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 Chapter 86: My Objective for Opening the Store Is.... Very Simple

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The elderly person who stepped into the store was none other than the current emperor, Ji Changfeng.

Ji Changfeng's complexion was somewhat pallid. He looked extremely delicate, just like an elderly person with one foot in the grave. The air of superiority that belonged to an emperor was missing.

"I saw the signboard hanging above the entrance. The characters look like they were engraved using a template. The lack of energy makes it extremely awkward to read. Even though it looks good on the surface, it won't be able to withstand a thorough assessment. It's inferior to my penmanship," the emperor said with a chuckle as he held his hands behind his back.

Bu Fang raised his eyebrows. He was not surprised that the emperor came to his store, but he did not expect him to arrive at such an early hour.

The signboard at the entrance was provided by the system. At that time, Bu Fang rejected the emperor's offer for a signboard only because the system was going to provide one. Now it seemed... the signboard provided by the system was not that impressive.

"System, the emperor said the characters on the signboard you provided are poorly written," Bu Fang said to the system.

The response was a short moment of silence before the system's solemn voice rang out, "The characters on the signboard are replicates of the handwriting of the Light Wind Empire's number one calligraphist. There is no problem. As for the lack of energy mentioned by the emperor, the system is unable to answer."

Bu Fang nodded. The signboard provided by the system's ability was definitely not ordinary. However, the characters might have been lacking in energy since they were replicates.

No longer interested in this topic, Bu Fang expressionlessly asked, "Your Majesty, are you here today to eat?"

The emperor sat down at a table, waved him away and said, "There's no need to hurry. I have some questions that I need you to answer."

"Hmm? What sort of questions?" Bu Fang asked.

"I am afraid there won't be any more chances if I don't ask them right now." The emperor's body slightly trembled as he coughed. Then he raised his head and seriously looked at Bu Fang with murky eyes. "Not only are you the master of a supreme spirit beast as well as a puppet equivalent to a seventh grade Battle-Saint, you're also capable of cooking dishes filled with spirit energy... Owner Bu, who exactly are you?

"What's your objective of staying within the imperial city of the Light Wind Empire?"

Bu Fang slightly raised his eyebrows as he stared at the emperor. Both of their gazes silently collided in mid-air.

After a long while, Bu Fang expressionlessly replied, "I don't have any objectives. I simply want to run a small restaurant."

The emperor's expression froze and he shook his head while giving a wry smile. "Impossible. The strength of your store is comparable to the entire Light Wind Empire. There's no way you would open a restaurant just to run it. If you don't want to say it, then I won't force you. However, I hope you would give a proper answer for my last question."

"Speak," Bu Fang replied.

The emperor lightly coughed while holding his chest, then raised his head and asked, "You're not someone from the sects, right? You won't do anything that would threaten the empire, right?"

This question was his true purpose for the visit. As an emperor-even an emperor that was about to pass away-he could not tolerate an unknown factor that he could not control to exist within his empire.

However, with the existence of the supreme spirit beast, the emperor did not even have the slightest confidence in destroying the store. He could only settle for the next best thing. He wanted to be at ease by finding out the true purpose of the store.

Nonetheless, the truth was Bu Fang opened a restaurant within the Light Wind Empire's imperial city to earn crystals in a low-key manner and raise his cultivation level. It was all in order to become the God of Cooking who stands at the pinnacle of the fantasy world's food chain. His objective... was really that simple.

"Don't worry, that won't happen." The corner of Bu Fang's mouth widened into an awkward smile as he solemnly replied the emperor.

The emperor was surprised for a moment. Then smile appeared on his wrinkled face and later turned into a big laughter.

"Owner Bu, I feel much more relaxed after hearing your words. I am feeling happy, so I'll have all of the dishes today. This might be the last time I'll be able to enjoy a meal here."

After the emperor finished laughing, he took a deep breath and clapped his hands as he said.

Lian Fu, who was waiting outside, walked into the store while pinching his thumb and middle finger together. He respectfully stood behind the emperor with eyes filled with worry.

Bu Fang nodded, then went into the kitchen.

After a while, a rich fragrance wafted out from the kitchen. The emperor narrowed his eyes and became somewhat captivated from smelling the aroma.

"After living for so many years and eating so much delicious food, Owner Bu's dishes are still the most captivating. Unfortunately... I only met Owner Bu at my final moments. I wonder if this is a reward from the heavens or a punishment," the emperor softly muttered to himself.

Xiaoyi obediently carried out the dishes and placed them in front of the emperor. The emperor chuckled as he stroked her head with an expression filled with tenderness.

After eating and drinking to his fill, the emperor left the store with Lian Fu following behind him. While standing at the entrance, Bu Fang lightly sighed as he watched the emperor's elderly back figure.


"Xiaoyi, you don't have to come for the next two days. I'll be going out to do something, so the store will be temporarily closed for two days." Once the business hours had ended for that day, Bu Fang expressionlessly said while patting Ouyang Xiaoyi's head.

"Ah? Smelly boss, are you going to the Immortal Phoenix Restaurant to cause trouble again?" Ouyang Xiaoyi excitedly raised her head and looked at Bu Fang. Her lively eyes were filled with excitement.

Bu Fang's complexion slightly darkened. "Who told you I'll be causing trouble just because the store is taking a break... I have something important to do for the next two days."

"Sigh... Alright, if smelly boss still wants to go to the Immortal Phoenix Restaurant, you must definitely invite me as well! You were really handsome when you slapped their owner in his face!" Ouyang Xiaoyi's eyes narrowed into slits as she waved around her tiny fists and said with a grin.

"I was only speaking the truth. I did no such thing like slapping his face. Also, you should make use of these two days to properly cultivate. I hope that your cultivation will improve when I return. In the future, the requirement for eating my dishes will be even higher," Bu Fang said.

The moment cultivation level was mentioned, Ouyang Xiaoyi's eyes lit up. She held out her hand like she was showing off and said, "Smelly boss, take a look! My cultivation has already reached the intermediate level of third grade Battle-Maniac!"

Bu Fang glanced at Ouyang Xiaoyi's smug expression and expressionlessly said, "Is that fast? Even though you've been eating so many of the store's dishes that are filled with spirit energy, your cultivation progress is still so slow. This proves that you've been slacking off. Look at me, I am already a fourth grade Battle-Spirit."

"Smelly boss, you're really annoying... Forget it, this young lady is going back! Hmph!" Ouyang Xiaoyi snorted in exasperation as she turned around and left the store while puffing out her cheeks.

After Ouyang Xiaoyi left, Bu Fang squatted in front of Blacky. He was stroking Blacky's soft and immaculate fur as he said, "Lazy dog, I won't be around for the next two days. You'll have to look for food on your own."

Blacky lazily opened its eyes. When it heard Bu Fang's words, it immediately snorted and rolled its eyes.

Bu Fang went back into the store and he took out a piece of wooden board with the words: Business is temporarily suspended. After hanging up the wooden board, he closed up the store and went back into the kitchen.

"System, since I'll need to find the ingredients by myself in the Wildlands, will you be providing condiments?" Bu Fang asked.

"They're not provided," the system coldly replied.

Bu Fang seemed to have already predicted the system's response. He softly replied, "Oh." Then he took out a large piece of cloth and placed salt, soy sauce, pepper and other condiments onto the cloth. Along the way, he grabbed a large wok, that was filled with kitchen knives, spatula and other kitchen tools. He was going to pack them as well...

"...The purpose of heading to the Wildlands is to capture ingredients and not to go for a picnic. Would the host please understand the main content of the mission. Condiments can be brought along but cooking tools, except for equipment from the God of Cooking set, are not allowed," the system solemnly said.

Bu Fang's body suddenly froze while in the middle of packing, then he expressionlessly let out a sigh. "Wouldn't I need to cook the ingredients after capturing them? How would I bring out the delicious flavor of the ingredients to the maximum without cooking tools?"

This time, the system could not even be bothered to reply Bu Fang...

In the end, Bu Fang only wrapped a few condiments within the cloth bundle and went back to his room to replenish his sleep.

The next day, as the first ray of light brightened the horizon, Bu Fang was woken up by the system's beeping.

"Would the host please pay attention. The teleportation array will be activated in five minutes. Please prepare for the teleportation."

Bu Fang was surprised for a moment. As he raised his head, he realized a speck of light had appeared above his head and was rapidly drawing a mysterious magic array.