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 Radiance vanished.

Leaving two people looking at each other.

As Bu Fang and the old man looked at each other, they saw astonishment in each other's eyes.

"Kid, you..."

The moment the old man opened his mouth, his mind flickered. His eyes had a trace of frantic thrill as he looked around, realizing that many people had disappeared.

He didn't see the strongest demon king of the Ruin Prison, the Netherworld woman, nor Amethyst Elder.

Standing in front of him was that little chef... and he himself was also a chef.

The old man's eyes lit up as if he had figured something out.

When he saw an egg and some rice, he wanted to cook a bowl of Egg Fried Rice.

Since he was trapped in this place for several thousand years, he hadn't had a decent meal for years... Besides, a bowl of Egg Fried Rice had cheered him up easily.

Was that Egg Fried Rice really a challenge?

Among the group that had come, only he and Bu Fang were chefs. Since the others wouldn't cook Egg Fried Rice, they were eliminated?

While the old man and Bu Fang looked at each other, both of them figured out the key point. They turned around at the same time, their eyes gazing at the chef that was sitting cross-legged on the floor.

At that moment, that chef had opened his eyes, indifferently looking at them.

"Congratulations, you guys have passed the first challenge..."

The chef opened his mouth, his voice faint and vague as if it didn't belong to this world.

The old man was bewildered. Then, he became crazily happy!

"Indeed... This palace does hide the chance to transcend!" The old man flushed as he was excited.


Bu Fang was stunned. Actually, he had no interest in that so-called transcendence.

Originally, he was curious about what was inside this palace. But now, he just wanted to get back quickly and awaken Ni Yan's memory, so she could help him make the Yellow Spring Helplessness Wine.

"This is the Immortal Cooking Realm's qualification challenge... In the second challenge, you will have to cook one dish. The ones who pass this challenge will receive a token of qualification."

The vague, immortal-like voice of that chef lingered in Bu Fang's and the old man's ears. Then, after a loud thud, a big water tank appeared in front of them.

Their eyes opened wide, looking at the water tank skeptically.

Splash! Splash!

The sound of bubbling, splashing water echoed. A big claw emerged in front of Bu Fang.

Bu Fang's mind flickered, and his bandaged arm reached out fast, binding that claw.

It was a blood lobster?

According to that chef, they must use this blood lobster as the main ingredient?

Using the blood lobster to cook...

Bu Fang was a little perplexed. He remembered he still had a pile of blood lobsters in his system dimensional bag, and he wanted to spend some time and cook them all in the future.

And now, the second challenge required him to cook blood lobsters.

The old man was also bewildered.

Cook blood lobsters?

Shortly after, his face darkened.

Were the blood lobsters edible? From his consideration, they weren't a good cooking ingredient...

The blood lobster had toxins in its brain and marrow. Unless the toxins were cleaned, they couldn't eat this kind of lobster.

As they had to cook this ingredient, it was an extremely difficult challenge.

The old man scratched his head as he was a little nervous, his eyes unwilling. Did he have to give up like this?

He didn't want it!

Turning to see Bu Fang, he found the young man looking excited as if he couldn't wait to cook the blood lobster into good food.

Did this kid know how to process this cooking ingredient?


He had been confined here for several thousand years, and he had tried to cook blood lobsters several times. However, it was true that it wasn't a good ingredient!

It was really hard to swallow.

With his cooking attainment, he couldn't cook blood lobsters into a delicious dish. How could the little chef in front of him look like he was so certain about it?

He was sure that the little chef hadn't experienced the fearful blood lobsters! Once he started cooking, he would know how terrifying the blood lobsters were!

The old man's mouth curved up, his eyes excited. Yeah, it would pan out that way.

He was ready to see Bu Fang become a joke!

However, while watching Bu Fang's fun, he still had to cook a blood lobster. No matter what, it was the second challenge. If he didn't pass this challenge, he couldn't have his transcendence.

It was also the qualification to join the Immortal Cooking Realm that that chef had mentioned!

The old man didn't know what the Immortal Cooking Realm was, but he believed that it was the world that was beyond the Hidden Dragon Continent!

Even the strongest demon king wanted to have a bowl of noodles from a chef from the Immortal Cooking Realm. It was enough to prove that the mysterious Immortal Cooking Realm was worth fighting for.

No matter what, he must cook the blood lobster.

Bu Fang couldn't wait for it. Those blood lobsters in the water tank weren't really big. At least, they were smaller than the ones he had fished. It was easier to cook, though.

Apparently, it was the fine selection of the chef from the Immortal Cooking Realm.

Bu Fang turned to the old man. He saw that the latter had already started to process a blood lobster.

Eating blood lobster was one thing. Preparing it was another. To process the blood lobster, the level of difficulty wasn't low.

No matter what, blood lobsters had extreme toxins. If he wanted to cook them, he must eliminate those toxins, which would make the lobster taste better and make it safer to cook.

The dragon roar echoed, and in an instant, the Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife emerged in Bu Fang's hands.

As soon as the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife appeared, the quietly-sitting chef opened his eyes one more time. He looked at Bu Fang with profound and interested eyes.


Rumble! Rumble!

A blood lobster wiggled in Bu Fang's hand.

Knife light flashed.

Instantly, the blood lobster's head was peeled off.


He cleaned the dirt in the blood lobster's head. Cleaning it with water, his kitchen knife moved again, and the vein inside its body was removed.

Bu Fang used the same method to process the other blood lobsters.

It was a complicated process that took a lot of his effort and time.

No matter what, Bu Fang had to ensure that all the dust and toxins in the lobster's head were cleaned. If he didn't clear them all, the blood lobster's meat would stink, which would affect its taste. But the most important thing was... it was toxic.

From a distance, the old man had started to cook. Steam rolled with fragrance.

Bu Fang's eyes narrowed. That old man wanted to steam. He wanted to steam the blood lobsters.

Bu Fang's mouth twitched. It seemed this old man hadn't grasped the essence of blood lobsters.

His hand shook once, and the ingredients appeared in his hand. Bu Fang placed them on the stove altogether.

His kitchen knife moved, releasing radiance as he began to process these cooking ingredients.

These cooking ingredients of his were all spicy and stimulating. Bu Fang minced them, placing them onto a dish.

After preparing the cooking ingredients, Bu Fang began to cook. After heating up the wok, with fire rising high, he added more oil.

The moment his oil boiled and splashed, Bu Fang immediately added all the minced food and stirred. Instantly, the boiling oil bubbled.

The sizzling sounds echoed. Fragrance rose, stimulating people's taste buds.

Bu Fang held the wok, his spatula stirring the ingredients within it.

A moment later, he took out the Abyssal Chili Sauce. How could he miss this sauce when he cooked spicy blood lobsters?

After scooping two spoons of Abyssal Chili Sauce into the wok, a delicious smell instantly arose and spread thickly together with a special fragrance.

The Abyssal Chili Sauce smelled so good. However, its aroma had a tinge of stimulating spiciness.

Bu Fang's nose was attacked. He wanted to sneeze.

After cooking his ingredients, Bu Fang poured all the lobsters he had prepared into the wok. He then began to stir-fry.

The sizzling noises sounded unceasingly.


Meanwhile, in the palace, the others couldn't get into the underground area anymore.

Even though the strongest demon king had used his strongest power, he still couldn't step inside.

Thus, they didn't have any hope as they sat around the area, looking at the pitch-black bottom.

All of a sudden, their noses twitched. An attacking aroma reached them from below.

So good! It smelled so good!

The strongest demon king rolled his eyes as he was stirred up.

Nethery's eyes brightened. She knew Bu Fang was cooking something really good.

However, she didn't have a chance to eat it. Since she couldn't enter the underground area, she couldn't eat it at all.

Taking in the fragrance permeating the air, Nethery couldn't help but lick her lips, her eyes yearning.

It smelled really good.


Bu Fang was stir-frying the wok full of blood lobsters, which would cook the lobsters evenly and deliciously.

Far from him, the old man was watching. He hadn't expected to see Bu Fang cooking like that.

This kind of stimulating and fierce cooking method would affect the blood lobster's taste, and the diners wouldn't have a chance to experience the original savor of the lobster's meat!

The old man's eyes focused, pondering.

The aroma was so thick. However, the thicker it was, the more excited the old man became.

He curved his mouth up, his hair fluttering. All of a sudden, he placed one hand on the lid, lifting it up with a flip of his hand.

Steam rose, rolling with heat and fragrance.

A massive porcelain plate sat in the middle of the wok decorated with red blood lobsters. Their lobster shells were glowing faintly.

Dew rolled down the lobster shells, dripping onto the plate, which looked fulgent and magnificent.

The old man's hand shook once, and a sharp kitchen knife fell into his hand.

His knife crossed over with the tip, continuously cutting the lobsters in a reverse triangle. Those cuts revealed the jade-like, white lobster meat.

A delicious lobster meat's aroma expanded.

Rattle! Rattle!

Far from him, Bu Fang continuously shook his wok, and the blood lobsters in his wok flew with his pace.


Bu Fang placed the wok down. Then, he opened the lid of the Ice Heart Jade Urn Wine, pouring the liquor into his wok.

Then, he continued to stir-fry.

The red blood lobster boiled under the light. Steam rolled altogether with fragrance.

All of a sudden...

Bu Fang's eyes focused. He shook the wok harder, which made the blood lobsters fly up.

The Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife in Bu Fang's hand crossed over, and all the blood lobsters were cut open at their backs.

Thud. Thud.

The blood lobsters fell onto the plate, piling together. Their red hue was magnificent as the spicy steam soared above.

Bu Fang then poured the soup onto those blood lobsters.

The sizzling sounds could reach the sky.

Spicy Blood Lobster... done.