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 Ni Yan's cultivation base advanced greatly, and it was beyond everybody's estimation.

Bu Fang also wore a baffled face.

He had thought that his cultivation base advancement was the fastest. No matter what, he had accumulated for a long time through the system and broken through in just a blink of an eye.

His growth was like a rocket. In just a glimpse, he had broken through to the peak of Divine Soul Realm from the Divine Soul Realm with a one-step soul ladder.

However, watching Ni Yan, Bu Fang's mouth shivered. This woman... was even more brutal than him. She had advanced directly from one-step Divine Soul Realm to having five Divine Flames at the Divine Spirit Realm.

How could something like this happen?

The cultivation base advancement should have a limit. If Ni Yan could rocket like that, her body couldn't hold and endure so much energy that had just soared up, right?

The others also thought the same since their cultivation base had grown with their quality. Her crazy breakthrough would create an extreme pressure on her body.

Nether King Er Ha covered half of his face, laughing loudly.

"That's why I said this big-boobs-no-brain woman has received a great fortune!"

A great fortune?

Nether King Er Ha made people perplexed. They didn't get it, but since the Nether King called it a great fortune... It must be very extraordinary.

"Each world has a Heavenly Star Catcher Disk, which connects that said world with the Great Path and also the vast sea of stars above that world..." said Nether King Er Ha in a heavy voice.

The others were even more bewildered. His voice sounded so serious. What happened?

"The Hidden Dragon Continent's Heavenly Star Catcher Disk was broken, which makes the Great Path's Principle insufficient. At first, the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk wanted to use this woman's body to regather. At that time, this woman would become the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk, or the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk would be her. However... at the same time, this woman would be affected by the Great Path. She would become an emotionless puppet... A Great Path's puppet," Nether King Er Ha explained.

Everybody took in a breath of cold air, goggling.

Bu Fang couldn't help but shiver inwardly. So, such a thing would happen...

The so-called Great Path was so cunning and malicious.

"What does it mean by having fortune in calamity?" Nangong Wuque was curious. He was really astonished seeing such a rocketing cultivation advancement.

Nether King Er Ha looked at Nangong Wuque for a while. The corners of his mouth rose once.

He was close to Nangong Wuque. That year, they were the two tyrants in Pill City. No one dared to provoke them.

Those days were really good, though.

He held Owner Bu's Spicy Strip in his mouth, wearing a long black robe. Whenever he moved, his long robe billowed and fluttered.

At that moment, they were pure with no pretensions.

"This woman had almost become the Great Path's puppet. She got the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk in her head. As she's been with Owner Bu these days, her body has been changed by the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk's energy. And now, her body has become the Sacred Star Body, which is really intimidating. Of course, it was prepared by the Great Path. However... the moment the Great Path was about to fuse with her completely, the strongest demon king interrupted, shattering her spirit sea. She was dying."

Nether King Er Ha sat at the table, watching the curious young people gathering around him. The corners of his mouth rose as he lifted his glass of Sour Plum Juice and gulped.

Wiping his mouth, Nether King Er Ha continued, "This woman was surely dying. However, she was lucky to meet this wise king. His Highness had pointed thrice at her to help her stabilize her shattering spirit sea. It kept her from dying. Owner Bu then used the divine egg cooked with Dragon Blood Rice to make Egg Fried Rice, which cured this woman's spirit sea and saved her. The key point is..."

Nether King Er Ha lowered his voice, squinting his eyes as he looked at his audience.

Nangong Wuque and the others had their eyes brightened. They were so eager, waiting for Nether King Er Ha to tell them more.

Bu Fang also frowned, listening.

Ni Yan was very curious as well.

Nether King Er Ha exhaled deeply. His mouth opened as he was about to speak...

However, in the end, he rubbed his head reluctantly and said, "I don't know how to explain. Mangy dog, it's an important matter. You should explain."

Everybody was speechless.

Nangong Wuque trembled. He didn't know if he should cry or laugh.

Lord Dog rolled its eyes, mumbling something. Someday, with a blade in his hand, the dog would slash the entire world and end it! However, he didn't reject Nether King Er Ha.

Because he knew that Nether King Er Ha didn't know how to explain this matter.

Lord Dog's tender and charismatic voice arose, explaining, "Mostly, it's because of Bu Fang's restaurant. Without this restaurant... those starlight beams would expand to the entire Heavenly Pill City. When that happens, this big-boobs-no-brain woman would still become the Great Path's puppet."

After a moment's pause, Lord Dog added, "However, in this restaurant, the starlight and energy were bound inside the restaurant. And, the most important point is, the connection between the Great Path and the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk was cut off."

The others listened. Then, they gawked as they seemed to get the reasons behind everything.

Bu Fang's mind was shaken. Because of this restaurant? The system?

"Lord Dog, you mean... This woman got the chance to break through because Owner Bu's restaurant could cover the Great Path?"

Lord Dog nodded lazily. However, the dog couldn't help but somewhat admire Ni Yan.

This woman had finally and completely controlled the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk. Her future was immeasurable now...

It was the most mysterious and powerful energy in this world. In the future, she could walk on the endless path of stars. This woman would have endless chances because she was favored by the Great Path!

When compared to that woman, the dog envied her so much.

"That mangy dog has been cultivating for so many years, and he has stolen a beam of Great Path's energy. Compared to this woman, it's really... pathetic. But, of course, the Great Path that that mangy dog had stolen energy from has a much higher level than the Hidden Dragon Continent." Nether King Er Ha took out a Spicy Strip, keeping it at the corner of his mouth. One hand covered half of his face, pretending to be sad and profound.

Lord Dog used to steal a wisp of the Great Path's energy?

Everybody was so surprised, looking at Lord Dog. They always knew that Lord Dog was powerful, but they had never known how powerful its real cultivation base was.

And now, it seemed that Lord Dog was extremely intimidating.

"Steal what? It's called "seizing." Everybody can seize, so why can't Lord Dog? And, taking a wisp of Great Path's energy, Lord Dog has been sick for a long time. Anemia."

Lord Dog rolled his eyes, yawned, and laid down, snoring.

Nether King Er Ha raised the corner of his mouth, muttering something. He sounded really sour.

He envied, too.

Ni Yan was dumbfounded. She knew that she was ambushed, but she hadn't thought that she wouldn't die. The moment the sky-towering finger touched her, she felt death shrouded her completely.

But now, she didn't die. She could jump lively with an intact body. Her cultivation base had a great leap. Moreover, she could totally control the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk now.

What happened while she was unconscious?

No matter what kind of opportunity Ni Yan had harvested, Bu Fang exhaled in relief.

Ni Yan finally woke up. Then, he would have some clue of the Scattered Star Brewing Skill. Finally, he could begin to make the Yellow Spring Helplessness Wine, which he had yearned for a long time.

Bu Fang was excited.

Starlight sparkled in Ni Yan's eyes. She looked even more beautiful. Her skin seemed to have a layer of water, which made it so smooth and cool.

At this moment, she was gritting her teeth as her rage peaked, urging her to kill the strongest demon king.

"I must beat up the bastard. I will cook him with wine!"


Hidden Dragon Heaven Pass

It was an imposingly majestic city situated between layers of clouds.

The city wall was ancient and tall with traces of years passing by.

Six figures stood quietly on the city wall. Although they stood still, their formidable auras rocketed into the sky, pressing the entire place.

Those six forms were the Saint Sovereigns of the holy lands.

The Heavenly Spring Holy Land's Saint Sovereign was killed. Since one of the seven Saint Sovereigns was gone, the others' pressure had increased.

Rumble! Rumble!

Thick Nether energy was rolling in front of Hidden Dragon Heaven Pass. The sky was torn, and a colossal crack appeared like it was a corner of the world.

In that hole, eyes twinkled, and giant shadows were moving back and forth.

Thunder and lightning boomed as the Nether energy surged.

The crack opposite them was the Ruin Prison, one of the three prisons of the Netherworld.

Those moving experts were the supreme experts of the Ruin Prison and their demon kings.

All of a sudden...

The Saint Sovereigns, who were standing quietly on the Hidden Dragon Heaven Pass, had their eyes shoot divine light.

They focused, looking at the continent.

A flow of dark Nether energy rolled and dashed like a meteor. It moved so fast, tearing the sky.

The six Saint Sovereigns and the experts standing on the Hidden Dragon Heaven Pass tensed immediately.

"Who is that?!" One of the Saint Sovereigns with radiant light in his eyes shouted. His voice seemed to have the power of justice, which was so ear-piercing.

The entire Heaven Pass was shaken.

However, that shadow didn't stop and continued to fly forward.

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

Terrifying air burst out. In just a blink of an eye, it swept over the area. The Saint Sovereign, who had just shouted, shuddered.

He screamed. His body soared up as six divine flames burned above his head.

The void shook as the divine flames were burning.

However, that shadow laughed evilly and loudly.

A sky-towering finger pointed, shrouding the Saint Sovereign in cold energy.

Terrifying impact boomed.

The Saint Sovereign spurted blood, which glowed in gold light. He was blown backward, hitting the Hidden Dragon Heaven Pass' city wall hard.

The other Saint Sovereigns were frightened.

Dark smoke vanished, revealing a giant and sturdy figure. He was the strongest demon king, who had smashed Ni Yan's spirit sea and stopped her from fusing with the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk with only one finger.

The strongest demon king smirked. After defeating the Saint Sovereign with only one finger, he didn't mind him anymore. Looking at the giant crack in the sky, his eyes focused.

"A plane crack... Those juniors from the Ruin Prison want to invade this world?"

In that crack, the Ruin Prion's experts also saw the strongest demon king. Their horrible auras shot up into the air.

Some screamed, some cried, and some were so excited...

All kinds of emotions burst out.

The group of demon kings from the Ruin Prison expressed their joy as they welcomed back the strongest demon king...

"I, the strongest demon king, am back! The Hidden Dragon Continent is no longer our target. Our new target is... to take a seat in the Netherworld! So... I must take my opportunity back!"

The strongest demon king's hair jutted and stabbed the void, his eyes as bright as torches.

All of a sudden...

His mind became alert, and he looked a little frightened.

"How could it be? How could the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk be recovered that fast? That woman received one strike from me... She didn't die?!"