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 Xie He's speed was very fast.

Although he no longer had his pincers, his speed had increased on the other hand.

The color of the sky had just hit daybreak. Just as the first ray of light shone down, Xie He had reached the Hundred Thousand Mountains, landing on the entrance of it.

Looking over from a distance, there was a layer of twisted Nether energy around the Hundred Thousand Mountains. The entire sky of Nether energy was like malevolent claws and teeth, letting out a soundless roar that rushed toward the heavens.

A trace of reverence leaked out of Xie He's eyes. He knew that within that Hundred Thousand Mountains, there was an extremely powerful existence.

Thinking about his four great generals that had been roasted bright red, he once again thought of the two pincers that he had no choice but to give up on. Xie He felt his heart bleed. His rage was also blazing, and his resentment for Bu Fang had also reached the peak.

Originally, he could have been a local tyrant in that Light Wind Empire, but because of the sudden appearance of that guy, it had caused him to escape out of the Light Wind Empire with an incomparably pathetic figure.

This time, he must ask an expert from his tribe to get revenge for him!

Stepping into the Hundred Thousand Mountains, the Nether energy within the mountain was turbulent as it boiled.

A mountain peak stood majestically.

On that mountain peak, there was a huge winding tree that hid the sky and covered the earth. Its lush tree leaves seemed to block everything in sight.

The tree branch rolled up, forming a circle. Within that circle, Nether energy continuously surged and boiled, and within that energy, experts from the Ruin Prison could be seen walking out from time to time.

This was the Mandala Tree's transportation gate. It was the passage that allowed them to be able to reach this place.

A fanatical color appeared in Xie He's eyes. On that thick tree branch, there were experts sitting cross-legged, resting with their eyes closed.

These experts were Great Ethereal Realm existences that came from the Ruin Prison. Their energies were extremely terrifying.

They sat cross-legged on top of the tree branch, borrowing the energy released from the Mandala Tree to cultivate.

Suddenly, a Great Ethereal Realm expert opened his eyes. The sight from his eyes seemed to rip the illusionary void into shreds, causing Xie He's heart to tremble.

Xie He hurriedly lowered his head in deference.

Those were the Great Ethereal Realm experts of their demon scorpion race. Not long after, the grievance that Xie He felt in his heart was all spilled out as he thoroughly described his experiences.

The Great Ethereal Realm experts of the demon scorpion race did not have a trace of sympathy for Xie He, who had broken two of his pincers.

"The Mandala Tree transported you guys over to let you guys deal with proper business, not for you to enjoy life. You only have yourself to blame."

Xie He was lectured for quite a bit, but he did not dare to let out even a breath. Although his heart was sullen, he did not dare to speak.

The status of the Great Ethereal Realm experts was already counted to be quite noble, and they were many times nobler than him.

He, Xie He, was only half a step into the Great Ethereal Realm, not even reaching the Great Ethereal Realm realm yet, so towards a Great Ethereal Realm expert, he would naturally have the reverence that he was supposed to have.

"Do you know that our Ruin Prison is attacking the Hidden Dragon Continent? In such a remote and backward place, why should such a large force deal with it?" that Great Ethereal Realm expert asked.

Xie He's figure shook.

How would he know the secret behind it? All he knew was to follow orders to finish the task that was given to him.

That Great Ethereal Realm stood up on the Mandala Tree. Standing on the tree branch, he crossed his arms, gazing into the distance.

"There's no harm in telling you. If we can find it, then it could be counted as a great merit. The objective of us invading the Hidden Dragon Continent is to find the remains of the previous strongest demon king of our Ruin Prison..." the Great Ethereal Realm expert calmly said.

When Xie He heard that, his entire figure trembled.

The remains of the strongest demon king?

As of this day, there were eight great demon kings in the Ruin Prison. But a long time ago, there were nine great demon kings, and that demon king was the strongest in the Ruin Prison, no matter in cultivation or combat ability.

However, this demon king had already fallen, and he had fallen a long time ago.

And from the various sources, it seemed like the strongest demon king had fallen in the Hidden Dragon Continent.

Out of the eight great demon kings of the Ruin Prison, four had agreed with this view. Hence, they had advocated for attacking the Hidden Dragon Continent, while the remaining four demon kings had remained neutral.

And this had led to the current situation.

"Although the place is a remote Southern Region... the possibility of the demon king's remains being there is high... If this matter was messed up because of you lazy people, then you guys will have to bear the blame."

That Great Ethereal Realm expert said a lot, so Xie He listened obediently.

In the end, that Great Ethereal Realm expert sent out a Great Ethereal Realm expert to head to the Light Wind Empire, even though the Light Wind Empire was not that important.

After all, Xie He was one of the demon scorpion race. To be humiliated in such a backward place, they naturally had to win that face back.


The next day...

The snowstorm still fluttered in the sky.

Xiao Xiaolong had returned to the restaurant and resumed cooking, which meant that the restaurant had also resumed business.

After not meeting for a long period of time, Xiao Xiaolong's culinary skills had improved greatly, actually passing Bu Fang's expectations. This made the latter a little surprised.

Xiao Xiaolong was really proud. After all, to be able to shock Bu Fang with his culinary skills, this meant that his improvement was not small.

However, after Bu Fang displayed a few moves, Xiao Xiaolong began to feel the gap between them.

When Bu Fang's dish was cooked, its aroma was incomparably dense. After sniffing it, Xiao Xiaolong's entire feelings seemed to have become a lot lighter and happier.

No matter what skill, whether it be heat control or knife skills, Xiao Xiaolong felt that Bu Fang was like a majestic mountain.

He was still far away...

The snowstorm blew, and the sweeping chill entered the small restaurant.

Bu Fang pulled out a chair, sitting in front of the restaurant. He leaned against the chair as he quietly watched the entire sky of snow. This was a different type of feeling.

Ouyang Xiaoyi was very lively. As a waitress, she was much more professional than Chu Changsheng that lazy guy.

Xiao Xiaolong cooked, while Ouyang Xiaoyi was responsible for the customers' orders and serving their dishes.

The division of labor was very thorough, making Bu Fang very satisfied.

However, Bu Fang did not come back this time to sit at Fang Fang's Little Store to leisurely watch the flowers bloom and scatter. He needed to help Ni yan recover her memories, and in turn, control the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk.

This way, Bu Fang could finish the temporary task, allowing Ni Yan to use the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk to help him... brew wine.

To brew a good wine was indeed a bit of a hassle.

No matter the choice of ingredient or the method of brewing... It would cost Bu Fang a lot of energy and time.

However, because of these challenges, Bu fang held an even greater interest in the Yellow Springs Helplessness Wine.

He could not wait to brew that wine.

Hence, after Bu Fang rested, he pulled up Ni Yan, who was sleeping soundly on his bed, to go on the road of recovering her memories.

This time, Bu Fang and Ni Yan needed to head to where Ni Yan stayed the longest, the Celestial Arcanum Sect.

Actually, Ni Yan was hesitant in going to the Celestial Arcanum Sect. All she wanted to do now was sleep as she needed a large amount of sleep to ensure that the power of the star inside her body wouldn't explode.

Pulled by Bu Fang, however, she had no choice but to step on the spirit boat with him.

With the spirit boat, it would be convenient to head to the Celestial Arcanum Sect.

Ni Yan, as the Saintess of the Heavenly Secret Holy Land, naturally had a lot of good stuff on her, the spirit boat being one of them. It was a popular method for quick journeys.

Ni Yan's spirit boat was very fast. It whistled as it sped past the illusionary void, like being pulled through a thin line, heading towards the Celestial Arcanum Sect.


Booms rang out!

High above the Hundred Thousand Mountains, the clouds covered the sky. Letting out a rumble, it was as if there was lightning flashing within them.

In the next instant, a spirit boat ripped through the illusionary void, floating in the air.

Amethyst Elder sat on the spirit boat. His purple-colored hair strands were like long swords, stabbing into the void. It seemed like he was poking a hole through the illusionary void.

Standing on the spirit boat, Amethyst Elder's body was filled with a terrifying energy.

He crossed his arms as he stepped out of the spirit boat, walking on air.

"The Southern Region... It really is an overgrown place. Why would the holder of the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk run to this barren place?"

Amethyst Elder felt the thin spiritual energy in the air. His brows involuntarily furrowed, a little curious.

The spiritual energy in the Valley of Gluttony was so abundant, but the other party had not chosen to stay in the Valley of Gluttony. Instead, they came to this barren and backward Southern Region.

From thousands of years ago until now, the Southern Region had always been a remote place in the Hidden Dragon Continent. However, even in this barren place, there would be a few outstandingly gifted people, and they were able to step into the true Divine Physique Echelon in this barren land.

A Divine Physique in the Hidden Dragon Royal Court was as common as cabbages. But for a single Divine Physique not to exist in the Southern Region... it was really peculiar.

According to the ancient records, the Southern Region of thousands of years ago was different from today. At that time, the spiritual energy of the Southern Region was ample, and many geniuses appeared.

A pity... It was unknown when the Southern Region had declined.

Of course, Amethyst Elder's objective here was naturally not to investigate these peculiarities.

His aim was the holder of the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk. He did want to waste so much effort to go investigate.

There was definitely a secret in the Southern Region, but Amethyst Elder was not interested in this secret.

Meanwhile, in the Hundred Thousand Mountains, the Great Ethereal Realm experts of the Ruin Prison opened their eyes suddenly.

They raised their heads. Their eyes let out a divine light, ripping through the heavens as they watched Amethyst Elder come over.

The energy of the Amethyst Elder was too blazing. It was like the burning sun, so it would naturally catch their attention.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The energy of the countless Great Ethereal Realm experts all exploded together at once, forming streams of energy rushing towards the sky, surrounding Amethyst Elder with it.

Amethyst Elder narrowed his eyes. His heart was involuntarily a little shocked.

The Ruin Prison had actually sent so many Great Ethereal Realm experts to the Southern Region?

What was the meaning of this?

Amethyst Elder's heart was curious, but this curiosity did not last long.

He raised his hand, and the tightly shut eye on his palm suddenly opened. A wave of Nether energy revolved around his arm, and unique energy scattered.

The Great Ethereal Realm experts on the Mandala Tree were instantly shocked, feeling the energy of this Demon Eye. They all rapidly dispersed their energy, no longer caring about Amethyst Elder.

They felt the energy of the demon king on Amethyst Elder's body, and this made those Great Ethereal Realm experts retreat, not daring to offend him.

Amethyst Elder moved past the pitch-black layer of clouds, giving the gigantic monster-like Mandala Tree a glance. Deeply sucking in a breath, he continued through the air.

Taking one step, his figure had traveled hundreds of meters, quickly heading towards the direction where he felt the energy of the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk.


Illusory Spirit Swamp

Getting closer to the coast of the Endless Sea, a shocking wave suddenly raged. That wave advanced at breakneck speed.

If one looked carefully, everyone would suck in a breath of cold air. Because, in that wave, there were various types of creatures. Among them, the one leading was a huge golden big shrimp.

These creatures moved with the wave, rushing towards the Illusory Spirit Swamp.

Above the Illusory Spirit Swamp, a spirit boat cut open the horizon as it arrived, then suddenly stopped above it.