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 A burst of terrifying laughter shook the entire Southern Region.

Everybody was frightened. They lifted their heads, looking high up in the sky.

The sky darkened at a speed the naked eye could observe, and in mere moments, darkness had shrouded the entire world. It was like a scene from the apocalypse.

Crazy laughter rang out in the sky.

Above Illusory Spirit Swamp, a giant hovered arrogantly in the sky. His muscles bulged, exuding a terrifying aura.

His bronze bell-like eyes looked straight, as though he wished to see through the entire world.

The strongest demon king had been trapped underneath the Southern Region for ten thousand years. Finally, he had broken the shackles and returned to this world.

Unfortunately for the strongest demon king, he could not acquire the transcendence he had so desperately pursued.

Getting it would be the best outcome for him.

As the strongest demon king took in a breath of fresh air, he couldn't help but close his eyes.

Suddenly, the strongest demon king opened his eyes and gazed at a location in the distance, where a beam of light reached the sky.

That light beam was so dazzling with starlight twirling around.

"Heavenly Star Catcher Disk? The Hidden Dragon Continent's Heavenly Star Catcher Disk..." The demon king squinted before taking a step forward, and his body crossed a great distance. In an instant, he appeared in the sky above the Serpentmen City.

Boom! Boom!

The serpentmen raised their heads and looked at him, expressions of fright evident on their faces.

That terrifying pressure he exuded made the serpentmen feel as though they were experiencing doomsday.

Ni Yan soared up into the sky. Her extremely beautiful figure was covered in radiant starlight.

The entire Serpentmen City was covered by this starlight.

The visions of the serpentmen blurred, and they raised their hands, caressing the air above. It was as though their hands were wading through the stars.

Ni Yan's glabella glowed, exuding starlight. Her spirit sea was surging vehemently.

The Heavenly Star Catcher Disk was rapidly fusing with her essence and soul. Once they were fused, there would be two possible outcomes.

One, the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk's consciousness would swallow up Ni Yan. Two, the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk would transform Ni Yan. She would no longer possess sadness or happiness, for she would lose her seven emotions and six desires.

After all, the heavens were ruthless.

Since the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk connected the heavens' formation, it was only natural that it was ruthless.

The strongest demon king hovered above the Serpentmen City. His body continued to enlarge, and eventually, he became a giant.

His figure towered the entire sky above the city, and every serpentman below was frightened.

It... What kind of monster was that?! How could it be as big as the sky?

"Daring to fuse with the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk in this place, that human sure has guts. Since this is the case, I will fulfill it," said the strongest demon king.

His voice reverberated through the sky, and everyone heard it.

The strongest demon king raised a finger and slowly pressed down on the Serpentmen City.

Boom! Boom!

The serpentmen looked so frightened as they gazed at the giant finger coming down on their city. Their minds became blank in an instant

However, the strongest demon king's finger rapidly began to reduce in size. Eventually, it reduced to the size of a normal finger, but it kept dipping downward.

In a few moments, the finger reached Ni Yan's glabella as she hovered in midair.

Suddenly, Ni Yan's body shivered, and the starlight radiating from her shattered and dissipated.

Ni Yan furrowed her brows and groaned. Blood oozed out from her nostrils and mouth.

She fell onto her bed, feeling fragile and vulnerable.

After that, the finger disappeared.

The serpentwoman maid was shivering on the ground, not daring to move an inch.

Meanwhile, the serpentmen in the city did not dare breathe out loud. Only after the laughter in the sky faded away did they finally get ahold of themselves and stand up.


Swish! Swish! Swish!

Shadows dashed out from the cave in the mine.

The experts that had waited by the entrance became alert.

The experts of the oceanic species and the demon scorpion race ogled the experts who were coming out.

The demon scorpion race's experts saw their commander shivering behind the team, and their faces changed.

Leading them was the human who had gotten past them earlier.

That human hadn't died yet?!

Some of the demon scorpion race's experts, who had been guarding the entrance, screamed, but as soon as they began this display of hostility, the commander of their demon scorpion race slapped them backward.

Just who were they threatening?

Hadn't they seen their commander dreadfully moving behind everybody else?

Did they think they could deal with this human? He had even dared to seize the strongest demon king's opportunity. How did they get the guts to act so hostile?

Forget Bu Fang, the old man, who had killed seven Heavenly Ethereal Realm experts, and the purple-haired Amethyst Elder weren't someone they could afford to provoke.

As for the stinky shrimp of the oceanic species, could they not see that it was lying on the shoulder of that bold human?

Even he didn't dare to provoke the human.

When Bu Fang got out of the mine, he saw many creatures around him, and this made him narrow his eyes.

Ao Bai, who was behind Bu Fang, had no color on his face. He immediately relayed a spirit message, instructing the experts of his oceanic species not to provoke Bu Fang.

That human could not be underestimated. Their Shrimp Ancestor was with him!

After walking out of the mine, Bu Fang took a deep breath.

Now that he was out, he wondered how Ni Yan was doing.

That woman was a time bomb. She had the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk, which connected directly to the Hidden Dragon Continent's Great Path's Principle, in her head.

If the Great Path's Principle was shattered, the Hidden Dragon Continent would lose its strongest defense. Of course, it wasn't able to prevent intruders.

Bu Fang looked at scores of people around him, who all said nothing, and then, he dashed toward the Serpentmen City.

The strongest demon king was the first one to get out of the place. This made Bu Fang feel that something bad was about to happen, so he had to return as fast as possible.

His body flickered like a shadow as he glided above the Illusory Spirit Swamp.

Lord Dog and Nether King Er Ha gently moved behind him. Even the others followed them.

A group of people dashed toward Serpentmen City at the same time, at a speed the naked eyes could observe.

Soon, Bu Fang arrived in the city. However, his anxiety only grew more intense.

Meanwhile, Ao Bai was having an internal struggle. His gut was telling him to leave immediately.

However, his ancestor was lying on that human's shoulder. Hence, he thought he had to talk to that human.

This was the reason why he had brought the army of oceanic species with him to the city.

When the serpentmen experts saw the oceanic species' army, they were frightened, and the residents of the city were just as scared.

Earlier, the residents of Serpentmen City had just experienced the terrifying pressure emitted by the strongest demon king's pressure, so they were all still shivering on the ground.

When Bu Fang entered the city, he was stunned to see the scene.

His mental force surged out of him, and he sensed the starlight in the air.

His facial expression changed. Bu Fang returned to the room he was given.

The maid he had asked to watch the room was lying on the ground, trembling hard.

Bu Fang didn't mind her. He pushed the door and walked in.

Nethery and the others followed him in.

Ni Yan lay on her bed. Her face was ashen, and blood trickled down her mouth. The air in the room reeked of blood.

"Tsk, tsk... Poor little girl. Her spirit sea was shattered," said Nether King Er Ha, who had just arrived beside Bu Fang, seeing Ni Yan's ashen face.

It was obvious that the culprit was the strongest demon king, who had gotten out of the mine first.

Only the strongest demon king had the power to do that.

The Heavenly Star Catcher Disk had been broken as well. Now, the Hidden Dragon Continent would suffer.

Nether King Er Ha thought about the Hidden Dragon Heaven Pass's situation.

Without the Great Path's Principle, they would be unable to protect the Hidden Dragon Continent with just the powers of holy lands' Saint Sovereigns.

Lord Dog yawned. He found a comfortable place to lie down, and soon, he began to snore.

"The Heavenly Star Catcher Disk is broken?" Bu Fang furrowed his brows.

"Anyway, she can still be saved, but it is really difficult to save someone who is destined to die. It isn't something a dish can save..." said Nether King Er Ha.

Something a dish couldn't save?

That dish was certainly not good enough.

Bu Fang frowned. He looked at the exhausted Ni Yan, then exhaled.

This woman couldn't die yet. If she died, how would he go about making his Yellow Spring Helplessness Wine?

Bu Fang rubbed his head. He glanced at Ni Yan's face and felt an ache in his head.

Nether King Er Ha looked at Bu Fang, his nostrils enlarging.

"Bu Fang young man, with three Spicy Blood Lobsters, this king will help you stabilize this woman's spirit sea. What do you think?" said Nether King Er Ha, crossing his arms as he smiled.

"Stabilize her spirit sea? I'll give you ten Spicy Blood Lobsters to cure her spirit sea," said Bu Fang.

Nether King Er Ha's eyes brightened, but soon, he rubbed his nose, and his smile became forced.

"No, I can't. I can only help you stabilize her spirit sea. I'm good at destroying, but saving people... It's not bad that I can stabilize her situation."

Ten Spicy Blood Lobsters. Nether King Er Ha felt his heart bleeding.

Bu Fang was hesitant when Nether King Er Ha said that he couldn't recover Ni Yan's spirit sea.

"Then, you just stabilize her first. I'll think of a way to cure her," Bu Fang said.

Nether King Er Ha glanced at Bu Fang. "Alright, young people these days... Tsk, tsk, tsk. The price of blood is too high. Three Spicy Blood Lobsters!"

Bu Fang countenance did not change. His gaze remained fixed on Nether King Er Ha as he said, "I need her to wake up and help me make wine-extremely delicious wine."

Nether King Er Ha shrugged, and a smile of understanding graced his face. Then, he walked toward Ni Yan.

His finger moved through the air and touched Ni Yan's glabella thrice.

After each tap, wisps of black Nether energy entered Ni Yan's head.

After that, Ni Yan's body regained its color. Her raging mental force was also stabilized.

Bu Fang furrowed his brows, thinking of a way to save Ni Yan.

At that moment, the system's voice echoed in his mind.

"The system's reward for the completed quest has been dispensed. Please take a look and receive..."