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 As the majestic purple-colored poison sprayed out, that expert from the Netherworld revealed a crazy smile on his face.

He realized that the human facing his poison did not choose to dodge at all!

If he did not want to dodge... then he could go and die!

Although the poison of the demon scorpion race was not considered one of the best in the Netherworld, it was definitely incurable in this Hidden Dragon Continent!

Very soon, he would personally see this pathetic human struggle under his poison, and later, see his tormented figure wither from the corrosion!

This was what that human asked for!

He had once used his poison to kill a peak Divine Physique Echelon Realm existence before. Even if the opponent had achieved a high level in Divine Physique Echelon Realm, under his poison, they would inevitably collapse and succumb to it.

Hence, that expert of the demon scorpion race revealed a crazy look within his eyes.

However, that crazy look soon froze.

When the purplish-black poison had sprayed out, Bu Fang did not dodge. His face did not even have the slightest fluctuation.

It was as if he just faced a jet of water splashing over.

At that moment, the bandages that were wrapped around his arm jolted. A moment later, the bandages loosened, and a pitch-black phantom spirit thrust out from the bandage.


It was the sound of a roaring beast.

The ear-shattering roar rang throughout the air, causing all the experts of the demon scorpion race to freeze on the spot.


All the poison was devoured by the phantom spirit that appeared from Bu Fang's arm, as if it was a whale swallowing seawater. After swallowing it, the phantom spirit even let out a burp.

The atmosphere instantly became a little awkward.

The eyes of the demon scorpion expert widened, staring at Bu Fang.

He was in a daze, unable to comprehend what had just happened before his eyes. His entire being was in confusion.

What just happened?

Who was that phantom spirit? Appearing out of nowhere and swallowing his poison, even letting out a burp?!

Bu Fang tilted his head, calmly giving the demon scorpion expert a glance. This guy actually dared to pull off a sneak attack.

Gently grabbing his scorpion tail, Bu Fang lightly exerted strength in his palms. Instantly, the scorpion tail let out a cracking sound as it broke, splitting into two halves.

It could only be described with one word-tragic.

Bu Fang had already gotten the information that he wanted. He no longer had to show any mercy to these Supreme Beings of the demon scorpion race that dared to think of killing him.

He snapped his fingers.

Instantly, the dark golden Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame rapidly flew out.

In the next instant, the Supreme Being experts were razed to ashes from inside out, scattering away in a gust of wind.

With Bu Fang's cultivation today, he could definitely crush those Supreme Beings.

Ni Yan, who was leaning against the gate, was quite shocked by Bu Fang's actions. He had killed that group of people with such ease. The Boss Bu now was indeed a little different.

There was light shining within Ni Yan's eyes.

Bu Fang gave Ni Yan a glance, saying, "Looks like we need to deal with some matters first. Only after dealing with those matters, will I be able to help you control the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk."

Ni Yan shrugged her shoulders. She did not have any objections as she also held a particular attachment to the Light Wind Empire.

After all, she had been here for a period of time too.

Closing the gates, Bu Fang crossed his arms and walked out toward the alley. He wanted to see the Light Wind Empire and how it had changed exactly.

Ni Yan followed closely behind Bu Fang. She was silent, but her heart held a little anticipation.

The two walked out of the small alley, arriving in a wide street that was covered in white snow.

Bu Fang and Ni Yan stood confused in the wind, looking at the empty and vast street. It was filled with the ruins of many buildings, causing their eyes to involuntarily shrink.

It was obvious that the Light Wind Empire seemed to have been razed to the ground.

Bu Fang's heart sank at this deplorable sight. Indeed, what that expert of the demon scorpion race said was true-the entire Light Wind Empire had fallen.

Houses were toppled over, and the buildings were shattered. On the entire street, not a single soul could be seen.

The originally bustling Light Wind Empire, as of now, had been completely destroyed.

Flash! Flash! Flash!

Many figures leaped out from within the debris. They held long serrated blades, looking fiendish. They were similar to the demon scorpion experts that Bu Fang had dealt with earlier.

Bu Fang did not mind, leisurely walking as he advanced. He raised a hand and lightly pointed at one of the demon scorpion experts that was dashing at him.

That demon scorpion expert exploded in mid-air, his figure ripping into numerous pieces.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

From within the ruins, many demon scorpion experts stood up, releasing tyrannical energy over the entire city. There was light shining in their demon scorpion eyes, giving people a bone-chilling feeling.

"Bu Fang, these guys... are so very disgusting," Ni Yan said as she followed behind Bu Fang. She moved like him, gently stepping on the white snow.

With the ability of these two, it was basically second nature to be able to do that.


Those demon scorpion experts let out a crazy roar before dashing toward Bu Fang in hoards. With so many of them, one's heart would jump just by watching.

Bu Fang remained expressionless. On the other hand, Ni Yan revealed a disgusted and disdained look on her face.

Suddenly, Bu Fang stamped down with one foot, instantly halting the snowstorm that covered the sky.

The demon scorpion race experts that had dashed forward were frozen on the spot, unable to move an inch.

Bu Fang continued advancing with his hands crossed. He brought Ni Yan along behind him as he made his way through the group of demon scorpion experts that had surrounded them.

Walking out of the encirclement, Bu Fang then wiped clean his Vermillion Robe before raising his hand and snapping his fingers.


In an instant, the snowstorm resumed, but the demon scorpion experts all let out agonized howls as flames spread out from within their bodies, swallowing their figures and creating human torches.

After a series of sizzling sounds, all the demon scorpion experts had all been burnt to a crisp.

The thick layer of piled up snow melted as the demon scorpion experts were set on fire. As they advanced, there was a road of flames.

Bu Fang was expressionless, while Ni Yan's face was filled with disdain.

The direction that they were heading to was... the Light Wind Empire Imperial Palace.

Along the way were familiar sights, but what they saw were nothing like the ones in their memories. All they could see were ruins.

However, the majestic imperial palace was still well-maintained.

As for the humans of the imperial capital, other than the casualties, they were all locked in the great prison.


The Light Wind Empire Imperial Palace, Main Palace Hall

On the tall imperial throne, a tall and sturdy figure sat crossed-legged. This figure had two horns on his head, and his muscular body was clad in black armor.

This person was the chief of the demon scorpion race, Xie He. A terrifying creature of the Netherworld, he was an existence at a half-step into the Heavenly Ethereal Realm.

When Xie He first received this task, he refused. But under constant pressure, he eventually agreed to it, bringing his army into this continent.

Xie He loved to eat meat, especially humans. What was even better was the meat of delicate women.

He had brought with him a Netherworld chef, one that specialized in preparing meat from a woman. Any woman that went under his knife was always turned into an extremely delectable dish.

Xie He leaned against the throne. Behind him was a man who wore a black chef's robe. He was someone from the demon scorpion race and also the chef that Xie He brought from the Netherworld.

The eyes of that chef glowed, and he wore a treacherous look on his face.

Suddenly, below the main hall, countless figures were holding down a slender and an otherworldly beautiful person.

If Bu Fang was here, he would have definitely recognized this person. It was the first customer of Fang Fang's Little Store and the young master of the Xiao family, Xiao Xiaolong.

He was of noble blood and was also Bu Fang's apprentice.

At that moment, the appearance of Xiao Xiaolong was a little pitiful. His eyes were bloodshot, his hair was messy and disheveled, and his face was dirty.

The calamity had struck without warning, catching the people of the imperial city off guard. By the time they could react, those terrifying and hateful invaders had already attacked the imperial city.

The moment Xiao Xiaolong appeared, the face of the chef behind Xie He changed. He held a gaze that was extremely poisonous and cautious, as if Xiao Xiaolong was going to snatch something important away from him.

The chief, looking at Xiao Xiaolong, revealed a face of excitement.

He had tasted the deliciousness of Xiao Xiaolong's dishes before. They had a taste that made the pores on his entire body seem to open, making him extremely excited and unable to forget their flavors.

He liked eating the dishes that Xiao Xiaolong cooked. That was why after taking down the Light Wind Imperial City, he did not kill Xiao Xiaolong and kept him alive. He intended to make Xiao Xiaolong his chef to cook delicious meals for him.

Naturally, Xiao Xiaolong did not agree to it. He was the chef of Fang Fang's Little Store, Boss Bu's chef apprentice, so how could he become the personal chef of this invader?!

It was something he wouldn't do even if he was beaten to death!

Xiao Xiaolong was furious. He had originally waited inside the restaurant, so there was no way for these demon scorpions to reach him.

However, these guys had actually threatened him with Xiao Yanyu, leaving him with no choice but to walk out of Fang Fang's Little Store and become their prisoner.

"How many days has it been? Why do you keep rejecting my offer?" asked Xie He as he sat on the imperial throne, pulling back his mouth to reveal a trace of a smile.

Although he revealed a smile on his face, Xie He's heart had long been impatient.

This ant-like human... kept rejecting him.

Could it be that compared to being the personal chef of Xie He, it was far better to be a simple chef of a restaurant?

After experiencing a few rejections, Xie He's heart finally felt anger.

"You demon! Even if I, Xiao Xiaolong, were to die, I will not be your chef! You should just give up!" Xiao Xiaolong was as graceful as a woman, but when he became cold, he seemed to have a bit of aggression.

Xie He laughed coldly. He had already expected Xiao Xiaolong's answer. Hence, this time, he had already made preparations.

"This chief here has already been so nice to you, yet you don't even give me face. I do not have so much patience to drag things out with you."

Xie He coldly laughed, and his eyes shone with radiance. In the next instant, he clapped his hands.

The ground of the Imperial Palace instantly let out a booming sound.

Xiao Xiaolong froze. His eyes instantly shrank, then looked toward the direction the sound was coming from.

He watched the ground as a cage slowly rose.

Inside the cage were two people.

The moment Xiao Xiaolong saw them, his eyes widened and his heart sank.

Those two were special to him. One was his blood-related sister, Xiao Xiaoyu, while the other was Ouyang Xiaoyi, who he had a good relationship with.

The two had pale faces, lying within the cage dispiritedly.

When Xie He saw Xiao Xiaolong's shocked and fearful face, he grinned and said, "I'll ask once more. Do you accept my offer? If you don't... I will let my chef cook your friends and family right in front of you."

As Xie He's words echoed in the hall, the black-robed chef behind him instantly let out beams of light from his eyes.

His figure teleported, appearing in front of the cage in a flash.

He opened his mouth, staring hard at the well-proportioned and adorable Ouyang Xiaoyi. In an excited voice, he said, "This is a... really great ingredient."

Ouyang Xiaoyi, who was in the cage, opened her eyes upon hearing his words. Looking at the black-robed chef, she revealed a face full of terror.

Xiao Xiaolong's chest was completely filled with rage!

He wanted to let out an angry howl, but his heart was filled with helplessness. The ability of these demons was simply too strong-he was simply no match for them.