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 Ni Yan looked at Bu Fang, and the latter looked back at her.

The atmosphere in the restaurant became awkward. Chu Changsheng felt even more awkward watching Bu Fang and Ni Yan facing each other.

Lord Dog was leaning against the Path-Understanding Tree, snoring. As for Nethery, she had returned to her Netherworld Ship.


Faking a cough, Chu Changsheng shook his white hair, turned around, and went upstairs.

After gazing at Ni Yan for a long time, Bu Fang slowly opened his mouth to say, "Let me borrow your Heavenly Star Catcher Disk for a while..."

Ni Yan thought, then nodded. "Alright."

She raised her hand. Tens of thousands of light beams bloomed and gathered into a spinning disk in her palm.

Ni Yan had spent time studying the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk. And now, as she had completely fused with it, she could control it more easily.

Seeing this, Bu Fang's eyes brightened.

His mind flickered, and in the next moment, the cooking ingredients flew out of his system dimensional bag.

Under Bu Fang's mental energy control, the cooking ingredients floated in the air, which were the one-leaf Yellow Spring Grass, Flower of Helplessness, and Star Joining Fruit. All of these were the required ingredients to make the Yellow Spring Helplessness Wine.

Bu Fang used his mental energy to control the ingredients as he instructed to Ni Yan, "You control the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk. Use your mental energy to hit those cooking ingredients continuously to extract the essence."

Using mental energy to hit the cooking ingredients could help extract the ingredients' essence and let mental energy seep into them. When making wine, it would greatly enhance the flavor.

It was the fundamental step of the Scattered Star Brewing Skill the system had mentioned.


Ni Yan's face was stern, holding the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk.

Shortly, Bu Fang's mental energy swept the cooking ingredients into the star disk, revolving together with it.

As the mental energy permeated, starlight continuously fell from the sky, hitting and striking the ingredients on the star disk.

Bu Fang took several steps backward. Although his face didn't show anything, waves were moving deep in the bottom of his eyes, which showed his excitement.

After the ingredients were processed this way, he could begin to make wine.

Bu Fang exhaled gently, light moving in his eyes.


Outside the Taotie Restaurant, the First Valley Master of the Valley of Gluttony squinted, gazing at the restaurant. He spotted Bu Fang, and he could never imagine that the young chef was in this Valley of Gluttony.

He was kept in the bronze palace for a long time to wait for an opportunity, which that young chef had seized from him. He felt so aggrieved, though.

He, the First Valley Master of the Valley of Gluttony, had been defeated in a cooking challenge by that kid.

Anyway, seeing Bu Fang in the Valley of Gluttony, the old man unknowingly felt happy.

Bu Fang had told him that the great chance would come after three years. However, a three-year period was neither long nor short, and many things could happen.

Originally, the old man wanted to travel around the continent, but the world had changed lately, and even the Great Path's Principle had collapsed.

The Hidden Dragon Heaven Pass was invaded. That was why the old man had to get back to the Valley of Gluttony to guard the place.

Since the Hidden Dragon Continent had been defeated and invaded by the demons from the Ruin Prison, the Saint Sovereigns and holy land experts were hurt severely, and all of them ran to the Valley of Gluttony to recover.

So far, they have recovered due to the old man's food, which was truly delicious. His dishes were really effective in healing their injuries. Hence, the Saint Sovereigns had placed their hopes in the old man.

When the old man came back to protect the Valley of Gluttony, he found the Valley of Gluttony changed.

In the past, the Valley of Gluttony was so powerful and rich. But now, it was fragile without a prominent expert or chef. Not only that, but the current Valley Master of the Valley of Gluttony was a little girl who still drank milk.

Of course, the old man could feel the aura of pureblood power from the little girl, which cheered him up nonetheless.

No wonder this little girl would be his successor.

"I sensed the Saintess aura... The Saintess hadn't died yet?" Mo Tianji felt as though he was struck by lightning. Gazing at the restaurant, he strode forward.

However, the restaurant's doors were closed.

Mo Tianji couldn't see what was going on inside, much less enter the restaurant. However, his intuition told him that Saintess Ni Yan was still alive.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

Mo Tianji kept banging the door. He couldn't wait. He had to know if Ni Yan was alive or not.

The Great Path's Principle was shattered, but Ni Yan was still alive. What had happened?

Did Ni Yan separate with the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk?


The restaurant's doors were still closed, causing Mo Tianji to be so restless and anxious. He hated that he couldn't just blow the restaurant's doors away with his palm.

However, he had tried hard to rein in his temper.

No matter what, it wasn't an ordinary restaurant. It was Bu Fang's restaurant, which had so many mysterious powers.

He didn't dare to provoke them.

Or, as Mo Tianji had deduced, the entire restaurant was covered by a mysterious layer that he couldn't see through.

After a while, the old man walked to Mo Tianji. A tuft of white hair on his head fluttered in the wind as he clasped his hands.

"Little boy, I'm here to help," the old man said, then raised his hand.

However, the doors opened before his palm touched them. Squeaking, the ancient-looking gates opened, revealing a shadow.

Bu Fang indifferently looked at the two people who were about to hit his door.

The two felt embarrassed instantly.

"Owner Bu..." Mo Tianji's mouth twitched as he retracted his hands.

The old man squinted, looking at Bu Fang. "Little chef, we meet again."

"The restaurant is closed for today. If you want to eat, wait for our announcement..."

Bu Fang swept his eyes through them before he closed the restaurant's doors with a thud.

Mo Tianji and the old man felt awkward. Having this closing-the-door-in-your-face treatment, they were simply enraged.

The old man was so curious and surprised. That little chef did have his own style.

Actually, the old man had expected to eat Bu Fang's food. As the young man could defeat him, his food wasn't ordinary.

The bronze palace had only Blood Lobsters, and cooking Blood Lobsters wasn't the old man's expertise.

And now, as they were in the Valley of Gluttony, they got countless cooking ingredients to choose from. The old man had a good feeling that his cooking skills had advanced a lot.

He strongly believed that if he challenged Bu Fang one more time, he would absolutely not lose.


Inside the restaurant

Beams of star power fell from the sky, hitting the slowly spinning disk. Above the disk were the ingredients for the Yellow Spring Helplessness Wine.

Ni Yan's entire body was covered in the starlight. Every time her hand rose, the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk would revolve, and the starlight would hit harder.

Dots of light scattered. The one-leaf Yellow SpringsGrass had clear lines, which looked as if they were about to be peeled off.

Bu Fang watched in the distance, feeling excited and hopeful.

Indeed, the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk was really magical.


The starlight fell, hitting. One of those cooking ingredients was shaken hard, and it completely shattered, revealing an essence in liquid form. That essence hovered above the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk.

Bu Fang's eyes brightened. One of the cooking ingredients was processed.

Afterward, after each boom, another cooking ingredient was smashed, which meant it was completely processed.

Bu Fang pulled a chair and sat on it, concentrating on watching Ni Yan use the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk.

Time flew fast. Shortly, the moon set, and the sun rose. The sun rose high, then set.

After one night and one day, the starlight began to dim.

Ni Yan's hand pulled the disk, which had masses of hovering liquids. Those liquid substances were the essences of the ingredients.

After a while, Ni Yan opened her eyes. She exhaled deeply as her floating hair cascaded.

Bu Fang stood up and walked over to Ni Yan, saying, "Thank you for your hard work."

Ni Yan's beautiful face revealed a stunning smile. At that moment, it seemed the flowers were dull compared to her.

"I'm lucky that I didn't fail my task. After the good wine is done, I want to be the first one to taste it!" Ni Yan said seriously.

Bu Fang nodded.

Then, his mind swayed. High waves arose in his spirit sea.

He raised his hand as his mental energy received the disk in Ni Yan's hand, supporting the moving liquids on the disk.

Carefully taking the star disk, Bu Fang turned and walked to his kitchen.

Shortly after, the lean figure disappeared from Ni Yan's sight.

Ni Yan stretched her sore back, yawning. Finally, she had finished Owner Bu's request. It was a good chance that she could help Owner Bu brew wine.

She walked to the restaurant's gate, pushing the door. The bright light flooded in from the outside as she felt the cold winter wind on her skin.

Meanwhile, Mo Tianji was still waiting outside.

Hearing the door opening, he shivered. Then, he turned and saw Ni Yan twisting her body and stretching her neck, walking out of the restaurant.

"Saintess Your Highness... You're still alive?!"

The moment Mo Tianji saw Ni Yan with his own eyes, his entire being shivered. He just couldn't believe it.

Ni Yan was bewildered. Was it strange that she was still alive?

Why would the Saint Sovereign wear such a perplexed face?

Since her memory was restored now, she remembered everything. Thus, Mo Tianji wasn't a stranger to her.

Mo Tianji was astonished, assessing Ni Yan. He couldn't help but sigh.

A moment later, his eyes became complicated. He didn't know what to say.

Ni Yan wasn't dead, but he didn't know whether it was a good or a bad thing.

Ni Yan wasn't killed, but the Great Path's Principle was broken. Without the Great Path's protection, the Hidden Dragon Heaven Pass fell, and in turn, the Ruin Prison's experts had massively invaded.

However, if Ni Yan didn't die, why was the Great Path broken? From Ni Yan's body, Mo Tianji could sense the familiar aura of Heavenly Star Catcher Disk.

He was so dumbstruck.

As for Ni Yan, she didn't really care about this. She waved at Mo Tianji, then continued to twist her body. She wanted to exercise a little bit.

Gently exhaling, Ni Yan slowly raised her leg, the tip of her foot touching the ground.

With a sharp sound, Ni Yan's body rocketed up into the sky. A terrifying aura emitted from her.

Mo Tianji was stunned speechless.

That speed... That aura...

Since when did the Saintess Her Highness reach the Saint Sovereign level?

The moment Ni Yan soared up into the sky, some other intimidating auras also shot into the sky in the Valley of Gluttony, which weren't weaker than Ni Yan.

Wind tearing noises arose when those shadows got out from their secluding cultivation.

An aura at a Saint Sovereign's level had stirred up the Saint Sovereigns of different holy lands, who were secluding and cultivating in the Valley of Gluttony.

At the same time...

In the restaurant, Bu Fang carefully held the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk with essences of food, pouring them into the jug that the system had provided. It was a jug made of some secret silver material, which could brew and make wine with thick aroma.

He meticulously sealed the jug.

Bu Fang stretched his hand, pushing the lid. A moment later, his hair fluttered. In his spirit sea, the dragon roar shook the sky.

Then, his immense, violent mental energy expanded. The next step to brewing the Yellow Spring Helpnessness Wine was to use his mental energy to ferment the liquid.

As Bu Fang's mental energy burst out, a big light beam shot up into the sky from the Taotie Restaurant.


Outside the restaurant, the Saint Sovereigns and the other experts in the Valley of Gluttony couldn't help but shiver the moment they saw the light beam.

They couldn't believe it.

This kind of energy fluctuation... No doubt, it was an expert at a Saint Sovereign's level!

Since when did the Valley of Gluttony have so many Saint Sovereign level existences?