Yellow Spring Helplessness Wine was done, which was different from the traditional wine-making process.

Even if he had just blended all the essences to create the Yellow Spring Helplessness Wine, it was somewhat a violent method to brew wine.

Someone was knocking on his door unceasingly.

Bu Fang frowned.

He didn't mind those experts, just gazing at the jug of wine in his hands, his eyes bright.

He exhaled gently.

Walking out of the kitchen, his hand held a crystal goblet, entering the restaurant.

Lord Dog leaned against the Path-Understanding Tree, snoring. Beside him, Flowey, who had come back, was sitting cross-legged. Her eyes were closed as she cultivated.

Nethery was sitting on the deck of her Netherworld Ship, dangling her beautiful, creamy legs as she watched Bu Fang.

Soon, Nethery's eyes noticed the jug in Bu Fang's hand.

Bu Fang had finally finished making his good wine?

A black light flashed. A moment later, Nethery was seated on her chair. Lifting her head, she looked at Bu Fang expectantly.

Bu Fang indifferently glanced at Nethery. He didn't say anything.

From upstairs, Chu Changsheng, with his white hair hung loose, sneakily descended the stairs. He craned his neck and saw Bu Fang sitting in the restaurant with Nethery. His eyes lit up, walking over as he licked his lips.

A jug of wine was placed on the table.

It wasn't a nice one, and in some angles, it can be considered ugly.

There were some patterns on it, and the color turned from brown to blue from the top to the bottom.

Old and ugly.

It made Chu Changsheng and Nethery bewildered. Owner Bu had been busy in the restaurant for a day just to make this jug of wine?

"Owner Bu... This thing doesn't look attractive. The jug is... ugly," said Chu Changsheng, leaning against the chair as he crossed his legs.

Bu Fang rubbed the warm jug, giving Chu Changsheng a nonchalant look.

"You drink the wine or the jug?" Bu Fang asked.

Chu Changsheng was dumbstruck, at a loss for words.

Seeing Bu Fang confident, Chu Changsheng pulled himself together. It might be a formidable jug of wine?

People were still knocking on his doors.

Bu Fang frowned, walking to the doors. The doors squeaked when he opened them.

The moment he opened them, people walked inside, filling the restaurant.

The old man clasped his hands, seeing Bu Fang as he stepped inside. Indeed, the little chef was here.

Then, he saw the jug Bu Fang had placed on the table.

The experts that had entered the restaurant were all at Saint Sovereigns. They felt dumbstruck as soon as they got in.


Ni Yan had finished her walk. She turned into a jet of light, landing by the door. Excitedly, she rushed into the restaurant.

"Owner Bu, you've finished brewing the good wine?"

As soon as she entered the restaurant, her eyes brightened, and she couldn't help but ask about the wine in excitement.

Bu Fang looked at Ni Yan, then nodded. After that, his eyes swept across the restaurant, his face emotionless.

Then, he sat back in his chair. One hand of his placed on the seal of the jug, saying indifferently, "Since you're here, please be quiet. If you see or feel something, don't be surprised. Now, I'm going to open up the Yellow Spring Helplessness Wine."