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 The chef was someone from the demon chef race of the Netherworld. Since Xie He loved eating, he found this demon chef to be his personal chef.

Practically speaking, it was the right decision to do so as all the people of the demon chef race were outstandingly skilled and able to cook delicious dishes.

Most importantly, the race of the demon chefs specialized in using condiments to bring out the maximum potential of a dish.

Ah Mo, the demon chef, opened his mouth. His eyes glowed as if he was a hunter who had spotted its prey. He lifted his hands, tapping on the steel cage with his long and sharp fingernail, letting out clinking sounds.

"This is really a great ingredient..." Ah Mo smiled as he said hoarsely, his face revealing his excitement and desire.

His mind had already begun considering the type of condiments to be used to season this particular ingredient. Indeed, he wanted to bring out its greatest flavor.

Ouyang Xiaoyi, who was inside the cage, trembled all over. She had grown up quite a bit. Although her face still carried a little immaturity, she was no longer the little girl of the past. She now had the attractiveness of a proper lady and an elegant figure to complement that fact.

Xiao Yanyu, who was blossoming into an elegant and gorgeous woman, also did not lose out in the least. However, despite being in the same situation, her gaze remained calm.

She was an educated and logical woman. Being very quiet, she often faded into the background.

When it comes to death, she did not have much fear. Although her eyes trembled, revealing the discomfort she felt in her heart, she was a lot calmer compared to Ouyang Xiaoyi.

This sort of calmness made the demon chef, Ah Mo, a little unhappy.


Ah Mo's palm suddenly grabbed the steel bar of the cage, instantly snapping it apart.

Although Ah Mo was only a chef, his cultivation was not weak. He possessed a Divine Physique Echelon Realm cultivation.

As a chef, they would have been helpless to procure certain ingredients if they had an insufficient cultivation level

"Release them!" shouted Xiao Xiaolong. He had been angered to his limit. His white face had become a shade of red from rage, and he puffed out white fumes from his nose as fury emanated from his body.

"Releasing them is simple. Just become my personal chef and cook for me... then I will let these two women live a little longer," Xie He said with a smile.

Xiao Xiaolong raised his head. Flames of anger surged within his eyes as he retorted, "Dream on!"


Bu Fang crossed his arms as he slowly advanced forward, entering the imperial hall from the Heavenly Mystery Gate.

The Heavenly Mystery Gate was not unfamiliar to Bu Fang. He had walked through it on numerous occasions and had even cooked here for the Hundred Family Banquet before.

As his foot stepped on the ground, the piled-up snow that he had stepped on let out a crunch.

Ni Yan followed behind Bu Fang.

Suddenly, they came to a halt.

The Vermillion Robe on Bu Fang's body scattered a radiance in the snowstorm, flapping elegantly in the wind.

The thick layer of piled up snow on the ground suddenly exploded.

Many pitch-black figures jumped out from the piled up snow and into the sky as clumps of snow spread out everywhere.

These were all experts of the demon scorpion race.

They leaped up into the sky and released their sure-kill attacks. As the scorpion tails shot out, the poison on the tips glistened under the sunlight.


These demon scorpion race experts had much stronger abilities compared to the ones that Bu Fang met earlier. Some were even Divine Physique Echelon Realm existences.

Their imposing manner was stronger, and their poison tails were even faster. It was as if they aimed to kill him with a single blow.

However, facing such a predicament, Bu Fang's face still did not change.

With a fluctuation of his spirit sea, his mental force began to spread outward. The terrifying mental force caused the entire surroundings to freeze, and even the demon scorpions were frozen in the air.

Those demon scorpion race experts, whose faces were filled with malevolence, could not move an inch.

Bu Fang calmly watched as he raised his hand, then pointed with his finger.

A dark golden flame spewed out rapidly, thrusting into the figures of every single expert of the demon scorpion race.

From inside-out, they began to burn to ashes, just like what happened to the previous group of demon scorpion experts.

Even if they were Divine Physique Echelon Realm existences, they were still too weak against the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame.


The ashes descended together with the white snow, and the smell of burnt flesh lingered in the air.

Bu Fang, with his arms crossed, continued on.

His mental force scattered, spreading across the entire imperial palace.

Suddenly, he narrowed his eyes. He had just recognized a familiar person from his mental force, causing his face to sink.

Ni Yan, who followed behind Bu Fang, slightly froze upon seeing Bu Fang's expression. She could feel that Boss Bu... seemed to have gotten a little furious.


Imperial Palace, Main Hall

The face of the chief of the demon scorpion race suddenly changed, and he gazed into the distance.

He had just felt his heart palpitate.

It seemed like his entire being was exposed. Who exactly would dare to take a peek at him?

In this backward human empire, could the possibility of powerful humans existing be true?


It must have been a mistake!

Xie He's eyes shrunk, becoming more malicious. His gaze fell on Xiao Xiaolong, who did not agree to him even if he were to die. He began to lose interest.

"Ah Mo, I give you permission to begin cooking. I hope that you do not let me down," Xie He said.

When Ah Mo heard Xie He's words, energy spread out from his entire body. The treacherous face that was wrapped under the black robe revealed traces of excitement.

"Thank you, chief, for giving me permission... With this sort of peak-level ingredient, Ah Mo will definitely not let you down!"

With a wave of his hand, the steel bars on the cage completely fell apart.

Ouyang Xiaoyi and Xiao Yanyu's elegant figures trembled.

"Stay away from us!"

No matter how calm Xiao Yanyu usually was, at this moment, she felt panicked. Could it be that they were going to die here today?

The calamity had come so suddenly that Xiao Yanyu and Ouyang Xiaoyi felt that it was a little hard to accept.

Xiao Xiaolong roared in anger. He still wanted to struggle and fight back. However, with his weak cultivation, he was completely unable to break free from the hold of the demon scorpions. He could only watch helplessly as that disgusting demon chef, Ah Mo, stepped closer and closer to Xiao Yanyu and Ouyang Xiaoyi.

"My little darlings, don't be scared. When you become scared, the quality of the meat will fall... Come, give this great chef a smile..." Ah Mo said as he stepped closer and closer. His hand trembled, and a kitchen knife instantly appeared in his hands.

The appearance of that kitchen knife was very unique. In fact, it appeared to be less of a kitchen knife than a bone knife, carved from the thigh bone of some sort of spirit beast.

The white kitchen knife was engraved with runes, causing that knife to be filled with a mysterious fluctuation of energy. In turn, that mysterious energy made the blade incomparably sharp.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

The kitchen knife in Ah Mo's hands spun.

Light reflected off the flashing blade, whipping up vigorous winds. His mouth opened as his tongue stretched out, revealing a sinister smile.

That smile made Xiao Yanyu and Ouyang Xiaoyi's figures tremble even more.

On the imperial throne, the chief of the demon scorpion race slightly narrowed his eyes, revealing his anticipation.

Xiao Xiaolong's eyes widened and became bloodshot, anger surging forth.

However, he was unable to do anything. He could only watch helplessly as that kitchen knife gradually approach Xiao Yanyu and Ouyang Xiaoyi.

In the entire imperial palace, the experts of the demon scorpion race let out sounds of cold laughter.

The kitchen knife radiated a frigid light as it came near Ouyang Xiaoyi. Ah Mo had a unique method when it came to dealing with this type of ingredient.

The demon race specialized in cooking, more so in using condiments.

Around his body, white bone jars filled with dense fragrance floated up, swirling around him.

With a smacking sound, Ah Mo grabbed the kitchen knife tightly. His eyes widened as he slashed towards Ouyang Xiaoyi's neck in one fluid motion.

To deal with such an ingredient, one had to drain the blood first...

Ah Mo's tongue stretched out far, and his entire face was filled with anticipation at the blood-letting that was about to happen. That fragrant and aromatic fresh blood pouring forth made his entire body gently tremble in excitement.

Ouyang Xiaoyi was so frightened that she tightly shut her eyes, her entire being wrapped in despair.

She had completely given up hope.

However, just as she thought she was about to die, the pain that she had imagined did not come to fruition.

At the same time, the hall had become extremely quiet.

Ouyang Xiaoyi's eyelashes fluttered as she slowly opened her eyes.

She realized that the kitchen knife was only about an inch away from her neck. But the knife could not advance any further.

Ah Mo's figure was frozen, his eyes filled with disbelief.

Tap. Tap. Tap.

Clear footsteps resounded in everyone's ears.

Ouyang Xiaoyi and Xiao Yanyu froze.

Everyone raised their heads and looked over.

From there... a familiar lean figure slowly walked out.

Bu Fang crossed his arms as the Vermillion Robe flapped on his body. His calm mental force surged, and upon taking in the scene inside the imperial hall, he gently let out a breath.

"I'm back."