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 A jet of gold light came in just a blink of an eye.

Standing on the city wall and laughing so loud nobody could stand it, the Great Ethereal Realm demon scorpion race's expert suddenly shivered. A force hit him, sending him out of the city wall.

He fell to the ground, plowing a ditch. The impact caused dust to fly everywhere.

A cold and sharp sound echoed through the sky. A moment later, an ink-black Netherworld Ship that exuded thick Nether energy appeared, crossing the sky.

Gold light emerged, illuminating the shoulder of a graceful shadow standing on the front deck of the Netherworld Ship.

Nethery wore a long, black dress. Her face was cold and arrogant like frost as her indifferent eyes scanned the place.

The gold light on Shrimpy's body hadn't scattered at all. Standing on Nethery's shoulder, its eyes rolled, checking around.

On the city wall, all the Light Wind Empire's guards were scared.

Ji Chengxue was standing among his soldiers. He lifted his face to see Nethery in the sky, and he was moved and fascinated.

"Is she the goddess that had come to save our Light Wind Empire?" Ji Chengxue exclaimed with an excited expression.

Many people were kneeling on the ground, bowing and kowtowing.


Crushed stones were shot everywhere. A moment later, a shadow shot up into the sky, unceasingly emitting a terrifying aura.

The Great Ethereal Realm expert of the demon scorpion race looked outraged. He was struck away right at the moment his prestige was shown to the world!

Who dared to blow him away at this kind of moment?

The demon scorpion race's expert looked ferocious as he looked at the Netherworld Ship, which was hovering above Light Wind Empire's empty city wall. As its terrifying Nether energy surged, his eyes shrank.

"Netherworld woman?"

Nethery looked at him indifferently, her face emotionless.

The group of demon scorpions was a little startled. Appearing in the sky was no one else but the cursed Netherworld woman, who was somewhat famous in the Netherworld.

It wasn't that the Netherworld woman was really strong. In legends, she was cursed and exiled by the peak existences of the Netherworld.

But how did this woman come up to this place?

She should stay in the Secret Realm, shouldn't she?

"Just a cursed Netherworld woman... You want to save those low, stupid insects? See, who is throwing the Netherworld's reputation away?"

The Great Ethereal Realm expert from the demon scorpion race curled his lips. A moment later, energy expanded, rippling from him.

Rumbling sound echoed.

His body dashed like an arrow at the fastest speed, crossing the sky.


The terrifying Nether energy became a ferocious demon scorpion, which promptly attacked Nethery.

However, he was stopped around three inches away from Nethery by a mysterious force. He couldn't move further.

"You think you're qualified to talk to me like that? Even if your demon scorpion race's demon king comes... He doesn't dare to talk to me that way," said Nethery coldly.

A moment later, she lifted her hand, and an invisible wave of energy spread from it.

"Nether prestige."

Nethery raised her hand, slowly pushing forward. Immediately, the invincible force was applied to the demon scorpion race's expert, making him shrink his eyes.

The expert was subdued by some terrifying force, causing him to smash directly from the sky to the ground. The ground cracked from its impact!

Nethery stepped out of the Netherworld Ship. She moved as though she was teleporting, crossing the sky in an instant. She then hovered above the demon scorpion expert's head, who was pounded to the ground.

"Nether Ghost Clash."


A palm was pressed down. Instantly, the ground was smashed, and invisible shockwaves expanded.

The ground that was pressed down caved in, turning into a giant, deep hole. Crushed stones rolled everywhere.

The citizens of the Light Wind Empire gawked and dropped their jaws. They all felt the terrifying power.

That woman... was so powerful!

After that initial shock, they were all thrilled. That woman was their savior. If she was strong, it meant they were safe!

The demon scorpion expert slowly crawled out of the hole. His eyes showed his intense wrath as he screamed, "Netherworld woman... You bully people too much!"

Although he was screaming, he was actually frightened.

Didn't they say that the Netherworld woman's cultivation base had just reached the Great Ethereal Realm? How could she be getting stronger in her cursed and exiled condition?

Could being cursed and exiled actually help increase one's cultivation base?

No way... As she had to endure the pain from the curse every day, how could she manage to find time to cultivate?

The demon scorpion expert's eyes rolled wildly. A moment later, he roared, climbing out of the hole.

His entire body was torn as he was growing, enlarging. Not long after, he became a giant demon scorpion.

The demon scorpion landed on the ground, booming. Sticky fluids dripped from its open mouth as it aimed at Nethery hovering in the sky.

With a howl, his massive pincers moved. The giant scorpion's stinger dangled dangerously.

Nethery nonchalantly looked at the demon scorpion in its real form. In the void, the tip of her foot gently dipped once, and in an instant, her body floated up, returning to her Netherworld Ship.

This guy was big. Let Shrimpy deal with him then.

Standing on her shoulder, Shrimpy's compound eyes rolled before it turned into a jet of gold light, zooming fast. Instantly, it appeared right in front of the giant demon scorpion.

Everybody was dumbstruck. They felt somewhat funny.

Ouyang Xiaoyi and Xiao Xiaolong were gasping for their breaths as they had just reached the city wall. They looked at the tiny Shrimpy and the giant demon scorpion hovering in the sky, their faces odd...

The giant demon scorpion was around four meters tall, and it was almost as tall as the city wall. That towering body brought immense pressure that had even suffocated people.

"Is Shrimpy okay? That big guy... looks so scary!" said Ouyang Xiaoyi, gulping.

"Why are you asking me? I f*cking want to know that too. What about calling Shrimpy back here?" Xiao Xiaolong said.

The demon scorpion's red eyes, which were as big as a tent, rolled at Shrimpy.

Shrimpy's body glowed in a golden light. Its eyes moved around.


The demon scorpion roared. Opening its mouth, it spat out gusts of wind.

Shrimpy seemed to become a little boat in the harsh storm.

After roaring, the demon scorpion expert's eyes looked disdainful.

This gold shrimp was so small that it wasn't enough for him to fill the gap between his teeth.

All of a sudden...

He was stunned. Right in front of him, the gold shrimp suddenly emitted dazzling gold light, which was so annoying to the eyes.

Then, the gold light scattered.

A moment later...

The demon scorpion expert was left astonished. The originally little dot in front of him had enlarged several hundred times. And now, it was like an imposing mountain, looking down at him from a height.

Oh f*ck...

The demon scorpion froze.

The people in the Light Wind Empire were all dumbstruck.


Hundred Thousand Mountains, Light Wind Empire

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

Atop the big, entangling trees, formidable auras shot up into the sky as each of those Heavenly Ethereal Realm experts opened their eyes in excitement.

The signal they got meant they had found the strongest demon king, didn't they?

They found him? They did find the strongest demon king in this corner of the world!

Those Heavenly Ethereal Realm experts didn't know how to express their excitement.

After a moment, they said nothing and just exchanged looks. Then, they broke the void, entering the crack. They headed toward the area where the signal came from.

The strongest demon king was found. This news was absolutely important.

The moment they entered the void, the big trees also reported this piece of information back to the Ruin Prison.

This news would make the Ruin Prison's experts attack the Hidden Dragon Heaven Pass more furiously!



A shooting star zoomed over, landing loudly in the Illusory Spirit Swamp.

The swamp water splashed, its muddy pool rippling.

Amethyst Elder's body was covered in true energy, hovering above the bottomless pit. He lifted his hand where the demon eye emerged, looking bloodshot.

"That's the aura! Right here! Yeah, the aura of the strongest demon king!" the demon eye said anxiously, its voice old but clear.

Amethyst Elder glanced at the deep pit. Without a word, he made a step forward, plunging to the bottom of the pit.

Since it was capable of exciting the demon eye... what terrifying thing was it?

The owner of this demon eye was the demon king of the demon eye clan in the Ruin Prison, an expert with supernatural power.

In his Ruin Prison, he hated a lot of things, let alone the rural, remote Southern Region in the Hidden Dragon Continent.

Amethyst Elder couldn't help but become curious.


Bu Fang and Ao Bai were stunned speechless as they looked at the demon scorpion expert, who suddenly became frantic.

That man was crazily jumping and wiggling his limbs. After breaking that energy ball, black smoke was instantly released in the sky.

He continuously moved around the Netherworld's expert who was kneeling in front of the bronze palace, his eyes excited and respectful.

"Indeed, he was from the Netherworld... The strongest demon king? How was he compared to Lord Dog..." Bu Fang furrowed his brows as he spoke.

"Is that fellow mad..." Ao Bai held his two gold swords, frowning as well.

They were fighting just now, but when he caught a glimpse of that person, he turned crazy.

Anyway, that figure did give him some terrifying pressure. He was much more formidable than the Black Dragon King in the Endless Sea's Dragon Palace.

All of a sudden, the demon scorpion expert who had laughed for a long time paled in rage. He coldly looked at Bu Fang and Ao Bai, saying, "The news about the strongest demon king cannot be leaked. You two must... die!"


In just a blink of an eye, the demon scorpion expert moved. He was as fast as a black shadow, aiming at Bu Fang.


The scorpion's tail aimed to stab Bu Fang's head. He wanted to pin him.

Ao Bai was enraged. He wielded both of his swords, sweeping over. This forced the demon scorpion expert to step back.

His beautiful gold hair fluttered in the wind as he said calmly, "You stinky scorpion. Dare to yell in front of this crown prince? I said I will protect this human, so I must protect him! If you-"

However, he didn't manage to finish his sentence. At that moment, he realized that something was happening around the demon scorpion expert.

The wisps of black smoke, which had scattered from the ball he had broken, gathered into formations in the air.

Those formations hovered above, twinkling.

Shortly after, void fissures appeared, and shadows started to walk out of those fissures.

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

This place forbade people from flying. Hence, those experts who had just appeared in the void fell directly, hitting the bronze platform loudly.

Boom! Boom!

Those experts lifted their heads, their sharp eyes landing on Bu Fang and Ao Bai.