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 A long, long time ago, blood lobsters were formidable existences in the Endless Sea. Whenever they passed, it would be like a horrible storm had wreaked havoc.

They were so brutal and cruel. With their big pincers, they wanted to crack everything.

Groups of blood lobsters used to be the worst nightmare of many oceanic species' members in the Endless Sea. They were shrimps, but they didn't want to submit to the gold shrimp tribe. They wanted to rebel and overthrow the Shrimp Ancestor's regime.

Of course, their final consequence was that the Shrimp Ancestor had eradicated their entire tribe.

They deserved it.

However, Ao Bai could never imagine that so many blood lobsters were living in the pit under the Southern Region. Their gruesome appearance reminded him of terrifying events in the past.

Rumble! Rumble!

The blood-red water of the lake splashed as the blood lobster was fished out, brandishing its claws as it spun in the air.

Ao Bai and the demon scorpion man wanted to hug each other in fright.

While Bu Fang was pulling up a blood lobster, the eyes of the other blood lobsters brightened, gazing at him.

On the contrary, Bu Fang was really calm. He pulled the fishing rod with one hand, and the fishing line went taut as the blood lobster struggled in the air.

A moment later, Bu Fang's bandaged arm rose.

As Ao Bai and the demon scorpion man gawked, dropping their jaws, Bu Fang grabbed the blood lobster.

In this big lake, their true energy was restrained, so they could only depend on their physical strength. However, using only his body's strength, how could that human deal with that blood lobster?

However, Bu Fang had thoroughly subverted their thoughts.

Bu Fang's bandaged hand grabbed the blood lobster, causing clanging sounds. Once the lobster was held, its two claws folded.

A silk thread emerged out of thin air. Bu Fang bit to hold one end of it, and a moment later, the thread tied the lobster.

The blood lobster, which was aggressive and ferocious, was tied tightly, falling onto the boat.

"Really tough... Should be meaty," Bu Fang said casually as he sat down, checking the tied up blood lobster.

The blood lobster was dumbfounded, its compound eyes rolling.

When it comes to eating lobsters, how could it be satisfying with only one? Thus, Bu Fang wasn't satisfied yet.

He prepared to fish more.

Anyway, sitting on this boat, he had nothing to do. With the leisurely speed of the boat, he didn't know when he would reach his destination.

And so, Bu Fang happily fished more blood lobsters.

Splash! Splash! Splash!

Water foam and bubbles splashed in the blood lake as the blood lobsters were fished up, spinning and flying in the air.

Bu Fang skillfully grabbed the blood lobsters, then used a thread to tie them tightly.

One lobster, two lobsters, three lobsters...

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The small boat shook a little bit.

Ao Bai, the third crown prince of the shrimp tribe, wore a baffled face.

The muscular demon scorpion man was also dumbfounded.

They watched the blood lobsters Bu Fang had tied tightly and didn't know what to say. They felt somewhat dizzy.

Those weren't real blood lobsters...

Ao Bai's mouth trembled. How could the brutal blood lobsters let people slaughter them like this?

The demon scorpion man rolled his eyes. Watching Bu Fang skillfully catch those lobsters, he couldn't help but gulp his saliva.

Because of the big pile of blood lobsters, this newly added weight had slowed down the boat's movement, and it drifted even slower.

As the blood lobsters were tied tightly, they couldn't escape, much less even wiggle. They could only spit out bubbles.

Ao Bai looked at Bu Fang, who seemed so excited as he still wanted to fish more blood lobsters, saying, "Human... Don't fish anymore. Enough, it's enough! If you fish more... the boat will sink."

If this boat sank, they would have to jump into the water. Then... they would have to face those brutal blood lobsters.

"Enough?" Bu Fang was a little bewildered. Looking at the blood lobsters that had packed the boat, he frowned.

Moving his hand, all the lobsters were put into his system dimensional bag in an instant. Once the boat was cleared of its burden, it immediately sped up.

Bu Fang then turned around and continued to fish for more lobsters.

Ao Bai and the demon scorpion were speechless.

They couldn't help but pity those lobsters... The blood lobsters that used to swagger around the Endless Sea were now being fished nonchalantly.

After a while, Bu Fang stashed another boat-full of blood lobsters into his system dimensional bag.

Finally, he finished his fishing trip. The boat had almost approached the ancient black ship.

The number of blood lobsters reduced when they came near those ancient ships. It seemed something on the ship had affected those blood lobsters.


The small boat hit the ancient ship.

Ao Bai and the demon scorpion were astonished. They lifted their heads, checking out the ship that was five or six meters high in a daze.

From a distance, they didn't think the ancient-looking, black ship was big. But now, they found that it was really huge.

Rumble! Rumble!

All of a sudden...

A black rope ladder fell from the ship.

This rope ladder was made of some sort of spirit herb, which was really sturdy.

Bu Fang looked at the rope ladder and the big ship. Since they were surrounded by immense red water, except for boarding the big ship, they had no other choice.

Hence, Bu Fang didn't hesitate. He stepped out and climbed on the ladder. Instantly, his body soared, aiming at the big ship.

Ao Bai and the demon scorpion man followed Bu Fang.

The three of them then climbed the rope ladder to reach the deck of the ancient-looking black ship. After a while, they reached their destination.

Bu Fang's foot stepped, and his body leaped, falling on the deck. As soon as he landed, he shivered.

When Ao Bai and the demon scorpion man reached the deck, they were scared out of their wits.

This place was so quiet and absolutely dark. Moreover, the deck appeared ruined with thick layers of dust.

This black ship wasn't made of wood. The black deck they were standing on was made of some strange material. It felt rigid and cold.

Ao Bai didn't recognize this ancient ship. As for the demon scorpion man, he seemed to have some impression of the ship in his mind, but he couldn't remember which book he had read about this ancient ship.

This was the second time Bu Fang had seen this ancient ship. He recalled the time when he was at the Netherworld's Earth Prison, where he saw two ships tugging a bronze palace as they drifted on the Yellow Spring River.

Mysterious, strange, and inscrutable.

It had intrigued people. More importantly... those two black ships and the bronze palace now appeared on the Hidden Dragon Continent.

"This ruined ship... Who had just thrown us the rope ladder?" Ao Bai asked as he seemed to have something in his mind.

Bu Fang was dumbstruck, and the demon scorpion man looked frightened...

God knew who had dropped the rope ladder. There was nothing strange on this deck.

Bu Fang's target was the bronze palace because he found that the food fragrance actually came from there. Since this black ship was just an accessory, it wasn't his target.

Walking one round, Bu Fang came to the end of the ship, checking.

There were massive chains as big as a human's body connected to the bronze palace in the distance. Compared to the past, upon a closer look, that palace was much more imposing, majestic, and incredibly immense.

It was done with wonderful, incomparable workmanship.


Bu Fang's eyes focused.

By the great gate of the palace, Bu Fang seemed to see someone. A person was kneeling at the gate of that palace.

Also, the food aroma came from that gate.

That place... seemed to be the source of all secrets.

"Is that palace... what my ancestor had pursued?!" Ao Bai leaned against the deck, looking at the mysterious bronze palace in the distance as he exclaimed.

But how to get to that palace was another problem.

"Those chains are the way to get there..." said Bu Fang. Then, he didn't say anything else, turning around and walking into the cabin.

If they wanted to reach that palace, they must go inside the ship and walk on the chain.

Ao Bai and the demon scorpion man frowned. Eventually, they followed the other, entering the cabin.

Instantly, the three of them felt a flow of cold aura expanding through their bodies.

Ao Bai turned and saw nothing there, although he had just sensed some aura. His blonde brows furrowed. He made some sound, and two swords appeared in his hands.

The air and interior of the ship gave him the feeling of something dangerous.

Bu Fang walked ahead. He clasped his hands, walking through the ink-black ship. Compared to Nethery's Netherworld Ship, this black ship was bright enough.

The ship's interior was luxurious with many rooms. However, all of them looked shabby.

They walked to the stairs and descended. However, as soon as Bu Fang reached the first step, some thudding noise echoed.

A skeleton rolled down from the stairs, making Bu Fang frown.

It seemed that... somebody was in this ancient, black ship.

However, they couldn't see anyone.

Descending to the second floor, there existed a door. Pushing the door open, he saw the big, rough chains at the bottom.

"We can cross it from here..." said Bu Fang. Then, he turned around.

However, after turning around, he shuddered.

Because Ao Bai and the demon scorpion expert were not behind him anymore.

It was only him in this ancient, black ship.

How could he not see them?

Another illusory domain?

Bu Fang exhaled, quickly calming down. Well, if they disappeared, just consider them gone then.

He lifted his head, looking at the bronze palace in the distance.

He leaped up, landing on a big chain. The moment he stepped on it, the chain shook.

The chain connecting to the bronze palace was dozens of meters long, and each ship was connected to the palace by three chains. Thus, there were six chains in total.

At the moment, Bu Fang was on one of the chains in the middle.

He steadied his body, waiting for the chain to calm down. When it didn't shake anymore, he walked forward.

Neither fast nor slow, he moved toward the bronze palace. However, after each step, he felt his spirit sea surge further.

This sort of surging made Bu Fang frown.

The Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife in his head emitted a melodic dragon roar as a mental pressure appeared.

Bu Fang clasped his hands and continued to move further, stepping on the chain.

The chain began to shake again, but Bu Fang was as steady as a rock.

There was something mysterious about this chain. After every ten meters, Bu Fang would feel his mental energy boil harder.

This would be a headache to Bu Fang, but fortunately, his spirit sea was really vast, so the effect wasn't big.

At this moment, Bu Fang didn't know that Ao Bai and the demon scorpion man had landed and were now walking on the other two chains around him.

They couldn't see each other.

Ao Bai gritted his teeth. His eyes turned red as his head endured extreme pain. The surging mental energy irritated him a lot.

The demon scorpion man, on the other hand, was shivering.

All in all, the two of them just wanted to get rid of the chain and reach the bronze palace.

Bu Fang rubbed his forehead. In the last ten meters, the surging mental energy gave him a headache.

However, it was still within his endurance. During the last ten meters, his mental energy would surge higher on every step. It felt like his mental energy was about to ignite.

Bu Fang opened his mouth, breathing out hot air.

All of a sudden...

The moment Bu Fang took the last step and was about to enter the area of the bronze palace, his chain began to shake hard.

Bu Fang was bewildered.

He turned to look at the black ship behind him, seeing a figure covered in jet-black robe. That figure suddenly landed on the chain, making it tremble hard...