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 A calm voice floated across the entire imperial palace, resounding in everyone's ears.

Ouyang Xiaoyi opened her eyes. The moment she saw that familiar figure walking in from afar, her entire being froze on the spot.

The next moment, her big eyes instantly let out an excited glow as tears welled up in them, threatening to overflow.

It's him! It's really him!

Ouyang Xiaoyi did not think that she would be able to see this person again before she died.

As long as this person was here, everything would be alright. After all, that person gave the people around him a huge sense of security.

At that moment, the feeling of imminent death from that approaching kitchen knife instantly vanished.

In front of her, the demon chef, Ah Mo, stood frozen on the spot. The only thing that moved was that outstretched tongue of his, which constantly leaked saliva.

It was extremely disgusting!

Ouyang Xiaoyi glared daggers at him, her delicate nose scrunching up as she let out an angry 'hmph!'

Seeing that the other party did not move, it was unknown where Ouyang Xiaoyi found the strength, but she kicked the demon chef's crotch with all her might.

Ah Mo's frozen body suddenly trembled.

His movements had been restricted by Bu Fang's mental energy, but that sort of pain could not be faked.

That ripping feeling on his lower half made Ah Mo's entire body shake violently. His originally green face turned red in an instant, which then turned purple.

It was so red that it turned purple!

"Who let this disgusting guy threaten your grand-aunt with a knife!"

Ouyang Xiaoyi, who seemed to feel like one kick wasn't enough, gave his crotch a few more kicks.

Ah Mo almost spat blood. His eyes were wide open, covered in blood vessels. Although he was completely immobilized, with such continuous kicking, his lower half felt like it was about to explode.

He had been kicked until he had fallen on the ground.

So exciting!

Ouyang Xiaoyi's face appeared bright red, excited beyond compare. She gave a shriek, then shook Xiao Yanyu's shoulder.

Xiao Yanyu still had her eyes shut despite seeming very calm on the outside. Deep down, she did not want to die as well.

"Sister Yanyu, quick, open your eyes! That stinking boss has come to save us! The boss is back!" Ouyang Xiaoyi shook Xiao Yanyu's shoulders while shrieking in excitement. She seemed to have forgotten that she was still a prisoner.

Xiao Yanyu's long eyelashes fluttered as she slowly opened her eyes.

She thought that Ouyang Xiaoyi was spewing nonsense out of fear, but when she opened her eyes, the first thing she saw was a familiar figure, who stood upright with his arms crossed at the entrance.

That person was none other than Owner Bu, whom she had not seen in a long time.

That man... really came back?!

The rims of Xiao Yanyu's eyes turned red as the pain of the mistreatment she had endured for the past few days instantly burst forth.

Meanwhile, Xiao Xiaolong was pressed on the ground as he did not wish to see the scene of his sister shedding blood all over the floor. Moreover, he did not want to see the scene of Ouyang Xiaoyi being slaughtered either.

However, a familiar voice resounded through the air, causing him to suddenly freeze.

He slowly turned his head, then saw Bu Fang who was standing at the entrance.

The demon scorpion race experts in the main hall did not seem to have thought that such a sudden development would occur, considering how weak the Light Wind Empire was in their eyes.

It was impossible for an expert of Bu Fang's level to appear.

The chief of the demon scorpion race narrowed his eyes.

A stale feeling lingered in the air, causing their hearts to shiver. The mental energy of this guy in front of them seemed to be a little too formidable.

"Who are you?"

Sitting on the imperial throne, Xie He was still very calm. He did not seem to show any panic because of Bu Fang's appearance.

Bu Fang just gave the chief of the demon scorpion race a side glance. He did not care in the least toward the other party's words and simply did not reply.

Crossing his arms, he slowly walked forward.

The clear and crisp sounds of footsteps resounded in the imperial hall.

Everyone felt that their hearts had suddenly been clenched tight.

In the next instant, Bu Fang arrived at the side of the demon scorpion race expert who was holding Xiao Xiaolong down.

"Who am I?"

Bu Fang raised his hand, tapping the bodies of the two experts of the demon scorpion race who were unable to move at all.

The two experts of the demon scorpion race were overwhelmed with fear. As much as they wanted to run, they were locked down by Bu Fang's strong mental energy.


Their tails shot out, intending to pierce through Bu Fang.

However, Bu Fang had long seen through the methods of the demon scorpion race.

Before the tails even got close, they were already set aflame by two balls of dark golden flames.

"I am a chef, and this guy that you've captured is my apprentice," Bu Fang said expressionlessly.

The Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame rapidly surged around his body, forming a roaring flame dragon. It swallowed up the two experts of the demon scorpion race in an instant, burning them to a crisp.

The flame-controlling technique not only gave Bu Fang advanced control over his flames, but it was an even stronger offensive technique that he could use to crush his enemies.

For existences that had weaker abilities than him, it could even be an instant-kill.

When Xiao Xiaolong felt the grip on his body relax, he promptly picked himself up from the ground. He looked at Bu Fang with a face full of tears, his heart felt extremely emotional as he exclaimed, "Boss... Owner Bu!"

Ouyang Xiaoyi and Xiao Yanyu also ran over with their hands linked, moving over to Bu Fang's side.

They did not think that they would still be alive at that point. Although they were shocked and confused, they were still a little happy.

Bu Fang saw Ouyang Xiaoyi, who had grown prettier and more elegant. Seeing that she was almost at his neck, he involuntarily pulled up the corners of his mouth.

He reached out his hand and rubbed her head, then looked at the chief of the demon scorpion race, who was still sitting on the imperial throne.

His mental energy was suddenly withdrawn.

The instant it was withdrawn, many howls rang out throughout the hall. It was like pigs getting slaughtered.

Not far away from him, the demon chef, Ah Mo, grabbed his crotch as he rolled on the ground, letting out painful howls like he was getting ripped apart. His cries caused those who heard them to feel a chill in their bones.

It seemed like... it was really painful.

That miserable appearance made Ouyang Xiaoyi feel a little sorry for him, but shortly after, she straightened her neck.

Serves him right. This disgusting guy deserved it!

He was the ingredient! His whole family were ingredients!

"You ingredient, you deserve to die!"

With one hand covering his lower half, Ah Mo grabbed the kitchen knife as he stood up. His face was filled with a terrifying malevolence.

The extreme pain that was ripping through his lower half caused his eyes to be filled with killing intent. Right now, all he wanted to do was to cut off the meat on that ingredient piece by piece!


A palm slammed on the armrest of the imperial throne, which caused it to instantly shatter as it was unable to withstand the impact.

Xie He shot up from his seat. He looked down on Bu Fang from above as terrifying energy spread from his body.

"You're not even an Almighty Realm existence, human, yet you dare to come and save people? Who exactly gave you this courage?"

Xie He coldly laughed.

Bu Fang's mental energy was strong, but his true force cultivation was only a one-step soul ladder Divine Soul Realm.

Xie He was a Netherworld expert at a half-step Heavenly Ethereal Realm, which was around the ability of a seven-step soul ladder Divine Soul Realm.

This sort of ability in the entire Southern Region was an unbeatable existence!

He was strong enough to view everything with disdain!

A simple one-step soul ladder Divine Soul Realm insect dared to try to intimidate him?!

"Boss! Where's Lord Dog?! Let your Lord Dog kill this guy with one paw!"

Ouyang Xiaoyi seemed to have become a lot bolder with Bu Fang's return. The resentment that she had built up against the disdainful Xie He was released as she noisily voiced her thoughts.

This girl seemed to have a sort of blind faith in Lord Dog. After all... in her heart, Lord Dog was undefeatable!

Bu Fang raised his brow, giving Ouyang Xiaoyi a glance. His face remained expressionless.

"This time, it's just Ni Yan and me who came back. Lord Dog... is a bit busy," Bu Fang said.

What he said was the truth. Lord Dog was indeed a little busy... Busy sleeping, that is.

Hearing that Lord Dog was not returning, Ouyang Xiaoyi felt extremely regretful. She raised her head to give Bu Fang a look, her eyes filled with distrust.

"Then, smelly boss, can you do it?"

Bu Fang deeply sucked in a breath of air. He felt like stuffing something in her mouth to shut her up.

Not only did this girl grow taller, but her mouth also became more poisonous as well.

"Retreat. Go to where Ni Yan is." Bu Fang was too lazy to care about Ouyang Xiaoyi's strange gaze as he calmly instructed.

From afar, Ni Yan wore a white cotton dress, smiling as she waved at Ouyang Xiaoyi and the rest.

That extremely beautiful smile made the spectators hold their breaths in an instant.

Xiao Xiaolong eagerly went over.

Ouyang Xiaoyi also followed suit, even sweetly shouting out "Sister Ni Yan" from her mouth.

Bu Fang's lips twitched as he felt his position being challenged.

"Owner Bu, be careful," Xiao Yanyu softly said as she gently looked at Bu Fang.

This made Bu Fang feel a bit better, seeing that at least there were people who cared about him.

Nodding his head subtly, Bu Fang then turned back to look at the chief of the demon scorpion race.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

However, Xie He did not make any sudden movements. Instead, the four corners of the main hall suddenly exploded.

Four strong energy bursts shot out with terrifying winds, which were filled with dense Nether energy. They charged straight at Bu Fang with the intent to kill.

Xie He coldly stared at him as he said, "If you want to save others... you need to pass through the four great generals of my demon scorpion race first!"