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 Thick fragrance continuously rose from the underground.

People standing around the hole exchanged looks.

That kind of smell was really attractive. The strongest demon king couldn't help but smack his lips. His eyes looked astonished.

Although he was so unwilling, facing that mysterious bronze palace, he couldn't do anything.

In this place, his cultivation base was restrained. He could only use his wild strength. But, no matter what, his wild strength couldn't break open the invisible door to the underground.

Thus, he had to give it up. He could only stand in his spot, inhaling the fragrance that filled the air.

This spicy smell came with the fresh aroma of lobster. People couldn't help but take in more of it.

Ao Bai's face went ashen. Fresh shrimp smell?

Would that human cook his drunk Shrimp Ancestor?

It could be... As the fragrance was so rich, besides the Shrimp Ancestor, what kind of shrimp could do that?

Ao Bai was shaking. Although that smell had stimulated his breathing, he felt so cold.

That human.... What a horrible evil being!

He felt so pitiful for his Shrimp Ancestor for several seconds.

Of course, it was just an assumption. He didn't know what had happened below.


The old man rolled his eyes, gazing at Bu Fang's steaming hot, red blood lobster dish.

The spicy flavor in the air made him wrinkle his nose.

"This kid has good culinary skills. It smells really good... Too bad, it's too spicy. The chili sauce has covered the fresh smell of the lobsters," the old man mused, stroking the tuft of white hair on his head. He smiled as he looked a little regretful.

Anyway, lying under his regretful face was his real, thrilled face.

He was sure he would win the second round. He would have the chance to transcend soon.

He was confined in this strange place for several thousand years. Wasn't it just for his transcendence?

And now, his chance finally came. He felt a little eager and anxious.

The chef sitting in the middle of the room had profound eyes. If one looked at them, one would be drowned in their depths.

"We're done cooking. Quick, tell us who wins?! I want to transcend!"

The old man looked excited.

However, that chef's eyes had never changed, just looking at him indifferently.

"The Immortal Cooking Realm's challenge has only two rounds. You passed the first round. And, only one will pass the second round to receive the token, the pass to the Immortal Cooking Realm," the chef said, his voice vague and lingering in Bu Fang's and the old man's ears.

"I know! Quick, try my food! Hurry!"

The old man couldn't wait anymore. He looked so excited as he assumed that the result of this cooking battle was already determined.

With his years of experience, he knew that although Bu Fang's Spicy Blood Lobster had a thick fragrance, it didn't have the real taste of lobsters anymore.

Thus, he wasn't really worried.

The old man held his food, walking out. With an excited face, he headed toward that chef.


Rumble! Rumble!

Something sounded like thunderclaps. A moment later, the old man shook as he felt a horrible pressure applied on his body, immobilizing him.

Shivering inwardly, the old man seized the time and returned to his stove.

Bu Fang clasped his hands, not caring at all.

Food judging?

Bu Fang faintly looked at the chef who was sitting far away, his eyes calm.

Right at that moment, the other chef also looked at him with deep and provoking eyes.

Bu Fang shivered inwardly, and his pores shrank. He felt that the chef could see him through completely.

"Now, we're going to judge the food. The judges will come in three seconds."

The chef's voice was still vague, making Bu Fang and the old man bewildered. Then, their eyes shrank.

Rumble! Rumble!

A fissured appeared in the air, tearing.

The old man looked so excited. The judges would come now?

The void cracked open.

A cute, graceful figure walked in with an elegant feline gait. Shaking its butt, it walked out of the fissure.

Bu Fang was baffled when he saw that figure.

As soon as the old man saw it, his eyes rolled, opening wide.

What's this situation?

The judge was... a dog?

His food was to feed that dog?

After being astonished for a while, Bu Fang curled his lips, staying quiet.

That lazy dog again. He had never thought that the one who would eat his food was the lazy dog in the Valley of Gluttony.

How could that dog's nose be so sensitive? How could he know good food is here?

Lord Dog sidled in with his beautiful feline gait, slowly landing on the ground. The dog's body shook, yawning.

His eyes lazily scanned the area. Eventually, he looked at Bu Fang.

"Hey, Bu Fang boy... What a coincidence. You're here," Lord Dog mumbled.

Bu Fang's face didn't change when he looked at the lazy dog.

The old man's mouth twitched. Oh my... That dog could talk!

More importantly... That f*cking dog seemed to know that little chef.

It made him a little nervous. If they knew each other, it wasn't going to be a fair judgment!

Lord Dog lazily looked at the old man. His eyes then fell on the chef sitting cross-legged in the distance.

Lord Dog's eyes became sharp at this moment.

"Tch, tch, tch... A wisp of immortal energy to make a clone. Those people from the Immortal Cooking Realm always want to show off." Lord Dog cocked his head, speaking casually.

That chef's eyes were so profound. He looked at Lord Dog, his face meticulous.

"Your identity is qualified to be a judge of Immortal Cooking Realm's qualification test," that chef said vaguely.

All of a sudden...

The void cracked once again.

A moment later, two figures walked out from that crack.

The old man's eyes bulged. He looked skeptically at the void, where an exceptionally handsome young man hovered. A pretty, purple-haired girl followed him.

Were these two judges too?

It would be fair, then. If that dog knew the little chef, it would be very unfavorable to him. Of course, he wasn't convinced.

Thus, when he saw the newcomers, he thought he had seen his saviors. His wrinkled face filled with smiles.

However, shortly after... his smile stiffened.

"Ahaha! That fragrance! It's the smell of Abyssal Chili Sauce! Owner Bu, you secretly cooked something behind His Highness' back!"

Nether King Er Ha squinted, whipping his head back. His hand covered one side of his face, smiling crazily at Bu Fang.

Bu Fang goggled at Nether King Er Ha.

Why did that hilarious clown come too?

Saint Daughter Zi Yun, who had followed Nether King Er Ha, looked a little anxious. She looked around and realized it was a kitchen, which left her somewhat dumbfounded.

Earlier, she wondered where her Brother Ha would take her to, and it turned out to be a kitchen.

Indeed... Her Brother Ha couldn't change his gluttonous nature.

Nether King Er Ha and Saint Daughter Zi Yun landed, smiling at Bu Fang.

The old man looked like a dumb dog.

Holy sh*t... Those judges were all related to that little chef.

Was that little chef some big shot's illegitimate son?

This is bullying!

When Nether King Er Ha saw Lord Dog, he raised the corner of his mouth before saying, "You mangy dog, why are you here?! What a sensitive dog nose!"

Lord Dog's nose wrinkled. It cast Nether King Er Ha a sidelong glance.

You moron.

"Oh, it's the legendary people from the Immortal Cooking Realm, right? So it's true that the bronze palace has a way to get into the Immortal Cooking Realm. I heard that they cook really good food," said Nether King Er Ha as he saw that chef, frowning while talking.

After a moment's pause, Nether King Er Ha added, "Come, show me your talent. Cook me some Spicy Strips first."

The corners of Bu Fang's mouth twitched.

Lord Dog was speechless.

Saint Daughter Zi Yun covered her face with both hands. He wasn't the Brother Ha she knew.

That chef wasn't enraged. He just looked nonchalantly.

"Lord of Netherworld. You're qualified to become a judge this time. People without status will be expelled now," the chef said casually.

A moment later, a swishing sound arose.

Saint Daughter Zi Yun became flustered. A moment later, her vision went black. A light dot appeared in the darkness, and she was heading to that dot, which was becoming bigger and bigger in her eyes.

When she got a hold of herself, she found herself in a completely different area.

There were many people around her.

As people were gazing at her, she was a little scared.

"Zi Yun?!"

Amethyst Elder was dumbfounded, seeing his daughter being expelled from the underground.

What was going on? Shouldn't Zi Yun be in the Valley of Gluttony now?

Why did she appear here? Was his eyesight damaged?

Saint Daughter Zi Yun was petrified when she heard the other's voice. She turned around to see her father's frightened face.



"We're going to judge the two dishes now," the chef from the Immortal Cooking Realm said.

"No! It's not fair!" the old man screamed, his eyes unwilling.

He was aggrieved. That good-looking man and that dog all knew Bu Fang. He seriously doubted this judging's integrity.

"I request to change the judge who will taste my food! Otherwise, I'm not convinced!" The old man roared.

Bu Fang was bewildered, looking at the old man.

That chef said nothing.

Nether King Er Ha and Lord Dog also looked at the old man.

A moment later...

After a boom, Nether King Er Ha appeared by the old man, one hand of his grabbing the latter's shoulder.

"You old man... What did you just say? You doubted this king's impartiality?" the Nether King said casually.



Dark Nether energy emitted from Nether King Er Ha's body.

The old man opened his mouth as he was about to talk. However, Nether King Er Ha just smiled at him, which made his breathing shorter.

That young man could use his power in this place?

Wasn't this... bullying?

Lord Dog nonchalantly looked at the old man, mumbling. He raised his exquisite dog paw, gently patting.


The extremely hard bronze floor shook hard. Then, a paw dent appeared on it.

"I heard that you doubted Lord Dog's impartiality? Do you want me to give you a loving stroke using my paw?" Lord Dog's voice was tender and magnetic.

The old man went stiff. This dog... was also a monster?

Then, one human and one dog began to walk toward Bu Fang's and the old man's dishes.

"You moron, you taste that old man's food. Lord Dog will try Bu Fang's food first. It's lobster again. Lord Dog hates eating lobsters the most. Too annoying."

Lord Dog stomped his graceful feline gait, swaying his butt. It muttered while heading toward Bu Fang.

The plate of Spicy Blood Lobster with its nose-attacking spicy fragrant attracted Lord Dog's eyes.

Lord Dog stuck his tongue out, taking in the smell, gasping.

"Honestly, Lord Dog hates eating lobsters. I'm going to eat only one. Just to taste."