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 The four great generals of the demon race were, in reality, four valiant generals under Xie He, the chief of the demon scorpion race. Every single one of them had cutlivations that had reached at least the Divine Soul Realm, and they all possessed their individual sure-kill techniques.

The demon scorpion race was considered a big race in the Ruin Prison, and there were actually many chief level experts. The peak existence of the demon scorpion race was also just like the peak existence of the demon eye clan, a demon king level existence of the Ruin Prison.

There were eight demon masters in the Ruin Prison, and each demon master represented a huge race. They were extremely terrifying!

Although Xie He was not the peak expert of the demon scorpion race, he had the heart of an expert. In the Southern Region of the Hidden Dragon Continent, where things were so far behind, Xie He was definitely able to control everything by force.

Adding on his four great generals, even if he had invaded the central area of the Hidden Dragon Continent, it would be no problem too.

However, he did not, because this Southern Region still had many mysteries that had not been dug out.

That secret was the main reason why the demon scorpion race experts had transported their troops to this city.

It was a strenuous and unrewarding task, but Xie He did not think of it this way. Being an unbeatable tyrant under this sky was also very satisfying.

Although the Hidden Dragon Continent was much more far behind as compared to the Ruin Prison, there were still some peak level experts, just like the Saint Sovereign existence of that holy land.

If he, Xie He, met such an existence, he would be killed within a second.

He preferred to be a big fish in a small pond rather than a small fish in a big pond. Hence, Xie He's aspirations were simple-to be an overlord with ease. These days of being able to control everything made him very satisfied.

Bu Fang's appearance could be counted as an incident, but luckily, this guy didn't seem to be very strong.

With the cultivation of the four great generals, it should be enough to utterly kill this human that didn't know death!

Bu Fang stood with his arms crossed, seemingly not bothered about the four great generals that were assaulting him in four directions.

The appearance of the four great generals varied. One looked rough, one looked enchanting, one looked sharp and unkind, and one looked incomparably unsophisticated.

Three males and one female made up the four great generals of Xie He.

"Tch, tch, tch! Why is there such a human that doesn't know death?"

The expert with a rough appearance opened his mouth and let out a domineering laugh. Around his body, rocks and sand flew around as he held a huge chopper. On top of that chopper, dense vein patterns could be seen.

Swinging the huge chopper, he chopped down to kill Bu Fang.

On the other hand, the other three generals had halted. They hovered in mid-air, watching Bu Fang with interest.

From how they saw it, a simple human who was in the Divine Soul Realm one-step soul ladder would be no match against one general. This single move should be more than enough.

As the blade swept horizontally, its energy spread out, cutting the ground and cracking it in the process.

The Vermillion Robe on Bu Fang's body flapped. He slightly furrowed his brows as he watched the huge figure that was chopping down towards his head.

The mental energy within his spirit sea surge forth, and the golden dragon that was entrenched in the spirit sea instantly let out a reverberating roar.


With Bu Fang's figure as the core, surging mental energy instantly spread out everywhere.

The figure of that great general instantly froze, and suddenly, the knife that was chopping down stopped.

Green smoke revolved around Bu Fang's hands. A moment later, a huge pitch-black wok whirled out, hovering up in the air.


A dark yellow light shone from that Black Turtle Constellation Wok. Bu Fang's mental energy controlled the wok, and he willed it to smash harshly at the huge chopper.

A clear and loud sound rang out.

The color of that great general instantly changed, feeling a wave of numbness in his hand. It was almost torn by this wok.

The great general felt extremely sullen. That surging mental energy had a huge impact on his body, causing a little hindrance to his movements.

This made him extremely violent.

His eyes shined with light like two lanterns, and the huge chopper was waved everywhere, constantly ripping through the air.

Behind this great general, a huge phantom spirit of a demon scorpion emerged.

The tail of the demon scorpion was swaying. Its mouth opened, letting out a roar. Then, it suddenly dashed towards Bu Fang.

The Black Turtle Constellation rapidly spun, descending above Bu Fang's head.

Although his true energy cultivation was not very strong, he had the Black Turtle Constellation Wok. It naturally carried a pressure, and together with his mental energy that far surpassed his cultivation, dealing with this great general was a breeze.

With a gentle tap of his finger on the Black Turtle Constellation Wok, the wok whistled as it shot out in a flash. It harshly smashed towards that great general.


The demon scorpion phantom spirit shattered into pieces. However, the figure of the great general still dashed towards Bu Fang. His figure twisted, and a claw extended out of his body sinisterly.


Falling onto the ground, it formed a two-meter huge demon scorpion.

Tap! Tap! Tap!

The scorpion legs rapidly climbed, rapidly speeding towards Bu Fang.

The sharp inverted tip of the scorpion tail swayed in the air, as if it was timing the best moment to pierce through Bu Fang in an instant.

Not thinking that that great general would actually turn into a huge scorpion, Bu Fang's brows slightly raised.

"I'm not really fond of ingredients like scorpion, but if I have the chance, I don't mind giving it a try," Bu Fang calmly said.

His words were heard across the hall, causing the faces of the experts of the demon scorpion race to instantly change.

The demon scorpion chief, Xie He, had been angered to the extreme. "You humans are our ingredient! What a very audacious rascal! Go together, rip him into shreds for me! I have to personally eat this arrogant human piece by piece!"

In the air, the remaining three great generals' gazes hardened, feeling that Bu Fang had been a little too arrogant.


A terrifying energy exploded from the figures of the three. In the next instant, they also turned into gigantic demon scorpions. When they landed on the ground, they filled up almost the entire main hall of the palace.

Tap! Tap! Tap!

The scorpion legs rapidly slid on the ground, and every time they descended, the ground would shatter!

Ni Yan brought Ouyang Xiaoyi and the rest, retreating into the far distance. They did not meddle in this battle.

After all, Ni Yan's condition was still not stable, so she did not dare to interfere. The might of the star in her mind was too terrifying, and she was still unable to control it.

She believed that Bu Fang would be able to deal with these huge scorpions effortlessly. She even believed that with Boss Bu's awesomeness, these demon scorpions would eventually become ingredients.

Being surrounded by four huge demon scorpions in the middle, Nether energy dispersed everywhere.

Bu Fang remained calm. He was someone who had even seen giants like the Blood Illuminating Dragon in the Earth Prison of the Netherworld, so how would he be scared by the pressure of these demon scorpions?

Although he was surrounded, Bu Fang still moved leisurely. He called the Black Turtle Constellation Wok back, floating on top of his head.

Looking at these four huge demon scorpions, the corner of Bu Fang's lips involuntarily pulled up. He raised his hand, then slowly unraveled the black and white bandage that wrapped around his arm.

When the bandage was unraveled, it revealed an arm where the drawings of the two Taoties could be seen.


A domineering roar suddenly resounded in everyone's ears.

The four demon scorpions all felt a little scared. They felt a bad premonition, so they did not dare to continue confronting Bu Fang.

A huge demon scorpion opened its mouth to let out a shriek, its figure suddenly dashing forward. Its mouth was like a pair of scissors, revealing sawtooth-like teeth.



That demon scorpion leaped, biting down at Bu Fang. However, that scissors-like mouth did not bite onto Bu fang. Instead, it bit the Black Turtle Constellation Wok that the latter held singlehandedly in front of him.

The hard Black Turtle Constellation Wok was bitten by that demon scorpion until it felt its mouth go soft.

Its scissors-like mouth was almost broken...

The black and white Taotie energy surged forth.

Bu Fang felt that his body was suddenly filled with a horrifying energy, but he did not become a giant like Chu Changsheng.

However, at that moment, Bu Fang's physical body had reached a terrifying stage, surpassing the Divine Soul Realm one-step soul ladder.

With a swing of the Black Turtle Constellation Wok, that demon scorpion then retreated a few steps with a booming sound.

Bu Fang's figure moved for the first time, his robe fluttering. He leaped, actually jumping onto that demon scorpion's back.

However, that demon scorpion felt happy about this. A scorpion's back was not that great to be stood on.

With a ripping sound, a pitch-black scorpion tail whistled as it aimed at Bu Fang's head, wanting to pierce through him in an instant.


A dragon roar rang out.

The eyes of the spectators were slightly dazed.

In the next instant, a golden kitchen knife suddenly appeared in Bu Fang's hand. It was held single-handedly while the other hand held the Black Turtle Constellation Wok.

Stepping on the demon scorpion, he was incomparably domineering.

Bu Fang didn't even look at the scorpion tail that was piercing behind him as his Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife gently waved behind his body.

That scorpion tail was then cut off, and a dark green liquid splurted out.

The demon scorpion became incomparably violent. Its scorpion tail had been cut off... That was equal to cutting off his lifeblood.

It violently swayed, to the left and right, struggling frantically.

Bu Fang expressionlessly stood on the back of that demon scorpion, gently letting out a breath before saying, "Quiet down a little for me."

In the next instant, the Black Turtle Constellation Wok suddenly enlarged, and he single-handedly smashed it down at the demon scorpion under his feet.