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 As he sucked, delicious juice from the lobster's head flowed into his mouth.

It felt as though a very thin membrane had covered his tongue. It felt hot, and the fragrance that accompanied it was thick, causing his pores to squeeze.

Nether King Er Ha's Adam's apple moved. He squinted his eyes and licked his lips, looking delighted.

The spicy taste had stimulated his taste buds. There was something familiar to it as well-the unique taste of Spicy Strips.

He had learned the way Bu Fang ate lobster. After sucking the juice out of the lobster's head for a while, he began to deal with the lobster's meat.

Since Bu Fang had cut open the lobster's back, it was easy for Nether King Er Ha to crack open the shell. He grabbed the shell with both hands and pulled it apart, and steam instantly shot out.

The red-and-white lobster meat was exposed.

The jade-like meat mesmerized Nether King Er Ha.

"This lobster meat... smells so good!"

Nether King Er Ha drooled. As he gazed at the fresh lobster meat, his nose couldn't help but crinkle.

Bu Fang's Spicy Blood Lobster was much more delicious than the old man's Steamed Blood Lobster. Although the old man had said that the spicy taste would overwhelm the lobster's taste, Bu Fang's blood lobsters had a thick savor of lobster's meat.

It was aromatic and spicy, and it didn't overwhelm the original taste of the lobster.

The dish was... too beautiful and delicious!

Nether King Er Ha almost wanted to cry. He had enjoyed the taste of Spicy Strips from Bu Fang's Blood Lobster. Although it wasn't a Spicy Strip per se, it was more impressive than Spicy Strips.

Nether King Er Ha began to consider changing his favorite dish.

It was almost as though he was poisoned by the Spicy Blood Lobster the instant he bit into it.

The Spicy Blood Lobster had completely captivated him.

Chomp. Chomp.


Nether King Er Ha raised his head and swallowed a mouthful of delicious blood lobster, and then, he exhaled deeply.

His face was filled with happiness. Sometime later, he opened his eyes, and they were watery but sparkling.

He was so touched. This was really how he felt after eating this dish.

"So delicious!"

Nether King Er Ha shook his head passionately. Suddenly, his body stiffened.

His gaze shifted to Bu Fang and Lord Dog.

"You... You have eaten so many blood lobsters! You left His Highness only one! Where's your conscience?!"

Nether King Er Ha was enraged. He felt Lord Dog's dainty paw patting his chest.

It was the pain that had numbed his heart and broken his lungs.

Bu Fang turned to gaze expressionlessly at Nether King Er Ha. The look in his eyes made the latter go quiet.

Good, then, you're the chef. You're awesome.

His Highness should calculate the debts with that mangy dog instead.

Nether King Er Ha then shot a sharp glare at Lord Dog, who was lying leisurely on the ground.

"You mangy dog! How many blood lobsters did you eat today? His Highness does not want to stay under the same sky as you!" Nether King Er Ha bellowed.

The air turned quiet. No one replied to him.

Bu Fang expressionlessly watched him.

The old man looked baffled. He turned around to see the chef from the Immortal Cooking Realm standing still.

Lord Dog only wagged his tail and gave Nether King Er Ha a sidelong glance.

That hilarious moron...

"His Highness will risk his life taking you on! Give me back my blood lobsters!"

Nether King Er Ha was enraged. He balled his hand into fists, which made cracking sounds.

However, Lord Dog just ignored him.

The old man, who was standing still, looked petrified.

Was Bu Fang's Spicy Blood Lobster really that delicious?

He wasn't convinced!

There must be something hidden!

The old man pulled himself together, though his eyes still contained a look of disbelief. He had studied cooking for thousands of years, yet he had been unable to defeat a little chef.

He was the First Valley Master of Valley of Gluttony, a legendary chef.

How could he lose like that?!

Those people, that man and that dog, must discreetly favor that chef!


"I'm not convinced! I'm not convinced!" The old man roared, and his white hair fluttered.

"You, shut up!"

Right after the old man roared, Nether King Er Ha turned around and rolled his eyes at him.

The old man shut his mouth instantly. That young man's cultivation base was unfathomable. Although he was dizzy because he had lost, he knew that the young man only needed to flip his hand if he wanted to kill him.

In this world, the old man couldn't use his energy. He could only use his physical strength to counter.

Hence, if he faced Nether King Er Ha, who could use his power, he would be crushed.

Although cooking Spicy Blood Lobster was a little complicated, it tasted especially good.

This dish could beat the old man's Steamed Blood Lobster. It wasn't beyond Bu Fang's expectations.

The old man's understanding of blood lobsters had a small problem. Although he could cook them, the dish he made had lost its ability to attract.

Hence, a bowl of his Spicy Blood Lobster had completely crushed the old man.

And, this time, he had eaten to his heart's content.

The eyes of the chef, who was sitting cross-legged in the middle of the kitchen, did not waver.

He seemed to understand the final result.

Both Lord Dog and Nether King Er Ha had been attracted by Bu Fang's Spicy Blood Lobster. So, there wasn't much to consider.

Bu Fang was the winner.

Hence, it was Bu Fang who acquired the qualification to enter the Immortal Cooking Realm.

The chef's deep-set eyes gazed at Bu Fang, causing the latter to feel a bit scared.

The old man was so unwilling. He clutched his head, and a gaze of reluctance lingered in his eyes.

However, despite how unconvinced he was, the winner had been determined. It was Bu Fang indeed.

"My transcendence... I've been waiting for several thousand years. And now, I lost to the Spicy Blood Lobster! I'm not willing to accept this at all!"

The old man was so upset that he wanted to vomit blood. However, no one cared about him.

Regardless of what he felt, the chef sitting over there would not be moved.

Suddenly, the old man became petrified. He sensed a mysterious wave of energy surging from the chef, who was from the Immortal Cooking Realm.


The view in front of the old man vanished.

A moment later, he was flustered to discover that he had been expelled from the kitchen.

Many gazes fell on him, making him feel uneasy.

He knew those people. They were the strongest demon king, Amethyst Elder, and the others.

Obviously, they had not expected the First Valley Master of the Valley of Gluttony to get expelled too.

That year, the Valley of Gluttony's First Valley Master's name was well-known to all and sundry, and his spirit was strong.

His cooking talents had subdued the entire Hidden Dragon Continent, and he had built up the Valley of Gluttony and suppressed many holy lands.

However, several thousand years had passed.

The Valley of Gluttony had declined, and now, even the famous First Valley Master of the Valley of Gluttony had been defeated by a young chef in a cooking competition.

It was... so bitter.

The old man tried to pull himself together, but his body wouldn't stop quivering. It was as though he was about to go on a rampage.

He dived back down towards the underground area, but this time, he could not move an inch into it.

A layer of invisible energy prevented him from entering that space.


Meanwhile, in the underground kitchen, Nether King Er Ha and Lord Dog were panting.

A man and a dog stared hard at each other.

With his hands clasped, Bu Fang expressionlessly gazed at the chef from the Immortal Cooking Realm.

At first, he was not curious about the palace, but now that he had won, his curiosity had increased.

Acquiring this opportunity... had been a little too easy for him.

Bu Fang sighed with emotion. A dish of Spicy Blood Lobster had helped him gain victory easily.

"Was the old man really that weak?" Bu Fang muttered to himself.

"Congratulations on obtaining the qualification to enter the Immortal Cooking Realm. Although you have obtained qualification, if you want to enter the Immortal Cooking Realm, you will have to wait for its gate to open," said the chef.

Immortal Cooking Realm?

Bu Fang was surprised at the name. As it dared call itself the 'Immortal Cooking Realm,' it would have to be an extraordinary place.

Bu Fang took a deep breath before emotionlessly gazing at the chef.

"The Immortal Cooking Realm is a paradise for all chefs. It's the place top chefs of each world seek in order to find their transcendence. When these chefs get to that world, they will meet more top chefs and experience unfathomable cooking skills," the chef explained.

Bu Fang listened quietly. He was definitely interested in that Immortal Cooking Realm.

He always believed that he would go there one day.


After speaking, the chef's deep-set eyes continued to gaze at Bu Fang.

"And now, here's your qualification token. It's your opportunity. I hope you can use it well. Young man, this world is really big. Expand your vision and become a real chef. Your goal is the vast sea of stars."

The chef's voice began to fade, and his body became transparent.

As Lord Dog had said, that chef was just a clone.

Bu Fang watched the chef vanish, until all that was left in his place was a wisp of ivory-colored spirit energy.

That wisp of spirit energy looked so mysterious, and it easily attracted Bu Fang's gaze. Its glow was dazzling.

"It's a wisp of immortal energy..."

Lord Dog and Nether King Er Ha were also looking at the wisp of ivory-colored immortal energy.

"If you want to transcend, you must have immortal energy. It's the foundation for transcendence." Lord Dog's gentle but manly voice echoed.

"Bu Fang boy, although your cooking skills aren't bad, you still have a long way to go to reach those chefs in the Immortal Cooking Realm," said Lord Dog.

Bu Fang's pupils dilated. There was such a gap between him and the chefs in the Immortal Cooking Realm?

"How large is this gap?" Bu Fang expressionlessly asked. As he had the system with him, he did not think that the gap between him and the chefs in the Immortal Cooking Realm would be big.

"The gap between earth and heaven and between mortals and immortals... You are incapable of imagining how vast it is," replied Lord Dog, its voice suddenly turning cold.

A moment later, Bu Fang felt a huge pressure.


The hovering wisp of immortal energy fluttered, turning into a token and flew toward Bu Fang.

However, Bu Fang was still seriously contemplating what Lord Dog had told him. He instinctively raised his bandaged arm and caught the token.

The immortal energy swirling around the token shook Bu Fang.

The token felt warm in his hand.

A suction force shot out of his hand. Suddenly, the wisp of immortal energy entered his body.

Lord Dog gazed at Bu Fang.

The moment it saw the radiant token, its eyes narrowed. It was as though it had just verified something.

However, Bu Fang did not notice Lord Dog's expression. At that moment, his spirit sea, which was in his head, was about to explode.

Suddenly, the system, which had been silent for a long time, spoke.