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 The steaming, rolling aroma filled the entire kitchen.

Bu Fang was startled by the noise from Sorceress An Sheng's knife. He couldn't help but jump, turning to look at her.

Sorceress An Sheng hurried to pick up her knife. She looked at Bu Fang, giving him an embarrassed smile.

However, while smiling, she couldn't help but wrinkle her nose. The fragrance that had filled the air was really attractive.

People could get drunk just by taking in the smell.

Was it really Egg Fried Rice?

An Egg Fried Rice dish could reach such a level?

Indeed, Owner Bu was Owner Bu... They couldn't predict him using their common logic.

Because of this, Sorceress An Sheng admired Bu Fang more.

Using a clean cloth, Bu Fang cleaned the dabs around the porcelain plate, causing the fancy blue-and-white plate to become shiny and sparkling.

Then, he picked up the radiant Phoenix Egg Fried Rice. The aroma swirled along the way as he brought away the porcelain plate.

"Don't be scared. You should continue cutting your radishes. You must get used to it," said Bu Fang casually to Sorceress An Sheng.

His words left Sorceress An Sheng bewildered.

Looking at Bu Fang's departing figure, Sorceress An Sheng's mouth couldn't help but twitch.

Owner Bu was still Owner Bu... The wicked Bu Fang that had used a bowl of Stinky Tofu to overturn the entire arena... was really evil.

Exhaling, she then took in the thick, delicious fragrance in the air before continuing her boring radish-cutting task.

When Bu Fang brought the radiant Phoenix Egg Fried Rice out of the kitchen, all the people's eyes fell on him.

Nether King Er Ha and Lord Dog gazed at the Phoenix Egg Fried Rice, their eyes sparkling.

No matter what, it was the Egg Fried Rice cooked with a divine beast's egg. It actually looked different from the ordinary Egg Fried Rice.

Placing the dish on the table, Bu Fang's eyes glanced at the crowd, noticing the thrill in their eyes.

The divine beast's egg had essence, but it wasn't easy to absorb that essence.

For example, if Nethery hadn't met Bu Fang, to deal with the Phoenix egg, her best choice would have been to swallow the egg whole.

However, this kind of absorption would make a large amount of energy slip away. Even if she broke the egg directly and ate it, the effect wouldn't be really good.

Bu Fang, on the other hand, was different. His cooking technique could perfectly condense the essence of cooking ingredients. That was why when she ate it, it was easier to expel the curse.

Although his Egg Fried Rice couldn't retain all of the essence in Phoenix egg, it was still much better than raw Phoenix egg.


Would this Phoenix Egg Fried Rice be able to save Ni Yan?

Ni Yan was like that because her spirit sea was shattered!

If an ordinary person had his spirit sea shattered, he would die soon. Since Ni Yan had the power of the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk in her head, she hadn't died yet.

But still, even if God took action, he couldn't save her! Nether King Er Ha could only keep Ni Yan's spirit sea from shattering.

Bu Fang raised Ni Yan's body, supporting her.

At this moment, Ni Yan was extremely pale. She didn't have any color left on her face.

Bu Fang frowned. He used a blue-and-white porcelain spoon, scooped the radiant golden fried rice, then placed it on Ni Yan's mouth.

As Bu Fang fed Ni Yan with Egg Fried Rice, his mental energy overflowed from his spirit sea, helping her mouth move and guide the food to smoothly slide through her throat and into her stomach.

Under Bu Fang's mental energy guide, the Egg Fried Rice turned into immense energy, which divided into two kinds-mental energy and physical strength.

The two flows of energy moved in her body, stimulating Ni Yan.

Shortly after, Ni Yan's face regained its usual color, and she looked a little blushing. Her creamy skin became pinkish, and eventually, it looked as if it was about to bleed.

Bu Fang checked her, then fed her another spoonful.

Shortly, another spoon of Phoenix Egg Fried Rice came into her stomach.

Sizzle! Sizzle! Sizzle!

Ni Yan's body began to emit white smoke. Her spirit sea became livelier.

The people surrounding them goggled.

Yang Meiji was dumbstruck, looking at Bu Fang. Watching Bu Fang carefully feeding the woman each spoon of Egg Fried Rice, she couldn't match any scene of the meticulous, evil Bu Fang with the man in front of her.

She was sure that was a fake Owner Bu.

Nangong Wan's eyes looked complicated as he exhaled deeply.

Nangong Wuque's mouth was as round as an O. His eyes bulged as if he saw a ghost.

What kind of goddess was that woman?

Owner Bu was feeding her himself... Even he could never have such treatment!

Old Bu had changed. He wasn't like that before!

Lord Dog raised his head, his profound eyes focusing on Ni Yan, who was eating the divine beast's Egg Fried Rice.

Nether King Er Ha also furrowed his brows.

All of a sudden, a young man and a dog had their eyes shrunk.


A wave of air arose from Ni Yan, rolling and surging.

Light dots emitted, covering the entire restaurant in just a blink of an eye.

The starlight seemed to break the restaurant. However, this restaurant somehow had a mysterious power that prevented starlight from getting out of the place.

Lord Dog seemed to know everything. His expression looked pensive as he said, "This little girl has encountered fortune in her calamity!"

Nether King Er Ha was so surprised. He covered half of his face with one hand, laughing.

"Worthy of being the man who makes His Highness sink in his Spicy Strips and Spicy Blood Lobsters!"

The starlight was getting denser. Eventually, the entire restaurant looked like a sea of stars.

Lord Dog raised his exquisite paw, touching the dots of starlight. His eyes seemed to recall something, and his tender and magnetic voice echoed. "Although it's just the Hidden Dragon Continent's Heavenly Star Catcher Disk, if she could control it... it would be a great opportunity, which wouldn't be less than obtaining the qualification to enter the Immortal Cooking Realm..."

Ni Yan screamed once.

Her reddened face looked like it was about to drip blood. In the end, blood dripped as she coughed out a mouthful of blood. Slowly, she woke up.


Bu Fang looked at Ni Yan's eyes. At that glimpse of time, he felt his surging spirit sea frozen.

Everything was calm and quiet, which was somewhat awkward.

Bu Fang was bewildered, his eyes blurred. Some alarm went off in his mind.

A Gold Dragon's roar woke him completely.

As Ni Yan slowly woke up, her eyes goggled at Bu Fang, who was feeding her spoons of Egg Fried Rice. Starlight sparkled in her eyes, looking like she had light moving in them.

She woke up?

Everybody was startled... They felt it was so unimaginable!

That woman woke up?!

Saint Daughter Zi Yun was so astonished. Even the Saint Sovereigns of the holy lands in the Hidden Dragon Royal Court couldn't cure a shattered spirit sea. And now, a bowl of Egg Fried Rice could.

Even if it was cooked with a divine beast's egg, it was still a f*cking bowl of Egg-Fried Rice!

A bowl of Egg Fried Rice could save a life at the moment between death and life?!

Which God was Owner Bu after all?

Ni Yan gazed at Bu Fang. Waves of light rippled in her eyes. A moment later, she attacked Bu Fang.

Bu Fang was startled.

Everybody in the restaurant couldn't help but scream.

Nangong Wuque dropped his jaw and gawked.

Nethery's cold and indifferent face couldn't help but shake once, looking at the scene.

All the people were gazing in horror...

Ni Yan seized the blue-and-white spoon in Bu Fang's hand. She wiped her tears and began to dig in the bowl.

She continuously shoved the Egg Fried Rice into her mouth. With grumbling energy booms, the thick fragrance permeated the place.

After each bite, Ni Yan felt her power getting stronger.

However, she couldn't stop. She couldn't stop at all. She felt so hungry as if she hadn't eaten anything for so many years. Both her spirit sea and stomach were craving for this Egg Fried Rice.

Gold egg and blood-red rice... This mix was releasing endless energy.

Bu Fang rubbed his head in bewilderment. He thought his eyes were blurry at this moment.

This woman... was so mischievous.

Ni Yan was crazily chomping Egg Fried Rice as if she was a reincarnation of a hungry ghost.

While eating, her aura began to change.

The stars in the place hurried to congregate on her body. A moment later, they seeped into her completely.

However, Ni Yan couldn't stop.

When the starlight disappeared, the true energy in her body started to change.

Some mysterious energy arose.

Magnificent starlight shone above Ni Yan's head. Steps of her soul ladder emerged. One step, two steps, three steps, four steps...

Shortly after, nine radiant steps of her soul ladder emerged. A Divine Altar was formed.

Ni Yan seemed not to recognize her cultivation base changing. She was still chomping on the Egg Fried Rice with gold liquid and blood rice on the corners of her mouth.

Nangong Wuque and the others looked even more dumbstruck.

What was going on?

What had happened to this world?

That woman was breaking through? This speedy breakthrough... so crazy, eh?

She had advanced from one-step soul ladder to the peak Divine Soul Realm in just a blink of an eye...

How come there was a huge gap between people?

Anyway... Owner Bu's Egg Fried Rice was really awesome and effective like that?

However, what happened next made them even more dumbfounded...

The Divine Altar was shining radiantly as tens of thousands of light beams congregated. Shortly, it became a flickering Divine Flame.

That Divine Flame seemed to be able to tear the sky.

Starlight gathered. Divine Flame flickered...

One Divine Flame, two Divine Flames, three Divine Flames...

After the fifth Divine Flame was formed, the surging energy finally calmed down.

And, at this moment, Ni Yan had finished the Egg Fried Rice in her plate. She stuck her tongue out, licking the entire porcelain plate.

Exhaling, Ni Yan looked so content.

"Finally full..."


Ni Yan placed the porcelain plate back on the table. When she opened her eyes, they seemed to emit starlight that could tear the sky.

"Where's that bastard who ambushed this lady? I want to slash it and cook it to enjoy with good wine!"

Ni Yan jumped. Her cultivation base had just rocketed amazingly.

Lord Dog and Nether King Er Ha, who had vast knowledge, were both speechless.

This big-boobed, no-brain woman...

She really received a great fortune this time!