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 Nether King Er Ha finally fulfilled his wish of eating the Papillion Steak.

When the Papillion Steak, which was covered in Abyssal Chilli Sauce, entered his mouth, it made Nether King Er Ha feel as though the pores on his entire body were slightly shrinking, causing him to narrow his eyes involuntarily.

That was a type of blissful feeling of being conquered by a delicacy.

After finishing the Papillion Steak, Nether King Er Ha placed the knife and fork on the plate and leaned back on the chair. His mouth involuntarily opened, puffing out a mouthful of white gas and letting out a soft cry.


Bu Fang was resting in front of the gate, enjoying the snow outside.

The Heavenly Secret Saint Sovereign had already left after eating the Papillion Steak. His heart had become a lot more satisfied, and he needed to return back to the Heavenly Secret Holy Land to keep watch. As of today, the Hidden Dragon Continent was in chaos, and he was scared that if he left for too long, something bad might happen.

Lord Dog, after eating his fill, returned to the Path-Understanding Tree, sleeping soundly under it.

Flowery sat at Lord Dog's side, quietly cultivating.

Nethery sat on the Netherworld Ship, swaying her legs.

Chu Changsheng followed Bu Fang. He pulled a chair and sat at Bu Fang's side, leisurely enjoying the scenery with the latter.

Everything had become so peaceful...

The restaurant's business still continued.


The entrance of the Valley of Gluttony

The void ripped apart as a spirit leaf boat slowly moved, floating out from within the void.

A handsome, purple-haired man, who was dressed entirely in purple, stood on the small boat. His gaze was like a torch, as though it could see through the air, straight into the Valley of Gluttony.

This was the second time he had come to the Valley of Gluttony. The first time was with his clone. However, during that time, his clone had tasted humiliation.

He came here with an objective, but this time, the objective was vastly different from the previous one.

Before, he hoped to take the inheritance within the Valley of Gluttony to further his cultivation. It was a pity that he failed, and he was unable to further his cultivation before the Heaven Pass Tribulation.

However, as of today, he no longer needed it.

Amethyst Elder raised his own hand, looking at the eye that was spinning around in his palm. His brows instantly furrowed.

"I can feel it... The energy of the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk is in the Valley of Gluttony! Quick, go destroy it!" The demon eye blinked, letting out an excited hoarse and old voice.

"Why so impatient? Let's take it slow." Amethyst Elder calmly said to the demon eye on his palm. He then closed his hand, causing the demon eye to lose its voice.

The group of people from the holy land, who had been stripped of their clothes in the Valley of Gluttony, came looking in a miserable state.

With regards to this matter, the Amethyst Elder naturally knew about it. That was why he would pay attention to anything related to the Valley of Gluttony now.

He shouted the order to exterminate all the Netherworld creatures on the continent, causing the experts of their holy land to frantically kill those said creatures. But who would have thought that he would be humiliated in the Valley of Gluttony?

Within the Valley of Gluttony, there was a restaurant where creatures of the Netherworld resided.

To be able to rip off all the clothes of his subordinates and throw them out, this meant that there was something not ordinary about this.

It had to be known that, among his subordinates, there was a sect master level existence!

A sect master level existence was an expert who had lit up the divine flame. Although that sect master had lit up only one divine flame, it was enough to be unbeatable in the entire Valley of Gluttony.

However, in the end, he had awkwardly returned with his clothes ripped.

Hence, this matter had become very serious for Amethyst Elder.

He slowly walked off the boat. With his arms crossed, he headed towards the Valley of Gluttony.

Deep down, he was a little afraid of those creatures of the Netherworld, but with his identity and ability, he felt he should also receive respect in the Valley of Gluttony.

When the guards in front of the city gates shouted and wanted to block him, Amethyst Elder simply waved his hand. Purple true energy instantly spread out, causing these guards to be sent flying and be injured heavily.

Although he did not kill anyone, those that went against him suffered heavy injuries.

Fused with that demon eye, Amethyst Elder felt that his temper had become more and more violent.

There was a constant killing intent converging within his heart.


Ni Yan woke up. She opened her eyes and climbed up from the bed drowsily.

She felt like her head was about to explode. It was so heavy, like a boat was sinking.

Walking out of the room, she walked down the stairs. These days, she had become used to this sort of situation. Every day, she had to sleep for at least fourteen to sixteen hours, then after waking up for a little while, she would go back to sleep.

Because of the situation with the energy of the star, it caused Ni Yan to become overly sleepy.

Walking into the restaurant, she greeted Bu Fang, then pulled out a chair out of habit to sit at his side.

Bu Fang tilted his head over, lightly looking at Ni Yan's pretty face. The corner of his mouth pulled up.

"Did you remember any memories regarding the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk today?"

Ni Yan shook her head, expressing that she did not remember-there was not a trace of memory in her head.

This made Bu Fang a little anxious. It had been so long already, and he did not know when Ni Yan would remember anything about the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk.

"System, do you have any methods to make this lady quickly remember the way to utilize the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk?" Bu Fang quietly asked the system in his heart.

With the system's personality, there should be some sort of method, right?

As expected, the system did not say anything for quite a while, causing Bu Fang's heart to instantly light up.

If the system did not reply at once, that meant that there was still a way.

"The energy of the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk sealed this lady's memories. If you want to break the seal, you need to start from her memories first, breaking it from within. Only then can you awaken the control of the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk of this woman." The solemn and serious voice of the system rang out.

Bu Fang slightly narrowed his eyes.

Start from the memories... How would he start from there?

Suddenly, the system's voice once again rang out, causing Bu Fang to be frozen on the spot.

"Announcing a temporary task. Help Ni Yan walk down the memory lane and control the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk. Completion reward: An Everlasting Transportation Door for your branch businesses, a fragment of the God of Cooking Set.

A temporary task was suddenly announced?

Bu Fang was a little confused. How come a temporary task was announced suddenly?

Furthermore, this temporary task was a little strange. He would help Ni Yan control the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk by walking down the memory lane?

This task made Bu Fang a little bewildered. However, he quickly saw through the important part of it.

The system asked him to help Ni Yan control the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk. To control the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk, he had to start from Ni Yan's memories, stimulating it to release the energy of the star...

Bu Fang rubbed his chin, giving Ni Yan a glance.

Of course, other than the task, Bu Fang was a little interested in the reward.

The Everlasting Transportation Door for his other branches... What did this mean?

Bu Fang had three restaurants as of this day. One was in the Southern Region, Fang Fang's Little Restaurant of the Light Wind Empire.

The second one was in the Pill Palace, the Cloud Mist Restaurant in Heavenly Mist City.

And the last one was the Taotie Restaurant that he had opened in the Valley of Gluttony.

The three restaurants ran businesses at the same time so that it could provide business revenue for Bu Fang to further his cultivation.

With the Everlasting Transportation Door for his different branches, did that mean that with this transportation door, he would be able to travel conveniently between his branches?

This was pretty convenient.

"System prompt. The temporary task will begin in an hour. Host, make your preparations now," the system seriously said.

Bu Fang froze once again. The temporary task would begin in an hour?

All of a sudden? The hell is the system doing?

Bu Fang was a little flustered. He stood up from the chair, and after understanding everything from the system, he then let out a breath.

The temporary task this time made Bu Fang's heart a little excited. It was because the temporary task this time required Bu Fang to bring Ni Yan back to the Light Wind Empire.

The Light Wind Empire...

Bu Fang felt that it seemed like a distant memory.

Many people and things had become a little hazy in his memories. After all, Bu Fang's head was filled with cooking from day till night, so it was natural for his memory to be a little hazy.

Actually, Bu Fang was looking forward to it. He did not know what culinary level the two chef apprentices of his had reached now.

According to normal logic, their standard should be no lower than him when he left the Light Wind Empire, right?

Xiao Xiaolong and Serpentine Yu Mo... Their talent for cooking was pretty good.

Holding onto this little anticipation, Bu Fang became a little excited.

He chased out Nether King Er Ha, who was sitting there with a relaxed expression after eating his fill, then shut the gates of the restaurant with a bang.

Chu Changsheng was momentarily stunned.

"Owner Bu, how come you close business so early today?" Chu Changsheng asked in curiosity.

However, Bu Fang did not reply to him. He only turned his body to tap Ni Yan's shoulder. Then, pulled the latter upstairs under Chu Changsheng's gaze, who was sucking in a breath of cold air.

Chu Changsheng instantly understood, his eyes revealing a teasing glint.

Owner Bu... was really impatient.

Ni Yan, who looked like she hadn't completely woken up yet, was pulled by Bu Fang as they headed to his room.

Once she returned to the bedroom, Ni Yan promptly laid on the bed.

Bu Fang looked at Ni Yan, who was acting so lazy, and his mouth twitched involuntarily.

He pulled her up from the bed. Holding Ni Yan's shoulder, he said, "Wake up for a bit, I'll take you somewhere."

Go where...

Ni Yan's face was filled with confusion.

Suddenly, her half-closed eyes slightly shrunk after seeing streams of dazzling white light floating in the air...

That light condensed, but this time, it did not transform into a teleportation array. Instead, it accumulated, becoming a white door of light.

There was even a handle on the light door.

Bu Fang was also a little bewildered.

This was the transportation door that the system was talking about?

It looked really awesome.

Since it was a transportation door, then did it mean that opposite this door is the Fang Fang's Little Restaurant in the Light Wind Empire?

If that was really true, then it was really a lot more convenient!

Ni Yan was fully awake now. She gave Bu Fang a glance, as if she did not understand where he was taking her.

Bu Fang did not say, neither did she ask.

In the next instant, Bu Fang walked in front of that light door.

With a clanking sound, the handle of the light door was twisted open. Bu Fang slightly put in some strength, opening the light door.

Beyond the light door, the space was pitch-black, and its depth was unfathomable. It was like a black hole that swallowed humans.

It was filled with an unknown future... A black hole.

Bu Fang gave Ni Yan a glance, then, without a word, he stepped into it first.

Ni Yan hesitated for a while, then followed Bu Fang's footsteps, treading into that black hole. Even she did not know where this black hole led to.

The moment the two entered, a clanking sound was heard again, then the light door suddenly shut with a banging sound. It let out an exploding sound as its light scattered over the entire sky.


With crunching sounds ringing out, Amethyst Elder crossed his arms, stepping on the ground that was piled with snow.

On the two sides of the long street, the fragrance of dishes drifted out, along with the cacophony of voices. Even if it was snowing heavily, the restaurants in the Valley of Gluttony were still bustling with activity.

However, Amethyst Elder's footsteps froze as his arm began to heat up.

He raised his hand.

The eye that had been shut on his palm suddenly opened, letting out a malevolent roar. "The energy of the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk disappeared! Goddamnit... Why did it disappear?!"

"Disappeared? Didn't you say that it was here in the Valley of Gluttony?"

Amethyst Elder furrowed his brows.

"It's gone! It just suddenly vanished! Quick, rush over..." the demon eye roared.

Amethyst Elder did not reply, but he raised his head, looking in the distance.

From there, two figures were walking in the heavy snow, slowly coming over.

Those two figures... They were very familiar.

One was a handsome youth, while the other was Amethyst Elder's... darling daughter.

Amethyst Elder narrowed his eyes. Closing his palms, he did not care about the demon eye's roaring. He just stood on the spot quietly, waiting for the two people who were coming over from the distance.