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 As Bu Fang couldn't rush the work he was doing in the farmland, he left the Three-Eyed Wild Lion there to work alone, and he returned to reality.

Ni Yan was fast asleep. Her life had been saved, but the strongest demon king had smashed the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk. This was a big problem.

Bu Fang needed Ni Yan to wake the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk to help him make wine. If the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk was destroyed, Bu Fang's trip to Earth Prison to pick up the Yellow Springs Grass and Flower of Helplessness would be in vain.

Hence, Bu Fang had to find a way to save Ni Yan.


Great Hall, Serpentmen City

The serpentmen within the hall did not dare to breathe out loud.

In fright, they looked at the figures sitting in their Great Hall.

One of them was a man who wore a long, purple robe. His purple hair hung loosely over his shoulder. The aura emanating from him resembled that of a dragon, who was eating the sun and the moon.

This aura made the serpentmen experts present shiver inwardly.

A blonde oceanic species' expert was also present. Although this young man just sat there, the prestige he exuded almost suffocated the serpentmen experts present.

There was also an old man sitting in the hall. This man looked even scarier than the blonde expert. His eyes scanned the ground, and the serpentmen who felt his gaze were petrified.

That old man had to be a peerless existence they could not fathom.

It was at this point that Bu Fang and Nether King Er Ha arrived at the serpentmen's palace.

After taking a seat, Nether King Er Ha observed the people in the hall.

Amethyst Elder's sharp eyes gazed landed on Nether King Er Ha. That fellow had flirted with his daughter!

Saint Daughter Zi Yun didn't care about Amethyst Elder's gaze. However, the moment she saw Nether King Er Ha, she ran towards him happily.

Amethyst Elder's bellows had no effect on her. This made Amethyst Elder so angry that he felt his lungs ache. What a stinky little girl!

When the old man's gaze landed on Bu Fang, his eyes glowed.

That chef had something to do with the chance to transcend, but unfortunately, that young man and the dog were both protecting him. Otherwise, the old man would have already seized it.

When they left the crystal mine, the old man's cultivation base had returned to its peak.

Even back then, his cultivation base had been intimidating, not to mention his present state. Although he had yet to break that shackle, he was still one of the peerless experts in the Hidden Dragon Continent.

He believed he could bargain with Bu Fang now.

Ao Bai was only there because of the little shrimp on Bu Fang's shoulder.

That was their Shrimp Ancestor, and that human had made him a damn pet. Making the Shrimp Ancestor of the oceanic species a pet was the height of humiliation!

As Ao Bai looked at Bu Fang, he could not help shivering on the inside, and an expression of bewilderment appeared on his face.

This was because he could no longer see through that human's cultivation.

How could this be?

Yesterday, that human was just at the Divine Soul Realm with a one-step soul ladder, but now, Ao Bai was unable to see his level.

How had his cultivation base advanced so fast?

Ao Bai's lips quivered.

He recalled the time when this human had punched that giant demon scorpion from the Ruin Prison within the bronze palace. After that, he proceeded to kick seven Heavenly Ethereal Realm experts. That was unarguably awesome.

And he was just a damn Divine Soul Realm expert with a one-step soul ladder! That human had disguised himself as a pig in order to snatch the tiger.

Furthermore, he heard that that human had seized the chance at transcendence in the bronze palace. That human...was simply abnormal!

So many experts were there, yet he, a human, had seized the opportunity.

What should he, Ao Bai, say?

Hence, as he had no way to forcefully retrieve his Shrimp Ancestor from Bu Fang's shoulder, he had come to negotiate.

The jaws of the experts of Serpentmen City dropped as they watched the scene.

As they watched the expressionless human bargain with great experts, the serpentmen felt they had lost their minds.

That human... Wasn't he the guest of their Empress?

So the guest of their Empress was actually this amazing!

Yu Fu also realized that she could not fathom Bu Fang.

Was he still the seventh-grade battle saint Owner Bu she once knew?

After a negotiation session that lasted around two hours, everybody left.

Ao Bai left hesitantly. He couldn't persuade Bu Fang to leave their Shrimp Ancestor.

However, after the negotiation session was done, he sincerely extended an invitation to Bu Fang to visit their Endless Sea with their Shrimp Ancestor.

He had even given Bu Fang a special spirit talisman made from a carved shell. They could use it to communicate.

Bu Fang naturally did not reject the invitation. To him, the Endless Sea was an endless treasure. Since it was the vast sea, it was only natural that the cooking ingredients within it appealed to him a lot.

He was really curious about this sea, not to mention that seafood dishes were also very attractive.

Bu Fang had to return to the Endless Sea anyway, so he didn't reject Ao Bai's offer.

After getting Bu Fang's confirmation, Ao Bai smiled and left with his oceanic species' army. They left Serpentmen City, returning to the Endless Sea.

Although the oceanic species' army did not gain anything in this venture, they were satisfied with obtaining some information on their Shrimp Ancestor.

If their Shrimp Ancestor could come back, their Gold Shrimp Tribe could rise and control the Endless Sea once more.

The old man wanted Bu Fang's opportunity at transcendence, so he had negotiated with Bu Fang for a long time. Of course, Bu Fang did not give him the wisp of immortal energy.

Bu Fang could not give it to him if he wanted to. After all, the wisp of immortal energy had been absorbed by the system.

Thus, Bu Fang heartlessly rejected the old man.

However, he did tell the old man that a chance would present itself in three years when the Immortal Cooking Realm's gate would open.

The old man's eyes reddened in excitement.

He had struggled in agony to obtain the opportunity at transcendence, which equated to a chance to enter the Immortal Cooking Realm. And now, he finally had hope.

After obtaining this information, the old man calmed down and spoke no more.

As for Amethyst Elder, his dispute was with Nether King Er Ha, so Bu Fang didn't pay him any mind.

After handling all the matters, Bu Fang left the great hall and returned to his room. It was about time that he thought of how to heal Ni Yan's wound.

"System, do you have any method to cure Ni Yan's spirit sea?" Bu Fang asked the system.

He has asked instinctively and did not believe the system would reply. So, he continued thinking of a solution.

However, contrary to his expectations, the system gave him an answer.

"If you want to treat an injury in the spirit sea, you can cook a dish that nurtures mental energy. The system is going to list dishes you are currently capable of cooking, which could treat a damaged spirit sea," said the system with its serious tone of voice, leaving Bu Fang baffled.

A moment later, he cheered up. They still had a chance?

"Dishes that can cure mental wounds: Dragon Meat Stewed with Divine Ginseng, Qilin's Hooves, Black Tortoise Dragon Bones Casserole, and Phoenix Egg Fried Rice."

When Bu Fang heard the four dishes mentioned by the system, he was shocked.

His lips twitched.

Could the system not be so overbearing by mentioning Dragon meat and Qilin?

Those were goddamn ancient divine beasts!

Till now, the only ancient divine beast Bu Fang had encountered was a Taotie, and all he could get was the Taotie's heart.

The dishes the system had mentioned were... unattainable.

Bu Fang's expression contorted.

Suddenly, his face brightened.

Phoenix Egg Fried Rice! He could actually make this!

If his memory served him well, he actually did have a Phoenix egg in his restaurant.

If he cooked that Phoenix egg with some Dragon Blood Rice, would he be able to make the Phoenix Egg Fried Rice that the system had just said could restore a spirit sea?

That Phoenix egg was stored in Cloud Mist Restaurant's kitchen cabinet. If Bu Fang wanted that egg, he had to visit Cloud Mist Restaurant.

Bu Fang rubbed his chin. It did not take long for him to make up his mind.

The matter in the Light Wind Empire of the Southern Region had almost been resolved.

He came here so that Ni Yan could completely control the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk. But, now that Ni Yan's spirit sea was damaged, he was left with no other choice.

When he got to the Cloud Mist Restaurant, he could take Eighty to his farmland, where it could run around to its heart's content.

Thus, he took action immediately. Bu Fang shook the snoring Lord Dog awake, then he called Nethery over and brought Ni Yan with him, leaving Serpentmen City.

The Netherworld Ship soared into the air.

Lord Dog yawned deeply, causing his body fat to jiggle. Then, he found a comfortable spot to lie down on the ship's deck and began to snore.

Nethery clasped her hands expressionlessly behind her as she stood elegantly on the deck. The wind caused her black dress to flutter.

Ni Yan had been placed in the small cabin on the Netherworld Ship.

Bu Fang sat cross-legged on the ship's deck, while Nether King Er Ha and Saint Daughter Zi Yun were sitting beside him.

Rumble! Rumble!

The Netherworld Ship soared even higher into the sky, and Nether energy swirled around it. With a sonic boom, the ship zoomed off.

So many serpentmen experts in Serpentmen City watched the Netherworld Ship with great respect in their eyes.

Yu Fu's gaze was complicated. She brought her palms together in front of her chest as she watched Bu Fang leave. At that moment, she pledged to improve her cooking skills.

Amethyst Elder soared through the sky like lightning. His face was as dark as a pot's bottom.

Nether King Er Ha had kidnapped his daughter yet again!

Amethyst Elder's lips quivered. He was so angry that his head hurt.

The old man's thin, white hair fluttered in the wind. He soared into the sky and glanced at Amethyst Elder momentarily, then laughed and casually flew away.

After several thousand years of being trapped in the bronze palace, the old man had finally escaped. His joy was hard to describe.

He couldn't wait to visit different places in this continent and ride the waves of its seas. Afterward, he would return to the Valley of Gluttony.


The Netherworld Ship tore through the sky.

The moment they reached the Light Wind Empire, Bu Fang asked Nethery to stop so that he could visit Fang Fang's Little Store for a while. He wanted to talk to Xiao Xiaolong and Ouyang Xiaoyi.

When the residents of Light Wind Empire saw the Netherworld Ship in the sky, they hurriedly kowtowed. This was the Netherworld Ship that had saved them during the disaster, and its owner, Nethery, was a goddess to them.

"Hahaha... The cursed Netherworld woman is now being worshipped as a goddess? Interesting..." Nether King Er Ha laughed as he looked down at the tens of thousands of people kowtowing.

"Nobody would think you're mute even if you say nothing..." Nethery casually said as she shot Nether King Er Ha a sidelong glance.

Bu Fang soared up from the ship and flew down to the ground.

After teaching Xiao Xiaolong his favorite cooking skills, he bid him farewell.

Afterward, he returned to the ship. Nethery nodded at him and turned around. A sonic boom resounded in the sky as the Netherworld Ship turned into a black beam of light and tore through the sky.

Although the Netherworld Ship could move very fast, the Southern Region was, at least, dozens of thousands of miles away from Heavenly Mist City. It would take time to get there.

As it traveled incredibly fast, its occupants sat on its deck.

Nether King Er Ha rubbed his hands, gazing at Bu Fang, asking, "Bu Fang young man, you promised His Highness the Spicy Blood Lobsters. Should you cook them now?"