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 Light Wind Empire

Black clouds rolled over from a far distance as Nether energy covered the sky.

On the city wall, the guards were tensed and shivering, looking at the incoming dark clouds coming, their eyes frightened.

It reminded them of something familiar.

When those demons invaded them, the same apocalyptic scene had appeared. Moreover, it wasn't even as scary as right now.

The black clouds in the sky were like fangs of demons. They rolled and surged, suffocating people with their pressure

Outside the capital, on a vast wasteland, a demon army that was neither big nor small appeared. However, that army looked very formidable.

Some guards thought that they were reliving their old nightmares, and their legs softened.

The city gate squeaked as it was slowly lifted up. Eventually, it was closed, completely sealing the city.

Facing that demon army, everyone felt helpless.

Xiao Meng looked very stern as he stepped on the city wall. His wounds hadn't recovered yet, but being the protector of the imperial city, he must stand up at this critical moment.

In fact, he felt a little desperate. He understood how things would turn out when those demons appeared.

Previously, if Owner Bu hadn't come back all of a sudden, the Light Wind Empire would have been destroyed in just a short amount of time.

But now...

Those demons were coming to invade them once again, but they didn't know where Owner Bu had gone.

How could they stop these demons?

Or should they say... What could they use to stop these demons?

Meanwhile, at Fang Fang's Little Store...

The void suddenly cracked open.

A moment later, an icy black Netherworld Ship slowly emerged and landed on Fang Fang's Little Store.

Many people lining up outside the restaurant were scared.

Inside the restaurant, Ouyang Xiaoyi stepped out, full of curiosity. The moment she saw the ship, her face changed.

However, when she saw the golden Shrimpy flying out of the ship, her eyes brightened.

"Shrimpy! It's Owner Bu's Shrimpy!" Ouyang Xiaoyi squealed in joy.

Shrimpy seemed to see and recognize Ouyang Xiaoyi too. It slid out, twirling around her.

In the restaurant, many people were astonished. It was a gold shrimp they had never seen before.

Xiao Xiaolong got out of the kitchen with a cheerful face.

As Shrimpy used to stay in Fang Fang's Little Store, it wasn't strange that they knew it. Anyway, a gold shrimp was quite memorable.

Shrimpy landed on Ouyang Xiaoyi's head, crying out.

"You came to see Owner Bu?" Ouyang Xiaoyi asked with a smile. A moment later, she added, mumbling, "Oh, it's too bad that Owner Bu isn't in the restaurant... He's gone to the Celestial Arcanum Sect."

Shrimpy's eyes rolled for a while.

All of a sudden...

Everybody looked straight ahead as a graceful body slowly stepped out of the ancient-looking, black ship.

It was a sexy figure that accompanied an extremely beautiful face. Her straight and fair legs could seize people's souls...

Everybody was stunned, looking at her. This woman seemed to walk directly out of a painting.

Unimaginably beautiful!

With Shrimpy on her head, Ouyang Xiaoyi was a little bewildered.

Standing in front of Nethery, the little girl felt tiny. That woman was so cold and elegant.

Ni Yan was also very beautiful, not less than Nethery. However, standing in front of her, Ouyang Xiaoyi didn't feel inferior. She believed that she would become as beautiful as Ni Yan when she grew up.

Nethery retrieved the Netherworld Ship, looking at Shrimpy on Ouyang Xiaoyi's head. Her exquisite hand rose, and she hooked her finger.

Shrimpy turned into a jet of light, returning to Nethery's shoulder.

"Where's Bu Fang?" Nethery asked calmly.

"Bu... Owner Bu... to the door," stammered Ouyang Xiaoyi.

Striding, Nethery's graceful form entered the restaurant. The familiar decor and air made Nethery's eyes curious.

All of Bu Fang's restaurants had the same style?

"Bu Fang isn't here? Seems we have to move," Nethery said.

"You... What do you want to see Owner Bu for?" Ouyang Xiaoyi gathered her courage, asking.

Nethery was bewildered. She cocked her head to one side, her long and straight black hair cascading.

"Ah, not me. This little fellow... wants to see him." Nethery rubbed Shrimpy's head, speaking with an emotionless face.


However, while people were dazed seeing Nethery's peerless beauty, great explosions sounded from the direction of the Light Wind Empire's imperial city!

The terrifying outburst caused everyone to tremble as bad memories churned in their heads.

When the demons invaded them last time... it felt exactly the same!

Were they being invaded again?!

Everybody took a deep breath. Then, they ran wild, trying to escape. The restaurant became empty in just an instant.

Only Nethery was standing in the restaurant now.

Ouyang Xiaoyi paled, feeling desperate.

"The demons are invading again? This time... Owner Bu isn't here. How can we survive this danger?"



Dust rose high. Two red light dots were visible in the dust curtain.

Bu Fang and the young blonde man, Ao Bai, were bewildered.

A moment later, a giant scorpion's tail slashed towards Ao Bai's head.

The terrifying pressure had shaken the spirit energy in this area.

Ao Bai's eyes focused. A moment later, he turned into a jet of gold light, disappearing. When he reappeared, he was already far away.

"What are you?!" Ao Bai spat coldly.

As the other plunged from the sky, he must have found a chance. However, he attacked Ao Bai without a word. It wasn't appropriate.


Ao Bai's aura surged as gold light bloomed from his body.


The void shook once.

Ao Bai's body shot out, swishing and swooshing as he tore the air. He engaged in a battle against the giant demon scorpion that had just jumped out of the dust!

Formidable waves of air scattered, causing dust and rocks to fly around.

Bu Fang's eyes focused, but he didn't mind the wind billowing at him.

A jet of light fought against the demon scorpion in the sky. One was at the Great Ethereal Realm, and the other was an Almighty.

As they were both strong, their match couldn't be settled soon.

Gold light scattered.

Ao Bai suddenly fell on the ground. The ground cracked, shaking unceasingly.

He lifted his head, his eyes shrinking. A moment later, two gold sabers appeared in his arms.

Sword energy soared...

Bu Fang watched the two of them fight, his mouth twitching.

Turning around, he headed to the bronze palace.

In this valley, the food aroma in the air was getting even denser. It was so thick it could cause Be Fang to be emotionally moved.

He felt like he could see that secret food in the next moment.

Bu Fang walked deep into the forest and didn't bat an eye on the battle behind him.

A moment later, he got out of the forest surrounded by big trees.

In front of Bu Fang was a vast, empty land with a massive lake.

Two ancient-looking black ships floated in the middle of the lake, tugging a brass palace. At this moment, they just lingered in the lake.

It was what Bu Fang had seen through the jade token.

Two ancient-style, black ships, and an old bronze palace...

Everything looked familiar.

Apparently, they were the boats and palace he had seen on the Yellow Spring River. Why were they in the Hidden Dragon Continent right now?

Furthermore, they appeared in the Southern Region, where the heaven and earth spirit energy was the thinnest on the Hidden Dragon Continent.

As this subterranean world was under the Southern Region and it had thick spirit energy, it was really bizarre.

Bu Fang stood by the lake, watching the immense area with splashing waves as he took in deep breaths.

The lakewater was red as blood, but it didn't have any stench. It was somewhat similar to the Yellow Spring River.

Far from him, the battle between Ao Bai and the demon scorpion ended.

Although their battle didn't have a result, they decided to stop for the chance they were seeking.

"How could a human come here?!" The giant demon scorpion opened its mouth, its voice grumbling and reverberating.

Bu Fang looked at the demon scorpion for a while, but he found nothing interesting. This one looked a little stronger than the demon scorpion he had smashed with his wok and nothing more.

Bu Fang had tasted demon scorpion meat before, that's why he was no longer interested in them.

"That human is so weak. What are you afraid of?" Ao Bai sneered and didn't conceal the disdainful tone in his voice.

He was just a Divine Soul Realm human with a one-step soul ladder. Why would the Great Ethereal demon scorpion mind him?

"Me? Afraid? My pincer can clamp you stinky shrimp, to death!" the demon scorpion shouted.

However, it was just like what Ao Bai had said. Bu Fang was really weak, so the demon scorpion paid no more attention to him.

Would they, a Great Ethereal Realm and an Almighty, be unable to beat that insect to vie for the chance?

Ao Bai came to the edge of the lake, watching the rippling, blood-colored water. His face turned extremely stern.

"This water isn't erosive or poisonous, but it has a dangerous aura... Something terrible and powerful is under the lake!" Ao Bai said.

The expert from the demon scorpion race sneered. He paid no attention to that stinky shrimp's words.

Bu Fang didn't mind the other two. He walked directly toward a little dock.

A small boat was anchored by the dock. Apparently, that boat was for them to cross the lake.

"Lowly insect, indeed. Using a broken boat to cross the lake..."

The demon scorpion expert sneered. Then, he transformed to his humanoid form, becoming a beefy, rough man with a big scorpion tattoo on his body.

Although this world forbade them to fly, it was easy to cross the lake...

Taking one step, the Great Ethereal demon scorpion wanted to use his power to walk on the water surface to cross the lake.



Ao Bai's eyes shrank. He saw the demon scorpion step on the lake, but he sank before he could steady his body.

In just a moment, many shadows swarmed over to where the demon scorpion expert had just fallen.

Rumble! Rumble!

The demon scorpion transformed back into its true form. The scorpion's pincers clamped on the shore, trying to lift its body up. Blood-colored water splashed, splattering everywhere.

"That lake forbids people from flying and... subdues cultivation base too?"

The demon scorpion expert was frightened. As soon as he fell into the lake, he found a terrifying aura locking him down. Murderous auras came toward him from everywhere.

He had to return to his true form, using his massive body to get out of the water.

No wonder someone had set up a small dock here with a boat for them to cross the lake.

When Ao Bai saw what happened to the demon scorpion expert, he didn't say anything. He just dashed toward Bu Fang and the little boat.

Leaping, Ao Bai landed on the boat.

At this moment, Bu Fang was silently sitting cross-legged on the boat.

The demon scorpion turned into his human form, dashing toward the small boat as well.

Now, the three of them shared the boat.

The still little boat suddenly departed. Slowly, it headed toward the far area.

On the small boat, the faces of the expert from the demon scorpion race and Ao Bai were pale.

Their true energy was locked, so they had to depend on their physical strength only.

This big, bloody lake... was really strange.

The little boat slowly drifted away. It didn't move fast, steadily heading toward the two ancient, black ships.

Meanwhile, the shadows in the lake quickly jutted out of the water, showing their heads.

They scared Ao Bai and the demon scorpion expert out of their wits, causing their faces to pale even more.