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 The old man was so excited. He was even more excited than the strongest demon king.

He was trapped here for several thousand years. And now, finally, he saw the hope of transcendence. His heart was racing fast.

His dry, thin, white hair fluttered as he dashed ahead everybody else.

When the big doors of the palace opened, a great, straight corridor came into view, which led into the deeper area of the palace.

That area was deep, dark, and mysterious.

The strongest demon king's huge figure slowly moved on the big road. His eyes scanned the place. Every time his feet stomped on the ground, they would shake the ground altogether.

As they were moving forward, the palace became bigger.

The dome of this palace was very high, and the area had expanded spaciously.

The interior of the palace had greenish, yellowish tones of bronze as if everything was molded out of real bronze.

Bu Fang clasped his hands. Drunk Shrimpy laid on his shoulder, blowing bubbles with its mouth. The bowl of noodles that had been there for ten thousand years made the little shrimp intoxicated.

Anyway, Bu Fang could feel Shrimpy's energy surging vehemently within the shrimp's body.

Bu Fang stood in the middle of the palace, while Nethery gracefully followed behind him.

Ao Bai looked at Bu Fang from a distance.

The strongest demon king halted, standing in the middle of the hall, frowning.

All of a sudden...

Someone screeched pitifully.

"How could it be! Why is it like this?!"

That pitiful voice echoed as a shadow dashed out of the palace, his face frantic.

Liu Mobai looked crazy. He spun around at his spot, his eyes unwilling and blurred.

The entire palace was made of bronze. Where was his transcendence?

Where was the so-called transcendence?

Liu Mobai's eyes turned like ash. When the obsession in his heart collapsed, it was enough to cause his entire body to collapse, too.

The old man slumped on the ground, feeling so irritated after finding out that the entire hall was empty. He couldn't find anything related to his transcendence.

The strongest demon king was annoyed. His cold eyes glared at the old man, hot air snorting out of his nostrils.

"Shut up!" the strongest demon king shouted. His voice echoed around the palace like a thunderclap.

Instantly, the entire palace fell into a dead silence.

The old man was scared. He looked at the strongest demon king, wearing a dumbfounded face.

At this moment, Bu Fang was also skeptical. They were standing deep inside the mysterious palace, but this place seemed to have nothing special nor strange.

They didn't even catch the shadow of the so-called transcendence. Was that transcendence... fake?

Nethery's beautiful eyes moved around, scanning the room.

Amethyst Elder's hair fluttered. He lifted his hand, checking the eyeball that didn't have any light anymore, looking pensive.

"Transcendence... It's fake! I'd been waiting several thousand years just for some scam..." the old man cried. He slumped on the ground, his bitter and sour tears rolling down his face.

He used to be the peerless son of heaven, and he had subdued so many holy lands' Saint Sovereigns. He used to be the peak expert of the Hidden Dragon Continent.

He had built the Valley of Gluttony. They had subdued many forces, making those forces' experts not dare to breathe too loudly.

However, he had wasted his youth... for something non-existent, the so-called transcendence.

After exhaling, the old man coughed out a mouthful of blood.

The strongest demon king was quite calm. Although he had spent a lot of time there just like Liu Mobai, being a Netherworld creature, his longevity was much longer than that old man.

Nonetheless, he felt the same regret and disappointment.

Indeed, it shouldn't be this way. Transcendence should exist somehow!

All of a sudden...

The strongest demon king seemed to remember something, and a halo expanded from his eyes.

A moment later, he took a deep breath, then lifted his fist. He pounded on the ground loudly.


He pounded once again.

The ground shook hard, and the entire bronze palace shivered.


Bu Fang felt the ground underneath begin to bob. A moment later, a jade token messily flew out of his hand.

From outside the palace, some jade tokens zoomed over, as fast as jets of light. Those jade tokens fell on the ground, inlaying themselves onto it.


The bronze floor glowed with white light and twinkling radiance. Then, it slowly changed, cracking.

A long bronze stair emerged, leading deep into the ground.

People then exchanged looks.

The strongest demon king stood up. His muscles bulged, his eyes shooting radiant light.

Shouting, he sprinted rapidly.

A mysterious air arose from the underground.

The unwilling old man, who was sitting on the ground, perked up, his eyes brightening with hope.

He screamed as he quickly moved forward. In a short time, he had followed the strongest demon king into the ground.

Bu Fang and the others exchanged looks before moving. The bronze stair wasn't long, so they reached the subterranean world in just a short time.

As soon as they arrived, something happened to their eyes. They couldn't see anything around anymore.

"Illusory domain again?"

Bu Fang's eyes focused.

This scene was similar to the time they had crossed the chain.

The dazzling light made Bu Fang squint. A moment later, everything became clear in his vision. He could see where he was now.

This place... was a massive kitchen.


It was a kitchen!

However, this kitchen was totally different from the kitchens Bu Fang used to see. This kitchen was completely luxurious and somewhat mysterious.

Right in the middle of the kitchen, a figure sat cross-legged in silence.

That person looked ordinary without surging energy in his body. He sat cross-legged as some faint wisps of energy twirled around him.

It was some sort of faint, white energy that slowly fluttered about the man. While it was moving, each wisp seemed able to shatter the void.

Bu Fang's eyes were attracted by that figure.

That person should be a chef. He was wearing a chef's coat and a chef hat. As he was sitting cross-legged on the floor, a sharp, exquisite kitchen knife was placed on his knees.

This bronze palace... had a chef.

Moreover, this chef looked so extraordinary and god-like!

At this moment, everybody saw the chef, and they seemed to be dragged into a mysterious space.

In their vision, there was only that chef and the kitchen.

Was this chef the one who had cooked the ten-thousand-year Yang Chun Noodles?

So... Their transcendence was related to that chef?!

Everybody was moved, and they all looked excited.

However, their faces soon turned awkward. It dawned on them that even if this chef was somehow related to that transcendence, they had no idea how to get it...

This kitchen... How was it related to the transcendence?!

Bu Fang clasped his hands, and he walked around the kitchen before approaching that chef.

There weren't many items in this kitchen, and the cooking ingredients were few too. There was only one bag of rice and a spirit beast's egg.

Bu Fang squinted as he looked at those two ingredients for a long time, his mind moving fast.

All of a sudden, Bu Fang looked at that chef. Then, he walked to the stove.

The stove in this kitchen was built magnificently with extremely precious material.

Bu Fang lifted his hand. The dark gold Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame shot out from his hand and into the stove.


Sky-reaching flame expanded from the stove.

Bu Fang looked around. He didn't use his own Black Turtle Constellation Wok but picked up a heavy wok by the stove and placed it on top of it.

The Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame burned vigorously, heating up the wok.

The corners of Bu Fang's mouth rose. His hand shook once to take out a bottle of oil from his system dimensional bag, then poured it around the wok.

Sizzle! Sizzle! Sizzle!

Under the high temperature, his cooking oil boiled instantly.

Then, Bu Fang shook his hand again, picking up the spirit beast's egg. As his fingers were playing with the egg, it moved continuously in his palm.

Eventually, with a swish, it was broken, falling into a fancy blue-and-white bowl.

Sizzle! Sizzle! Sizzle!

The sounds of stir-frying echoed. Thick fragrance arose, rolling and permeating.

Bu Fang's move was skillful and focused.

An egg and a bag of rice. Except for cooking Egg Fried Rice, what else could he make?

Anyway, Bu Fang didn't know what that chef wanted. Seeing egg and rice, his first thought was naturally Egg Fried Rice.


The wok was tilted. Instantly, he poured the Egg Fried Rice into a porcelain plate.

Hot steam rose.

The Egg Fried Rice glowed in golden light, beautifully mesmerizing.

Bu Fang rubbed his chin. Looking at his Egg Fried Rice, he thought about how that bowl of Yang Chun Noodles survived for ten thousand years.

If Bu Fang's Egg Fried Rice was stored, after seven days, it couldn't be eaten anymore.


The strongest demon king gazed at the chef in front of his eyes.

He looked excited indeed...

"It's you... I can finally see you again!"

After the strongest demon king had become excited, his excitement then completely turned into indignation.

"You agreed to give me a chance to transcend and gave me a bowl of noodles... However... I can see your noodles, but I can't touch it! What did you mean?!"

The demon king's muscles bulged and moved. Slowly, he walked toward that chef.

That chef sat still on the floor and didn't even wiggle. He didn't respond to the demon king's interrogation.

The demon king gazed at the chef and the white energy moving around that chef's body, his eyes yearning!

"Is it... The Immortal energy of the immortal cooking world the legend had recorded?! Is it the key to transcendence?!"

His hand was shivering. Slowly, he reached toward the milky-white energy.


The moment his hand was about to touch the immortal energy, the chef's eyes opened.

The strongest demon king was shaken. He felt that the chef right in front of him was suddenly so far away... Instantly, the chef was very far from him, so much so that the demon king couldn't reach him!

"No!" The strongest demon king roared furiously.

A moment later, his body was pushed away, flying back to the bronze palace.

When he got to his feet, white air exuded from his nostrils.

Also, he found people staring at him. They were the ones who had entered the ground with him previously.

Nethery, Ao Bai, and Amethyst Elder were watching the demon king... Their faces were filled with sympathy for him.

After a while, they realized that Bu Fang and the First Valley Master of Valley of Gluttony hadn't reappeared yet...

Did that mean that they were expelled?!