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 The system's mission reward?

The system's voice left Bu Fang bewildered.

Then, he remembered that after he had taken in immortal energy, he had also leveled up. And, as he had completed his overturn, he should receive a reward.

He still remembered the reward included the system farmland and a fragment of God of Cooking set.

If he could gather all the fragments of the God of Cooking set, he would receive an item in the God of Cooking set. Bu Fang was actually yearning for that final item in the set.

He currently had three items in the God of Cooking set-the Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife, the Black Turtle Constellation Wok, and the Vermillion Robe, which he hadn't explored fully. He hadn't even completely connected to the robe's spirit.

He had gone through a lot of trouble to awaken the Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife's spirit.

However, Bu Fang couldn't deny that, although he had not awakened them yet, the God of Cooking set items currently in his possession had provided him great support so far. He had never been afraid of getting more help from his tools.

Nether King Er Ha had touched Ni Yan's forehead three times to stabilize her dissipating spirit sea. It was possible that Bu Fang's cooking could restore her spirit sea.

However, they couldn't rush this matter.

Bu Fang used the time to observe the system farmland in his mind.

After calming himself down, he connected with his new reward, the system farmland.

"System, what's a farmland?" Bu Fang asked the system with a frown on his face.

The system quickly replied, "The system has rewarded the Host with a system farmland, which is an independent world where you can grow your vegetables, fruits, and spirit herbs."

Its serious tone of voice echoed in Bu Fang's mind.

Bu Fang arched his brows.

He could grow vegetables and fruits?

Was the system carrying its principle of making his dish the best out there?

"The system farmland is there to assist you, acting the best tool with which you can cook the best dishes. In order to know how to operate it, you can study and explore the farmland yourself."

After that, the system went quiet.

Bu Fang was speechless.

He felt that the system had grown lazier. What happened to explaining things?

Bu Fang was bewildered, but he soon calmed down and directed his thoughts to the system farmland.


Bu Fang's mind trembled once, and suddenly, the view in front of him completely changed.

The sky was blue, and a light breeze was blowing past him. The sky was filled with fresh air, and beneath it was a borderless, green meadow.

Bu Fang stood in the green meadow, feeling astonished as he could only see greenery all the way to the horizon.

What was going on?

What about that farmland? You gave me a big meadow instead!

Since when the system had become so polite?

Suddenly, Bu Fang understood what the system had meant by asking him to study and develop the farmland by himself.

It was true that he had to develop the place himself. There was nothing here at the moment, so he had to put things here by himself.

The corners of his mouth curled upwards.

With his hands clasped behind him, Bu Fang took a stroll around the vast meadow.

Spirit energy was really thick here. Just walking around here was enough to make Bu Fang feel as though he was taking a bath in cow's milk. The thick spirit energy in the air felt supple.

He crouched and pulled out a blade of green grass.

A wave of spirit energy emerged when the blade of grass was uprooted.

Bu Fang ripped the blade of grass into two, and its green juice, which was accompanied by a sweet fragrance, oozed out of it.

This little blade of grass had grown well. It seemed the soil below was really rich with nutrients.

Bu Fang got back up and continued to walk around. Later on, he realized that the farmland was not as vast as he had initially thought. After a while, he had reached the edge.

There was a huge mast of darkness extending down from the sky. The lush meadow had hazy, grey mist for its borders.

Bu Fang concluded that the farmland, which the system had given him, had some features.

The sky above was deep blue, and a little stream meandered through the vast meadow.

Bu Fang arrived beside it and scooped up some water to drink. It tasted fresh and sweet.

Its quality was no lesser than the Heavenly Mountain Spirit Spring Water in his system dimensional bag.

Bu Fang was happy as water was the key.

Apart from planting spirit herbs, keeping some precious spirit beasts here did not seem like a bad idea.

He suddenly thought of Eighty, which was still in the Cloud Mist Restaurant. It was a waste to let that chicken wander around the restaurant every day. Only God knew when it would be kidnapped, skinned, and roasted.

It was better to bring that fellow to this farmland.

Then, his precious Eighty could lay eggs, which would hatch into Little Eighties. Then, these Little Eighties would lay eggs of their own, which would then produce Little, Little Eighties. After many turns, Bu Fang would be left with the possession of so many precious chickens.

When that time came, Bu Fang could consider having fried chicken.

Or, he could dine on Eighty's eggs.

There was no doubt that his precious Eighty could become a peerless cooking ingredient.

As the image of a chubby Eighty popped up in Bu Fang's mind, he couldn't help licking his lips, and the corners of his mouth curled upward.

Meanwhile, in the Cloud Mist Restaurant, Eighty was talking a slow walk around the restaurant after having a filling meal.

Suddenly, Eighty felt a chill crawl down its spine, and these made all its feathers stand on end.

What the heck! Who was scheming against this chicken?!

To make this farmland, he would first have to plow the soil.

Bu Fang rubbed his chin, pondering for a long time. After a while, he left the system farmland, returning to reality.

After spending a long time bargaining with the system, Bu Fang returned to the farmland.

Boom! Boom!

Bu Fang tossed some materials to the ground. He had brought with him precious wood materials and many kinds of seeds.

He had also brought along a dumbstruck Three-Eyed Wild Lion.

This was the poor Three-Eyed Wild Lion that Nether King Er Ha had sold to Bu Fang for some Spicy Strips.

It looked around the farmland, feeling baffled.

It had thought that its destiny was to become a cooking ingredient, which that damned chef would cook really well.

However, it was now in this world, and it felt somewhat free.

The Three-Eyed Wild Lion was delighted!

It wanted freedom!


The Three-Eyed Wild Lion roared, and the breeze caused its mane to flutter gently.

It felt content and happy.

The lion pressed its paws into the ground before leaping high up. Finally, it had escaped that stingy chef's restraints.

It was filled with so much joy.

The Three-Eyed Wild Lion walked around the vast meadow, feeling incredibly happy.

Suddenly, an indifferent voice rang out from afar, saying, "Hey, Little Three[1], where are you going? Come and plow the soil. If you do well, you'll get treats, and you won't be mistreated."

The Three-Eyed Wild Lion, who was happily strolling around, suddenly shivered, and its fur stood on end.

The Three-Eyed Wild Lion suddenly turned around, and its three eyes gazed at a figure close by.

That stinky chef!

You stinky chef, what do you think you just called this lion?

It was the strong and noble Three-Eyed Wild Lion. It wasn't a Little Three!

Who do you think you are calling 'Little Three?'

Bu Fang clasped his hands behind him as his Vermillion Robe fluttered gently in the breeze.

He looked at the furious Three-Eyed Wild Lion and gently exhaled.

He did not bring the Three-Eyed Wild Lion to this farmland so that it could take a stroll around. He needed a muscular beast to help him plow the soil.


Only that stinky chef was here?

The Three-Eyed Wild Lion narrowed its eyes, and a terrifying aura instantly erupted from it. Without that master, Nether King Er Ha, this person here was just a stinky chef. The lion believed it could swallow the up man in one go.

Its paws smashed into the ground, causing the greenery below to explode. The Three-Eyed Wild Lion roared ferociously before dashing towards Bu Fang.

Bu Fang's hair and his Vermillion Robe fluttered gently.

As he watched the Three-Eyed Wild Lion rush toward him, the corners of his mouth twitched.

"Seems I will need to make you obey."

Bu Fang lifted his right arm, which was covered in black and white bandages, and it began to glow radiantly.

A moment later, the souls of the Black Taotie and the White Taotie stormed out, emerging behind Bu Fang.

The Three-Eyed Wild Lion roared so loudly that it could be heard high up in the sky!


One punch.

Bu Fang had thought of a simple solution to deal with the Three-Eyed Wild Lion-he just threw a punch.

The Three-Eyed Wild Lion's huge body was blown away by Bu Fang's punch. Its careening body made an arc through the air and crashed far away.

After struggling to get up, the Three-Eyed Wild Lion was extremely furious. It bared its fangs and charged at Bu Fang again.

If one punch wouldn't work, then he would deliver a second punch.

Bu Fang had decided to pummel the Three-Eyed Wild Lion till it was scared of him.

Bu Fang's cultivation base had reached the peak of Divine Soul Realm. Using his cultivation base, or just pure physical strength, was enough to finish off the Three-Eyed Wild Lion, not to mention the extreme thing in his spirit sea.

Furthermore, Bu Fang's spirit sea had expanded a lot after his breakthrough. Although his mental force wasn't as vast as it was when he awakened the Gold Dragon Spirit, it had reached the Divine Spirit Realm.

Moreover, this wasn't just the ordinary Divine Spirit Realm.

Bu Fang's mental force had always been stronger than his own true energy cultivation base. However, he hadn't tried to estimate yet how strong it was.

The Three-Eyed Wild Lion was beaten up. Soon, its face had swollen up, and it was whining like a frightened little kitten.

Rumble! Rumble!

Loud noises rang out nearby as a big pile of farming tools had appeared right in front of the Three-Eyed Wild Lion.

It was dumbstruck!

"Good, Little Three. Let's plow this land," Bu Fang expressionlessly said as he rubbed its mane.

The Three-Eyed Wild Lion was completely enraged!

It was the noble Three-Eyed Wild Lion of the Ruin Prison. It wasn't a buffalo!

The Three-Eyed Wild Lion would rather die than be humiliated!


The Taoties' souls on Bu Fang's arm roared.

The Three-Eyed Wild Lion was dispirited. It slumped to the ground, feeling so lost that it could no longer bring itself to love this life anymore.

Bu Fang's expression didn't change as he brought the plowing tools to the Wild Lion.

He patted the Three-Eyed Wild Lion, and it stood up and began to plow while breathing heavily.

Rather be killed than humiliated?

The Three-Eyed Wild Lion had no doubt that it would end up a delicious dish after its death.

That was even more humiliating.

Compared to becoming a meal, plowing the soil was nothing.

Bu Fang exhaled as he watched the Three-Eyed Wild Lion plow the soil. After a while, he grabbed a hoe and followed the lion.

As the Three-Eyed Wild Lion plowed, Bu Fang used his hoe to loosen the soil.

This fertile soil was filled with spirit energy, and it was the best place to grow plants. This could only be expected from the farmland provided by the system.

As Bu Fang loosened the soil, he began to think of what he could plant in this field. He wanted to make this farmland the best garden available, which, in turn, would grow the best cooking ingredients.

This garden would become an important tool for him on his way to becoming the God of Cooking.

[1] Bu Fang called the Three-Eyed Wild Lion "Little Three," which actually means the third person in a relationship, a Little Three.