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 The enormous space under the giant pit could be considered a secret realm.

The Netherworld Ship had a special ability that could move through secret realms. Thus, it was the reason why Shrimpy wanted Nethery's help. Nethery could come to the secret realm in the fastest way.

Nethery was a little surprised seeing this secret realm. If it weren't for Shrimpy, she didn't know that this place had a secret realm.

Being the cursed Netherworld woman who lived in secret realms, she had visited almost all of the big and small secret realms. However, she had never been to this place.

And now, as soon as they got into this secret realm, she didn't know why her heart suddenly shivered.

Shrimpy turned into a jet of gold light, zooming toward a far area. It moved so fast it disappeared in just a blink of an eye.

Naturally, Nethery followed it. The Netherworld Ship crossed the sky, moving extremely fast. Shortly, they had crossed the dry wasteland and arrived in a giant valley.

All of a sudden...

A loud boom echoed.

The Netherworld Ship couldn't fly anymore, and it fell directly from the sky.

The ground now had a deep hole, dust rising. Nethery got out of the Netherworld Ship.

This world forbade them from flying...

However, when Nethery saw Shrimpy still flying ahead like a jet of gold light, her emotionless face shifted.

What about the flying-is-forbidden-here rule?


Serpentmen City.

Slow breathing could be heard in a quiet room.

Ni Yan was lying on her bed, peacefully breathing in and out. Her white skin seemed to glow.

As she was breathing in and out, dots of star energy flew out. Shortly, the entire room was covered in starlight.

Ni Yan seemed to become a dazzling, blooming star.


Amethyst Elder appeared, attracting people's eyes.

Liu Mobai, the first Valley Master of the Valley of Gluttony, turned to see him. He clasped his hands, his white, thin hair gently fluttering.

Bu Fang also saw Amethyst Elder, frowning.

"Finally found it..." Amethyst Elder curled his lips, looking excited. His eyes fell on the huge figure kneeling by the palace. That was the corpse of the strongest demon king.

Amethyst Elder slowly stepped forward. Nether energy arose, twirling around his arm.

"Amethyst Elder? The little fellow from Heavenly Spring Holy Land?"

When the old man saw Amethyst Elder, he furrowed his brows, looking skeptical. His eyes then shrank after seeing the Nether energy on Amethyst Elder's arm.

"You... You've joined the demons from the Ruin Prison!"

Amethyst Elder narrowed his eyes, looking at the old man as he didn't recognize the latter at first glance.

All of a sudden...

Amethyst Elder's eyes shrank.

"First Valley Master of the Valley of Gluttony?!"

The old man's mouth twitched, making a smile. Indeed, someone got good eyes. Not everybody was like that kid who didn't recognize Mount Tai.

"It's true... It's me!" The old man clasped his hands, standing arrogantly.

The Taoties' souls were screaming and roaring on Bu Fang's arm. He looked at Amethyst Elder and then the old man, feeling like this was going to be problematic.

"You haven't died..." said Amethyst Elder as he stared at the old man.

The peerless expert that year hadn't died yet and had lived until this very moment. Although he was very old now, his pressure was still frightening.

"I haven't found the transcendence yet... How could I die so easily?!" The old man opened his eyes wide, looking unwilling.

He had wasted his beautiful youth to seek transcendence. And now, as he almost got it, how could he give it up?!

"Transcendence... Even the holy lands' Saint Sovereigns couldn't find the way. Why would you do that?" Amethyst Elder said.

"You know nothing! Those Saint Sovereigns know nothing! I subdued them that year! They weren't qualified to discuss transcendence with me!"

The old man seemed to be moved. Then, he suddenly turned around, looking at Bu Fang.

"And now, I know the path... I want to enter that path of transcendence now! I will use my cooking path to transcend. No one can stop me from rising!"

He was so excited his breathing turned loud and heavy.

"This kid... is my hope to transcend!" The old man suddenly lifted his hand, pointing at Bu Fang.

Bu Fang squinted.

Light flashed in his hand. Instantly, the Black Turtle Constellation Wok emerged.


The Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife also appeared.

As soon as the two items of the God of Cooking's set showed up, the old man's eyes became narrower. He was so excited he wanted to yell. His eyes looked admiring and jealous at the same time.

"Another one... Another item! Quick, show me!"


The old man's feet stepped on the ground, his body shooting over like lightning. He sent a blow to Bu Fang.

Bu Fang's arm with the Black Turtle Constellation Wok moved. Then, he wielded the Black Turtle Constellation Wok, hitting the old man.


Waves of air rose.

Bu Fang felt a resisting force from the Black Turtle Constellation Wok. His body was blown backward.

The old man chased after him closely like his shadow.

The Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife in his hand flashed, slashing out with the Thirteen Overlord Blades.

The blade lights moved like lightning.

However, the old man's swift body moved and ducked the blade lights easily.

"I've been idle in this world for several thousand years. Talking about fighting... Even the ten Saint Sovereigns aren't my match! You're just a little chef... Surrender now!"

The old man sent another blow.


Bu Fang was hit away again. He flipped, fell on the ground, rolling and exhaling.

Bu Fang had the Taotie arm, but its strength wasn't up to par. Frowning, he realized he couldn't deal any damage to the old man.

Amethyst Elder lifted his hand. The demon eye in his palm opened, looking really excited.

"That's the strongest demon king... I finally found him!" The demon eye's voice was a little hoarse.

"He looks dead," said Amethyst Elder, knitting his brows.

"Dead? It's good that he's dead. It would be troublesome if he were still alive... It's a good thing! I can have a chance to seize his body! That body of his can challenge the supreme demon king in the Earth Prison!" said the demon eye in Amethyst Elder's palm in a hoarse yet excited voice.

Amethyst Elder's eyes shrank.

A moment later, the eyeball in his palm shot out a wisp of black light, swirling around the strongest demon king. Wisps of black light entered the demon king's corpse one after another.

"Go help that old man hold back that kid... That kid has the key to opening the bronze palace."

Shooting out a wisp of cold light, the demon eye seemed to be exhausted, panting.

Amethyst Elder's face was cold. Hearing the demon eye's words, he couldn't help but narrow his eyes.

That bronze palace was so mysterious. It must have some big secret.

And that kid has the key to open the secret of the bronze palace?

No wonder the First Valley Master of Valley of Gluttony had screamed about the kid keeping the key to his transcendence path!

Amethyst Elder opened his mouth, fuming.

The air shifted, tearing the void as if it was a real sword. A moment later, his formidable body moved, aiming at Bu Fang, charging forward.


The old man sent Bu Fang another palm, pushing him several steps back. The old man wasn't weak. He could fight hard against Bu Fang in each strike.

Although Bu Fang had the Taotie arm with super strength, he wasn't the old man's match. And now, as Amethyst Elder joined the latter, Bu Fang's pressure became greater.

The old man's target was the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife in his hand. However, Bu Fang had the Black Turtle Constellation Wok and the Taotie arm, which prevented the old man from taking the items.

As soon as Amethyst Elder joined them, the old man immediately increased his pressure.

With one palm, the old man could blast the air. He could even shoot air bullets, which exploded the ground. It was the performance of his body's strength reaching the pinnacle.

Bu Fang's face was emotionless as the Vermillion Robe flapped on his body.

Bu Fang felt somewhat aggrieved. As the other two were continuously charging over, he was enraged.

"You think you can bully me so easily?" asked Bu Fang coldly.

All of a sudden, Bu Fang backed off several steps, steadying his body.

His mind flickered. Instantly, several hot bowls flew out of his system dimensional bag, hovering in four directions around him.

Spirit energy arose, rolling from the food and entering Bu Fang's body.

The old man narrowed his eyes...

What was this little chef doing? Using dishes to set up an array?

Why didn't this kid ascend directly to heaven!

As the Gourmet Array was formed, Bu Fang grabbed a bowl of noodles, sucking all the noodles into his mouth under the gazes of the old man and Amethyst Elder.

Having a full bowl of Berserk Ramen, Bu Fang felt his power burst out.

With the boosts from the Gourmet Array, Bu Fang's fighting competence improved by a lot.

Holding the Black Turtle Constellation Wok, Bu Fang coldly looked at the old man from the Valley of Gluttony and said nonchalantly, "Want to take my knife? Taste my wok first..."

A moment later, his arm moved, hurling the Black Turtle Constellation Wok away.


The Black Turtle Constellation Wok crossed the sky, rapidly pounding at the old man.

Using delicious food to create the array, the old man looked enlightened all of a sudden. He seemed to sink into the Gourmet Array.

Being the first Valley Master of the Valley of Gluttony, his cooking talents were indeed high. Also, he had even made cooking his path to transcendence, that's why he was so passionate about studying cooking skills.

However, he had never thought about this Gourmet Array before... Was it... something from the bronze palace too?

This kid... must have some relation to the bronze palace!

Facing the Black Turtle Constellation Wok, the old man hissed. His thin and dry hair fluttered as he smashed against it.


However, this time, his body stiffened. The power from the wok had completely surpassed his limit of endurance.

The old man was pounded. He vomited blood, rolling aside.

What happened?

Amethyst Elder looked dumbstruck.

A moment later, he found Bu Fang appear right next to him. The young man held a black wok in his hand, smashing at him.

He lifted his hand to parry.


However, he couldn't resist the horribly strong force. The wok hit his head, almost breaking it.

Together with the old man, he was pounded away like a cannonball. He had almost fallen into the blood-red lake.

Ao Bai looked dumbstruck. He found that this human had completely overturned his view of the world.

He was obviously a weak chicken. How could he be getting stronger and stronger? Why hadn't he ascended to the heavens yet?

The old man stood up, coughing blood. However, he was laughing excitedly. He had finally confirmed that his path of transcendence was related to that human. No doubt about it!

"You little chef. You can't escape my palm!"

The old man laughed loudly. However, before he could finish laughing, a jet of gold light shot over from a far distance very quickly.

The gold light hit him, sending him to the ground again.

Bu Fang was bewildered. Ao Bai was dumbfounded. And, Amethyst Elder, who had just gotten to his feet, looked perplexed.


The jet of gold light hovered in the sky. Then, the light scattered, revealing a beautiful gold shrimp.

Looking at the shrimp, Ao Bai's jaw dropped.

"What the hell, am I seeing a ghost?"