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 Chapter 87: Killing a Pig with a Single Blow

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The Hidden Dragon Continent was vast and abundant with resources. There were many lofty mountains, unending mountain rivers, boundless seas, and even lakes shrouded in miasma.

The Wildlands was a vast plain that was situated outside of the Light Wind Empire's border. There was a large forest as well as a large lake within the plain. However, these were not the main point. The reason for the Wildlands' naming was that innumerous spirit beasts were living within the boundless plain. These spirit beasts were unevenly matched with variation in their strength.

Like a nested circle, the Wildlands was divided into three layers: outskirts, inner, and center. The strength of the spirit beasts scattered within each layer was different. The closer toward the center, the stronger the spirit beasts were... There were even rumors that ninth grade spirit beasts dwell in the center of the Wildlands.

Therefore, the center area of the Wildlands was also known as the forbidden region for humans. Even a seventh grade Battle-Saint would not dare to step into the area. In front of a ninth grade supreme beast, a human Battle-Saint was not any different from an ant.

The outskirts of the Wildlands.

With a series of explosions, hurricanes suddenly emerged and demolished the trees in the surrounding area. Three figures were rapidly moving between the trees while constantly releasing violent energies.

Amidst the hurricanes, two figures charged toward the spirit beast in front of them in an attempt to surround it. Their target was the spirit beast that was trying to escape.

The spirit beast's running speed was extremely fast and the aura exuding from it was very powerful as well. It was actually a sixth grade spirit beast. Electricity was constantly flickering over its body while producing hissing sounds. As it dashed through the area, a burning smell lingered in the air.

"Second brother! The Thunderfire Spirit Pig has slowed down! We must not let it escape!" A clear, tender voice rang out as a stream of true energy burst forth and struck the Thunderfire Spirit Pig running ahead of them.

With a roar, the Thunderfire Spirit Pig became even faster and directly knocked down a large tree. An electric arc jumped from its body and immediately set the broken tree on fire.

A man in green garments with fluttering long hair was chasing after the spirit beast while standing on a flying sword. While faintly smiling, he looked toward the Thunderfire Spirit Pig fleeing in a distance and said, "Junior sister, there's no need to hurry. Even though the Thunderfire Spirit Pig is a sixth grade spirit beast, it only has a strong defense. Its combat ability, speed, and stamina are weak. Soon, it'll obediently stop."

Next to the handsome man, an adorable young girl with large eyes was excitedly staring at the Thunderfire Spirit Pig. She had a smile on her face with two lovely dimples in her cheeks.

Suddenly, the man was slightly surprised for a moment as he puzzledly looked toward the distance.

The fleeing figure of the Thunderfire Spirit Pig suddenly stopped. In front of the spirit pig, the empty space had suddenly become distorted. Thereafter, a hurricane burst forth from the distortion. Bright specks of light were flashing within the hurricane.


With a loud explosion, the hurricane fell apart and a slender figure appeared within the magic array constructed with light.

With an angry roar, the Thunderfire Spirit Pig's speed was not inferior from before as it charged toward the slender figure that suddenly appeared. It was still a sixth grade spirit beast after all. Even if its combat abilities are weak, the impact caused by such a charge would still be devastating.

"Hmm? What the hell is this?" That slender figure seemed to still be in a daze. When he raised his head and noticed a pig fiercely charging toward him, he immediately raised his eyebrows and indifferently spat out the sentence.

"Be careful!" Even though the man in green garments did not understand how the slender young man suddenly appeared, he still threw out a warning out of goodwill.

The young girl with dimples following behind him had also turned pale from fright. She covered her eyes with hands as she did not dare to watch the tragic scene that was about to occur...

The man in green garments did not expect someone to suddenly appear in front of the Thunderfire Spirit Pig. Even though the combat power of the spirit beast was not strong, its defensive power was terrifying. With its tough skin and dense muscles, even a sixth grade Battle-Emperor would be seriously injured by its fierce charge. An ordinary person would most likely be immediately squashed into minced meat.

However, the scene that occurred in the next moment caused the expression of the man to suddenly freeze and his eyes to be filled with incredulity.

Despite facing the charge of the Thunderfire Spirit Pig, that young man seemed to be completely unfazed. There was no change in his expression and his eyes were as calm as water. He only saw an unassuming kitchen knife appear within the young man's hand.

"Are you serious... What's the point of taking out a kitchen knife when you're facing the charge of a Thunderfire Spirit Pig?" This was the first thought that the man in green garments had when he saw the kitchen knife.

However, the result was completely outside of his expectations. The speed of the Thunderfire Spirit Pig did not decrease at all, while the unassuming kitchen knife held by the young man actually started radiating a brilliant golden light. The man in green garments was unable to open his eyes due to the dazzling golden light.

After the light subsided, everything became quiet once more.

When the man in green garments saw the scene before him, his mouth slightly opened and his face was filled with horror and solemnity. The young girl next to him exclaimed in surprise as well and her large eyes opened even wider.

The Thunderfire Spirit Pig was actually split into two halves while it was still alive. Its gigantic body had fallen to the ground and blood was spilled everywhere. There was still some electricity jumping about within the pool of blood.

That young man put away his unassuming kitchen knife and walked toward the Thunderfire Spirit Pig while carrying a bundle. He squatted down next to the Thunderfire Spirit Pig and seemed to be observing its corpse.

The man in green garments and the young girl hurriedly descended and did not dare to make the slightest noise. By the fact that the person in front of them could kill the Thunderfire Spirit Pig which was known for its defensive power with a single blow, there was no doubt that he was definitely a powerful expert.

He might even be a seventh grade Battle-Saint!

"Your exce... Senior, what an amazing move! Killing the Thunderfire Spirit Pig with a single blow, you were truly awe-inspiring." The man in green garments had a smile on his face as he spoke to the young man who was observing the corpse of the Thunderfire Spirit Pig.

The young man expressionlessly lifted his head and glanced at the man in green garments and the girl with dimples standing behind him. He indifferently nodded and stood up.

"The meat of the Thunderfire Spirit Pig contains thunder and fire elements. It's a pretty good ingredient. Sadly, it's still quite lacking compared to the ingredient that I'm hoping to capture," the young man muttered to himself. However, these words sounded like thunder in the ears of the man in green garments.

"Gosh... He's definitely an exponent! Even the sixth grade Thunderfire Spirit Pig is not good enough for him, is he here to look for a seventh grade spirit beast?" the man in green garments thought.

"Hmm... What are your names? What are you doing here?" The young man asked the man in green garments while having an unchanging expression.

"Senior, I am Tang Yin, a disciple of the Celestial Arcanum Sect. This is my junior sister, Lu Xiaoxiao. Dare I ask your distinguished name?" Tang Yin respectfully said. After a closer observation, he realized the true energy fluctuation coming from the young man's body was actually not that strong. It was approximately around the level of a fourth grade Battle-Spirit. Even so, he still spoke in a respectful manner.

Fourth grade Battle-Spirit... How could someone with such a cultivation level dare to enter the Wildlands? Obviously... There was no way a person who could kill a sixth grade spirit beast with a single blow with a kitchen knife could be a fourth grade Battle-Spirit!

"Oh, my name is Bu Fang. I am a chef. I am from... err, the Light Wind Empire." Bu Fang earnestly introduced himself as well.

"Eh... Ah? A chef? Did you really just introduce yourself as a chef?" Tang Yin thought.

Both Tang Yin and Lu Xiaoxiao had weird expressions on their faces. They had to admit that the hobbies of the powerful were indeed difficult to fathom. Their own master, the third elder of the Celestial Arcanum Sect, spent a lot of time researching culinary in the kitchen as well.

"Senior, could you sell this Thunderfire Spirit Pig to us? My junior sister and I came all the way to the Wildlands for the sake of this Thunderfire Spirit Pig..." Tang Yin said while performing a fist and palm salute.

Bu Fang thought for a moment as he glanced at the corpse of the Thunderfire Spirit Pig. The corners of his mouth widened into a smile as he said, "You can have it, since I don't need this ingredient anyway. Other than cooking, there should be no other uses for the meat of the Thunderfire Spirit Pig. Are the two of you chefs as well?"

Tang Yin's pupils slightly constricted as the admiration in his heart toward Bu Fang suddenly blossomed. As expected of a senior! He actually figured out their intentions for collecting the Thunderfire Spirit Pig with a single glance! He was right! They were there in order to collect ingredients for their master!

"It doesn't matter whether you're a chef or not. I have a question to ask the two of you." Bu Fang interrupted Tang Yin who was about to reply and said, "Do you know whether there's an ingredient far superior than this Thunderfire Spirit Pig in the surrounding area?"