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 "Fiery Heart Cabbage seeds?"

The system's words left Bu Fang bewildered. Cabbage seeds? Could they become cabbages later?

Squinting, Bu Fang stood at his spot, rubbing his chin.

Shortly after, Bu Fang's mind flickered. Radiance sparkled in his hand, and a bag of charcoal-like seeds appeared.

It was the reward from the system, the Fiery Heart Cabbage seeds.

The seed of a Fiery Heart Cabbage looked like charcoal, but it was scorching hot like a real burning charcoal.

Holding the seed in his hand, he felt the surging heat.

After admiring it for a while, Bu Fang walked to the field he had prepared and found a section to plant the seeds from the system.

Bu Fang didn't know what kind of cabbage this seed would grow.

Taking out a bucket, he took some cool water from the stream and carried the full bucket back to the field to water the section.

Sizzle! Sizzle! Sizzle!

It sounded like cold water pouring on red-hot coals. Instantly, hot steam rose from the seeds.

Bu Fang looked at the scene, and his brows couldn't help but twitch once.

This toy could grow and become food?

Bu Fang was somewhat skeptical.

Far from them, Eighty got familiar with the Three-Eyed Wild Lion. It spread its wings, running happily. Meanwhile, the Three-Eyed Wild Lion opened its mouth, chasing after the chicken.

Bu Fang looked at this funny sight, giving a slight nod.

His mind flickered, and he left the farmland, returning to his restaurant.

Bu Fang sat on a chair, crouching his body to lie down.

Two crescent moons were shining in the sky. Moonlight crept through the cracks of the restaurant's windows, falling on Bu Fang, bringing cold air altogether.

Since Ni Yan had occupied Bu Fang's room, he sat on a chair while being idle. After a moment of staying put, he attempted to enter the kitchen and study new recipes.

Sounds of rattling water came from upstairs. Perhaps Yang Meiji or Ni Yan was taking a shower.

Yang Meiji had stayed in this restaurant for quite a long time, and she got used to those routines.

When they were in the Taotie Restaurant, Ni Yan also stayed in Bu Fang's room. Thus, she wasn't really curious about showering.

Bu Fang looked pensive, sitting on the chair. The so-called Immortal Cooking Realm had brought him pressure.

The system had told him that his path of becoming the God of Cooking wasn't smooth. The further he went, the more difficult it would become. Moreover, there would be dangers, too.

As the spirit of the God of Cooking Set had once said, Bu Fang could make it to the final step like the previous host.

Originally, Bu Fang didn't keep those words in his mind. However, as his cultivation base was increasing, the people and things he contacted had become stronger and stronger.

The mysterious Immortal Cooking Realm gave Bu Fang an extreme pressure, and the mysterious chef in the bronze palace made him feel the risks.

However, the bigger the pressure was, the better the advantage would become if he could put up with it.

After Bu Fang had swept off the entire Valley of Gluttony, he felt bored and lonely. But now, that feeling was gone because he found that his opponents were getting stronger.

At his cooking level, he would be crushed if he met the chefs from Immortal Cooking Realm.

Thus, Bu Fang wanted to increase his cooking skill, so he could enter the Immortal Cooking Realm and set a firm foundation there after three years.

Exhaling, Bu Fang's eyes became resolute.

When the night fell and it became quiet, it was easy to overthink. Bu Fang wasn't an exception.

The sounds of his chair rubbing against the floor arose. Bu Fang stood up from his chair, slowly walking to the kitchen.

Since he had to put more effort, he shouldn't rest. He must practice cooking more.


The next day, at dawn, Bu Fang walked out of the kitchen as the dazzling sunlight came, rubbing his sore shoulders after working for the whole night.

His shoulders felt sore and tired. Spending the whole night to practice cooking skills, Bu Fang felt exhausted.

However, with his immense spirit sea, Bu Fang could recover fast after a short break.

Opening the restaurant's doors, Bu Fang pulled a chair and sat on it, staying by the door.

Squinting, he enjoyed the cold wind howling outside.

That cold wind made Bu Fang comfortable. He closed his eyes, resting.

Yang Meiji, with her hair hung loose, descended the stairs. She looked even more robust with bulging muscles. She grabbed a broomstick and walked to the front of the restaurant.

Seeing Bu Fang resting there, she didn't disturb him. She just began to clean the snow in front of their restaurant.

While sleeping, Bu Fang's mind entered the farmland, starting to work hard on this space.

Shortly after, the restaurant became bustling and lively.

Many people came to the restaurant to eat.

Yang Meiji and Sorceress An Sheng had begun to cook with high spirits.

Bu Fang woke up. After his spirit had gone to the world of his farmland to plow, he felt much better and refreshed when he woke up.

It had happened like that for the next several days.

In the morning, Bu Fang practiced cooking. When he was tired, he would visit the farmland to become a farmer, trying to complete the development quest of his farmland.

When his development quest was completed, he might receive some seeds as the system's reward.

And now, Bu Fang had basically finished working on the soil, and he had received several seeds from the system."

"Fiery Heart Cabbage seeds, Thunder Potato seeds, Path-Understanding Camellia seeds..."

Bu Fang counted the seeds he got. They were just some strange seeds, and he hadn't seen any high-quality cooking ingredients yet...

It made Bu Fang a little regretful.

Bu Fang had planted all the cabbage and potato seeds in his field.

Although they were common seeds, Bu Fang was still excited since he wanted to know what kind of vegetables he could harvest later.

Since he had grown his own cooking ingredients, it should be tastier.

No matter what, Bu Fang had dug up the soil and watered it bucket by bucket with the water taken from the stream himself.

Bu Fang had been involved in the growth of his cooking ingredients, and they were all growing with his efforts and enthusiasm.

Bu Fang clasped his hands, walking in the breeze. Eighty spread its wings, following him.

This little fellow raised its head, walking around arrogantly as if it was patrolling its territory.

Far from them, the Fiery Heart Cabbage that he had planted first had sprouted. The beautiful green sprouts were like little flames flickering in the air.

After checking them for a while, Bu Fang left the farmland.

Eighty began to follow the wild lion, walking around the stream. Showing their power, the Blood Lobsters would protrude their heads from the river, wielding and clanging their big claws, as if they were trying to threaten Eighty.

Eighty would roll its eyes, and the wild lion behind would roar.

Being the Three-Eyed Wild Lion of the Ruin Prison, it was stronger than a Blood Lobster. Hearing the lion's roar, the Blood Lobsters would be scared, hiding back into the water.

Seeing that, Eighty was happy. It spread its wings, clucking unceasingly by the riverbank.


After staying in the Cloud Mist Restaurant for a long while, Bu Fang decided to bring Ni Yan back to the Valley of Gluttony.

No matter what, he needed to study the Yellow Spring Helplessness Wine he had yearned for a long time.

Since Ni Yan's injuries had recovered, she could control the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk, which meant she could help Bu Fang use the Scattered Star Brewing Skill to make the wine.

Ni Yan had patted her chest as she promised him her help.

Making wine... Ni Yan loved good wine the most. Thus, Ni Yan was so happy to be able to help Owner Bu make some wine.

When Yang Meiji and the others heard that Bu Fang was leaving the Cloud Mist Restaurant, they couldn't help but feel reluctant.

Sorceress An Sheng felt a little relief. Recently, Bu Fang had forced her to strictly practice, so she didn't even have time to rest. And now, she exhaled in relief as Bu Fang was about to leave.

Finally, she could take a rest.

The Netherworld Ship soared up, booming and roaring all the way, leaving Yang Meiji and the others bidding farewell.

Nangong Wan's eyes looked complicated. Looking at Bu Fang leaving, she sighed quietly.

So, the Heavenly Mist City was so small that it couldn't contain Bu Fang?


Valley of Gluttony

The Netherworld Ship slowly landed inside the Taotie Restaurant.

Chu Changsheng was leaving the restaurant, heading to the Phoenix Pavilion for some food. Unexpectedly, he encountered Bu Fang and the others.

Bu Fang indifferently looked at him, saying nothing as Chu Changsheng seemed to be embarrassed.

Chu Changsheng smiled, then returned to the restaurant.

Suddenly, he saw Ni Yan, who was jumping and dancing lively behind Bu Fang. His eyes shrank instantly.

The Heavenly Secret Saintess hadn't died yet?

How could it be?

Several days ago, the Hidden Dragon Heaven Pass had been destroyed, and the Hidden Dragon Royal Court's Saint Sovereigns were wounded severely. At this moment, all the experts had returned to guard their own holy lands. Also, the Saint Sovereigns of the holy lands were gathering in the Valley of Gluttony.

Because the Great Path's Principle was insufficient, the Hidden Dragon Continent couldn't resist the demons from the Netherworld.

Furthermore, the First Valley Master of Valley of Gluttony had come back, so the valley now had become the center of the continent.

Since the Great Path had collapsed, this Heavenly Secret Saintess should have died already.

Seeing Chu Changsheng's astonished face, Ni Yan rolled her eyes, staying quiet.

Bu Fang said nothing, taking Ni Yan into the restaurant.

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

The moment the Netherworld Ship landed, terrifying energy rose from the Valley of Gluttony.

A shadow dashed like a meteor, landing in front of the Taotie Restaurant.

The First Valley Master of the Valley of Gluttony arrived, rolling his eyes. He was surprised to see Bu Fang entering the restaurant.

"That kid... How could he be here?"

As soon as the old man came, the other intimidating auras burst out, dashing toward him.

The first one who arrived was the Heavenly Secret Holy Land's Saint Sovereign, Mo Tianji. He came because he had sensed Ni Yan's aura.

It made him shudder. The Great Path was shattered, and Ni Yan wasn't dead...

What had happened?

Inside the restaurant, Bu Fang and Ni Yan didn't know what was going on outside.

Bu Fang pulled Ni Yan and let her sit down. He looked at her expectantly as he needed to use her Heavenly Star Catcher Disk to make the Yellow Spring Helplessness Wine.

The Yellow Spring Helplessness Wine that he had been waiting for so long had finally begun to be brewed.