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 A jet of gold light emerged. After the gold light vanished, a cute, little gold shrimp was revealed.

Its compound eyes rolled, falling onto Bu Fang. Then, It flew across the sky, sneaking toward the latter and perching on his shoulder.

"You little fellow, why are you here?" Bu Fang was skeptical. He lifted his hand, rubbing Shrimpy's head.

Shrimpy said nothing and simply spat out some bubbles.

Far away, Nethery was walking on the chain as she approached the bronze palace. When she saw Bu Fang, she gave him a slight nod, her face indifferent.

Oh, Nethery was here too?

It seemed she had brought Shrimpy here. But what were they doing here?

Bu Fang became more skeptical. Moreover, he was even more skeptical about another point-this place didn't allow people to fly, so how could Shrimpy fly around like that?

Not only did it allow Shrimpy to fly, but Shrimpy did it effortlessly.

Was it true that the rule did not apply to Shrimpy? And why was it ineffective?

Ao Bai looked at the loving Shrimp Ancestor on Bu Fang's shoulder, and his face turned more awkward.

That's our Shrimp Ancestor, not your pet!

The noble Shrimp Ancestor in the Endless Sea, how could he become a human's pet?!

The Shrimp Ancestor... was Ao Bai's ancestor!

The old man got up from the ground, his face still ferocious. He sternly gazed at Shrimpy.

The bronze palace forbade them from flying. How come that shrimp could fly?

The old man took a deep breath. All of a sudden, his eyes shrank.

Shrimpy soared from Bu Fang's shoulder, heading toward the bronze palace.


It entered the bronze palace, reaching the bowl of piping-hot Yang Chun Noodles with its fragrance permeating the entire place.

Shrimpy circled the Yang Chun Noodles once. Then, it leaped up, grabbed a fulgent noodle strand, and began to eat the noodle.

Bu Fang was bewildered.

The old man was dumbstruck.

Everybody looked baffled.

That bowl of noodles... People couldn't touch it, could they?

Why... Why could that shrimp touch it? What was going on here?

It could fly around the bronze palace and enter it...

This gold shrimp was so mysterious!

The old man, who was initially frightened, immediately laughed out loud!

Shrimpy ate the noodles. It meant that that bowl of noodles, which had been there for ten thousand years, was real! It wasn't just an illusion!

It meant he had chosen the right path. His transcendence was inside that palace!

He wanted to eat that noodles! He wanted to transcend!

The old man rolled and ran toward the bronze palace. Shortly, he reached the palace's door.

He lifted his hand to touch it, but it was still like the flower in the mirror or the moon in the water. He couldn't touch the bowl of noodles behind the door!

"Why? Why was it like this?" The old man was extremely indignant...

The body of the strongest demon king, which was kneeling by the door of the palace, had so many wisps of Nether energy swirling around it.

A moment later, the body inside the Nether energy suddenly shivered.

Amethyst Elder lifted his hand. The demon eye in his palm looked so excited.

Soon, he would occupy the body of the strongest demon king. As long as he possessed that body, he, the demon king of the demon eye clan, could subdue the entire Ruin Prison! And they could even invade the Earth Prison!

All of a sudden...

The demon eye in Amethyst Elder's palm quivered. It moved as black blood oozed from it.

The demon eye screeched as though it had seen something very terrifying. It looked frightened.

"No... Impossible! Why hasn't your spirit sea dried out yet?!"


Amethyst Elder's body went stiff as the demon eye in his palm exploded. Black blood flowed from it.

His face paled.

Boom! Boom!

Sky-reaching Nether energy shot out as the body of the strongest demon king suddenly trembled.

A moment later, booms echoed loudly.

The strongest demon king began to move.

The old man kneeling by the bronze door stiffened. He stood up, looking at his side in disbelief.


A horrible aura expanded as if it wanted to tear the entire sky.

The kneeling figure lifted his head. His eyes were cold and indifferent.

"It's been... ten thousand years already?"

His voice echoed in the sky, causing everyone to shiver.

A moment later, the strongest demon king slowly got to his feet. His three-meter-tall body was towering and impressive.

The strongest demon king then surveyed the area.

"Oh... Still very lively," the strongest demon king said. After that, his eyes caught onto Nethery's figure.

"Netherworld woman?"

Nethery nodded, her face emotionless. She did not look arrogant nor servile.

The strongest demon king nodded back. He said nothing but began to breathe, and Nether energy moved between his mouth and nostrils. His blood and true energy moved like dragons through his body.

The strongest expert of the Ruin Prison had awakened.

Shrimpy was still eating. After continuously nibbling on the Yang Chun Noodles, the bowl of noodles was finished.

A moment later, Shrimpy tumbled as if it was drunk. It swayed and moved. Eventually, it halted, then slumped on the ground, fast asleep. That shrimp was... drunk because of a bowl of noodles.


The strongest demon king widened his eyes!

"Someone ate the noodles?"

His voice was loud and ear-piercing. Everybody tensed.

Bu Fang furrowed his brows as he tightened his grip on the Black Turtle Constellation Wok. In case things went wrong, he would hurl the Black Turtle Constellation Wok instantly.

Rumble! Rumble!

The giant body of the demon king stepped forward. It was just two steps, but he had reached the bronze palace in an instant.

He looked at the bowl of noodles, his eyes thrilled...


He was thrilled!

Everybody was baffled. The bowl of noodles was eaten, so why did the demon king look thrilled?

It was the bowl of noodles he had kneeled and waited for ten thousand years, wasn't it?


His roar seemed capable of breaking the sky.

Magma in the sky rolled and surged.

Then, as people were watching him, the demon king's arms pounded on the bronze palace's doors.

This time, the palace's doors didn't disappear like the moon in the water anymore. They were solid at this moment.

The demon king put his hands on the doors, his eyes looking so excited!

That bowl of noodles had restrained him for ten thousand years! And now that it was finally eaten, the path of transcendence was open to him!

"Open! Open for me!" The demon king roared. His blood and true energy surged like dragons on rising waves!

That squeaking noise echoed in people's ears, giving them goosebumps.

It had been so many years. Since the great doors of the bronze palace had never been pushed open for a long time, the sound reverberated within their ears.

Liu Mobai, the first Valley Master of the Valley of Gluttony, was excited as well. He realized and understood all things now.

The strongest demon king had waited for that bowl of noodles to start on his path of transcendence. However, since it was behind the doors, like the flower in the mirror or the moon in water, he couldn't touch it. Once it was still there, the bronze palace wouldn't open.

The strongest demon king couldn't eat it. Thus, he had to kneel there and wait for ten thousand years...

Finally... the noodles were eaten!

The gate of transcendence had finally opened!

The squeaking sounds echoed unceasingly, reaching the sky. They resounding throughout the entire Hidden Dragon Continent!


Taotie Restaurant, Valley of Gluttony

Lying under the Path-understanding Tree, the snoring Lord Dog slowly opened his drowsy eyes. He looked somewhat irritated.

"It got eaten? That thing got eaten? Who ate it?"

Squinting his eyes, Lord Dog shook his head. He stuck his tongue out, leaning against the Path-understanding Tree one more time.

"Transcendence... Easier said than done... It's much better and more carefree to eat that kid Bu Fang's Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs."

After a while, Lord Dog slowly got up from the ground, mumbling, "Lord Dog is going to watch the fun..."


Nether King Er Ha clasped his hands, strolling through the snowy street.

All of a sudden, his ears twitched, as though he heard the sound of ancient times. His eyes focused instantly.

"Interesting... Those people from the Ruin Prison want to get to heaven... They want to transcend..."

Nether King Er Ha raised the corners of his mouth. Then, he lifted his hand, cutting the air to make a void crack. He pushed it open and went in.

Zi Yun, the Saintess who had been following Nether King Er Ha, was a little surprised. Then, she followed him, entering the space fissure as well.



The closed bronze doors finally opened.

The old man looked very excited, and the demon king was also looking forward to it!

Boom! Boom!

Loud explosions echoed as the great doors completely opened.

Everybody was shaken.

The old man from the Valley of Gluttony didn't say anything, dashing directly into the palace.

The strongest demon king sighed then strode towards the place.

Amethyst Elder hesitated for a while then rushed forward.

Bu Fang didn't advance further. Instead, he walked to the gate, picked the drunk-looking Shrimpy up, and placed it on his shoulder.

"You human... What do you think our Shrimp Ancestor is?!" Ao Bai tried to gather his courage, shakily asking Bu Fang.

Shrimp Ancestor... It was their f*cking Shrimp Ancestor...

Being the leader of the gold shrimp tribe, he felt like he had the mission and responsibility to bring their Shrimp Ancestor back.

Bu Fang grabbed the wok in one hand while his other hand held the kitchen knife. He cocked his head to one side, indifferently looking at Ao Bai.

The latter was startled.

This human wasn't a weak chicken. If that wok were to smash over, he would become a flat shrimp.

The corners of Bu Fang's mouth twitched. He crouched and picked up the bowl on the ground.

The bowl was still warm. It was hard to imagine that this bowl of noodles had been here for ten thousand years.

Who cooked this bowl of noodles?

There were still remnants of soup in the bowl. The soup released a tender radiance, and somehow, it was glowing.

This meant that the chef who made this dish had excellent cooking skills...

At least, that person wasn't weaker than Bu Fang.

Exhaling, Bu Fang knew that his path of becoming the God of Cooking was still very long. However, at least, he wasn't lonely on that path.

Bu Fang's fighting will increased instantly. As he wanted to become the God of Cooking who topped the food chain in this fantasy world, he must crush everybody.

That was his goal! That was why for this goal, Bu Fang was trying his best!

Dropping the bowl, Bu Fang put away the Black Turtle Constellation Wok and the Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife, then headed toward the bronze palace.

Ao Bai gazed at Bu Fang's back. Gritting his teeth, he followed the latter.