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 After plunging into the pitch-black hole, Bu Fang kept falling.

The entire place was completely dark, so Bu Fang couldn't see the bottom. It was an extremely terrifying sight.

His fluttering Vermillion Robe flapped began to glow, and shortly after, it created a layer of air that slowed down Bu Fang's fall.

With a low thud, Bu Fang's feet touched the ground. The heat emanating from the ground warmed him.

With an indifferent expression on his face, Bu Fang looked around the place. However, a moment later, his expression changed into one of astonishment.

This crystal mine looked completely different from the one he visited in the past.

This underground area was a massive cave someone had hollowed out. The cave was inlaid with so many glowing crystals, which were filled with energy.

Bu Fang had landed on a narrow edge protruding from the wall of the big hole.

This narrow path was wide enough for only one person, and it curved downward along the cave's stone wall. Bu Fang couldn't see where it ended.

Below the small path was a bottomless abyss, which resembled the mouth of a huge demon, waiting to swallow whoever falls into it.

The surrounding was dead silent. Bu Fang could not even see a shadow belonging to the oceanic species' experts and the demon scorpion race's experts, who had entered the pit before him. It was quite strange.

However, this did not bother him too much. He crinkled his nose as he smelled the dish aroma in the air. This made him even more curious, but for now, he could only sigh.

How could this abyss-like pit contain the aroma of a dish?

What kind of secret was it hiding?

With his hands clasped behind him, Bu Fang walked down the narrow path.

He was moving neither fast nor slow, and the narrow path seemed endless. After walking for a long time, he could not see the end of it.

This made Bu Fang a little annoyed. It was as though he was stuck in a loop.

Rumble! Rumble!

Bu Fang stopped moving. The sounds rolled down the vertical cliff, down the narrow path, and into the darkness below. After only a few moments, their echoes were replaced by silence.

This was enough to realize that the pit was really bottomless.

It was indeed strange.

Bu Fang looked around, but he saw only darkness.

His mental energy began to surge, and huge waves rose up on his spirit sea.

However, his mental energy, which he had always used to great effect, suffered a heavy loss this time. He could not spread it out wide enough, as if it was being suppressed by a mysterious but powerful force.

It made Bu Fang's mind tighten.

He briefly looked at the abyss below, then he shifted his gaze to the seemingly endless path he was on. A moment later, the corners of his lips curled upwards.

Bu Fang reined in his mental energy, sending it back into his spirit sea. He turned to the edge of the narrow path and took a step forward, not caring about the bottomless abyss below.

One step...

...and his surroundings instantly changed.

Darkness vanished, and the dazzling glow emanating from crystals filled his eyes.

The entire cave was illuminated, and the scenery was incredibly beautiful.

Indeed, it was the entire cave.

Besides Bu Fang, there were oceanic species' experts and experts from the demon scorpion race in here, and they were all lying on the ground with their eyes closed and steady breaths.

It seemed that they were trapped in an illusion. Unless they had the guts to step on the air above the abyss, they would not be able to come out of it.

However, the experts lying around him were a small number compared to those who had ventured into the mine. The experts here were not particularly strong-most of them were at the Divine Physique Echelon Realm, while the rest were at the Divine Soul Realm.

The Almighty experts may have already discovered the presence of an illusion, dispelled it, and left the cave already.

The thick aroma of that mysterious dish filled the air. Paying no more attention to the experts around him, who were still deep within the illusion, Bu Fang headed out of the cave.

Outside the cave was another world.

Above him, lava poured down, and thunderous booms rang out from time to time. The pouring lava illuminated the entire place.

With his hands clasped, Bu Fang walked forward. The ground beneath him looked a little dry. Apparently, this world had dry weather and high temperature.

Just after walking out of the cave, Bu Fang noticed a massive stone bridge not too far from him.

The stone bridge looked so natural that it seemed to be a part of the stone mountains. Sharp stone spikes protruded on it.

There were many corpses on the bridge as well, and they had all been pierced through by the spikes. Some corpses were dried off, and some had been reduced to white skeletons.

That air over there stunk of death.

Bu Fang instantly became vigilant.

The mysterious aroma was even thicker here, and he couldn't help licking his lips. He was somewhat hungry.

However, he had no plan to cook now. He wanted to cross the stone bridge first.

Some of the corpses on the bridge belonged to oceanic species' experts and demon scorpion race's experts. There were also many corpses belonging to foreign races who had died on the bridge a long, long time ago.

"How did that human get here?"

Some oceanic species' experts, who had just woken up from their illusions, walked out of the cave and saw Bu Fang in the distance.

Without waiting for an answer, they roared.

Bu Fang turned around and looked at them. Why would humans be unable to get here?

Paying no more attention to the roaring oceanic species' experts, Bu Fang dashed toward the stone bridge.

As soon as he set foot on the stone bridge, a terrifying pressure instantly weighed down on him.

Swish! Swish!

The surface of the stone bridge trembled, and suddenly, spikes shot out from underneath, intent on piercing through him.

Those experts had met their makers because of these spikes.

Bu Fang's mind flickered, and he instantly stepped to the side, dodging the spikes.

However, more spikes shot of the ground almost immediately. With no time to catch his breath, Bu Fang began to run forward while dodging the spikes, his figure becoming a blur as he did so.

The oceanic species' experts watching from afar were dumbstruck. That human's speed was really frightening.

It is important to note that the mental energy of these spectating oceanic species' experts was at the Divine Soul Realm, yet they had only just shrugged off the illusion. At that moment, watching Bu Fang, they felt intimidated. Bu Fang's agility and movement speed were really shocking.

"This human is so strong!"

"Look at those spikes. Once you get hit, your speed will falter, and you will be pierced through..."

"This stone bridge is the first challenge? It looks so horrible!"

Those experts couldn't help commenting on the scene before them. The longer they gawked, the lower their jaws dropped. They could not help sucking in breaths of cold air.

Bu Fang released his mental energy, and shortly after, he grasped the rhythm. His body, which was as light as the butterfly, swiftly moved between the gruesome stone spikes. The tips of his feet gently touched one stone spike, and using it as a springboard, he leaped out of the stone bridge.

It wasn't really hard to pass this stone bridge. All he did was focus his mental energy.

However, it stands to reason that if his mental energy was not strong enough, the spikes would have run him through.

The stone spikes were capable of seizing the souls of their victims. Even the souls of Divine Soul Realm experts would be unable to escape after their bodies were stabbed by the stone spikes.

Hence, Bu Fang's feat had greatly exceeded the estimations of the spectating oceanic species' experts. They could not help glancing at each other.

That human didn't look strong, and if he could pass the bridge, so could they.

These oceanic species' experts had absolute confidence in their abilities.

Bu Fang was a Divine Soul Realm expert with a one-step soul ladder, so they, experts who already had several soul ladder steps, should naturally have no problem crossing the bridge safely.

Hence, the oceanic species' experts walked to the stone bridge and stepped onto it.

After their first steps, however, they immediately felt regret.

Although their nerves were already really tense, the moment they stepped on the stone bridge, their mental energy was stretched taut.


The eyes of the oceanic species' experts turned red. They began to move as fast as they could in a bid to dodge the stone spikes.

The sudden feeling had almost broken them down.

However, if Bu Fang could pull it off, then so could they. Their belief in this was absolute.

Bu Fang was a little surprised. Although the mental energy and true energy he had could not match theirs, he had spent a part of his power to cross that stone bridge.

The oceanic species' experts on the bridge had not died yet.

Meanwhile, the wind brought in the aroma of the mysterious dish. When Bu Fang inhaled it, he began to feel hungry again.

His gaze returned to the oceanic species' experts crossing the stone bridge. Since he was too lazy to move, he flipped his hand, and the Black Turtle Constellation Wok appeared above it.


He smashed the wok into the ground, and the earth below trembled.

In the distance, the hearts of the oceanic species' experts, who were rushing across the stone bridge, began to palpitate. Their tongues hung out from exhaustion.

What did that human want to do?!

Why had he taken out his wok on the other side of the bridge?

However, they did not have the time to ponder on think. They could only shift all their focus towards reaching the end of the bridge in one piece.

Bu Fang pulled out the giant scallop he had taken at the entrance of the pit.

The scallop shell was already broken, so the meat within could be seen. Bu Fang was really satisfied with the scallop meat's texture.

The Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife emerged in a swirl of golden light. Bu Fang used it to cut the broken shell. Next, he used the knife to dig the scallop's meat out of its shell.

Bu Fang was surprised when he saw the huge slab of scallop meat.

An arc of light appeared in the air as the Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife was swung at the scallop meat, cutting up a small block of it.

Using the Meteor Knife Technique, the kitchen knife moved through the air like a shooting star as it minced the scallop meat into small cubes.

After that, Bu Fang spouted a ball of the mysterious Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame. When the flame heated up the wok, he added oil.

Sizzle! Sizzle!

The temperature within the Black Turtle Constellation Wok kept rising. Bu Fang wiped his wet hands, then he began to cook.

First, he poured all the ingredients he had prepared into the wok, and after that, he began to stir the food. Sizzling sounds rang out, and the aroma of his dish permeated the air.

Meanwhile, on the stone bridge, the oceanic species' experts were dumbstruck.

That guy was something!

While they were focused on dodging the rapid stone spikes, he was taking it easy there, cooking?

Furthermore, the ingredient he was cooking was also a part of their oceanic species!

The cheek... was worth him being stabbed one thousand times!

The aroma of Bu Fang's dish continued to waft into the air, but it was not as thick as the aroma of the mysterious dish he smelled earlier.

After adding and stirring in the garnish, Bu Fang minced the chopped scallop meat and poured it into the wok.

Clouds of steam instantly rose out of the wok!

A thick aroma of stir-fried seafood surged into the air.

It smelled so good.

Bu Fang held the Black Turtle Constellation Wok with one hand while he held a ladle in his other hand. A couple of times, he shook the wok vigorously before tipping it a little, causing the food in it to fly into the air!

Sizzle! Sizzle!

More steam surged out of the wok.

He took out a white jade jar and removed its lid, revealing the cool liquor liquid within.

When he poured the cooking liquor into the wok, a thick smell of wine combined with the aroma of scallop meat, which was already permeating the air.

After adding half of a spoon of Abyssal Chili Sauce, Bu Fang's dish became even more visually captivating.

He continued to shake the wok for a little while longer, mixing the ingredients within. Soon, all the ingredients were well-mixed and well-cooked.

Bu Fang tipped the dish into a fancy blue-and-white porcelain plate.

Cubes of scallop meat jiggled slightly, displaying their beautiful color while emanating a nose-numbing aroma. Anyone who perceived the aroma would want to eat the dish right away.

The oceanic species' experts were dumbfounded.

After adding the Abyssal Chili Sauce, a spicy fragrance surged together with the pleasant aroma of the dish. This aroma had reached the oceanic species' experts.

It was enough to make one's nose hot and itchy.

More importantly, the attractive aroma... also contained the fragrance of their oceanic species' scallop.

Holy sh*t!

Definitely worthy of being stabbed one thousand times!

Bu Fang really was a little hungry. After preparing some Dragon Blood Rice, he sat cross-legged and began to eat his rice and stir-fried dish, watching the exhausted oceanic species' experts struggle through the stone bridge.

He used his chopsticks to pick up a piece of scallop meat. Steam could be seen wafting from the meat between his chopsticks.

Bu Fang shifted his gaze to the red-eyed oceanic species' experts, then he put the scallop meat into his mouth.

When he bit down on it, meat broth splashed out.

The horror-stricken oceanic species' experts gawked at Bu Fang. They suddenly began to stagger as their bodies became stiffer.