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 Chapter 89: Bu Clan's Secret Recipe Roast Meat

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The spinal meat of the Thunderfire Spirit Pig was skewered by the tree branches of an unknown genus and roasted above the fire. As the temperature rose, the tree branches would release an enticing aroma. The aroma was unlike the smell of meat. It was similar to the captivating fragrance of fresh fruit.

An alluring rosiness gradually appeared on the meat as it was being roasted by the flames. Oil soon permeated from the meat, while a faint amount of electricity continuously jumped about on the surface.

Bu Fang skillfully rotated the meat to ensure that every spot was evenly heated. This was a test of the chef's control over the heat. Rotisserie looked simple at a glance but there were many small techniques involved in the process.

As the meat belonged to the sixth grade Thunderfire Spirit Pig, ordinary flames naturally had no effect on it. Therefore, Bu Fang had to inject his true energy into the fire all the time. This was actually considered a style of true energy culinary.

As the roasting time increased, the rich fragrance of meat was wafting out from the grill and drifting within the stone forest.

Tang Yin and Lu Xiaoxiao swallowed their salivas at the same time without prior agreement, and their eyes involuntarily drifted toward the meat. That extremely rosy meat roasted by Bu Fang was glittering with oil and exuding tremendous charm.

"It smells really aromatic!" Tang Yin could not restrain himself as he exclaimed. The smell of the meat was mellow but not greasy and was even mixed with a faint fruity fragrance. It gave him an inescapable feeling of euphoria.

Lu Xiaoxiao was already staring at the roast meat, and her eyes were unable to move away. Having spent their lives cultivating within the Celestial Arcanum Sect, how could they resist such a rich fragrance?

Within the sect, those who became fifth grade Battle-Kings would usually choose to fast. Their need for eating food was extremely small.

Bu Fang expressionlessly rotated the meat. As the oil started to drip from the roast meat, he would sprinkle some seasonings on it and the aroma of the meat would immediately become even more rich and diverse.

Taking down two of the skewers, Bu Fang gave them to Tang Yin and Lu Xiaoxiao and beckoned them to start tasting.

"Bu Clan's Secret Recipe Roast Meat, please enjoy," Bu Fang expressionlessly said.

Tang Yin and Lu Xiaoxiao were almost drooling. As they were smelling the aroma of the roast meat from a close distance, their appetites were whetted and they were eager to have a taste.

"Thank you very much, senior." Tang Yin was still quite self-disciplined. He thanked Bu Fang before he took a bite out of the roast meat.

Even though Lu Xiaoxiao was a woman, her table manners were not as refined as Tang Yin's. When Tang Yin was having his first bite, her mouth was already stuffed with roast meat.

"Oh, oh... Hot! Hot!" Lu Xiaoxiao's cheeks were stuffed with food and her eyes were opened wide. She tightly held onto the roast meat with one hand while continuously fanning her cheeks with the other hand.

Tang Yin took his first bite of the roast meat. During the instant his teeth made contact with the meat, a rich flavor burrowed into his mouth. The meat was surprisingly tender and was missing the dryness and hardness that roast meat should possess. As he bit down, the oil seeped out and smeared his lips. When seen from afar, it was like a layer of lipstick was applied.

As Tang Yin chewed the roast meat within his mouth, the succulent meat was covering his tongue and a numbing sensation was secreting from the meat. It was stimulating his mouth and causing goosebumps to appear all over his body.

After swallowing the roast meat, the numbing sensation traveled down his esophagus and into his stomach. It felt as if his entire body was being cleaned and it was so comfortable that he wanted to moan out loud.

"How could such a delicious taste exist in this world! I didn't know that the meat of the Thunderfire Spirit Pig could be this delicious!" Tang Yin suddenly felt an impulse to shed tears. After living for so long, it was the first time he had eaten food that emotionally moved him.

Lu Xiaoxiao had already reached a point where she could not stop eating. Her eyes were red. She was evidently emotionally moved by the delicious taste as well.

As a disciple belonging to one of the top ten sects outside of the border, the Celestial Arcanum Sect, they had to undergo arduous training since they were young. They ate plain congee and steamed buns for three meals a day over a dozen years. Once their cultivation level reached fifth grade, most of them would choose to fast. Therefore, they had no concept of taste.

Eating the roast meat made by Bu Fang for the first time was simply an indescribable shock to them. It was the kind of taste that could enter the depths of their hearts.

Bu Fang expressionlessly watched as the two of them continued to eat with no signs of stopping and the corners of his mouth widened into a smile. Then he took the last skewer as well and leisurely began tasting.

As he ate, he was also attempting to look for flaws existing within the roast meat.


As the wind blew, the aroma of the roast meat gradually spread into the surroundings. The smell of the roast meat was especially conspicuous within the Wildlands. Many spirit beasts were subconsciously attracted toward their location by the fragrance.

Above a craggy boulder, a cheetah-like demonic beast with dark green eyes glowing in the dark was baring its teeth and drooling from its mouth, while staring in the direction of Bu Fang's camp.

Meanwhile, there were also a few other powerful auras belonging to spirit beasts swiftly approaching them.

The smell of the roast meat was not only a temptation toward humans, it was clearly an aroma that was hard to resist for spirit beasts as well.

Tang Yin took a bite of the roast meat and swallowed it into his stomach with a gulp. He had a satisfied expression as he stood up.

"Senior's culinary skill has really astounded me. Let me take care of the little things in the surroundings, so as not to affect your mood." Tang Yin pulled out his longsword with one hand while holding the roast meat with the other. The sharpness of the longsword exuded a numbing coldness.

Bu Fang was expressionlessly eating his roast meat while pondering the flaws within it.

Lu Xiaoxiao was also fully concentrated on dealing with the roast meat.

When Tang Yin realized that no one was paying attention to him, he suddenly felt really embarrassed. He grinned and take another bite of roast meat. With a chuckle, the true energy within his body suddenly burst out and wrapped around his body like a dragon.

"Hahahaha! In the past, there were heroes who drank wine while slaying demons! Now, there's I, Tang Yin, who ate meat while butchering beasts!"

Tang Yin's figure instantly charged into the midst of the approaching spirit beasts. The strength of these spirit beasts, who were attracted by the smell of the roast meat, were all approximately fifth grade. They were all rulers of their own regions. If it was not for the overwhelming temptation of the roast meat, they would never leave their own territory.

As his sword flashed in the darkness, Tang Yin effortlessly moved about in the midst of the numerous spirit beasts in a relaxed manner with his clothes fluttering about. He would occasionally take a bite of the roast meat as he fought to his heart's content while maintaining his composure.

Naturally, there was something strange with the spectacle of someone eating roast meat while battling spirit beasts...

After the battle was over, Tang Yin returned with one hand holding his sword and the other holding the roast meat.

There was still blood dripping from his ice-cold longsword, but Tang Yin was eating the roast meat with indifference. There was an indescribable look of satisfaction on his face, mixed with a trace of astonishment.

"Senior, the spirit beasts have all been dealt with," Tang Yin said with a chuckle.

Bu Fang nodded as he placed the last piece of roast meat in his mouth and slowly chewed it.

"Senior, is your roast meat... capable of replenishing true energy? Even though I was fighting against four fifth grade spirit beasts on my own, not only did I feel my true energy was not depleting, I was getting stronger as the fight progressed. My true energy was nearly overflowing from my body..." Tang Yin took a deep breath and solemnly asked.

Nearby, Lu Xiaoxiao had a satisfied expression after eating her fill and was rubbing her bloated belly. She exhaled a breath of hot air and was planning to rest for a while.

However, her eyes widened in surprise in the next moment. She glanced at Tang Yin, then sat down with her legs crossed. A dense amount of true energy was surging within her body. She actually entered a cultivating state.

"As you can see, this roast meat can provide enough true energy to you. Don't make such a big fuss, this is just an ordinary true energy cuisine. If you still wish to taste food like this, you can come to the imperial city of the Light Wind Empire and look for Fang Fang's Little Store," Bu Fang simply said. At the same time, he advertised for his store.

Light Wind Empire, Fang Fang's Little Store... Tang Yin narrowed his eyes and solemnly nodded. He thought, "A serving of delicious food that is comparable to a single fifth grade elixir, our senior is indeed enigmatic!"

Then, after eating finished the roast meat, Tang Yin sat down with his legs crossed and began cultivating as well. Since the system had already extracted the true energy within his food, Bu Fang found a spot and went to sleep.

The night passed without incident. The next day, as the sun just rose above the horizon, the three of them set off toward the Valley of the Fallen Phoenix.

After passing through the stone forest, the scenery before their eyes changed.

In front of them was a trickling stream surrounded by a lush undergrowth. The sound of a cascading waterfall resounded in their ears. The Valley of the Fallen Phoenix was right before their eyes.