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 The chill entered Bu Fang's body, causing his entire being to tremble slightly.

White snow drizzled, bringing with it the cold wind from outside the gate. Outside was completely white.

However, when Bu Fang squinted, looking over with a serious expression, he spotted multiple gazes fixed on him.

These gazes were filled with shock.

Bu Fang furrowed his brows slightly.

He pushed open the gate fully and walked outside.

As soon as he took a step forward, he noticed the thick layer of snow go all the way up to his ankle, giving him a chill that seeped into his bones. The chill slowly spread from his thighs to the rest of his body.


A thick layer of snow had piled up in front of Fang Fang's Little Store. It was as though no one had stepped foot in it for a very long time.

This made Bu Fang very suspicious. Fang Fang's Little Store's popularity in the Light Wind Imperial City was unmatched, so how come no one came visiting?

After all, before Bu Fang left, Fang Fang's Little Store could literally pass off as the forefront of a market place. The queue in front of the store used to be so long, and it went all the way from that small alley to the city gates of the Light Wind Imperial City.

That sort of popularity was definitely something an ordinary restaurant could not compete with.

Hence, Fang Fang's Little Store place in the Light Wind Imperial City was irreplaceable.

Could something have happened?

Bu Fang furrowed his brows. As soon as he opened the gates of the restaurant and stepped into the snow, many gazes fell on him.

These gazes had momentarily been filled with shock, after which extreme excitement took over!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Piles of snow scattered about as the owners of these gazes dashed rapidly toward Bu Fang!

"This restaurant that we had never been able to enter has finally opened its gates!" A hoarse voice rang out.

A wave of pitch-black Nether energy surged forth. Many black-clothed figures stomped the snow as they rushed over.

Bu Fang froze and turned to look at these people. Not long after, his brows were raised even higher.

These people.... were not the people Bu Fang knew when he was still residing in the Light Wind Imperial City. They were unknown to him.

Not only did they all wear armor, but they also wore malevolent expressions. Their skin was green, and the energy they emitted was powerful. They all had, at least, reached the Supreme Being level.

So many Supreme Beings...

It had to be known that this was the Light Wind Imperial City, not the Valley of Gluttony and not the holy lands. Here, in the Light Wind Imperial City, a Supreme Being was seen as a peak existence!

But, for there to be so many Supreme Beings approaching him now...

Even if Bu Fang thought with his toes, not his brain, it was still enough for him to know that a huge change had happened in the Light Wind Imperial City.

He thought about the phenomenon where the sky changed above the Hidden Dragon Continent.

Could it be that when the sky changed, even the Light Wind Empire, which was located so far away, had been affected as well?

"I really didn't think that there would be someone in this house! Catch this guy! Offer him to Lord Chief!"

The snow kept pouring down from the sky.

A clanking sound rang out.

Blade lights flickered as the shadows, who Bu Fang now knew to be Supreme Being experts, charged at him.

In reality, these Supreme Beings did not put Bu Fang in their eyes. After all, the Light Wind Empire was just too far behind. Their strongest combatant was only a Supreme Being, hence, for these experts, fighting Bu Fang was akin to fighting an ant.

To take down this city, they barely had to expend any effort. This was why they did not care a whit for the youth they were dashing toward.

Within Fang Fang's Little Store, Ni Yan rubbed her eyes, then she slowly walked outside.

As soon as she emerged, the experts noticed her.

Upon noticing her, their eyes turned red!

"Tch tch tch! There's still a beauty here! Too beautiful! She's even more beautiful than the previous few we caught and handed over to Lord Chief, so she must be really delicious!"

Their mouths opened, revealing sharp fangs within. The excitement in their eyes was intense.

Some were even drooling as they stared at Ni Yan. It was as though they were looking at a very delicious dish.

When Bu Fang heard all that, his frown deepened. It seemed these strange fiends had done some horrible things.

It looked like he had to question them thoroughly.


A sound akin to air being sliced rang out as an extremely sharp blade, which resembled a sawtooth, was swung at Bu Fang's head.

It seemed intent on cutting Bu Fang into two.

Such a huge blade being swung was shocking. If one did not die after being cut by it, they would still be injured gravely.

However, Bu Fang did not care for the experts' blades.

He crossed his arms in front of his chest and slowly walked forward.


Within his sea of mental energy, there was a small disturbance. A bit of mental energy surged.

Suddenly, the blades that were aiming for his head froze in midair.

Bu Fang's true energy cultivation was at one step soul ladder of the Divine Soul Realm. However, it was not known how much his mental energy had surpassed his true energy cultivation level.

The amount of mental energy he had was enormous, and this great sea of mental energy had begun to surge.

When the mental energy surged out of him, the charging experts were frozen in midair, rendered completely incapable of moving.

Some of them had leaped at him with expressions of malevolence, but when they froze in midair, their expressions changed.

Some were down on one knee, with their long blades on hand, intent on stabbing Bu Fang's stomach. However, they were frozen, too, along with the snow they had kicked up from the ground.

Everything seemed to have frozen.

Ni Yan had been leaning on the gate, but when she saw what had transpired, her pupils dilated. Bu Fang's move truly shocked her.

So, Owner Bu's cultivation was now this powerful?!

This feat was only achievable by someone with a very powerful mental energy.

With his arms folded, Bu Fang sauntered forward. He walked to the front of one of the frozen experts.

This expert's skin was green. His eyes were pitch-black, and his pupils were yellow. A sharp horn was sticking out of its forehead, and his expression was evil. The black armor he had donned made him look imposing.

However, he was now completely frozen in midair, unable to move at all.

With his arms folded, Bu Fang calmly looked at the expert. He raised his hand, and a ball of dark golden flame instantly lit up on his palm. Having learned the flame-controlling technique, Bu Fang had reached a very advanced stage in his control over the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame.

Now, Bu Fang no longer needed to spit out the flame if he wished to conjure it.

However, it was only when he spat out the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame that it would be at its mightiest.

As the flame burned above his palm, the temperature around him instantly soared.

Suddenly, the frozen expert regained the ability to speak.

"Tell me, who sent you all?" Bu Fang asked. The dark golden flame flickered above him, illuminating his face, which looked more stern than usual.

"You lowly ant, we are the demon Scorpion race! Now that you have realized this, you should release us quickly! Or else, once our four great generals and chief get wind of this, little kid, you will be ripped to shreds!" that expert roared in reply.

They were invaders from the Netherworld?

Mo Ye and Mo Sa were also invaders from the Netherworld, but compared to them, the experts in front of him were really too weak.

"Where is the chef of this restaurant? And the waitress?" Bu Fang asked.

The chef was naturally Xiao Xiaolong, and the waitress was Ouyang Xiaoyi. He had not seen the girl for a long time. She ought to have grown up, becoming slender and more elegant, right?

"The chef of this restaurant? Hehehe. I have to admit that the taste of the dishes he made was not too bad, so the great general took him, intent on using him as an imperial chef!" the Netherworld expert coldly replied.

An imperial chef?

Bu Fang's brows furrowed, and a terrifying wave of mental energy surged forth, causing the expert's body to stiffen even more.

Xiao Xiaolong was the chef of Fang Fang's Little Store. It should have been impossible for the enemy to whisk him away. Although Bu Fang had been absent, the protection left behind for the restaurant should still be present.

The system would not allow Xiao Xiaolong to be whisked away.

However, Xiao Xiaolong was absent right now... The only logical explanation for this was that Xiao Xiaolong had left the restaurant, that was why he had been kidnapped.

There were many ways by which the enemy would have coerced him to leave the restaurant. The fact that Xiao Xiaolong was the young master of the Xiao Family was well known.

Since these experts from the Netherworld were unable to force their way into the restaurant, they probably used his family to threaten him.


Bu Fang slowly let out a breath, and his eyes became even colder.

"And the waitress?"

"Waitress?! That delicate doll?! Hehehe! Lord Chief has taken her away! Lord Chief likes these types of delicate women. Their textures are great. Definitely delicious! The great chefs of the Netherworld normally cook women like these."

That expert licked his lips as he cackled, sneering at Bu Fang.

He seemed to have felt Bu Fang's fury. Thus, the expert was pleased with himself.

The dark golden Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame flickered atop Bu Fang's palm.

Suddenly, as though realizing something, the expert's eyes widened, and his smile grew even more fanatical.

"You're still intent on looking for that doll? I'm afraid that she has already been served on a plate to the Lord Chief as his meal! Hehehe... Foolish human! Go die!"

A wave of energy instantly surged out from the expert, and a scorpion-like tail suddenly shot out from behind him, speeding toward Bu Fang's head.

The tail moved so fast that a normal person would not be able to see it at all.

This was the sure-kill move of the demon Scorpion race, a sudden blow that required preparations. It was used to deal with enemies the race found difficult. Even if it is used against a Divine Physique Echelon expert, who had broken a shackle, that expert would have to grieve.

This was not because of the blow's piercing power. It was because of the terrifying poison present on the scorpion tail.

As long as the tail hit home, its target would die without question.

Upon feeling the pressure emanating from Bu Fang, the demon Scorpion expert knew that he could not win in a fair fight. Hence, he used words to agitate Bu Fang, and when he found an opening, he struck with his race's killing blow.

He had used this method to kill many human experts who were much stronger than him.

Like pigs, these foolish humans always fell for it.

Although the scorpion-like tail moved really fast, it was just too slow in Bu Fang's sight.

Bu Fang reached out with his bandaged arm and instantly grabbed the scorpion-like tail.

"Hehehe! Foolish human that doesn't know death! Die!" roared the demon Scorpion.

Suddenly, the tip of the tail turned and shot toward Bu Fang's palm.

A purplish-black poison spurted out!