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 With the Black Turtle Constellation Wok, which had an earthen-yellow glow, Bu Fang moved like a shooting star as he plunged down from the sky towards the bottomless pit.

As he was falling really fast, the Vermillion Robe fluttered unceasingly.

The oceanic species experts stood around the deep pit. Their auras weren't weak in the slightest since some were at the Almighty Realm, while some were at the Divine Physique Echelon Realm.

The demon scorpion race's experts, who were also guarding the hole, weren't weak, either.

The Almighty experts and the existences at the Great Ethereal Realm had ventured into the deep pit to search for its secret. As for the rest who stayed by the hole, they did it to prevent troublemakers from going in.

To the demon scorpion race and the oceanic species, Bu Fang was a troublemaker, so they wanted to stop him. This made them scream and curse loudly around the pit.

Standing there was a huge oceanic species' commander, who had a massive shell on his back. When it spotted Bu Fang approaching, it yelled and dashed towards him.

His aura surged, and shackles appeared above his head.

The experts of the oceanic species were creatures from the Hidden Dragon Continent, so they used the Divine Physique Echelon Realm and Divine Soul Realm, the same cultivation system used on the continent.

The experts of the demon scorpion race were from the Ruin Prison, so their cultivation system was different from the Hidden Dragon Continent's experts. They used the ranks like Great Ethereal Realm and Heavenly Ethereal Realm.

Bu Fang's face was calm as his speed of descent didn't change.

The experts from the seperntmen tribe were all ready to see Bu Fang made a fool of.

Bu Fang was facing a group of Divine Realm experts. That human couldn't tell life from death. By directly descending like that, he was courting death.

The expert with the shell looked terrifying, and his aura was so intense that it caused the sky to tremble.

All the experts from the seperntmen tribe were suppressed by this expert.

However, to Bu Fang, this expert was just too weak.

To Bu Fang, who had seen the Earth Prison's Blood Illuminating Dragon, the aura of this scallop expert was nothing but a joke.

Hence, he did not halt his descent. The Black Turtle Constellation Wok shook as his grip on it tightened. Then, the black-and-white bandaged arm made an arc in midair as it swung downward.

The sound of air being forcefully parted rang out.

The scallop expert was frightened by the incoming force. When he felt that force, he roared wildly.

That expert then spat out a white pearl at the incoming Black Turtle Constellation Wok.

This was the Scallop expert's attack. The pearl was strong enough to pierce through the body of a Divine Physique Echelon Realm expert!

A low thud rang out.

When the pearl hit the Black Turtle Constellation Wok, it was instantly shattered, which scared the scallop expert out of his wits.

How was that human so strong?

The scallop expert could not dodge the Black Turtle Constellation Wok in time, so his body glowed before transforming into a giant scallop.


The wok struck the shell brutally. Unable to bear the force, the scallop trembled fiercely and was broken as well.

The expert screamed as his shell was smashed.

Bu Fang continued falling into the deep hole. Suddenly, a dense fragrance assaulted his nostrils.

"That smell..." Bu Fang furrowed his brows in thought.

Moments later, his pupils dilated. He could perceive the Yellow Spring Grass from that food's aroma!

Yellow Spring Grass...

Didn't the Yellow Spring Grass grow at the bank of the Yellow Spring River?

Bu Fang was so frightened that his hair stood on end. How could a dish get such an aroma?

How could the Yellow Spring Grass appear on the Hidden Dragon Continent?

Bu Fang found the prospect unimaginable. As he descended, the aroma got denser.

He frowned because, as of now, he could not cook a dish that emitted such a strong aroma.

What did this mean?

It meant that whoever cooked the dish with such an aroma was a better cook than he was!

There was actually a chef on the Hidden Dragon Continent who had better cooking skills than him?

Although Bu Fang did not know much about the three Prisons in the Netherworld, he was sure that, on the Hidden Dragon Continent, he was number one at the Valley of Gluttony, not to mention that he could be considered a first-grade chef.

Now, however, it seems that there was someone better than he was.

Bu Fang exhaled, feeling pressure in his heart.

As someone who seeks to become the God of Cooking in this fantasy world, thereby topping its food chain, Bu Fang knew that it wasn't easy to venture on the path that he had.

"System, do you know what dish this is?" Feeling his heart sink, Bu Fang could not help asking the system.

However, the system remained silent. It did not answer him even after he had waited for a while. It's either it did not want to tell him what dish this was, or it knew nothing about it, so there was nothing to tell him.

Nonetheless, knowing how difficult the system could be, Bu Fang figured it was impossible that it did not know the name of the dish.

This made Bu Fang grow even more curious, causing him to lose his cool.

It turns out that there was no limit to the number of people who were really talented at cooking in this world. He was not alone here!

Bu Fang's eyes lit up. He gripped the Black Turtle Constellation Wok, and the speed of his descent increased.

The experts from the demon scorpion race roared at him, but Bu Fang struck them all with the wok.

The weight of the Black Turtle Constellation Wok wasn't something these experts could resist.

Suddenly, Bu Fang came to a halt and turned around, looking at the huge scallop he had just smashed. The look in his eyes made the experts of the oceanic species shiver.

"This scallop looks good."

Bu Fang was moved. He seized the scallop immediately and put it into his system dimensional bag.

The people around looked frightened. This man was so horrible! He had smashed the scallop and left, only to return moments later to use it as an ingredient!

The experts from the seperntmen tribe, who were standing at a distance, looked dumbstruck. They could not help rubbing their eyes in disbelief.

What was going on?

Had their visions just blurred?

Why were the experts of the oceanic species unable to destroy that human?

Why did the oceanic species' scallop expert get smashed by the human's wok instead?

Oh my god!

Is the human... that strong?

Yu Fu was just as bewildered. She had never imagined that Owner Bu could become this strong. She had only been able to observe him back when they were still in the Light Wind Empire, and even then, Owner Bu was not really strong.

But now, Owner Bu... had just used a wok to smash a Divine Realm expert.

Could this mean that Owner Bu himself had reached the Divine Realm?!

How long had it been?!


The other experts of the serpentmen tribe seemed to be nursing the same thought.

Was their empress chatting with a Divine Realm expert?

Seeing Bu Fang put the smashed scallop away, the experts of the oceanic species were incredibly frightened. The scallop expert was their leader, who was in charge of protecting the entrance of this deep hole, but now, he had just been smashed and became someone else's cooking ingredient!

After taking the scallop, Bu Fang looked at the demon scorpion he struck earlier. The corners of his mouth twitched, but he decided to ignore it.

Eating the demon scorpion... didn't really have any meaning.

Moments later, his gaze shifted to the bottomless pit.

Bu Fang knew this big crystal mine as he had taken Shrimpy from there. However, the big crystal mine had changed now. Even he felt the strange aura.

However, what he was most curious about was that mysterious aroma emanating from the crystal mine.

Paying no more attention to the experts of the demon scorpion race and oceanic species around, Bu Fang stepped forward and dived.

The experts of the demon scorpion race were a little baffled. Why had he taken only the scallop, leaving behind their fellow demon scorpion experts unharmed?

Did he despise the demon scorpion race?

If they knew that Bu Fang had eaten a lot of demon scorpions and was now too lazy to pick up any more, their thoughts would change.

Rumble! Rumble!

Bu Fang's speed of descent was so fast that his surroundings turned jet-black.

The rushing wind caused his Vermillion Robe to flutter wildly.

The Black Turtle Constellation Wok, which was still in his grasp, turned into green smoke and vanished.

Bu Fang's hair fluttered in the wind as he kept falling.

It almost seemed as if this deep hole... was really bottomless.


Taotie Restaurant, Valley of Gluttony

The restaurant was closed.

Early in the morning, Chu Changsheng left the restaurant with his hands clasped behind him, heading towards the restaurant next door to check out the owner's cooking skill.

As Owner Bu wasn't here, no one cooked meals for him, so he had to take care of himself.

Underneath the Path-Understanding Tree was Lord Dog, who was lying on its stomach. He was fast asleep, and his breaths caused its body fat to jiggle.

Beside the sleeping Lord Dog was Flowery, who was sitting cross-legged. Wisps of true energy surged out of her.

The wisps of energy were like winding silk threads, which exited and re-entered her constantly.

Flowery's gold dress had changed a little bit. It now had a red tinge, and it seemed like she would get a second color soon.

Once Flowery's color changed, her power would advance one more level.

After the Seven-colored Sky Devouring Python changed its color seven times, its power would reach a terrifying level, one that was beyond the imagination of ordinary people.

At five colors, a Sky Devouring Python would become mature. Once it reached maturity, the Seven-colored Sky Devouring Python would be considered a real divine beast.

Shrimpy was lying atop Flowery's head. As her aura changed, Shrimpy seemed to be absorbing the wisps of energy she emitted.

The Netherworld Ship hovered beside Lord Dog. Nethery was really bored as she sat at the edge of the ship, swinging her legs.

Suddenly, Shrimpy stretched. Its eyes opened, and a divine halo-like glow flickered within them.

A moment later, Shrimpy shrieked before soaring into the air at high speed.

Nethery was a little astounded at Shrimpy's behavior. Looking at the shrimp in surprise, she asked, "Hey, little fellow, are you okay?"

Moving its little legs simultaneously, the shrimp shot around the restaurant like a bolt of gold lightning.

As Nethery didn't understand what was going on, she could not help narrowing her eyes.

Shrimpy rolled its eyes, and a few moments later, it landed on Nethery's shoulder.

Suddenly, a strange flow of thought entered Nethery's mind. When Nethery received Shrimpy's message, her eyes brightened!

She looked at Shrimpy with glowing eyes and said, "Don't rush. I'll take you there."

Nethery stood up and gently patted Shrimpy's head.

With a single thought, a tear appeared in the air, and the Netherworld Ship sped in, vanishing instantly.

After the Netherworld Ship disappeared, Lord Dog, who was still beneath the Path-Understanding Tree, slowly opened his eyes and yawned. This caused the excess fat on his face to jiggle.

"Heading to that little town in the Southern Region? Oh... Finally, that secret in the Southern Region will be revealed. Anyway, what does it matter to Lord Dog? Things I can see but can't eat cannot be compared to Bu Fang's real Sweet 'n' Sour Dragon Ribs."

After saying that, Lord Dog checked Flowery, who seemed like she would transform soon. The dog mumbled before shaking slightly.

A strand of hair fell from him, and before it hit the floor, it turned into pure energy and twirled around Flowery. A moment later, it entered her body.

Seeing this, Lord Dog yawned once more before going back to sleep.