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 Boop! Boop!

Stone spikes shot from the bridge, one after the other. They pierced through flesh, causing blood to spray everywhere.

Chilling screams rang out.

The oceanic species' experts were being run through. The stone spikes had a strange suction capability that allowed it to suck all the blood of those it pierced, and even the souls of the spikes' victims were swallowed. Those experts did not have a chance to run away.

The stone bridge connecting the two lands was akin to a greedy beast. It had absorbed the blood and souls of the oceanic species.

In the distance, Bu Fang continued eating Dragon Blood Rice with his fragrant stir-fried scallop meat. It tasted so good, and its aroma was great.

He took a sip of Frost Blaze Path-Understanding Brew, and this made him feel even more delighted.

Bu Fang gazed at the set of corpses that littered the stone bridge. The souls, spirits, and true energies in the corpses of the oceanic species' experts were all gone.

Honestly, those experts would have made good cooking ingredients, but without their souls, spirits, and true energies, as cooking ingredients, they were just trash.

When Bu Fang felt full, he stood up. After putting away the Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife and Black Turtle Constellation Wok, he continued on his journey.


Amethyst Elder was moving incredibly fast, crossing the sky like a shooting star. His speed even caused sonic booms.

After crossing ten thousand rivers, he finally arrived at the Light Wind Empire.

At around ten thousand meters high in the air, a fine tear appeared in the void. It ripped open, and a figure emerged from within.

Amethyst Elder's hair was pointed upward like a stack of needles. His hands were clasped, and his eyes flickered like lightning.

In the blink of an eye, he turned into a beam of light, diving towards the Light Wind Empire.

He could sense the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk's aura down there.

When he landed, he walked through the bustling street, turning left and right at certain junctions. Eventually, he reached a quiet alley.

A moment after entering the small alley, Amethyst Elder spotted a restaurant-the only restaurant in that alley.

When he saw the restaurant, his eyes widened, and he sucked in a breath of cold air. This was because this restaurant looked exactly the same as the restaurant he saw in the Valley of Gluttony.

Why did both restaurants look exactly the same?

The restaurant was open for business, and people could be seen walking in and out. The atmosphere over there seemed extremely lively.

Amethyst Elder narrowed his eyes with curiosity. A moment later, he decided to enter the restaurant.

When he entered the restaurant, he found himself a seat, and a pretty, young girl walked over to take his order.

Amethyst Elder checked the menu without changing his expression. He really wanted to know how this restaurant differed from the other mysterious restaurant.

Hence, after ordering his food, he began to look around.

To be honest, this restaurant does not look strange.

However, when he decided to send out his mental energy, he was frightened to realize that it could not permeate the kitchen.

How could this be?!

Amethyst Elder's cultivation base had already reached an unfathomable level. After fusing with the demon eye from the Demon Eye Clan's Demon Lord, Amethyst Elder's cultivation base had advanced at a terrifying rate.

However, despite his current cultivation base, he couldn't see through the kitchen.

This left Amethyst Elder astonished. After a while, he perceived an aroma wafting out of the kitchen. Shortly after, Ouyang Xiaoyi came out with his food.

Amethyst Elder studied Ouyang Xiaoyi for a while. He even glanced at the kitchen once more. Then, he picked up his chopsticks and slowly enjoyed his meal.

However, he did not consider the dish to be anything special. To him, it was just so-so.

After all, he had eaten real delicacies during the Valley of Gluttony's Glutton God's Banquet.

Ouyang Xiaoyi was a little curious about this purple-haired man.

When she snapped out of her reverie only a moment later, she was startled to see that the purple-haired man's table was now vacant, and only a bag of crystals was left behind as payment. The man had already gone.

Amethyst Elder's long robe fluttered as he streaked across the sky.

He then headed towards the location of the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk, which he had sensed earlier.

He had just stopped by that restaurant only out of curiosity.

After eating a dish there, he decided to get straight down to business and destroy the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk.


Inside the big crystal mine

With his hands clasped, Bu Fang continued walking forward.

Heat continuously emanated from the ground as lava continued to surge and boil above.

Bu Fang ate the stir-fried scallop in his hands while walking. He could still perceive the aroma of that mysterious dish.

The smell was so good that he would not get angry if he had to continue smelling it for a long time.

The farther Bu Fang walked, the more astonished he became. This was because he had realized that the energy in the air got thicker as he advanced.

This place was still within the Southern Region. However, the spirit energy here was much thicker than he had ever expected. It seemed quite strange.

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

Exuberant noises rang out from an area far ahead.

While shoving cubes of stir-fried scallop into his mouth, which left his lips oily, Bu Fang dashed towards the source of the noise, where he assumed a battle was taking place.

A moment later, he arrived and saw that a battle was indeed taking place. It was a battle between experts of the oceanic species' and the demon scorpion race.

These experts had assumed their real forms, and they were fighting on a vast, empty land. Crushed rocks and dust kept soaring into the air.

Amidst the chaos, there was something glowing in a visually captivating manner.

Bu Fang watched events unfold while chewing his food. He found out that the glowing object was actually a token, which was made of the best quality crystal.

It looked like the experts of the oceanic species and demon scorpion race were vying for that token.

It was a giant crab fighting against a giant demon scorpion. Their death-or-life combat looked funny, though.

Bu Fang observed from a distance. He was not in no hurry to join the battle.

Those two were at the Divine Soul Realm and had almost reached the Almighty Realm. They weren't weaker than the leader of the water scorpion tribe, who Bu Fang had beaten up.

Their battle had caused a commotion.

The crab from the oceanic species wasn't really big. In fact, it was smaller than the demon scorpion. The demon scorpion was around three meters tall, while the crab was just around one meter. This did not factor in its two huge claws.

These claws made the crab look even more frightening than the demon scorpion.

Bu Fang watched them excitedly.

They both seemed evenly matched, and for the time being, neither of them could defeat the other.

Bu Fang just watched from afar. He had no intention to disturb them. No matter what, they were from the species with pincers, so he could only let them fight.

His Vermillion Robe fluttered gently. Soon, Bu Fang began to walk towards them at a leisurely pace.

With bloodshot eyes, the crab and the demon scorpion fought each other crazily. None of them had detected Bu Fang.

Bu Fang sauntered through the area where the monsters were fighting, heading towards the token.

The glowing token seemed to have some moving symbols on it.

Bu Fang furrowed his brows. Everything in this deep hole seemed mysterious, and he found them somewhat bizarre.

He glanced behind momentarily and saw that the demon scorpion was still engaged in a bloody battle against the crab. He then raised his hand and grabbed the token.

The moment he touched the token, a torrent of mysterious information rushed into his brain from it.

Bu Fang's eye glowed instantly. After that, a map appeared in his mind.

Suddenly, Bu Fang felt his mind travel ten thousand miles away in just a blink of an eye. He saw something in the distance.

It was a great lake.

The rippling water of the lake was blood-red, and an imposing bronze palace was situated on it. In front of the palace, two massive, ancient black boats were anchored.


Everything then disappeared.

Bu Fang pulled himself together as he was feeling a little dazed.

This token was the key. He believed that the palace he had seen was located somewhere in the world within this massive pit.


Why did that bronze palace and the two ancient black boats look so familiar?

Bu Fang immediately remembered where he had seen them...

Suddenly, he frowned. The commotion had ceased, and sounds of fighting could no longer be heard.

Bu Fang was bewildered.

A moment later, huge shadows loomed over him.


Something ripped through the air. A scorpion's tail streaked towards Bu Fang!

"Lowly human insect! You dared to trick us?! Die!"

The giant demon scorpion and the crab had stopped fighting. Their cold gazes were now fixed on Bu Fang.

They had been fighting for that token, but someone decided to steal it when their backs were turned. Unforgivable!

"Indeed, humans are all cunning and evil! Must be killed!" The giant crab's mandibles moved as it bellowed.


Bu Fang's figure flickered and turned into a silhouette as he vanished.

His afterimage was torn apart by the demon scorpion's tail. The tail pierced through the ground, making a deep hole.

Bu Fang landed far away from them. Holding the jade token, he expressionlessly stared at the giant crab and the demon scorpion.

Weren't they just having a dogfight over there? Why did they stop?

The crab and the demon scorpion charged at him.

"Dare to run?!" the demon scorpion roared.

"Brother Crab, use your claw to smash that human!" yelled the demon scorpion.

"Brother Scorpion, you're right! We must eradicate these despicable humans!"

The oceanic species' crab crawled rapidly, and suddenly, it leaped into the sky. With its pincers wide open, it was intent on reaching Bu Fang.

The crab and the demon scorpion had the same goal now.

Bu Fang was a little speechless.

Had these two buddies come here to do comedy?

Bu Fang didn't want to waste his time, though. The image of that bronze palace appeared in his mind, giving him a strange but familiar feeling.

He pulled out the Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife.

His true energy surged into the knife, and a dragon's roar reverberated all around as dragon might rose out of it.

The Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife grew in size rapidly, then Bu Fang placed it on his shoulders. He gripped the knife's handle with both hands, then took a deep breath.

After that, he dashed toward the giant crab and the demon scorpion.

The roar of a golden dragon pierced the sky.

The giant crab trembled, and the demon scorpion's tail stopped in midair. The latter's lantern-like eyes opened wide, looking at Bu Fang in fright.

The surging knife energy condensed into a formidable blade.



The demon scorpion was instantly cut in half as the arachnid's shell couldn't withstand the Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife's Overlord Thirteen Blades.

The huge crab was dumbstruck.

Seeing the demon scorpion get split in half in just one slash, the crab trembled, causing its giant pincers to shiver.

Are humans this brutal nowadays?!

So scary!

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

Without the slightest bit of hesitation, the crab moved all its legs and began fleeing the scene.

As that human could halve the demon scorpion with one strike, there was no doubt it could do the same to it too.

So, if it didn't run now, when should it run then?!

Farewell, Brother Scorpion. We won't meet again...

As Bu Fang watched the crab flee with all its might, the corners of his mouth twitched.

"How lively is that crab?! Really good... It must be a good cooking ingredient then."

Bu Fang grinned, putting the token into his system dimensional bag. He swung his huge kitchen knife over his shoulder before running after the crab.

"Hairy crab! Don't run!"

Steamed hairy crab... was the best.