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 The Valley of Gluttony, on the long street of Gluttony God City

The sky was filled with blood-colored snow. It was voluminous as it scattered and fluttered, piling on the ground and giving everyone a heavy and ominous feeling.

The Saint Sovereign's demise had yet to come, but the entire heaven and earth seemed to descend into sorrow.

Within the snowstorm, three figures confronted each other.

Amethyst Elder's gaze was as sharp as a blade, as if he was going to cut everything into shreds.

His gaze was firmly fixed at that handsome yet a little sloppy figure in the distance, beside his daughter, Saint Daughter Zi Yun.

Amethyst Elder, as Saint Daughter Zi Yun's father, was able to see the feelings that his daughter held towards that youth. That heart was almost hanging on that person's body already.

For a Saintess of a grand holy land, not to mention being the daughter of an elder, doing this sort of thing would disgrace the decency and status of a Saintess. Looks like he had indulged this girl too much.

Deeply letting out a breath, Amethyst Elder's gaze remained extremely sharp.

This was a creature of the Netherworld. His daughter actually liked a creature of the Netherworld?

This was not allowed. He himself had accepted the condition of that demon eye race of the Ruin Prison, becoming half a creature of the Netherworld. Because of that, Amethyst Elder did not want his daughter to be involved with a person from the Netherworld even more.

No matter what, he, the Amethyst Elder, had to stop this.

"So what if I'm a creature of the Netherworld? Did I do something to irritate you?" Nether King Er Ha's tone towards Amethyst Elder was a little unpleasant.

Where did the confidence of this guy come from, to look down on creatures of the Netherworld?

In the eyes of the people of the Netherworld, the Hidden Dragon Continent was just a small place. With the majestic land of the Netherworld, being vast without boundaries, on which point could the Hidden Dragon even be compared to it?

Furthermore, he, Nether King Er Ha, was the Lord of the Netherworld. The pride he held towards his Netherworld was something this purpled-haired guy in front of him would understand.

Nether King Er Ha's words made the rage in Amethyst Elder's heart soar steadily.

Hiss. Hiss.

On top of his arms, a wave of black energy appeared.

A 'tch tch tch' laughter was heard from Amethyst Elder's arms, wrapping around half his body.

Amethyst Elder raised his hands. Instantly, an eye opened in the middle of his palm. That eye was filled with a mysterious light.

"Amethyst Elder, oh, Amethyst Elder! You lack the guts. Why talk so much with that guy? If you are not happy with him, then kill him!"

The Demon Eye opened and closed as its hoarse voice rang out.

"You shut up!"Amethyst Elder glared at that eye as he roared.

Saint Daughter Zi Yun was shocked, looking at his father with a little fear. Other than the explosion of that black energy being out of her imagination, she would never have thought that there would actually be Nether energy surging from his body.

Her father was an authentic Hidden Dragon citizen!

Nether King Er Ha's eyes involuntarily hardened, suspiciously looking at Amethyst Elder's arm. With one look, he saw through everything.

Pulling up the corner of his lips, he revealed a smile of disdain.

He shook his head.

"You scram back in!" Amethyst Elder was angered to the peak. His entire head of purple hair seemed to tear apart the blue dome of heaven.

As of this day, the fact that he had fused with the Demon Eye of the Ruin Prison could not be exposed. Once it was exposed, he would become a public enemy!

This Demon Eye... Did it not know these crucial points?!

Luckily, as of now, there was only his daughter and that kid on this long street...

It looks like he only needed to kill that kid!

"Hehehe... How should this king say this? Just that, you... don't have the right to look down on creatures of the Netherworld." Nether King Er Ha smiled as he said that.

A person who fused with the Ruin Prison's Demon Eye was looking down on the people of the Netherworld?

Was this not a joke?

"Amethyst Elder, oh, Amethyst Elder... A man of great ambition does not bother about mere trifles. Do not hesitate! Let this demon help you!"

The moment that Demon Eye finished its sentence, Amethyst Elder felt his whole body tremble. Streams of demonic marks rapidly flew out from his palm, and in an instant, it covered his entire figure.

The divine light in Amethyst Elder's eyes scattered. A moment later, the expression of that Demon Eye appeared.

"Tch tch tch... Although this physical body is a little weak, it is considered pretty good already in this Hidden Dragon Continent," Amethyst Elder said with a smirk.

He then raised his head to look at Nether King Er Ha and Saint Daughter Zi Yun.

Zi Yun felt like her entire person had dropped into an ice hole. It was so cold that she was unable to move at all.

This was definitely not her father. That unfamiliar gaze... That unfamiliar energy...

Where was her father?

Nether King Er Ha, on the other hand, watched with apt interest.


The demonic marks that revolved around Amethyst Elder's body moved, and his figure shot forward in an instant. His movement stirred up an entire sky of gale, and the terrifying energy caused the snowstorm to freeze.

A scarlet-red Demon Eye slowly appeared on the back of the Amethyst Elder. That Demon Eye looked as if it wanted to end all life!

"Let me help Amethyst Elder finish what he wanted to do!"


A dull sound was heard as that eye opened. In the next instant, a stream of light, which seemed to contain death energy, shot towards Nether King Er Ha.

Nether King Er Ha narrowed his eyes, slightly smiling as he said, "Tch tch tch... I say, this energy seems to be a little familiar? So, it is actually one of the eight demon kings of the Ruin Prison. Death Demon Lord, is this your Glare of Death?"

The entire sky seemed to be washed with blood, but Nether King Er Ha continued talking cheerfully and with wit.

The malevolent expression on Amethyst Elder's face instantly froze. In the next instant.... His eyes suddenly widened, as if something unbelievable had happened.

He did not think that this guy in front of him could actually recognize his identity!

Suddenly, Amethyst Elder, whose entire body was covered in demonic marks, seemed to have thought of something.

Against that Glare of Death, a terrifying Phantom Spirit appeared behind Nether King Er Ha. It was a horrifying figure that seemed like it was able to support both heaven and earth.

The eye of that figure slowly opened. When that death light neared, it instantly crumbled.

A shriek came out of Amethyst Elder's mouth. In the next instant, his eyes were filled with shock and fear.

"It's you... It's actually you... How could you appear here?! You cannot possibly appear here!"


After the Amethyst Elder shrieked, the demonic marks that covered his entire body rapidly retreated, as if it was scared off by something.

The demonic marks had retreated back into his arm, and the Demon Eye tightly shut.

Amethyst Elder then regained control of his body.

Saint Daughter Zi Yun panted with heavy breaths, her chest moving up and down.

However, seeing the Amethyst Elder who had recovered, Saint Daughter Zi Yun heaved a sigh of relief... Her father had returned.

Amethyst Elder's face was ashen.

Damn it! His body was actually controlled by the will of this Demon Eye!


He raised his head to look at Nether King Er Ha.

This kid... What identity did he hold? With just a look, a noble figure of the Netherworld was scared off...

Amethyst Elder seemed to understand the power and influence of Nether King Er Ha.

"No manners... Running away and not even chatting with this king. Always scared, just like in the past." Nether King Er Ha pouted his mouth.

Amethyst Elder did not say anything, only giving Nether King Er Ha a deep look. Then, after looking at his daughter, he turned around and left.

To make a noble creature of the Netherworld so scared that it shriveled up with just a look... What right did he, the Amethyst Elder, have to challenge the other side?

Saint Daughter Zi Yun and Nether King Er Ha watched Amethyst Elder, who turned and ran in confusion, not knowing what to say.


After leaving the Valley of Gluttony, Amethyst Elder landed on the top of a mountain. His forehead was covered with sweat.

He raised his palm, and that eye opened, which was filled with shock and fear.

"What exactly are you scared of?" Amethyst Elder asked.

"You don't know... how terrifying that person is. Don't provoke him anymore. Let's go search for the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk and destroy it! Luckily, the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk is not in the Valley of Gluttony anymore. Otherwise..."

Fear was still evident in the hoarse voice of the Demon Eye. It was as if he had seen a frightening existence.

Amethyst Elder did not really understand, but what he could confirm was that that young man... was definitely terrifying!

"The energy of that Heavenly Star Catcher Disk is in the Southern Region... Very far, but we have to go! Destroy the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk. After that, this demon will agree to all of your requests." The hoarse voice continued, enticing Amethyst Elder.

Amethyst Elder straightened his figure on the top of the mountain. Then, with a stamp of his feet, the entire top of the mountain crumbled as his figure rushed toward the heavens.

He stepped onto a spirit boat that appeared underneath him, which ripped the air as it headed to the southern part of the Hidden Dragon Continent.


The Black Turtle Constellation whistled as it shot out, causing the air to let out a rumbling sound.

There was still the smell of roasted scorpions in the Black Turtle Constellation Wok, and this smell made the demon scorpion chief Xie He angered to the peak.

However, he did not dare to turn his head back. He feared that the moment he did so, he would be captured by Bu Fang.

The whistling sound got closer and closer, and Xie He felt a wave of panic. If he was hit by this wok, then it would be all over.

Although this human had the ability of a mere one-step soul ladder Divine Soul Realm, his equipment was really too good!

If not for those mighty equipment, that wok and also that knife, Xie He felt that he could single-handedly pinch that kid apart into pieces!

With a long whistle, Xie He turned his body.

His two huge scorpion pincers instantly left his figure, shooting towards that Black Turtle Constellation Wok.

The two huge scorpion pincers and the Black Turtle Constellation Wok clashed against each other.

His incomparably sturdy scorpion pincers were instantly covered with dense cracks. It was just a collision, yet the shell of his pincers were smashed into pieces.

Enduring this heartbreak, Xie He seized that chance when his scorpion pincer blocked the Black Turtle Constellation Wok, becoming a light as he vanished.

Bu Fang's will moved, and the Black Turtle Constellation Wok then scooped the two scorpion pincers and flew back.

The imperial palace had already become ruins. The golden roof tiles were scattered all over, and the imperial throne was also completely shattered.

However, the palace was filled with a dense and unique meat fragrance, like the smell of something that was roasted.

The gazes of Ouyang Xiaoyi and the rest landed on the huge scorpions that have been roasted red. Now that the crisis had been resolved, they involuntarily got closer to the scorpion meat, beginning to drool.

Xiao Xiaolong's eyes suddenly brightened. He had once again witnessed Owner Bu's cooking-it was still so domineering and filled with confidence.

Although the roasted scorpions were made on a spur, the smell was too irresistible... It had to be said that it was extremely aromatic.

Owner Bu was Owner Bu, after all.

From afar, demon chef Ah Mo's legs were violently shaking.

The four great generals of the demon scorpion race had actually been roasted and made into a dish?

This human was literally too audacious!

The situation had actually reversed. They shouldn't have been ingredients.

Ni Yan's red lips opened, her saliva dripping down.

A group of people walked to the front of a huge roasted scorpion, all gulping their saliva.

Bu Fang crossed his arms, giving Ah Mo in the distance a side glance.

The other party seemed to be only a chef from the Ruin Prison, but using human meat as an ingredient... there was no need for this type of chef to exist.

Bu Fang expressionlessly pointed with his finger, and a dark golden flame instantly flew out.

That flame landed on Ah Mo's body, becoming a blazing flame in an instant. After a moment, that demon chef was burned into ashes, along with his gaze that was filled with hatred.

Bu Fang, after finishing all this, turned his head. He then noticed the fragrance in the air became denser.

Ni Yan had already cracked open the shell of the roasted scorpion, revealing the white and tender scorpion meat within...

The rolling aroma surged out.