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 Chapter 88: I Am a Chef

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Bu Fang's question was rather outside of Tang Yin's expectations because it lacked common sense.

The Thunderfire Spirit Pig was a sixth grade spirit beast and was already considered the strongest within the outskirts of the Wildlands. Relatively speaking, it was also an ingredient with the highest grade. If they wanted to find an ingredient of a higher grade than the Thunderfire Spirit Pig, they would need to enter the inner layer of the Wildlands.

The inner layer of the Wildlands was an extremely dangerous place to them. Tang Yin was a sixth grade Battle-Emperor while Lu Xiaoxiao was only a fifth grade Battle-King. If they entered the inner layer at their level, there was very little chance for them to survive if they encountered any spirit beast.

The reason was the weakest of the spirit beasts within the inner layer was already sixth grade, while seventh and even eighth grade spirit beasts could be occasionally encountered.

When Bu Fang noticed something was strange about Tang Yin's expression, he realized Tang Yin knew where to find ingredients with higher quality.

"If you tell me the information about the ingredients or guide me there, I'll cook for you free of charge," Bu Fang earnestly said.

Tang Yin scoffed at Bu Fang's words and did not take him seriously. If Tang Yin was not awed by Bu Fang when the latter killed the Thunderfire Spirit Pig with a single blow, he would have already left with Lu Xiaoxiao. Guiding Bu Fang to the inner layer was a perilous task. He did not believe Bu Fang's dishes would be more precious than his life.

Just when Tang Yin was somewhat hesitant, Lu Xiaoxiao glanced at her senior brother and suddenly said, "Second brother, isn't there a spirit beast within the Valley of the Fallen Phoenix? Master told us to give it a try if we have the capability or choose the Thunderfire Spirit Pig if we don't. That spirit beast should be an ingredient of a higher grade than the Thunderfire Spirit Pig, right?"

Lu Xiaoxiao's eyes were curved like crescent moons, while her adorable smile was accompanied by charming dimples in her cheeks.

Tang Yin knitted his eyebrows together as his gaze fell on his junior sister. He did not expect Lu Xiaoxiao to mention the spirit beast within the Valley of the Fallen Phoenix at this time.

"Hmm? A spirit beast of a higher grade than the Thunderfire Spirit Pig? Alright, bring me there to have a look," Bu Fang expressionlessly said.

Tang Yin wanted to explain something, but the moment the words reached his mouth, Lu Xiaoxiao clinged onto his arm and pulled him away while walking forward.

"Second brother, with our senior's ability, he can help us get rid of that spirit beast! Without that spirit beast, we'll be able to harvest the Phoenix Blood Herb inside of the valley! Then, we'll be able to complete master's mission!" Lu Xiaoxiao whispered to Tang Yin.

"Wouldn't we be taking advantage of our senior? We can't do this... We need to explain things to him properly," Tang Yin said with a frown as he gave his impish junior sister a dissatisfied look.

"Second brother, what if our senior refused to go if we told him the truth? He's looking for a high grade ingredient anyway, and that spirit beast is certainly of a higher grade than the Thunderfire Spirit beast!" Lu Xiaoxiao said as she anxiously pulled Tang Yin's arm while walking forward.

Tang Yin faltered for a moment and was struggling internally. Finally, he sighed and said, "When the time comes, we'll have to work hard and help our senior to get rid of that spirit beast."

"Of course! That's a given!" When Tang Yin finally agreed, Lu Xiaoxiao delightedly smiled and her charming dimples appeared once more.

As Bu Fang was following behind them while carrying his bundle, he was naturally unaware of their conversation.

The corpse of the Thunderfire Spirit Pig was already kept by Tang Yin. He must have been carrying a Spatial Spirit Tool as he managed to put away the corpse just by waving his arm.

"Senior, that spirit beast is located at the Valley of the Fallen Phoenix. There's quite a distance between this place and the valley, so we'll have to travel throughout the night to get there earlier," Tang Yin said.

Bu Fang expressionlessly nodded. "It's alright, we just need to reach there by tomorrow afternoon."

The system gave Bu Fang two days to capture the ingredient. According to Tang Yin's words, Bu Fang was not anxious.

The three of them traveled within the dense forest. This forest was an extremely vast region within the Wildlands. Once in a while, they would encounter third and fourth grade spirit beasts and Tang Yin would immediately slaughter them. There was no need for Bu Fang to help out.

After the three of them traveled for a while, they finally walked out of the dense forest and entered a stone forest. Countless amount of gravel littered the floor of this wasteland.

"Once we've crossed this stone forest, we'll reach the Valley of the Fallen Phoenix... Senior, why don't we rest here for the night?" Tang Yin said to Bu Fang with a smile.

Lu Xiaoxiao also hurriedly said, "That's right, senior! Let's have a rest! I am so tired!"

"The Wildlands is very dangerous at night. Even though senior is very powerful, we should still rest for the night for the sake of safety. Why don't we continue tomorrow?"

Bu Fang looked up and saw that the sky had already gone dark. He nodded and said, "Let's rest for the night. I promised that I would cook for you if you're willing to guide me. I need you to give me a piece of the Thunderfire Spirit Pig's spinal meat."

The three of them found a tranquil spot hidden behind a large boulder.

Bu Fang went into the forest and returned with some dry wood. He turned to Tang Yin and asked, "Do you know how to build a fire?"

Tang Yin was stunned for a moment. He thought, "This... Is senior really planning to cook for us?" He kept thinking Bu Fang was just joking around with them. He did not think that Bu Fang was actually going to cook for them.

Lu Xiaoxiao was slightly surprised as well, then she became somewhat suspicious. "This senior... Is he really a chef? He's not the kind of unreliable chef like our master, right?"

"You, build a fire and give me a piece of the Thunderfire Spirit Pig's spinal meat. I have to process it," Bu Fang expressionlessly said.

Tang Yin hurriedly took out a piece of the Thunderfire Spirit Pig's spinal meat from his Spatial Spirit Tool and handed it over to Bu Fang.

Bu Fang took the spinal meat. He found a piece of rock and used true energy to clean its surface. Once the rock was properly cleaned, he took out a gourd filled with spring water and washed the Thunderfire Spirit Pig's spinal meat. He rinsed the meat to remove the excess blood and allow the spirit energy within the spring water to permeate the surface of the meat.

After Bu Fang evaporated the water on the meat's surface with true energy, he conjured the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife with a wave of his hand. The pitch-black kitchen knife whirled around a few times on his palm. Then Bu Fang used the knife to slice the meat into three large pieces.

Lu Xiaoxiao was speechlessly staring at Bu Fang. Bu Fang's gorgeous and dazzling cutting technique was still replaying in her mind. She was somewhat confused by the situation. Was this senior really a professional chef?

Nearby, Tang Yin had already built a fire. Having a sixth grade Battle-Emperor to build a fire was like using a sledgehammer to crack a nut.

Bu Fang picked up some tree branches and sharpened the ends. A strange fragrance was emanating from the twig.

After skewering the pieces of meat with the tree branches, Bu Fang built a stand over the fire that Tang Yin made. He placed the skewered meat onto the stand to be slowly roasted.

Three pieces of meat skewered by tree branches were neatly placed onto the grill and roasted by the fire.

"Senior... Your actions looked really skillful. You looked just like a chef," Tang Yin said, not knowing how to react. So, Bu Fang was really planning to cook for them.

Bu Fang glanced at him and said, "I am a chef."

After Bu Fang finished speaking, he took out various bottles filled with seasonings like salt, pepper, cumin powder, etc.

Looking at the bottles, Tang Yin and Lu Xiaoxiao were completely speechless. They thought, "So, you really were a chef?"

"As expected of our senior... Coming to the Wildlands is like having a picnic for you. You even prepared seasoning," Lu Xiaoxiao said with a dry chuckle.

Bu Fang said, "If it isn't for the fact that it wasn't allowed, I would've brought the other kitchen tools as well. Then, I would've been able to cook even more delicious dishes. You guys are unlucky."

Lu Xiaoxiao and Tang Yin could only speechlessly stare at Bu Fang.

For a while, no one said anything and the surrounding became quiet. They could only hear the sound of the firewood burning.

Within the terrifying silence, the rich fragrance of meat soon began to waft through the air.