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 Amethyst Elder's gaze hardened slightly as he stared at the two figures walking out from within the snowstorm.

With his arms crossed in satisfaction, Nether King Er Ha slowly walked forward. His pitch-black hair was riddled with bits of white snow.

Having eaten a Spicy Strip and a delicious medium well Papillion Steak, his heart was truly satisfied.

Saint Daughter Zi Yun followed behind him, her eyes narrowed in bliss. Seeing the Nether King so happy, she also felt happy.

Suddenly, her feet stopped moving, and her pupils shrank. In front of her was a purple-haired man who was standing within the snowstorm.

This familiar person made Saint Daughter Zi Yun tremble involuntarily, and her eyes filled with panic.


Saint Daughter Zi Yun's eyes shivered in their sockets, too afraid to gaze at the Amethyst Elder, whose aura was incomparably mighty.

In the end, the Amethyst Elder had still come?

As someone who had secretly fled the Heavenly Spring Holy Land, Saint Daughter Zi Yun's emotions were now in turmoil. She was frightened by the presence of the Amethyst Elder because she knew that she might have to return to their holy land.

She didn't want to leave. In the time she had spent at the Valley of Gluttony, she was free and happy. Most importantly, she had met the really handsome and enchanting Brother Ha, who was in front of her.

Once she returned to the Heavenly Spring Holy Land, she would not be able to see Er Ha anymore.

She could not bear that sort of hardship.

With his arms crossed, Amethyst Elder coldly stared at Saint Daughter Zi Yun. His expression was stern.

"You still know that I am your Father. After being away from home for so long, you, crazy girl, have not even considered returning?" Amethyst Elder calmly asked.

His voice carried so much anger that Saint Daughter Zi Yun could not help shudder in fear.

Without waiting for her reply, Amethyst Elder's gaze shifted to Nether King Er Ha, who was standing beside her. He squinted his eyes, trying to see through the Nether King.

"So, this is the kid who snatched my daughter away?" Amethyst Elder coldly asked.

Pressure surged out from his body. It was so forceful that the snowstorm-filled sky seemed to freeze.

Nether King Er Ha had not thought he could come across such a person.

This person seemed to be this little stinky insect's father.

Thank heavens! Was he here to finally take this little stalker away?

Nether King Er Ha began to feel excited.

"Little Zi Yun, your dad is shouting at you, demanding that you go back home to eat!" Nether King Er Ha turned his head and shouted at Saint Daughter Zi Yun, whose face was filled with fear.

In reply, Zi Yun instantly glared at Nether King Er Ha. "Brother Ha, shut up. Don't talk!"

Nether King Er Ha hurriedly shut his mouth. This little Zi Yun really did have quite the temper.

Forget it. This king did not have a simple relationship with this girl.

Amethyst Elder's nostrils flared, and fumes surged out from them. He was so angry that he had clenched his hands into fists, on which one could see so many veins.

This girl actually dared flirt with this strange man in front of him?!

Did she think her father was here to serve as decor?

It seemed that, in the time they had not seen each other, somehow, this girl had risen to the heavens!

With waves of anger swirling around in his heart, Amethyst Elder's gaze, which was fixed on Nether King Er Ha, became even colder.

This guy... Did he think that because he was handsome he could trick his little girl whenever he felt like it?!

This supreme one must reveal that guy's true face!

"Zi Yun, come here! Come back to the holy land with father. Your mother misses you!" Amethyst Elder said.

Saint Daughter Zi Yun's mouth trembled, and she retreated a step backward. She tugged at Nether King Er Ha's clothes and said, " Brother Ha, I'm not leaving!"

Nether King Er Ha furrowed his brows and turned to Zi Yun, intent on patiently persuading her. "That's where you are wrong, little Zi Yun. Even your mom is shouting at you to go back to eat. You can't reject her now."

At that moment, Saint Daughter Zi Yun really wanted to take a brick and smash it on Nether King Er Ha's head.

Was this guy's head filled with Spicy Strips?

Amethyst Elder was also enraged when he heard this. Whenever this kid opened his mouth, it was as though he disliked this supreme one's little Zi Yun.

He had never believed that someone would dislike his daughter-the daughter of the Amethyst Elder!

This kid... was courting death!

"Even if no one likes Zi Yun, the daughter of the Amethyst Elder, someone like you would still be unworthy of disliking her! Zi Yun, come back with father!" Amethyst Elder shouted with a voice like thunder, causing the snowstorm-filled sky to explode.

Zi Yun's heart lurched, and her eyes were filled with fear.

"I... I'm not going back with you!"

Zi Yun took a step back, but an expression of determination appeared on her face.

This was the first time Nether King Er Ha had seen the girl this way. He turned to the Amethyst Elder and said, "Okay, little Zi Yun doesn't want to go back, so you shouldn't force her. Let's resolve this with words."

"Who are you, and when was it your turn to speak? We will settle our debt later! My daughter is not someone anyone can just bully!"

Amethyst Elder coldly gazed at Nether King Er Ha as he said that. Then, he suddenly waved his hand, and a wave of terrifying energy rushed toward Nether King Er Ha.

The snow below the rushing energy exploded, giving Nether King Er Ha a clear view of how much strength the energy wave possessed.

Nether King Er Ha's eyes narrowed, but the corners of his lips curled upward.

He raised a finger and tapped the rushing energy wave, shattering it instantly.

"You youngsters really have a temper. This king bullies whoever he wishes to bully. When did you become qualified to teach me? What sort of plaything do you count as?"

Nether King Er Ha waved his hands, and his robe fluttered. His gaze had turned sullen.

"You bullied my daughter, yet you still dared to retaliate? Insolent!"

Amethyst Elder was furious, and with a roar, his hair scattered. He took a step forward, and the ground below him seemed to shrink, reducing distance.

His figure flickered like lightning as the distance between him and the Nether King was reduced to nothing. In less time than it took to blink, he had appeared in front of the Nether King.

The two gazed at each other, and both their hairs fluttered.

Amethyst Elder swung a hand, intending to give the Nether King a slap.

As the Amethyst Elder, his identity was a noble one, so it was only natural that he had a method to deal with his enemies.

He needed to let Zi Yun see this person's weakness. He needed Zi Yun to know that the person she had chosen was not good for her.

However, his strike did not land.

Nether King Er Ha had raised a finger and gently tapped the rushing palm, smacking it away.

Amethyst Elder froze, and his pupils quickly shrunk. Being able to block his palm so easily... Without a doubt, this kid's cultivation was high!

But, don't think that with a strong cultivation level, anyone could just whisk away the daughter of the Amethyst Elder!

His energy surged wildly once more, and this time, he swung a fist at Nether King Er Ha!

This time, Nether King Er Ha did not hold back. A wave of black energy emerged, swirling around his arm. With a wave, Amethyst Elder was sent flying into the distance.

Saint Daughter Zi Yun bit her lip, and a complicated expression appeared on her face

Amethyst Elder slowly raised his head, rage filling his eyes.

This kid was actually a creature of the Netherworld?!

The daughter of the Amethyst Elder had actually fallen for a creature of the Netherworld? This was something that was not allowed!


Waves of energy appeared on his arms as he got to his feet. The energy surged even more until it exploded outward.

Nether King Er Ha's pupils shrank, his eyes staring fixedly at the Amethyst Elder's palms as he thought, "Hmm? Is that Netherworld energy pouring out of this youngster's body?"

As it dawned on him, he exclaimed, "You came from the Netherworld?!"



It was the sound of a door that had been sealed for a long time being opened.

The creaking sound was sharp enough to make those who heard it feel pain in their ears.

After the door was pushed open, a lean figure walked out from it. Behind that figure was a beautiful female, who had captivating curves in all the right places.

The bed, the window, and the bathroom remained the same... There wasn't the slightest bit of change.

Bu Fang and Ni Yan stood in the room.

The atmosphere had turned extremely awkward.

"Bu Fang, are you playing a game with me? Going out through the door only to come back to the same spot?" Ni Yan said drowsily to Bu Fang.

Bu Fang just gave her a side glance, and the corners of his mouth curled. Without a word, he walked out of the door.

However, Ni Yan froze and carefully looked around the room.

Although the room was devoid of a speck of dust, her pupils dilated. This was because she had realized that there was indeed something different.

This was not the room they were previously in.

Previously, because she had been sleeping on the bed, the blanket had come undone. However, the bed in front of her was made and neat.

What did this mean?!

It meant that they had come to a different room!

Why would there be a room so similar to the previous one?

Ni Yan sucked in a breath of cold air. Her drowsiness was entirely gone by this point.

She quickly turned and followed Bu Fang.

Step. Step.

The further they went, the more Ni Yan felt a familiar wave of energy.

This... This was not the Valley of Gluttony!

The spiritual energy that lingered in the air suddenly dropped. It was not surging like the one in the Valley of Gluttony.

However, Ni Yan did not care about that. She followed Bu Fang into a building and watched him enter the kitchen.

She was about to follow him inside when she recalled the purple lightning that had appeared when she tried to go into that kitchen. This made her feel wary and guilty.

Hence, she turned around and went back to the restaurant.

When she followed Bu Fang here, the familiar placement of the interior made her feel a little confused.

There was no Chu Changsheng, no Path-Understanding Tree, no black dog, and no Netherworld Ship.

Indeed, this was not the Taotie Restaurant of the Valley of Gluttony!

She looked up at the menu on the wall, and the familiar list of dishes she saw made her eyes widen even more. An incomparable wave of familiarity swirled in her heart.

Meanwhile, in the kitchen, Bu Fang furrowed his brows. He crossed his arms and began pacing about.

The kitchen was quiet. Xiao Xiaolong was not in, and this made Bu Fang curious.

This shouldn't be happening. The restaurant is supposed to be open for business at this time, but how could it do that without a chef?

Bu Fang remembered that, of his two chef's apprentice, only Xiao Xiaolong had remained in this restaurant, while Yu Fu returned to the Serpentine Palace to train her culinary skills.

If Bu Fang was not wrong, then Yu Fu should have become the Serpentine Sovereign of the serpent-man race.

This kitchen's design was the same as the other, but since it was Bu Fang's first kitchen, there was a familiar smell lingering in the air.

The smell made Bu Fang unconsciously narrow his eyes. He really enjoyed this feeling.

He walked out of the kitchen and into the restaurant, and as he had expected, the gate was shut tight.

Ni Yan pulled out a chair and sat down. She placed her head on the table and closed her eyes to nap.

Bu Fang's footsteps did not wake her up.

However, he could not allow her to sleep at this time. When he passed by her, he gently tapped her head.

Ni Yan woke up with a start before glaring at Bu Fang.

Bu Fang only raised his brows in reply before heading to the gate and pushing it open.

When the gate opened, beams of light rushed in from outside, accompanied by a chilling gust of wind.

Bu Fang gently let out a breath and looked outside. What he saw, however, made his pupils dilate.