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 The lava in the sky sloshed around, and sometimes, bubbles rose on its surface.

On the brown earth below, clouds of dust arose. A giant crab was running for its life.

It was running so fast that it covered a great distance in the blink of an eye.

Behind the crab was a young man, who was carrying a massive golden kitchen knife. The young man was sprinting after the big crab.

However, Bu Fang couldn't catch that hairy crab.

The crab, who was running wildly for its life, moved as fast as a bolt of lightning crossing a meadow.

Although Bu Fang was running as fast as he could, his true energy had only just reached the Divine Soul realm with a one-step soul ladder. Hence, all he could see was the giant crab getting further, with clouds of dust rising behind it.

Watching the cloud of dust scatter, the corners of Bu Fang's lips mouth curled begrudgingly. He wanted to use the crab to make a meal, but it had escaped.

He had planned to give the hairy crab an experience it had never had before.

He put away the Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife, and a cold light flashed as the jade token appeared in his hand.

It was this jade token that the huge crab had just fought the demon scorpion for. Many mysterious patterns had been carved on it.

The bronze palace it had projected in Bu Fang's mind was familiar. If his memory served him well, that was the bronze palace he had seen on the Yellow Spring River.

Back then, in the thick blood-red fog, two black boats had been tugging the bronze palace along the Yellow Spring River. The bronze palace and the two ancient black boats he had seen earlier looked exactly the same.

Taking a deep breath, Bu Fang raised his head. If he was not wrong, this jade token was the key to unlocking the secret of this massive hole.

There should be more than a few jade tokens. Hence, Bu Fang pulled himself together and continued on his journey through the wild, barren wasteland.

The wasteland was dry, and the temperature was high. Even the air was very dry.

His feet made a noise when he stepped on crushed rock, which rubbed against his soles. The noise could make one's scalp tingle.

However, the spirit energy in this area was really thick, unlike the Southern Region.

According to the information in the jade token, Bu Fang knew that the pond he had seen was located at the end of this wasteland. His goal now was to find that pond.

As he walked, he realized that this world had other living beings. He had seen long snakes slither across the wasteland.

Apart from the snakes, some very fast spirit beasts had crossed in front of him, moving as fast as an arrow, which caused dust to rise into the air.

Bu Fang took a cloak out from his system dimensional bag and put it on, shielding himself from the rising sandstorm.

The sandstorm finally rose, scattering sand and dust everywhere.

After a while, Bu Fang crouched to look at a white flower on the brown ground. As soon as he plucked the flower, the earth beneath it instantly cracked.

A gigantic bloody maw emerged from below and snapped at Bu Fang, in a bid to swallow him.

Apparently, the flower was a trap.

Bu Fang was a little astonished. He instantly soared into the sky, and the Black Turtle Constellation Wok appeared in his hand. Without a thought, he swung it down.


The owner of the bloody maw had also jumped into the sky with Bu Fang.

It had sprung like a spring.

It was a pangolin spirit beast, but many of its features differed from a real pangolin. At least, its mouth was filled with sharp fangs.

When the Black Turtle Constellation Wok struck its target, the spirit beast was dumbstruck, and it crashed to the ground with a loud thud.

Bu Fang hovered, expressionlessly looking down at the spirit beast.

His left hand jerked, and the gold light began to curl around it, revealing the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife in its grip.

A cold light flashed, and dragon might erupted from the kitchen knife.

As soon as the spirit beast felt the dragon might, it lied down on the ground and did not dare move anymore. The golden dragon might had subdued it, and it was shivering deep in its blood core.

"Using a flower as bait to hunt... You're smart, but you're not good enough to become a cooking ingredient. Anyway, I need a mount, so I guess I'll use you then," Bu Fang stated matter-of-factly, expressionlessly staring down at the spirit beast.

A moment later, he landed on the pangolin's back.

This spirit beast was smart, and it seemed to understand Bu Fang's intention. Living to see another day was the best outcome of this encounter anyway.

Immediately, it stretched and began to gallop.

This spirit beast moved so fast that it seemed to become one with the lava as he headed toward the far area.

Bu Fang sat cross-legged on the beast as his cloak fluttered in the wild, howling wind.

This spirit beast seemed to know the wasteland well. Soon, Bu Fang could see the end of the wasteland, where a range of mountains was situated.

Splash! Splash!

Suddenly, seawater surged out of nowhere and flooded the area. The spirit beast stepped on the water, creating bubbles underneath it, and continued running fast.

As Bu Fang looked at the seawater all around them, he furrowed his brows. He pressed one hand on the beast's head, making it slow to a halt above the water.

How could this place have so much water all of a sudden?

Bu Fang was a little skeptical. Had the oceanic species' experts arrived here already?

Bu Fang found that thought reasonable.

He jumped off the spirit beast. Before he landed, true energy covered his feet, allowing him to land and walk on the surface of the sea.

"Go, you've done a good job," said Bu Fang, patting the spirit beast's head.

The spirit beast had its scales fanned out. Without the slightest hesitation, it ran away, and soon, its figure had disappeared altogether.

Bu Fang cocked his head, looking at the vast sea around him.

His true energy covered him completely, and he slowly began to sink. Then, he realized that although seawater was everywhere, it wasn't really deep.

Rising back up the surface, Bu Fang headed towards the far area, where the mountain range was. The spirit energy there reached the sky.

That was his destination.

Suddenly, Bu Fang stopped. He had seen something really huge standing far away from him.

It was a gold shrimp, whose shell was radiating dazzling gold light. The shrimp just stood there, not moving, as the seawater rose around it.

A moment later, it sensed someone behind it and turned around, shooting its target a sharp gaze.

A horrible pressure suddenly descended on the area.

The gold shrimp was at the Almighty Realm. And, apparently, it did not think that a human could appear here.

The illusion at the entrance of the hole, not to mention the stone bridge after it, had stopped many Divine Soul Realm experts of its oceanic species.

Yet, this low and weak human was here... How could he have reached this place?

After looking at that human for a while, the gold shrimp didn't sense anything interesting. It turned back around, rolling its eyes in the process as it looked into the distance.

It was standing by a cliff, which had a massive valley underneath.

The valley stood in the middle of many mountain ranges, empty and silent.

This valley did not have the brown soil Bu Fang saw on his way here. Instead, it had many green trees and foliage. The trees were so tall that they reached the sky.

"Is this the place my ancestor tried hard to find, the secret domain? To seek transcendence in this world?"

The gold shrimp spoke human language.

Bu Fang was a little astonished. They were all shrimps, but why were they so different?


Gold light shot outward.

The gold shrimp suddenly began to transform, and soon after, it became a human.

Bu Fang's pupils dilated after witnessing the shrimp transform into a handsome, blonde, young man, who was clad in gold armor.

Why did even shrimps act so differently?

His Shrimpy, for example, was only good at sleeping. However, this gold shrimp could talk and transform.

When the blonde, young man sensed Bu Fang's look of surprise, he cocked his head at him.

"Human, know your place and leave. This is not a place you can visit. With your power, the thing here isn't something you can dream of," said the blonde, young man.

His voice was filled with disdain. In the young, blond man's eyes, Bu Fang was just too weak to garner his interest.

What he wanted was to find the chance that his ancestor had always wanted.

This same chance had caused his ancestor, an almost-invincible existence in the Endless Sea, to suffer while searching for it.

Since his ancestor did not find it, he could only find it now to make his ancestor's effort worth it.

Bu Fang acted as if he didn't notice the shrimp's disdain. He stepped on the hanging cliff, and then, from its dangerously high cliff, he jumped.

The seawater around moved with his body, becoming a bed of water, which embraced his body as he moved forward.

As he moved, the water bed reflected dots of light emanating from the glowing lava above it, making it look dazzling and magnificent.

The young man's beautiful blonde hair fluttered as he hovered in the sky. He looked aloof and elegant. Clasping his hands, he stepped on the water.

Suddenly, the young man's face stiffened.

Bu Fang's pupils dilated.

Rumble! Rumble!

The water bed seemed to lose control, and everything surged downward like a torrential downpour.

The young man couldn't hover in the sky anymore, and with a light swish, he fell into the valley below.

The sudden incident scared the blonde man, and the clumsy gestures he had made in panic looked funny.

The corners of Bu Fang's mouth twitched.

He released his mental force. Immediately, he sensed a strange wave of energy in the void.

This valley... forbade people from flying.

As the cliff was dozens of meters, the blonde man's fall would not end well for him.

But what did it matter?

Acting cool in front of Bu Fang... It was lucky that he did not decide to boil it and eat.

Bu Fang took a deep breath and dashed forward. When he reached the cliff, he raised one foot up, and with a loud swish, he leaped off the cliff.

His lean figure made an arc in the sky as he fell. His descent was so fast that he turned into a beam of light.

Bu Fang's Vermillion Robe fluttered, and the velvet rope tying his hair broke, causing his hair to flutter about in the wind.


He landed with a loud blast as his fall had created an enormous crater in the ground.

The blonde man coughed and crawled up from the crater. He looked at Bu Fang in embarrassment.

However, his cold and aloof demeanor soon surfaced.

"Human, I'm Ao Bai, third Crown Prince of Gold Shrimp Tribe in the Endless Sea. What happened today, you're not allowed to speak of it. Otherwise, you will not like the consequences!" The blonde man coldly gazed at Bu Fang as he said that.

"Well, there's a gold shrimp I often dip into my wok. I wonder if that little fellow is somehow related to you..." Bu Fang said, the corners of his lips rising.

Of course, he had not considered the shrimp's threat for even a second.

The blonde man was momentarily stunned, and then, he became enraged.

This fellow actually dared to dip a gold shrimp from its tribe into a pot?! A fat thief with guts!

However, Bu Fang was no longer paying any attention to the young man. He had just seen the bronze palace, and this made his expression serious.

However, as soon as he took several steps forward, a sonic boom erupted in the sky above him.


Terrifying waves of air expanded!

Suddenly, a giant demon scorpion with sparkling, red eyes appeared.