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 Lord Dog said he didn't like lobsters. Thus, as he was one of the judges, he would eat only one piece.

Although he said this resolutely, his tongue was sticking out, and its drooling appearance made people think the dog was lying without blinking.

Bu Fang thought so.

They should know that the taste of Spicy Blood Lobsters... was too good to describe.

Although Bu Fang cooked it himself, he did want to eat the blood lobster to his heart's content.

However, before that, he wanted to see how Lord Dog judged his food.

Lord Dog stuck his tongue out, wagging his tail as he stood in front of a plate full of blood lobsters. The blood lobsters were steaming hot. Each of them was red and glistening with oily juice. As Bu Fang had dressed them with his sauce, they looked even better.

Lord Dog's nose wrinkled, inhaling. Instantly, his nostrils enlarged, mumbling.

The dog's eyes narrowed, and his fur seemed to be exploding.

That spicy flavor was so amazing.

Lord Dog shivered. Then, the exquisite paw rose, and a blood lobster flew out instantly.

Lord Dog looked at the blood lobster for a long time. Then, he opened his mouth, chomping. He put the entire lobster with its shell into his mouth.

The dog's mouth was full of lobster.

From a distance, the old man looked at it.

Compared to his food, Bu Fang's food looked rough. The lobster shell would lose its freshness as it was cooked.

It was different from his steamed blood lobsters.

Previously, he had carefully peeled the shell. However, he didn't peel them entirely but cut open the lobster back, which revealed the white lobster meat. The lobster meat was shivering with rolling steam and nostril-attacking fragrance.

He had studied this kind of food for several thousand years. No matter what, within the several thousand years staying here, he had eaten so many blood lobsters. And now, it was the only perfect way to cook and eat them.

Nether King Er Ha was dissatisfied with Lord Dog's decision since he was confident in young Bu Fang's food.

Anyway, he was Owner Bu, the one who could make Spicy Strips.

Since he could smell the taste of Spicy Strips in that blood lobster's spicy fragrance, he thought he would really love Owner Bu's dish.

Anyway, he didn't want to tug and pull with that mangy dog. He knew that that dog didn't like to eat shrimps or lobsters since they were complicated to eat.

Thus, he could have time and a chance to try Bu Fang's food after he tasted that old man's food.

Holding his chopsticks, Nether King Er Ha walked around the old man's dish.

He had to say that this dish had some sense of art. It looked transparent like jade, and the white lobster meat looked as if it could ooze juice at any minute.

The steamed lobster looked somewhat cool.

As he had treated the lobster head and cleaned the toxins, the lobster didn't stink but had some kind of tender fragrance.

Reaching out with his chopsticks, he touched the soft lobster meat, which was glistening and elastic. When he grabbed it, juice oozed.

The juice slid down the meat. The tender fragrance got richer.

Grabbing a cube of lobster meat, Nether King Er Ha's eyes brightened. Although this old man looked as if he provoked people to hit him, his food didn't look bad.

He shoved the soft lobster meat into his mouth.

Nether King Er Ha chewed slowly.

The tender and sweet meat in his mouth moved. His teeth rubbed against the soft meat, giving him a sensation that could explode his pores.

The sweet juice flowed in his mouth, soaking his tongue. Instantly, a fresh, sweet taste spread.


The lobster meat slid through his throat and into his stomach.

"Not bad, old man. Your cooking skill is good."

Nether King Er Ha was surprised. He didn't expect to eat such good lobster meat.

Grabbing another cube of lobster meat, Nether King Er Ha's brows moved, eating to his heart's content.

The old man's steamed blood lobster gave people a calm feeling. It wasn't really turbulent-it felt elegant and somewhat noble.

Nether King Er Ha picked up another lobster. He opened his mouth, taking in the aroma.


The lobster meat slid into his mouth. Nether King Er Ha's eyes brightened with the sweet and delicious savor.

"Delicious." Nether King Er Ha complimented.

It was delicious, indeed. Although it wasn't as good as Bu Fang's Spicy Strip, it was good enough.

The old man smiled like a blooming flower. His wrinkles slammed together.

"If it's good, you should eat more. And, later, give me a positive evaluation."

The old man rubbed his hands, smiling contentedly

Nether King Er Ha gave him a slight nod. He grabbed a steamed lobster, walking toward Bu Fang's Spicy Blood Lobster.

"I'm going to taste Bu Fang boy's food, and then we'll talk," Nether King Er Ha said, his voice muffled.

However, as soon as he reached Bu Fang's area, his eyes bulged.

"What are you doing?!" Nether King Er Ha screamed brutally. He then continued, "You mangy dog, didn't you say that you will eat only one lobster?! You count that as one f*cking lobster? I believed in you, you evil mangy dog!"

Nether King Er Ha was breathless.

Far from him, Lord Dog lay on the ground, smiling. Its greasy mouth was chomping blood lobsters.

The lobster shells scattered on the ground. All the lobster meat was in Lord Dog's mouth and stomach.

Also, Bu Fang sat beside him, eating excitedly to his heart's content, his mouth red.

The way Bu Fang ate the blood lobster was really skillful and smooth.

He grabbed a blood lobster, its claws shaking. Then, he grabbed the lobster head, twisting it open instantly. Spicy juice flowed out of the head.

That juice was so delicious indeed. Bu Fang opened his mouth, sucking all the juice up.

The spicy and a little sour taste stormed into his mouth together with the lobster's fresh aroma.

Bu Fang's eyes were opened wide and filled with joy.

After twisting off the lobster head, he sucked the juice out and put the head aside.

As the lobster head was treated, it wasn't poisonous anymore. And, dressed with sauce, it tasted really delicious.

However, Bu Fang wouldn't spend much time to eat the head.

He grabbed the lobster body.

Earlier, Bu Fang had cut open the lobster back. He used the knife to open the lobster body right in the middle of the back to give way for the sauce to seep into the meat, giving more taste to his lobsters.

He used both hands to grab the lobster at both sides and pulled.


The red lobster meat was exposed.

Steam rose from the lobster meat, which was different from the old man's white lobster meat. This time, Bu Fang's lobsters had the red color of a spicy taste.

Bu Fang parted his lips, shoving all the lobster into his mouth in one go.

That chef had chosen blood lobsters as the main ingredient. Although they were smaller than the lobsters Bu Fang had fished, each of them was at least fist-sized, excluding the claws.

Bu Fang's mouth was stuffed. As he was chewing, the spicy savor burst out.

Spicy! So good!

All sorts of flavors exploded at this moment!

Bu Fang chewed and swallowed the steaming hot lobsters, his face reddening as he felt it was so spicy.

Bu Fang swallowed the meat. Opening his mouth, he exhaled hot steam.

It was so pleasant.

With the Abyssal Chili Sauce, his blood lobsters were so delicious.

While he was shoving lobster meat into his mouth, he reached out to grab another blood lobster. With the same steps, he began to eat more.

He twisted the head then sucked the spicy sauce, letting the spices spread in his mouth. His pores opened entirely, his lips red.

Lord Dog had a simpler way to eat lobsters.

At first, he bit off the lobster head. Then, he began to lick the head. Slurping sounds echoed unceasingly when the sauce overflowed in his mouth.

Actually, the blood lobster head was the most delicious part. However, it depended on personal tastes. Some liked it, while some didn't.

Some liked to eat the lobster meat, and some liked to eat the lobster head...

Bu Fang liked the meat, and Lord Dog liked the head.

After biting off the head and chewing it, Lord Dog spat out the shell and began to dig in the lobster meat.

As the lobster meat entered the dog's mouth, the spicy taste made Lord Dog squint.

Breathing heavily...

Lord Dog was eating to his heart's content, and it had already forgotten about eating only one lobster.

Lord Dog didn't like to eat lobsters?

Bu Fang looked at Lord Dog, who was chomping hard, his mouth twitching. It was because the dog had never eaten blood lobsters, indeed.

Nether King Er Ha felt so tense when he saw that. Looking at the number of lobsters reducing at a speed the naked eyes could see, Nether King Er Ha goggled.

What the f*ck!

If that mangy dog was eating like that, that Spicy Blood Lobster was sure to be a delicacy!

Moreover, hearing the slurping sounds as the others ate the spicy food, the hungry worms in Nether King Er Ha's stomach were stimulated.

"Drop that lobster!" Nether King Er Ha glared, shouting at Bu Fang.

He promptly ditched the steamed lobster in his hand, dashing toward Bu Fang's blood lobsters.

Bu Fang raised his brows, looking at Nether King Er Ha who was dashing forward like a brutal beast. He said nothing but twisted the lobster head, eating faster.

His moves were so smooth.

When the spicy lobster entered his mouth, Bu Fang's pores opened, and he relaxed entirely.

It was so delicious!

Spicy flavor filled the air. The Abyssal Chili Sauce's taste was promoted exquisitely.

Nether King Er Ha dashed toward the Spicy Blood Lobster in front of him. Seeing only two lobsters left on the plate, his eyes bulged.

All of a sudden...

A beautiful dog's paw stretched from the side, grabbing a lobster and shoving into the dog's mouth. Closing the mouth, the dog chewed off the lobster head. Aroma permeated the area.

Nether King Er Ha gawked, dropping his jaw. He was instantly furious!

"You damned mangy dog! Where's your bottom line?! Where's your face?!"

There were only two lobsters left, and one was stolen right under his eyes. That dog didn't have any morals!

Nether King Er Ha felt his heart bleeding.

Looking at Bu Fang's hand reaching toward the last blood lobster, his eyes bulged.

He moved as though he wanted to break the void. After a curt swish, he grabbed the last lobster.

The steaming hot blood lobster was like a masterpiece of art in Nether King Er Ha's eyes.

His nose wrinkled, taking in the smell.

The Abyssal Chili Sauce's flavor spread. It was the familiar smell of Spicy Strips.

"Ahhh! Lobster Spicy Strip, really good!"

Nether King Er Ha's eyes blurred. He learned from Bu Fang, twisting the lobster head.

The moment he twisted the head, juice splashed...

The spicy flavor exploded!

Nether King Er Ha moved his mouth, sucking. A moment later, his body shivered hard.