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 Seven heads flew up, blood splashing and streaming.

Gurgle. Gurgle.

As blood rose, those heads landed on the ground, thudding heavily.

Ao Bai was scared when he witnessed that. His hands holding the two swords couldn't help but tremble, his face frightened.

All seven of them were... existences at Heavenly Ethereal Realm! How could they be beheaded in just a blink of an eye?!

That man in the black cloak had just come out of nowhere. What kind of terrifying existence was he?

In this palace, how could such a terrifying existence exist?

The demon scorpion man who had come first was quivering hard. He was scared as well.

The seven Heavenly Ethereal Realm seniors were killed just like that. It was a great shock to him. They were at the Heavenly Ethereal Realm, not the Great Ethereal Realm!

Each Heavenly Ethereal Realm expert in the demon scorpion race was a godly existence. However... in just a blink of an eye, seven of them had been beheaded.


Although the seven demon scorpion race's experts had their heads lopped off, at Heavenly Ethereal Realm, their souls couldn't be destroyed that easily. Those souls twisted, getting out of their damaged bodies.

Their souls were frightened, screaming and crying furiously.

The Black Taotie and White Taotie on Bu Fang's arm roared at the same time. Their roaring seemed to turn into a storm, attacking the seven souls hovering in the air as they attempted to absorb them.

The expert in the black cloak didn't stop Bu Fang, nor interfere with the Black and White Taoties from taking in the souls. However, his scarlet eyes looked pensive.

"Kid... give me the kitchen knife in your hand!" The expert in black gazed at Bu Fang, asking frantically. His hoarse voice sounded as if he hadn't talked for a long time.

The Taoties in Bu Fang's arm had absorbed all the seven souls. Then, Bu Fang felt an extremely formidable force arise within him.

His body seemed to be strengthening further at this moment.

Anyway, what Bu Fang noticed wasn't that. His attention was turned to the expert in black that had slaughtered the seven Heavenly Ethereal Realm experts in just one strike.

The other wanted the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife in his hand...

"No." Bu Fang refused, his face emotionless. It was part of his God of Cooking's set.

"You dare to refuse me? Aren't you afraid that I will kill you?" he asked coldly.

A moment later, light shot out of his red eyes as he stomped on the ground, appearing right in front of Bu Fang.

Terrifying pressure shot out from him as if he wanted to subdue Bu Fang. Unfortunately, with the system, Bu Fang had no feeling toward this kind of pressure.

On the contrary, Ao Bai, who was not far from Bu Fang, was scared. His legs turned to jelly, causing him to stumble on the ground.

A Divine Spirit Realm's pressure...

Although he couldn't use his cultivation base in front of this bronze palace, the prestige from his body was still very threatening.

That expert in black should be at the Divine Spirit Realm. Moreover, he wasn't an ordinary Divine Spirit expert!

"Kill me? Come on..." Bu Fang said indifferently, his face calm. He didn't have an ounce of worry.

The expert in black gazed at Bu Fang. "You know how many years I've been idling here? I know this place more than you. If I want to kill you, you can't stop me! Aren't you afraid of death?!"

Bu Fang only shook his head in response to the expert in black's threat. He said resolutely, "You can't kill me, and you won't kill me."

Ao Bai's white face turned even paler...

Why wasn't this human afraid of death? Where did he get the confidence that the man in black wouldn't kill him?

This was definitely beyond Ao Bai's estimation.

The men in black gazed at Bu Fang. After a while, he burst out laughing. His hoarse voice lingered around the area in front of the palace.

A moment later, the man in black opened his cloak, revealing a wrinkled, bony face. His white hair was thin, fluttering on his head.

"Kid, looking at you... You must be a chef? Do you know who I am?" said the old man, staring hard at Bu Fang as he asked.

"Don't know." Bu Fang shook his head.

Bu Fang thought that this old man was a little strange. Why did he ask about his identity all of a sudden? Should Bu Fang know who he was?

The old man rolled his eyes. He didn't expect that the kid in front of him didn't get his meaning.

"I'm the First Valley Master of the Valley of Gluttony... I built the Valley of Gluttony! My name is Liu Mobai!" the old man said.

The very first Valley Master of the Valley of Gluttony?

Bu Fang was surprised. This identity wasn't ordinary at all.

Anyway... what did it matter to him?

After being astonished for a while, Bu Fang said with an emotionless face, "Okay, you're cool."

The old man's eyes bulged. Being a chef and hearing his title, shouldn't he be frightened?

"So... Kid, show me your kitchen knife," Liu Mobai said.

Bu Fang's kitchen knife had an aura that made Liu Mobai's entire body shiver. He had stayed in front of the bronze palace for so long. Of course, he knew the palace's aura very well.

That kitchen knife had the... bronze palace's aura!

He had been staying here and trying to find a way to enter the palace for so many years. Finally, he had some clue!

"Kitchen knife... No." Bu Fang shook his head, refusing once again.


His thought moved, and the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife turned into a jet of gold light, disappearing into Bu Fang's hand.


Liu Mobai was enraged. Why was this brat so stubborn?!

Anyway, he didn't dare to make a mess. The bronze palace was really mysterious. It was a mystery that could help him get rid of this world.

He didn't dare to act rashly.

Being the first Valley Master of the Valley of Gluttony, he used to be peerless. He could even subdue the seven Saint Sovereigns of the seven great holy lands in the Hidden Dragon Continent. However, at his peak, he had left the continent to find a chance, an opportunity to pursue peerless cooking skills and the way of transcendence.

Only when one had reached a certain realm would he discover that the Hidden Dragon Continent was actually a giant prison that restrained people in that world.

Liu Mobai wanted to get rid of it. Hence, he was stranded in this bronze palace for several thousands of years.

He had been here since he was in his golden youth, and now, he was almost at the end of his road...

He was sorrowful. But now, after waiting for so long, he finally found something with the same aura as the bronze palace.

The old man became rather cautious as he said, "That fellow kneeling in front of the palace... also came here to find transcendence. The same as me. Anyway, before I came, he was already kneeling there."

The old man didn't force Bu Fang, giving him more details instead.

"This fellow, as I guessed, was the strongest demon king among the nine great demon kings..." continued the old man.

"What about the bowl of Yang Chun Noodles inside that palace?" asked Bu Fang.

"Yang Chun Noodles? It's called Yang Chun Noodles? You kid, you're related to the secret of this bronze palace!"

The old man's eyes opened wider. He took a deep breath before saying, "I've been studying for one thousand years just to know the name of that bowl of dish. Yang Chun Noodles... And you... you got it right at first glance!"

"When comparing one to another... why so indignant? Been studying one thousand years?"


"Then how long has that bowl existed there?" Bu Fang took in a breath of cold air.

"According to my assumption, it has existed for at least ten thousand years!" the old man answered.

He clasped his hands, slowly walking to the palace. When he reached the bronze door, he raised his dry, wrinkled hand, gently stroking it.


The bronze door rippled like airwaves as the old man's hand went through it.

His hand then went through the bowl, which broke the image. It seemed as if it was just the moon reflection in the water-they could see it, but they couldn't touch it...

"From the moment I arrived here, I found that bowl of noodles. It has released its fragrance for ten thousand years. If I can study this bowl of noodles thoroughly, my cooking skill will improve further!" the old man said.

After a moment's pause, he added, "The demon king kneeled there because of the noodles that has been there for ten thousand years."

When Ao Bai and Bu Fang heard him, their feet felt cold. From what they had seen, what the old man had explained to them was true.

This strongest demon king kneeled and kowtowed, trying to find his transcendence. The answer for his search mission was a bowl of noodles, but he couldn't touch it...

Bu Fang kept silent. He turned around to check the deep area inside the palace.

What was inside this palace anyway?

"Kid, do you know that your kitchen knife has the same aura as this palace?" asked the old man, his eyes frantic.

How could Bu Fang know that? His kitchen knife was an item of his God of Cooking set, so what had it got to do with this palace?

"Give me the kitchen knife... I can solve this palace's secret!"

The old man's body flashed. He appeared by Bu Fang, and he put his withered hand on Bu Fang's shoulder as he panted.

"Get your hand off me..." Bu Fang frowned.

"No... I can't wait anymore! Give me the kitchen knife!" the old man said. A moment later, he sent a blow to Bu Fang.

As hope was right in front of him, the old man couldn't control his desire.


Bu Fang's arm with the Black and White Taoties swung out, meeting the old man's palm.

An invisible air expanded, and Bu Fang backed off several steps.


The old man's white hair fluttered. He rolled his eyes.

"Black and White Taoties... I cooked one that year and sealed the other... I didn't expect to see these two fuse with your arm!" the old man exclaimed.

On Bu Fang's arms, black and white energies moved with a terrifying aura.

All of a sudden...

Some loud boom echoed in the distance.

A purple figure zoomed over rapidly from the ancient black ship, his purple hair fluttering in the wind.

Amethyst Elder was dashing on the chain. After each step of his, the chain shook hard.

A sonic boom resounded, and Amethyst Elder jumped, landing on the bronze steps.

Amethyst Elder lifted his head, his sharp eyes sweeping the scene. Eventually, he gazed at the kneeling figure in front of the bronze door...

His mouth curved, releasing crazy laughter.

"Finally... Found it!"


Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

Being crushed, the area outside Light Wind Empire's imperial city had become a ruin.

The demon scorpion race's army was destroyed. All were killed.

Shrimpy transformed back to its cute, small form, perching on Nethery's shoulder.

Everybody standing on the Light Wind Empire's city wall was dumbstruck and speechless.

The giant, sky-towering Shrimpy had simply scared them out of their wits. Just standing and watching, they still shivered in fright.

However, no matter what, the Light Wind Empire's imperial city had survived another calamity.

Shrimpy leaped up into the sky, twirling around Nethery's body, hissing and chirping.

Nethery was bewildered. Then, she gave it a slight nod.

"Understood. Little Sister will take you there."


The Netherworld Ship tore a hole in the sky.

Nethery landed on the ship. A moment later, she tore open the void, teleporting away.


The deep pit in the Illusory Spirit Swamp

The void cracked open, and the Netherworld Ship emerged.

Lava rolled in the air. The ground was so dry.

On the Netherworld Ship, delicate Nethery stood upright, while Shrimpy lay on her shoulder.

As soon as they arrived in this area, Shrimpy cheered up. After a swish, it turned into a jet of gold light, heading toward the bronze palace.