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 The chain shaking was beyond Bu Fang's estimation.

Bu Fang hadn't thought that someone would appear on this empty chain. Not only that, but that person seemed to want to stop him from getting to the bronze palace.

Bu Fang frowned, his eyes falling on the figure that had just appeared on the chain.

Meanwhile, the chain shook harder, giving him a hard time. If he were careless, he would definitely fall into that blood-red lake.

It was shadow shrouded in a black cloak, which looked old and shabby with torn and frayed hems. As that person was concealed inside the cloak, Bu Fang couldn't see his or her form.

A moment later, that shadow lifted its head, releasing bone-chilling laughter. It seemed he was content.

His laughter irritated Bu Fang.

The other didn't want him to get to the bronze palace? Was there something he wanted to protect?

Bu Fang's mouth curved up in a smile. He raised his hand as he steadied his feet on the chain. Then, taking a deep breath, he raised his hand to make a throwing gesture.

"Lobster! You did that?!" Bu Fang hissed as he took out a blood lobster from his system dimensional bag. After untying the thin thread and gathering enough force, he hurled it.

A jet of red light crossed the sky.

That shadow was astonished. Lifting his head, his red eyes appeared confused.

A moment later, his eyes focused...

What the heck was that?!

In the sky, a blood lobster raised its big claws, which released a cold and sharp light.

Swish! Swish!

The blood lobster landed on the chain.

Rattle! Rattle!

Its legs began to roll. The blood lobster dashed toward the shadow clad in ragged black cloak.

It moved so fast.

That shadow was surprised. He could never think that Bu Fang got this trick to deal with him.

Standing at the other end of the chain, where his spirit sea surged terrifyingly under such circumstances, that fellow could still think about using a blood lobster to attack him...

This fellow... was interesting!

However, it was just a blood lobster...

That shadow sneered. He then raised his hand and caught the blood lobster, and his hand's movement was similar to the way Bu Fang had captured lobsters.

Bu Fang was a little bewildered.

The other knew how to catch the blood lobster. Although it looked a little different, it was basically the same.

Was that person a chef too?!

A chef appeared in this place... Things became more interesting then.

No matter what, that bronze palace was releasing a thick food aroma.

Meanwhile, Ao Bai and the demon scorpion man were baffled as they slowly walked on the chains. In their sight, there was no one else, and everything was so quiet.


Their spirit sea was about to explode. Right after they had walked half of the chain, a blood lobster with claws raised suddenly appeared out of thin air.

Ao Bai was scared, his legs almost turning jelly.

Apparently, there was nothing ahead of him. And now, a blood lobster came out of nowhere...

Someone wanted to threaten him?!


Ao Bai and the demon scorpion man were speechless. They immediately ducked, hugging the big chain as their bodies trembled.

The other's action was beyond Bu Fang's estimation. Since he could grab the blood lobster easily, he seemed... deep and immeasurable.

Bu Fang squinted. Then, without a word, he threw three more blood lobsters.

The three blood lobsters flew toward the shadow in the distance.

That shadow was somewhat astonished...

A moment later, he cursed under his breath. He moved, returning to the ancient, black ship.

Splash! Splash!

As the two blood lobsters weren't caught, they fell back into the lake. As for the other one, perhaps because Bu Fang had thrown it a little askew, it may have landed on the chain near Ao Bai.

The chain shook hard.

Seeing the shadow man running away, Bu Fang was too lazy to chase after him. At this moment, his brain was surging in pain, and he had to rub his glabella constantly.

Bu Fang didn't mind the other blood lobster hanging itself on the chain. He turned around, strolling away.

A moment later, Bu Fang finally reached the end of the chain...

However, what he had stepped on wasn't exactly the bronze palace. The area he was stepping on was actually the bronze steps of some stairs. The top of this stair was a little far from the palace.

It looked like a little land made of bronze, and an imposing, majestic bronze palace grew on this land.

Walking on the bronze surface, Bu Fang was surprised. He turned to look at the chains away from him-someone was crying and screaming unceasingly.

Ao Bai clutched the chain, his face distorting. A blood lobster was crawling on the chain behind him.

As soon as the blood lobster steadied its body, its eyes gazed at Ao Bai in the distance. Its legs casually crawled on the chain, tremblingly moving toward Ao Bai.

What the f*ck!

Ao Bai wanted to cry. "Brother... You shouldn't come here! We're all shrimps, why would you trouble me..."

The blood lobster's compound eyes rolled as it continued to move forward, wielding its big claws.

Ao Bai's body shook once. He tried to swing, making the chain shake harder and harder.

He wanted to shake the blood lobster off the chain.

Seeing that, Bu Fang felt funny... But he didn't know if he should cry or laugh.

Remembering the time when Ao Bai was standing imposingly on the cliff, he thought that Ao Bai's entire life would be dark in this valley from this moment onward.

Bu Fang turned to look in the other direction.

In that area, the demon scorpion man was relatively safe, and he had almost reached the bronze steps.

Bu Fang couldn't help but raise the corners of his mouth into a curve.

Ao Bai and the demon scorpion didn't see Bu Fang. It seemed they were sinking in their own illusion.

Bu Fang blinked. He took out a tied blood lobster from the system dimensional bag and untied the thin thread. A moment later, he threw the lobster onto the chain section near the demon scorpion man...

The demon scorpion man was really excited because he had almost reached the bronze stairs. Once he reached the palace, the secret would be revealed.

He was really excited because he had a hunch that the thing their Ruin Prison's experts were seeking was in that place. As long as he solved this secret, his position in the demon scorpion race, or even in the entire Ruin Prison, would become high!

His excitement was shooting out everywhere.

He tried to advance further despite his horribly surging spirit sea. Nothing could stop him now.

All of a sudden...

The demon scorpion man was bewildered. His pupils shrank, and a moment later, he shuddered.

A blood lobster suddenly appeared, making a curve across the sky before landing near him.


The blood lobster made bubbles in its mouth, its eyes gazing at the demon scorpion man's body. Shortly after, it crawled toward the muscular man at a rapid speed.

And so, another chain had a person clutched on it, crying and screaming.

Bu Fang watched the fun, and the corners of his mouth couldn't help but twitch.

He didn't care about the other two and what would happen to them, so he turned around and climbed up the bronze stairs.

Stepping on the bronze stairs, his spirit sea stopped surging. Bu Fang felt his mental force somehow increase. Anyway, it was good for him.

Climbing on the bronze steps, he saw the imposing, majestic palace in the distance, which was like a masterpiece. Even if it was mysterious, with thick patterns carved on it and its strange architecture, this palace was truly magnificent.

Previously, Bu Fang hadn't checked this palace, and this time, he finally had a chance to study it.

Clasping his hands, he headed to the bronze palace.

Meanwhile, a door opened on the ancient, black ship. Not long after, a shadow shrouded in a black cloak got out, dashing on the chain.

Panting, the shadow clad in black cloak dashed forward, moving on the chain like an arrow. Instantly, he got on the bronze steps.

Stepping on the bronze steps, his mind shivered hard. It seemed he got something terrible in his mind.

However, seeing Bu Fang's form walking far away, his scarlet eyes brightened, chasing after the other one more time.

Bu Fang walked slowly. As he was getting nearer to the bronze palace, something in front of it came into his sight.

Looking at the figure in front of the palace, his eyes widened slightly... then turned solemn.

The figure he had seen before... was kneeling frozen in front of the bronze doors!

Thick food aroma arose in the air. It intruded Bu Fang's breath, boiling his blood up. He somehow felt hot.

Bu Fang had never had this feeling before.

Beyond that figure, Bu Fang looked at the source of the good fragrance. It was a bowl of food on the ground, emitting a faint glow.

A man was kneeling outside the gate, and inside, a bowl of food was placed on the ground...

Indeed, this scene was extremely strange.


Light Wind Empire

In front of Fang Fang's Little Store, Ouyang Xiaoyi and Xiao Xiaolong looked frightened.

The demons were invading them. This time, Owner Bu wasn't here... Who could help them?

Ouyang Xiaoyi's eyes looked desperate.

Was there really no escaping this disaster this time around?

Shrimpy perched on Nethery's shoulder.

Nethery raised her hand, patting Shrimpy's head. A moment later, the tip of her feet dipped on the ground, sending her body up into the sky.

The Netherworld Ship emerged. Nethery stepped on the deck, moving fast to the outside of the imperial city.

Ouyang Xiaoyi and Xiao Xiaolong were astonished. Seeing Shrimpy on Nethery's shoulder as they left, they seemed to remember something. After exchanging looks, they both headed to the city wall.

On the city wall, all the guards were scared. They were shivering, and no one even dared to move.

From a distance away, Nether energy came, covering the sky.

A troop of demons was coming closer. Their auras had shaken the others.

Among them was the demon scorpion chief, Xie He, who had lost both of his arms. However, he was still full of murderous aura.

This time, he brought the Great Ethereal experts. He must rip that damned chef apart!

That chef considered his fellows as cooking ingredients, so he should be killed ten thousand times!

Standing in front of him was a Great Ethereal expert with terrifying aura. He made a punching gesture, and an illusion of his fist crossed the sky, smashing the imposing city wall.

The humans on the city wall were frightened.

It made Xie He feel satisfied. The pain of losing his claws would finally be avenged.

"Kill! Kill them all! That chef, I want to chew his flesh and drink his blood!"

The Great Ethereal expert wreaked havoc, feeling somewhat excited. Making one step forward, his body appeared like a lightning strike on the city wall.

He opened his mouth, laughing loudly as Nether energy shot up into the sky. It seemed as though that energy wanted to tear the sky apart.

All the citizens in the city shivered, kneeling on the ground in fright...

This exhilarating feeling made the Great Ethereal expert of the demon scorpion race enjoy to his heart's content.

All of a sudden...

"Just a big scorpion. What do you have to show off? The reputation of the Netherworld is wasted in your hands..."

A clear and cold voice boomed in the void. A moment later, a jet of gold light emerged.