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 The experts that came out of thin air were beyond Ao Bai's expectation. They had agreed on a one-on-one, so why would this fellow call for reinforcement?

Not only that, but he had called so many people at once...

Really wanted to bully this crown prince?

Ao Bai held his swords, coldly looking at the many shadows walking out of the cracks above the formations.

As soon as those people appeared, they immediately fell from the sky, landing and shaking the ground altogether.

"Sir! I found him! I found the strongest demon king!" The demon scorpion man looked so excited, talking to the seven people who had just landed.

Leading the group was a man, who gave the demon scorpion man, a complimenting nod. They didn't look at Bu Fang and Ao Bai, walking directly to the expert kneeling in front of the bronze palace.


However, when they were several meters away from that expert, they felt a formidable wave of energy expanding. That energy wave made them shiver, and they couldn't help but want to kneel down.

This feeling...

The leader's mouth quivered.

It... It was real! It was the strongest demon king in the legends!

The leading expert lifted his head, his eyes looking like a sword that tore through the sky as he gazed at Bu Fang and Ao Bai.

"This news shouldn't be disclosed to anyone else. These two... must die," the leader said coldly.

They wanted to attack the Hidden Dragon Continent because of this strongest demon king and the thing that that demon king had pursued. And now, they have finally gotten the clue.

As long as another demon king came, they could investigate further to know the truth. Also, they could even have a chance to complete the pursuit the strongest demon king wasn't able to do that time.

However, before that, they must ensure that the news wouldn't leak.

That was why... these two must die.

An expert with bulging muscles walked out of the crowd, heading towards Bu Fang and Ao Bai.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

That expert twisted his neck for a while. His eyes looked cold and pensive.

This area forbade people from flying and restrained their cultivation base, so muscular bodies would be more well-regarded. Since they were all Heavenly Ethereal Realm experts, their bodies were really strong.

"A human and an oceanic species' member... Hahaha... I will twist your heads off."

The expert's muscles shivered. A moment later, he stomped on the ground. His body surged and compressed like a massive beast from ancient times.

Ao Bai's eyes shrank. His body flashed, and in the next moment, the two swords slashed, attacking that expert.

However, that muscular man was moving too fast. He threw a palm, sending Ao Bai's swords away.

A moment later, another fast punch came. Ao Bai's pale face changed. He couldn't resist it and was flung away.

Facing the Heavenly Ethereal Realm expert without true energy, Ao Bai was crushed pitifully.

"Oceanic species... is too weak." The demon scorpion expert sneered. He stepped forward, appearing right in front of Ao Bai in just a blink of an eye.

He lifted his palm, grabbing Ao Bai's head and attempting to twist his head off.

However, just as he was about to do it, a gust of wind blew past them.

The wind was really fast, but the demon scorpion expert had enough time to react.

"Human? I haven't touched you, and now you want to die?" the demon scorpion expert said coldly.

He swung his hand casually in an attempt to strike the human that had just ambushed him from behind.

But, his fist... failed.

The demon scorpion man's eyes shrunk as he felt a massive force applied to his palm.

"Why is it so powerful?!"

The demon scorpion man took in a breath of cold air. He turned around, seeing a big wok.

His fist had just hit that wok, but it didn't leave any dents or marks on it. On the contrary, his fist was shaking in pain.

How could it be?

How could that wok be so sturdy?!

"Why do you always want to kill and slaughter?" Bu Fang indifferently looked at the demon scorpion man.

The black and white bandage on his hand scattered. Instantly, a bestial roaring resounded, and his arm's muscles bulged.

Wielding the Black Turtle Constellation Wok, he smashed down one more time.


The muscular man was stupefied by that smash. He was blown away, falling far away.

"How could it be?!" the demon scorpion expert roared angrily.

However, as soon as he opened his mouth, a black wok rushed toward him.


The sounds of bone cracking could be heard from both his arms. He was smashed and blown away, falling far away again.

Ao Bai was petrified. Lying on the ground, he wore a dumbstruck face, his eyes frightened.

What the heck was going on here?

How could that human... be so strong?

He just wielded a wok to smash that Heavenly Ethereal Realm expert from the demon scorpion race away. Although that Heavenly Ethereal Realm expert couldn't use his Nether energy, his body's strength wasn't something a human could compare with.

A Divine Soul Realm human with a one-step soul ladder... could beat up an existence at the Heavenly Ethereal Realm?

The Ruin Prison's experts around were all bewildered, dropping their jaws in disbelief.

They hadn't thought that Bu Fang was so powerful.

That expert fell on the ground, coughing blood with two broken arms. His eyes rolled as if he was about to tear his own eyelids.

He got up from the ground, screaming and roaring again.

However, his roar hadn't ended when Bu Fang's wok came once again, pounding the demon scorpion expert to the ground and then dragging him.

On Bu Fang's arm, black and white lights appeared, and the bestial roar echoed unceasingly.

The Black Taotie and the White Taotie on his arm had boosted Bu Fang's power to an incredibly terrifying level. Adding the weight of the Black Turtle Constellation Wok, it was as easy as flipping his hands to smash a Heavenly Ethereal Realm expert who couldn't use Nether energy.

"You three, go there and seize that human! Destroy him!" The leading expert narrowed his eyes, speaking coldly.

A moment later, the three Heavenly Ethereal Realm experts stormed out, dashing toward Bu Fang.


Their tails with hooks rose high in the sky. Zooming like lightning, they reached Bu Fang in just a split second and surrounded him.

Their eyes were so cold. As the first Heavenly Ethereal Realm expert had both of his arms broken and was pounded until he was dizzy, the three of them didn't dare to be careless.

This human... was somewhat strange!

They shouted as they made their move and aimed at Bu Fang, bursting out with their formidable power.

However, shortly after, they were petrified.

Bu Fang was wielding the Black Turtle Constellation Wok, fighting against their attempts to kill him.

The miserable screeching echoed unceasingly.

Bu Fang used the wok to blow all the experts away, falling far away from him.

When the Heavenly Ethereal experts got hit and were swept away by the Black Turtle Constellation Wok, their arms were broken, which caused them much pain.

Those demon scorpion race's Heavenly Ethereal experts looked at Bu Fang with frightened eyes.

That human... was so formidable!

And that wok... was even more terrifying!

Speaking only about physical strength, they weren't weaker than Bu Fang. However, his Taotie's arm wasn't something they could compare to.

Originally, they thought that Bu Fang's cultivation base wouldn't make him their equal. However, his skill level now made them desperate.

Ao Bai was dumbstruck.

In his eyes, that chicken human, Bu Fang, seemed weak. Who knew that he happened to be so strong? He was simply a beast in human form.

Wielding that wok, he had smashed the arms of those Heavenly Ethereal experts.

This human... wanted to ascend to the sky! He had even tried to protect him earlier!

He had never thought that the other was actually a tiger in disguise. That wok could crush him easily.

The leading expert hadn't expected Bu Fang to be that strong. Now, he didn't dare to disregard him, and the others all began to make their moves.

Instantly, all the seven Heavenly Ethereal Realm experts aimed at Bu Fang.


The leading expert was very strong. As his feet stomped, the air shook. At the Heavenly Ethereal Realm, not many people could resist him.

Bu Fang's black and white bandaged arm held the Black Turtle Constellation Wok. He wielded it, but he had never hit that demon scorpion race's leading expert.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Wind tearing noises arose.

Bu Fang simply parried the attacks with the Black Turtle Constellation Wok. At each impact, his arm was shaken.

Although Bu Fang's face didn't change, his arm felt numb.

"The information regarding the strongest demon king is very crucial. We can't afford to let it be known to outsiders. Before we've figured out what the strongest demon king had pursued, the others who know this secret must die," the leader said coldly.

His body shot out again, swinging his fist at Bu Fang.

The seven experts aimed at Bu Fang, closing the distance. It seemed they wanted to push him into a circle of death.

Ao Bai's face paled, his eyes desperate.

They didn't have any hope now. That human couldn't defeat one, let alone all seven of them.

Would he, the third crown prince of the gold shrimp tribe in Endless Sea, die here?

Bu Fang retreated one step, frowning. His eyes looked stern as he shook his hand, retrieving the Black Turtle Constellation Wok.

A moment later, a jet of gold light sparkled, and the Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife appeared in his hand.

A clear and loud dragon roar came from the Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife in Bu Fang's hands, and the dragon prestige shrouded the entire place instantly.

A heavy pressure expanded.

The Heavenly Ethereal Realm experts widened their eyes, shaken.

The wind blew hard, causing Bu Fang's hair to flutter. Bestial roaring sounded from his Taotie's arm as he tightened his grip on the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife.

Bu Fang exhaled gently. His body shot out.

Holding the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife, he dashed toward the seven experts.

Meanwhile, far from them...

A shadow shrouded in a long, black cloak looked at the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife in Bu Fang's hand. As his eyes focused on it, he was frightened and in disbelief.

The body shrouded in the black cloak shivered!

"That aura... That kitchen knife's aura... from the palace?!" said the person clad in black, trembling.

One blade, two blades, three blades...

All the seven Heavenly Ethereal Realm experts were defeated.

There was no way to use their true energy. Relying only on their body's power, they weren't Bu Fang's equal match.

Among the group of seven, some were slashed, falling on the ground. Their blood splashed.

Bu Fang held the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife. His eyes were indifferent, sweeping his gaze at the entire place.

The seven demon scorpion race's Heavenly Ethereal experts were fearful. At first, they thought that that human was just a sheep waiting to be slaughtered. And now, it turned out he was a savage tiger.

That human... Did he get injected with chicken blood?!

All of a sudden...

Goosebumps appeared on the bodies of the seven Heavenly Ethereal Realm experts. They just felt an extreme danger.

A black shadow dashed forward, and in just a split second, it appeared right in front of them.

Puff! Puff! Puff!

The seven Heavenly Ethereal Realm experts' eyes opened wide as their heads were thrown into the air.

As their heads went flying up into the sky, a shadow in a black cloak stood silently among their corpses...