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 Ni Yan's cultivation base advancement was beyond everybody's expectations.

It was like she was riding a rocket to the sky. Everybody was speechless and envious.

Compared to the others who had cultivated for dozens of years, no one can beat this woman's cultivation that had increased within a breath... It was so unfair indeed.

Ni Yan had, on the contrary, did not feel anything special. Perhaps her cultivation base had broken through so fast that she wasn't even surprised. Instead, she felt numb.

As her cultivation base had advanced a lot, she was more confident in dealing with the bastard that had ambushed her.

Although Bu Fang was surprised, he didn't envy her. No matter what, with the system, his cultivation base had still increased, and his advancement was not that slow.

Although Ni Yan was screaming that she wanted to cook the strongest demon king, she didn't do that because she didn't know where he had gone.

In the restaurant, after Nangong Wuque and the others ate Bu Fang's food, they left in satisfaction.

They hadn't enjoyed Owner Bu's food for a long time. And now, they could finally taste it. It was an unexpected joy.

As night fell, people stayed quiet.

Bu Fang closed the restaurant's doors. Pulling a chair, he sat by the table.

Eighty was excitedly sprinting around the place, the chicken's feathers fluttering in the air.

It ran to Bu Fang, then raised its head, looking at him. The chicken clucked a few times, then continued to rush away.

Bu Fang was contemplating, and he was somewhat excited.

Finally, Ni Yan has recovered, and she could control the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk now. Did it mean that Ni Yan could give him a chance to make the Yellow Spring Helplessness Wine?

After a long time yearning, he finally got some clue for the Yellow Spring Helplessness Wine. Bu Fang was cheered up.

Anyway, he wasn't in a rush.

Bu Fang didn't ask Ni Yan to teach him the Scattered Star Brewing Skill immediately. No matter what, this woman had just received a fortune in her calamity, and she still couldn't explain her power yet.

Thus, even if he asked Ni Yan to help him now, she couldn't do much. It would be better to let her calm down and rest.

As Bu Fang pondered, he decided to begin his work in his farmland space.

His eyes narrowed as his mind flickered, gazing at Eighty that was running around.

He stood up, causing Eighty to freeze. A moment later, Bu Fang locked onto it. A bad premonition arose in Eighty's heart.

Clucking, it raised its chicken's head and found a person approaching.

Bu Fang reached out to pick up Eighty from the ground.

"Don't worry. I'm going to take you to a bigger place, so you can run around better," Bu Fang said casually.

Eighty was bewildered. Could it refuse?

However, before it clucked anything, everything in its sight changed.

The sky over the vast, green meadow was so blue. There was a wild lion in such a place.

The Three-Eyed Wild Lion was trying its best to plow. It didn't dare to skip work as it still remembered that human's punch.

That weak human had suddenly become so strong, and the Three-Eyed Wild Lion couldn't get used to it.

The muddy soil was plowed open. If someone grabbed the soil, oil would be extracted with a gentle squeeze, which showed how excellent and rich this soil was.

This world was truly comfortable. The wind blew gently, swaying the grass. Although the heaven and earth spirit energy here wasn't really thick, it was enough to satisfy the Three-Eyed Wild Lion.

The only flaw in this place was the lack of creatures, which gave the Three-Eyed Wild Lion a little sorrow. It couldn't feed itself.

There was no human here, either.

After the Three-Eyed Wild Lion had plowed the soil for a while, it laid on the grass on the ground, taking in the sweet, mixed scent of soil and grass. It closed its eyes, drifting into a nice nap.

This comfortable environment satisfied the Three-Eyed Wild Lion.

All of a sudden...

A shadow flashed in front of Three-Eyed Wild Lion, followed by a series of clucking.

The bewildered Three-Eyed Wild Lion opened its eyes.

In front of him, a chubby chicken with five-colored feathers was swaying its butt, running around and having fun.

It was galloping on this green land.

It was a moving delicacy!

A chicken! A fat chicken!

In just a blink of an eye, the Three-Eyed Wild Lion's mane rose, and saliva dripped from its big mouth.

In its eyes, there was only that running chicken.

After being hungry for a long time, it finally got some food.

It seemed that that human got good sense. He knew this wild lion needed good food for comfort.

Yes, this is how it should be. This wild lion had worked for free. Of course, it should be rewarded with delicacies. That chicken wasn't bad.

The Three-Eyed Wild Lion was so happy.

Opening its mouth, it showed its fangs as it roared. The lion's four limbs pounded the ground, chasing after Eighty.

The Three-Eyed Wild Lion that had plowed up the muddy soil became vigorous like a dragon.

Eighty, who was running around happily, was startled by the roar. Its goosebumps all rose.

A strange, unknown danger shrouded Eighty.

Eighty was bewildered. When it turned around, it saw the overbearing Three-Eyed Wild Lion.

The Three-Eyed Wild Lion, with reddened eyes, chased after Eighty.

"Cluck, cluck, cluck?" Eighty clucked, feeling baffled.

A moment later, it cried out and spread its wings and legs, running madly.


The Three-Eyed Wild Lion's pressure exploded as it roared angrily, which could even break the running chicken's guts.

At this moment, the Three-Eyed Wild Lion had only one thought in its head-eat the chicken!

Except for eating chicken, it was eating chicken!

The image of the fat chicken had filled the lion's three eyes.

However, the Three-Eyed Wild Lion shuddered all of a sudden.

In the distance, the fat chicken had already sneaked and stood behind a human.

That human...

The Three-Eyed Wild Lion got ahold of itself. However, it was too late.

Bu Fang, with his billowing Vermilion Robe, stood there, his long hair fluttering in the breeze.

The Three-Eyed Wild Lion was rushing toward him, and he was a little surprised.

This innocent, unpretentious wild lion...

Bu Fang sighed inwardly. Then, he raised his black-and-white bandaged arm, aiming and punching at that meatball.


This punch had hit the Three-Eyed Wild Lion right at its head. The lion was sent several meters away, falling hard on the ground.

The Three-Eyed Wild Lion was bewildered. Feeling aggrieved, it struggled to get up from the ground.

What happened to its reward, the chicken?

"From now on, this chicken will be your little companion. You have to protect it. You can't eat it," said Bu Fang as he looked at the Three-Eyed Wild Lion.

The Three-Eyed Wild Lion rolled its eyes. That fat chicken would become his little companion?

He was the so-called Three-Eyed Wild Lion. His damn companion was a chicken?

That human meant that he must be close and be a friend to that chicken?

The Three-Eyed Wild Lion snarled, attempting to resist.

However, Bu Fang didn't change his expression. He raised his black-and-white bandaged arm, and in the next moment, a bestial roar echoed ear-piercingly.

Good, the wild lion was subdued softly.

Hiding behind Bu Fang, Eighty immediately popped its chicken head out, clucking and laughing at the Three-Eyed Wild Lion.

Bu Fang was satisfied. Little Three and Eighty, he believed that these two would live well together.

Then, Bu Fang grabbed his hoe. Putting it on his shoulder, he headed toward the land the Three-Eyed Wild Lion had plowed.

He must use the hoe to flip the soil.

"System, do you have any good seeds for cooking ingredients?" Bu Fang quietly asked the system while working on the soil.

The system was silent for a while before it answered.

Afterward, Bu Fang was dizzy as so many words emerged in front of him.

Far from him, the Three-Eyed Wild Lion lay on the ground dispiritedly. Eighty held its wings back as it swayed its tail, walking in front of the lion.

From time to time, the Three-Eyed Wild Lion checked the fat chicken, drooling.

His little companion looked so delicious...

"Abyssal Chili seeds, Earth Prison's Yellow Spring Grass seeds, Heavenly Mountain Lotus seeds..."

Bu Fang looked at the table with so many names on it. He felt his head swelling up.

When those seeds grew up, they would become good quality cooking ingredients.

Feeling content, Bu Fang couldn't wait for it.

"If you want to receive the seeds from the table, you need to fulfill the requirements on farmland development. After each stage of development, you can receive random rewards from the system." The system's serious voice echoed.

Bu Fang was a little astonished, nodding.

"You can also bring seeds from the world outside to this farmland and develop your farmland better," the system continued.

In other words, there were many ways to get seeds to grow in this farmland. He could also bring seeds from outside or complete the exploitation and receive the rewarded seeds from the systems. To Bu Fang, neither of them was difficult.

Bu Fang was almost done with the soil preparation. He assumed that his first stage of farmland's development could be done shortly.

Exhaling, Bu Fang dropped the hole, walking toward the little stream.

The water in this stream was cool and sweet. It had spirit energy, which could refresh people physically and mentally.

The Three-Eyed Wild Lion didn't eat anything in this farmland world. It could only drink the water from this stream. However, it was enough to fill the lion.

His mind flickered.

Bu Fang took out the tied Blood Lobsters from his system dimension bag. As the ropes were untied, the Blood Lobsters dashed into the little river.

Rattle! Rattle!

As soon as the Blood Lobsters entered the river, they crazily swam, disappearing into the water shortly after.

Standing on the shore, Bu Fang could see the Blood Lobsters crawling at the bottom of the river through the cool and limpid water, which somewhat looked magical.

After pouring the Blood Lobsters into the river, Bu Fang took out more cooking ingredients he had stashed in his system dimensional bag.

He put fishes into the little stream, and they swam happily in the cool water.

The surface of the river rippled.

Bu Fang groped for a while and took out many types of spirit herbs.

He divided the field, making a specific area to grow spirit herbs. Then, he planted all the spirit herbs in neat rows.

The spirit herbs swayed in the breeze. Their roots growing, taking in the nutrients in the soil.

Bu Fang began to outline his fields.

The Three-Eyed Wild Lion had plowed for a long time, and it could only finish two fields-one to grow spirit herbs and one to grow cooking ingredients.

But it was enough.

Besides growing spirit herbs and cooking ingredients, the rest of this farmland could be used to breed and feed creatures.

Although Bu Fang hadn't brought many animals, it was enough for now. He had finished his first step in developing this farmland.


Indeed, after Bu Fang had done his first step, the system's serious voice echoed in his head.

"Farmland's preliminary development is complete. Rewarding Fiery Heart Cabbage seeds..."