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 Ao Bai looked at the blood lobster clamping on the chain, moving toward him. His eyes gawked, turning bloodshot.

You stinky shrimp... don't come near this crown prince!

Ao Bai was screaming inwardly. The blood lobster was still moving toward him, coming closer and closer...

All of a sudden, the blood lobster wielded one pincer. Its body leaned on one side and fell off the chain. Brandishing its claws, it fell into the lake with a splash.

Bubbles and foam rose.

Ao Bai was bewildered at first, but a moment later, he was thrilled. He didn't even know where he got the power to roll and run to the bronze steps.

He slumped on the bronze steps, gasping for breath.

The demon scorpion man's nerves were tense. He looked at the blood lobster, cursing under his breath.

There were blood lobsters in the lake. Why did the chain have blood lobsters too?

That evil fellow released the blood lobster on the chain?

Looking at the blood lobster coming closer, the demon scorpion man moved his scorpion tail behind him, hooking it before shooting out like a sharp arrow. In just a blink of an eye, it pierced through the blood lobster.

The blood lobster's shell couldn't resist the scorpion's tail. Its body turned black, at a speed the naked eye could observe, because of the scorpion's toxin.

In the end, the blood lobster's stiff body fell off the chain and into the blood lake.

The demon scorpion man looked ruthless... Then, his mouth curved into a cold smile.

What about those blood lobsters? They were just trash under his scorpion tail!

Slowly, he crawled to the bronze steps. When he saw Ao Bai lying on his back, gasping for breath, he was bewildered

That fellow was faster than him?!

And he said he wasn't related to those blood lobsters...

The demon scorpion man's mouth curved upwards, revealing a cold smile. He looked at the panting Ao Bai, who was slowly getting up.

The demon scorpion man suddenly had an idea. Although this lake forbade people from flying and restrained their cultivation base, being an expert from the demon scorpion race, he had his natural advantage!

The potent toxin in his scorpion tail was enough to kill the gold shrimp tribe's third crown prince... seven or eight times!

Ao Bai panted. As he had just gotten rid of the scary blood lobster, he felt mentally and physically exhausted.

All of a sudden...

Ao Bai's attention sharpened as he felt a terrifying aura cover his entire body. It was some sort of death aura that was much more intimidating than when he faced the blood lobster!

He had a bad feeling about this...

Ao Bai turned around. He sensed a horrible wind coming, and that gust of wind caused his mind to tremble.

It was a scorpion tail that was glistening darkly. That kind of shine could cause one's body to tremble.

It was extremely terrifying!

Murderous aura. A fearful murderous aura shrouded him entirely.

"Damn! How dare you!"

Ao Bai didn't think that the devil from the demon scorpion race would dare to kill him!

He was startled, angry, and panic-stricken at the same time. That attack was an instant-kill, and he couldn't dodge it!

Would he, the gold shrimp tribe's third crown prince, be killed under that demon scorpion's tail?!

He wasn't willing!

As the scorpion tail became bigger and bigger in his eyes, Ao Bai's heart sank to the bottom.

All of a sudden...

The moment the scorpion tail was about to pierce through him, a shadow dashed over from a distance.

Pitiful screeching arose instantly.

Ao Bai was bewildered. The scorpion's tail was gone.

The demon scorpion man retreated far away, screaming and shrilling from there.

Startled, Ao Bai shot up from the ground, gazing at the demon scorpion man with an awkward expression. Looking at the latter, he was dumbstruck.

What was going on?

Why did the demon scorpion race's expert have a blood lobster... hanging on his tail?

The bronze stairs had blood lobsters too?

Not true...

Except for the blood lobster that crawled from outside, there was a situation...

Ao Bai lifted his head, looking at the top of the stairs. He saw a figure standing with his hands clasped.

Bu Fang indifferently looked at them from there.

Ao Bai was also a gold shrimp, and perhaps, he had some relation to Shrimpy.

Of course, Bu Fang wouldn't let him die here. Thus, he threw a blood lobster at that demon scorpion.

No matter what, he had fished a lot of blood lobsters, so it wasn't a big deal if he threw some of them away.

The demon scorpion man's eyes turned red. He was so angry as he grabbed at his tail. That blood lobster was still clamped on it.

He forced the blood lobster's pincers to open. Roaring angrily, he threw the lobster back into the lake.

"Damn! So evil?!"

The demon scorpion man was madly enraged. His tail... He had almost lost his f*cking tail!

The demon scorpion man's eyes moved to Bu Fang, who was standing on the upper end of the stairs. At this look, all of his doubts were clear.

It turned out... that human in front of him was that wicked, evil-doer!

You human... F*ck you!

"Turns out it's you! You dare to use the blood lobster to ambush me?!" the demon scorpion expert shouted.

At this moment, his murderous intent towards Bu Fang had reached its peak.

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

The demon scorpion expert dashed out, roaring and running up the stairs as he aimed at Bu Fang!

"Damn you, human. I want to twist your head off!"

Bu Fang clasped his hands, his eyes indifferently looking at the demon scorpion man who was charging at him.

A jet of gold light emerged. It was a sharp sword light.

The golden Ao Bai landed by Bu Fang. His two swords swept horizontally, forcing the demon scorpion man to back off.

In this bronze palace's area, their fighting capacity was reduced. They could only use their body's strength since they couldn't use their true energy.

Hence, with two swords, Ao Bai got a better advantage.

"You dare to kill me, you stinky scorpion. I won't stand under the same sky with you!" roared Ao Bao as he held the two swords, coldly looking at the demon scorpion man.

"Hahaha... With only you? Good... I can finish you all in this place. This opportunity belongs to me!" the demon scorpion man spat coldly.

His scorpion tail held high, curving into a hook.


He stomped on the ground, his body shooting out.

The demon scorpion expert plunged downward. His tail was raised like an arrow as it aimed at the enemy, preparing for an instant-kill shot.

"Although you're weak, human, you're smart when you used the blood lobster to save this crown prince. This crown prince will repay your favor. I will not let that stinky scorpion harm you," Ao Bai said arrogantly.

The two gold swords moved as the shrimp dashed forward, entangling with the demon scorpion expert.

No true energy burst out. No energy surged.

Only bodies clashed with each other.

Bu Fang wore an indifferent face, watching the two fighting. He exhaled then turned around, walking toward the bronze palace.

As he was near the palace, he saw a huge figure kneeling in front of it.

Bu Fang's eyes focused. He looked and felt a formidable aura from that kneeling figure, which was enough to make his heart pound.

The pressure from that fellow was even more horrible than the Blood Illuminating Dragon he met in Earth Prison!

Bu Fang became more curious...

This fellow... Who was he?!

Was he a peerless expert like Lord Dog from the Netherworld? And why had that sort of peerless expert knelt there?

He had no wisp of life force. He was definitely dead.

That kneeling expert had an intimidating aura, as Bu Fang could feel something dangerous when he was around one meter away from him.

That danger made Bu Fang halt his steps.

Although he had the invincible Vermilion Robe, he didn't want to waste that invincible effect.

Bu Fang's eyes moved, falling on the dish by the bronze gate. He sensed that dish before. Its thick, rolling aroma had captured people's minds.

However, when Bu Fang focused on the dish, his eyes couldn't help but shrink. That dish wasn't something really difficult to cook.

It was a bowl of simple noodles.

Or, more specifically... It was a bowl of Yang Chun Noodles.

A bowl of Yang Chun Noodles?!

Bu Fang's face turned awkward.

Why did this bronze palace have a bowl of Yang Chun Noodles at the entrance?

Also, was that bowl of Yang Chun Noodles the reason why the Netherworld expert was kneeling there?

Bu Fang frowned as he approached the bronze palace. Lifting his hand, he reached towards the Yang Chun Noodles.

However, as his hand reached out and touched the bronze door, it rippled, and it felt like he had touched nothing.

That bowl was like the moon in the water or the flower in the mirror that he couldn't touch.

What was going on?

Bu Fang furrowed his brows. He asked inwardly, "System... That noodles... What happened?"

"Your level is too low. You're not qualified to know." This time, the system responded fast. Its serious voice arose almost immediately.

His level was too low?

Bu Fang's eyes shrank. His level was still very low?


An ear-piercing scream reverberated, startling Bu Fang. He turned around, looking behind his back.

The demon scorpion expert had come unknowingly, standing by the kneeling Netherworld expert. His eyes bulged as if they were about to burst off. He looked thrilled, indeed!

He covered his head, screaming and laughing crazily before exclaiming, "Found it! I found it! Haha! I will top this world! The corpse of the strongest demon king... I found it!"

The demon scorpion expert laughed until his tears rolled.

Ao Bai was bewildered, and Bu Fang was dumbstruck.

Then, as they watched the demon scorpion expert laugh his heart out, he suddenly lifted his hand, waving. A big ball, which was filled with thick Nether energy, appeared in his palm!

His hand brutally slapped, smashing that energy ball open!


Hundred Thousand Mountains, Southern Region.

The Heavenly Ethereal Realm experts, who were sitting cross-legged atop the entangling, towering Mandala Tree, opened their eyes.

In their eyes, wisps of black air shot and twirled up into the sky.

"What?! Someone found the strongest demon king?!"