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 "Your Highness, not good! The oceanic species are carrying out a large-scale invasion. They're marching toward that deep pit!"

He was a seventh-grade battle saint, yet, at this moment, he was filled with fear.

His fright affected everyone in the hall, causing them to become scared.

To the serpentmen tribe, the oceanic species' invasion was much more terrifying than the demons' invasion.

Every time the oceanic species attacked, they had brought about horrible disasters to the serpentmen tribe.

Yu Fu's eyes widened in disbelief.

"Why have the oceanic species come once more? They have been quiet for a long time, starting from when the Serpentmen Sovereign went there, so why would they invade our serpentmen tribe again?"

Although Yu Fu was surprised, she did not panic.

With the large number of crystals that the serpentmen had excavated from the big crystal mine so far, they had nurtured several experts. These experts should be sufficient to resist this attack.

Yu Fu calmed down, but a moment later, she realized something strange.

"Wait a minute. What did you say those oceanic species invaders were doing?" Yu Fu asked the seventh-grade battle saint.

She seemed to have something on her mind.

That expert was bewildered at first, but after a short while, he replied, "The invading experts of the oceanic species are heading towards the big crystal mine. The same one that just caved in."

The big crystal mine?!

The big crystal mine again?!

In their bewilderment, many people sucked in breaths of cold air. This big crystal mine was the reason why the oceanic species had attacked them last time. And now, it was happening again.

What was in that big mine that had attracted the oceanic species' experts?

Bu Fang was a little perplexed.

Last time the oceanic species invaded the mine, he was there. It was at that time he found Shrimpy in the crystal mine.

And now, they had attacked again?

What was this all about?

Bu Fang had already taken Shrimpy, who was the Shrimp Ancestor of the oceanic species, out of a crystal essence in the crystal mine, so the oceanic species definitely had not come here for their Shrimp Ancestor.

Their target this time was a complete mystery.

Bu Fang rubbed his chin, pondering.

As Yu Fu was now preoccupied with this, she stopped chatting with Bu Fang and ordered her people to take the latter to his room to rest.

After that, Yu Fu followed her experts towards the big crystal mine.

That big crystal mine was a dreadful place. Two seniors of their serpentmen tribe had died there.

Those senior experts were among the best in the serpentmen tribe, and each of them was valuable and precious.

Yet, now, the tribe had lost both. To the serpentmen, the loss was tremendous.

As Bu Fang watched Yu Fu leave, his eyes twinkled.

A young serpentwoman took Bu Fang to his room, her snake tail meandering ahead of him. Soon, they reached a room that had been prepared well for him.

"Sir, if you need anything, please call me."

The serpentwoman curtsied to Bu Fang, then left the room.

Ni Yan felt sleepy. As soon as she got into the room, her eyes closed as she groped her way toward the bed.

Bu Fang glanced over at her.

A moment later, the sound of Ni Yan's snores echoed around the room.

Bu Fang was really curious about that big crystal mine. More accurately, he was curious about the aroma that had seeped out of the mine.

Was the aroma really seeping out of the crystal mine? There was no chef inside the mine, but the aroma was good enough to charm people. Did this mean that a dish that was forgotten in there had become a ghost?

Since Bu Fang was curious, he wanted to go down there to check it out himself. What if there really was an incredibly delicious dish in that big crystal mine?

He opened the door and saw the serpentwoman from before standing outside the room. She looked at Bu Fang in surprise.

"Take care of the woman sleeping in this room," Bu Fang said to the serpentwoman.

That maid nodded and watched him leave.

Bu Fang moved really fast. Gradually, he soared into the air. The Vermillion Robe on his body flapped, making some loud sounds.

Using his memory, it would be easy for him to locate the big crystal mine.

However, after taking just one glance, Bu Fang was bewildered.

In the distance, monstrous rogue waves reached the sky. As the heavy seas rumbled, he could see countless sea beast wielding weapons.

What had caught Bu Fang's attention, however, was the leader of this crowd of oceanic species-it was a glowing gold shrimp.

What was going on? Was that guy Shrimpy?

Bu Fang was bewildered. He squinted his eyes, looking even more carefully.

Unlike Shrimpy, who was little, this gold shrimp was huge and wild. The aura it emitted was imposing, and its dazzling gold armor had many delicate lines.

This gold mantis shrimp was at the Almighty Realm, but it wasn't a purebred shrimp like Shrimpy.

Shrimpy's relative?

Apart from the gold shrimp, there was something else that caught Bu Fang's eye-the huge hole about three hundred miles away from the serpentmen tribe's territory.

That hole crossed the Illusory Spirit Swamp, and it looked bottomless.

The oceanic species' experts rode the high waves, rushing forward as fast as they could. As the rogue waves crashed down, they created large expanses of seafoam.

Under the protection of the serpentmen tribe's experts, Yu Fu arrived at a location several miles away from the hole. From where they stood, the hole looked so colossal that it left them shaken. They could also see the mighty waves bringing over tens of thousands of oceanic species' experts!

It was absolutely a disaster!

The experts of the serpentmen tribe were baffled as the terrifying pressure that filled the air left them frozen.

They had never felt this pressured.

In front of the oceanic species' experts, even the serpentmen tribe's experts dared not breathe hard, nor were they brave enough to emit their auras.

These Almighty experts clearly understood that once they got up there, they would die.

The gold mantis shrimp that led the experts of the oceanic species looked so frightening! It looked like a demon that had crawled out of the Endless Sea!

Bu Fang hovered in the sky, frowning.

As the invaders this time were from the oceanic species, it was certain that the serpentmen tribe would not be able to survive.

Just the terrifying rogue waves, which kept surging high into the sky, were enough to destroy the entire city of the serpentmen.

However, were the invading oceanic species aiming for the serpentmen city?

Apparently not!

Boom! Boom!

The splashes of the huge waves reverberated around.

After a particularly loud splash, a great amount of seawater began to pour into the black, bottomless-looking pit, just like a waterfall.

The oceanic species' experts looked at the dumbstruck experts of the serpentmen tribe in disdain as they followed the ocean current right into the deep hole.

As they plunged downward, they howled in excitement!

Boom! Boom!

The ear-piercing howls rang out and petrified the experts of the serpentmen tribe.

This behavior was so... mind-shaking.

Were they the real experts?!

The experts of the serpentmen tribe couldn't tell the cultivation bases of the oceanic species' experts. However, they knew that these oceanic species' experts were definitely existences stronger than Divine Soul Realm experts. There was no doubt that they were, at least, Divine Spirit Realm existences!

The entire Southern Region didn't even have a single expert at the Divine Spirit Realm!

Yet, there were so many Divine Spirit Realm experts here now!

The Endless Sea was immensely vast, and thus, it only stood to reason that there would be numerous experts living there.

It wasn't strange that they had Divine Spirit Realm experts. The last time the oceanic species had invaded, they were not even a strong force in the Endless Sea.

However, the oceanic species' experts present here had utterly changed the minds of the serpentmen tribe's experts. If the oceanic species wished to eliminate the serpentmen tribe now, it would be as easy as flipping over their hands.

But, for what reason did the oceanic species come here? Did something inside the big crystal mine attract them?

Bu Fang's sharp gaze almost seemed to create a straight beam of light. He could clearly see the oceanic species enter the big hole with expressions of fascination on their faces.

It seemed like they were being attracted by an aroma.

According to Yu Fu, this group of oceanic species must be enchanted by the food aroma wafting out from the crystal mine!

Was the fragrance real?

Bu Fang expressionlessly clasped his hands behind him, pondering.

He had asked the system about the aroma earlier, but the system had not answered him yet. This made Bu Fang even more curious.

Since something within the mine had stirred up the greed of this group of oceanic species, the experts of the serpentmen tribe now wished to go in there to see for themselves.

However, the jet-black hole was so terrifying, and they dared not jump down.

Rumble! Rumble!

The seawater pouring into the deep hole had created a turmoil. When it stopped, some oceanic species' experts were seen standing beside the hole, holding their weapons.

It seemed they intended to deter others from entering.

Far away, in another location, sounds of growling rang out. Hisses and screams could also be heard, piercing through the air, along with the Nether energy spreading out.

A great number of experts from the Ruin Prison were gliding above the Illusory Spirit Swamp.

When the experts of the serpentmen tribe saw this, they sucked in breaths of cold air.

Why would so many demons appear here? What was going on?

The sight of so many demons left them panic-stricken. They believed that the demons had seized this chance to attack their tribe.

However, shortly after, the serpentmen experts were left stunned.

This was because they realized that their tribe was not the target of this group of demons. These unwelcome visitors were also headed to the crystal mine.

As the Ruin Prison's experts dashed towards the big hole, Nether energy swirled around them.

The oceanic species' experts guarding the hole screamed out loud, hell-bent on stopping the charging Ruin Prison's experts.

However, the number of Ruin Prison's experts charging was too high. A small group split away to attack the oceanic species guards, while the rest directly plunged into the deep pit.

This group of demons was from the demon scorpion race.

As Bu Fang had cooked the four great generals of the demon scorpion race, it was only natural that he recognized them.

Every Ruin Prison expert in the Southern Region had come from the demon scorpion race.

That pit was like a bottomless hole that had swallowed countless oceanic species' experts, and now, it welcomed a massive horde of Ruin Prison's experts.

The people of the serpentmen tribe were baffled.

Had the crystal mine really become a bottomless hole?

The serpentmen experts were now so curious that they decided to venture into the hole as well. However, one of their seniors ordered them to stand down.

"Back off!"

His thunderous bellow caused the colors on the faces of the serpentmen experts to change.

However, a moment later, this senior sighed begrudgingly and withdrew.

"Oceanic species, and now the demon scorpion race... What is in that big crystal mine that has attracted them over? Whatever it is, it was able to spread the aroma so far... Really mysterious!"

Bu Fang's eyes brightened. A moment later, his long robe flapped. Hovering in the sky, he took a step forward, heading towards the deep hole.

It was at this point that some serpentmen experts saw Bu Fang, and when they did, their pupils dilated.

The recognized Bu Fang. He was the human who had chatted with their Sovereign in the palace.

What was this fellow going to do?

The dark hole was surrounded by the oceanic species and the demon Scorpion race. Why would he want to go there?

Nevertheless, they seemed happy to watch what would occur, waiting to see Bu Fang being chased away.

When Yu Fu spotted Bu Fang, all the color on her face disappeared.

The moment the experts from the oceanic species and the demon scorpion race, who were guarding the hole, spotted Bu Fang, they screamed at him in an attempt to deter him from approaching.

Bu Fang raised his bandage-covered arm.


Green smoke swirled around it, and a huge, black wok suddenly appeared.

Bu Fang grabbed it immediately as he took one step forward, streaking towards the hole like a shooting star.