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 Phoenix Egg Fried Rice, a dish that used Phoenix egg and the best quality Dragon Blood Rice.

With vigorous essence and energy, it was really powerful to cure wounds. No matter what, it was made with a divine beast's egg, a cooking ingredient that had divine energy to heal injuries.

Ni Yan's spirit sea was damaged, so using a divine beast's egg to save her would be the right thing. Anyway, Ni Yan's cultivation base wasn't really high, and her spirit sea hadn't reached the intimidating level of the Divine Spirit Realm experts.

In the kitchen, Sorceress An Sheng wore a face that said she couldn't love this life anymore as she cut the radishes.

Cutting radishes was a task that required some technique. She couldn't just have it done casually.

Bu Fang had a strict request for her to practice her knife skills. Each cube of radishes should have the same shape and dimensions. They shouldn't be much different.

Thus, Sorceress An Sheng checked each of the slashes she made.

If the gap were too large or too tight, it would affect her work.

If she made more mistakes, with Owner Bu's nature, he would give her more punishment.

Perhaps, at that time, it wasn't a pile of radishes but two big piles of radishes!

In the kitchen, besides Sorceress An Sheng, who was laboriously cutting her radish, Bu Fang was holding the Phoenix egg, standing in front of his stove.

He took a deep breath, trying to keep his mind calm.

He had cooked Egg Fried Rice so many times, but it would be his first time to cook Phoenix Egg Fried Rice.

He couldn't make any big mistake because, in such a given case, he wouldn't have a chance to make it up.

No matter what, he had only one Phoenix egg. If his mistake destroyed the Phoenix Egg Fried Rice, he would never have another chance to save Ni Yan.

Also, not only was it for Ni Yan, but it was also for his dignity in his cooking skills. Bu Fang simply didn't allow himself to make any mistake.

Thus, this time, Bu Fang must put his best in cooking the Phoenix Egg Fried Rice.

Bu Fang's surging spirit sea slowly calmed down. Opening his eyes, his aura changed all of a sudden.

At Bu Fang's level, a chef didn't use true energy to cook anymore. They used mental energy instead. It was more sensitive as it could sense the slightest energy change in cooking ingredients.

Quieting his mind, Bu Fang didn't mind it.

His face was emotionless. His Vermillion Robe billowed, his hair fluttering without the wind.

Using a velvet rope to tie up his hair, Bu Fang's aura changed instantly.

A dragon roar echoed in his spirit sea, which reached the sky and raised high waves in his spirit sea.


A strong flow of mental energy rippled, expanding.

Bu Fang couldn't estimate how strong his mental energy had been. However, it wasn't less than Amethyst Elder's. No matter what, at the time he was at the Divine Soul Realm with a one-step soul ladder, his mental energy could be compared with a Divine Spirit Realm existence.

His mental energy rippled, turning into waves as it expanded.

In the kitchen, Sorceress An Sheng was astonished. She lifted her head, and her hand holding the knife trembled.

She was shocked and thrilled at the same time, looking at Owner Bu standing in front of the stove, whose aura had changed dramatically.

So scary!

Was he still their Owner Bu?

Since when did Owner Bu, who was serious in his tone and manner, become so frightening?!

Even the Pill Palace's Palace Master couldn't have such prestige!

Sorceress An Sheng didn't know that Bu Fang's competence now could crush the so-called Pill Palace's Master completely.

Whether it was true energy or level of mental energy, he was already intimidating.


Meanwhile, in the restaurant, many people narrowed their eyes.

When they felt waves of mental energy in the air, they instantly became alert.

Lord Dog and Nether King Er Ha didn't react, but the others looked... somewhat frightened.

Nethery was surprised. She still remembered how pitifully weak Bu Fang's mental energy was when she first met him.


In the kitchen

Bu Fang's mental energy rippled, expanding with continuous rumbling.

He took out the shining Dragon Blood Rice.

Now that Bu Fang was qualified, he had traded Dragon Blood Rice with the system at a high price.

Although it wasn't the real Dragon Blood that had been poured into the Dragon Blood Rice, it was already extraordinary.

It was enough to cook with the top-quality Phoenix egg.

As Bu Fang's mental energy sensed the Phoenix egg, he could feel a dazzling, fiery sun with blazing radiance shooting everywhere.

At the center of the radiance, he seemed to hear the Phoenix's song, and a small gold Phoenix could be seen moving there.

Gold light sparkled in Bu Fang's hand when the Gold Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife appeared.

The dragon roar reached the sky, and the phantom of a divine dragon twirled around the knife.

Bu Fang held the knife, his eyes focused on the Phoenix egg. In just a wink of an eye, he slashed.

His knife seemed to tear even the darkness.

Bu Fang could feel his knife move as fast as lightning. It was able to tear his own mental energy, causing his heart to race.

Swish! Swish!

The knife in Bu Fang's hand spun, creating radiance. Eventually, it turned into cyan smoke, vanishing.

A distance away from him, Sorceress An Sheng gawked, dropping her jaw. She had almost forgotten her task as she was busy gazing at Bu Fang's moves.

She suddenly had a thought that her punishment this time wasn't bad as she had a chance to see Owner Bu cooking.

It was some sort of luck!

His slash just now looked so noble, which made her heart shiver.

Was that how the pinnacle of knife skill looked like?

It left no trace. From the surface, that egg didn't look a bit broken.

If she did that, after one slash, the eggshell would crack in every inch.

Owner Bu was, indeed, worthy of being called Owner Bu!

She now understood why Bu Fang made her cut the radishes... If she cut the radishes, would she be able to achieve such knife skill?!

Bu Fang raised his hand, gently patting the egg shell. Instantly, the top of the shell was pushed open.

Thick vitality and essence erupted from the shell.

Radiance bloomed dazzlingly.

Sorceress An Sheng was surprised, her round bosom shaking unceasingly.

The vitality was so strong!

It simply... made people breathless!

Bu Fang put the shell on the countertop. His face didn't change as he raised his hand, sensing the shell with his mental energy.

A moment later, he raised his palm. The mental energy in his head swirled like a tornado, flowing out and congregating at the Phoenix egg.

Rumble! Rumble!

A loud phoenix singing reached the sky. Radiance emitted from the shell as it was twisted broken. Bu Fang's mental energy gathered in the air, turning into a revolving tunnel, swirling the egg liquid altogether.

The egg white and yolk blended together, becoming an orange fluid.

Bu Fang's spirit sea was surging. The soul of the Gold Dragon was roaring.

The egg fluid inside the Phoenix egg was sucked out. Under the tornado of mental energy, it turned into a screaming dragon.

The Phoenix sang, and the Dragon danced.

It was so mesmerizing to Sorceress An Sheng, making her eyes blurred.

Was he cooking?

You are a f*cking circus, you know?!

How could he even create the auspicious dragon and phoenix while cooking?

Bu Fang swung his arm. Instantly, the dragon made of egg fluid precisely fell into the fancy blue-and-white porcelain bowl he had prepared.

It revolved as it filled the bowl.

The blue-and-white porcelain bowl seemed not able to hold the thick and vigorous Phoenix egg fluid. It looked as if it could explode in the next moment.

Bu Fang took out more spirit herbs from his system dimensional bag. The Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife appeared again, mincing the new ingredients.

He extracted the fluid from the herbs, pouring into the egg fluid. As the egg fluid was stirring, it blended the mix well.

After that, Bu Fang processed the rest of the ingredients.

He took out the Dragon Blood Rice he had exchanged with the system.

This time, his Dragon Blood Rice had a higher level. He could feel its vitality even when he was just holding it.

Bu Fang thought that Nethery would love it if he used this rice to cook the Dragon Blood Rice.

However, shortly after, he put it aside.

He had a premonition that Nethery would prefer Spicy Blood Lobsters more.

It seemed he must carry out the breeding and feeding of Blood Lobsters in his farmland soon. Otherwise, he wouldn't have ingredients to cook various lobster dishes.

Although Bu Fang had fished a lot of Blood Lobsters from that blood-red lake, if he finished them, he would have no more.

Adding the Heavenly Mountain Spirit Spring Water, he rinsed the Dragon Blood Rice, stirring.

Although the Dragon Blood Rice was blood-red, there was no tinge of red hue in the water used to clean the rice.

Previously, when he rinsed the Dragon Blood Rice, the water would have some red contaminants. That was the difference between the best Dragon Blood Rice and the low-quality Dragon Blood Rice.

The preparation was done.

Bu Fang parted his lips, spurting out a dark gold flame.

It was the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame. Instantly, terrifying heat permeated the place.

Sorceress An Sheng's eyes brightened. Owner Bu finally wanted to show his true technique?

The flame was on, heating the wok.

The Black Turtle Constellation Wok now looked dark gold.

Sizzle! Sizzle! Sizzle!

As soon as the egg fluid entered the wok, a fragrance erupted rapidly like a bomb.

In just a blink of an eye, Sorceress An Sheng was shrouded in this aroma.

It was an egg aroma that she had never encountered before.

As Bu Fang's apprentice, she had cooked Egg Fried Rice so many times. And now, she could even guess what kind of egg was used with her eyes closed.

However, this time, the egg aroma was beyond her imagination.

She was so surprised, looking at Bu Fang's back with a respectful and admiring gaze.

The greater the spirit energy and quality of the ingredients were, the stricter requirements would be applied by the chef.

Aside from cooking skills, the chef's mental energy and physical strength must be very excellent.

Bu Fang held the wok in one hand while his other hand held a spatula. Shaking the wok as he stir-fried, he carried out every step smoothly.

The Black Turtle Constellation Wok touched the stove, making some melodic rhythm.

Dong. Dong. Dong.

After each contact, the rice and egg in the wok would be flipped.

Shining gold light shot out in bunches of beams.

Above the Black Turtle Constellation Wok, heat and aroma soared up, turning into a dancing phoenix and a roaring dragon.

This legendary performance shook Sorceress An Sheng hard.

Bu Fang wore a stern face.

His mental energy expanded, locking the food in the Black Turtle Constellation Wok.

Every time he shook and stir-fried, he had to consume his mental energy exceedingly. It seemed like the Phoenix egg and Dragon Blood Rice were like a bottomless cave that crazily sucked his mental energy in his spirit sea.

To cook a genuine delicacy, a chef had to use all of his.

Some chefs had spent all of their hearts and energy just to cook a dish. It was also because of that reason.

For that dish, their spirit, soul, and energy were all drained. It was enough to prove how precious the dish was.

Rumble! Rumble!

In the flame that reached the sky, the Phoenix was dancing, and the Dragon was twirling.

The dazzling, intoxicating phenomenon lingered.

All of a sudden...

When the Black Turtle Constellation Wok touched the stove for the last time...

The Phoenix flew away, and the Dragon scattered.

A long blue-and-white plate was ready. The wok shook once, and Bu Fang poured the steaming hot food onto the plate.

The mix of egg fluid and Dragon Blood Rice came to the plate.

The egg looked like silk, its aroma striking.

Sorceress An Sheng gawked, dropping her jaw. The kitchen knife in her hand fell on the stove, clanging, breaking the silence.

Bu Fang retrieved his mental energy, exhaling deeply.

Phoenix Egg Fried Rice... Done.