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 Bu Fang's words made the laughter resounding within the restaurant suddenly freeze.

Nether King Er Ha looked at Bu Fang with a dumbstruck expression, as if he did not understand what the latter had just said.

What did Bu Fang mean by he was happy eating the Spicy Strips? Was he not allowed to eat the Papillion Steak?

So he could not eat the Papillion Steak because he ate a Spicy Strip? How come he couldn't have both at the same time?

"Bu Fang kid, don't make fun of this king just because this king is handsome. We are all comrades here, so you have to leave a piece for this king, right?" Nether King Er Ha swayed his hair as he said that.

"Nope." Bu Fang shook his head.

"Hahahahaha! Aren't you one of his people? Serves you right! Just continue being cocky!" Mo Tianji couldn't resist laughing loudly, looking at Nether King Er Ha's humiliated look.

He felt a wave of satisfaction in his heart, just like the satisfaction obtained when he drank a cold drink as it instantly quenched his thirst.

It was really... tasty!

Within the restaurant, loud laughter once again ensued.

This laughter made Nether King Er Ha look extremely awkward. The small guy was intoxicated by success!

He was so angry as he looked at Mo Tianji, who couldn't stop laughing loudly. He really wanted to once again tear this guy's clothes, then throw his arrogant ass out.

Eh.... That was not a bad idea...

A glint flashed across Nether King Er Ha's eyes as he narrowed his gaze at Mo Tianji.

That gaze made Mo Tianji's hair stand on its ends. Naturally, the laughter stopped.

"What are you planning? It's peaceful and prosperous, and the weather is good. Owner Bu, let's talk about the Papillion Steak?" Mo Tianji pouted his mouth.

His heart was a little sullen, thinking that he was the Saint Sovereign of the Heavenly Secret Holy Land but had actually been humiliated countless times in this restaurant.

He felt really wronged...

"Don't laugh either. You need to buy your own Papillion Steak..." said Bu Fang as he calmly gave Mo Tianji a look.

Mo Tianji froze. "Buy? How much?"

Bu Fang did not speak, only raising his finger to point at the menu on the wall.

On it, another dish had popped out-Medium Well Papillion Steak.

The price? A million crystals.

A million crystals...

Mo Tianji's face instantly fell. Not a single trace of expression was left on his face.

A million crystals for a piece of meat?

It was almost equal to half of a small crystal mine already! To spend half a crystal mine to eat a piece of meat...

Mo Tianji's heart felt a little pain.

"Puhahahaha! Who asked you to be smug? Why don't you continue laughing?"

Nether King Er Ha also saw the price. Although he did not know the concept of crystals, he could see from the look on Mo Tianji's face that it was a lot of crystals.

Mo Tianji's laughter earlier made him feel awkward, but it was his turn to laugh now.

This was called being smug for only three seconds. Karma would always come around!

"Why are you laughing? Isn't it just a million crystals? This lord is still able to afford it." Mo Tianji gave Nether King a glance, then lightly pulled up the corner of his mouth, revealing a cold smile.

As the Saint Sovereign of the Heavenly Secret Holy Land, his identity was sacred. It's merely a million crystals... Although it slightly pained his heart, he did have a million crystals.

"Okay, then. You guys wait."

Bu Fang's gaze swept past the spectators, then kept the utensils. He turned around to once again return to the kitchen.

In just a while, the air was filled again with the dense dragon meat fragrance.

Everyone's hearts surged with happiness. It was because they knew that the Papillion Steak coming out truly belonged to them!

However, while some were happy, some were sad.

Nether King Er Ha was the saddest one. Because he had eaten a Spicy Strip, he was excluded by Bu Fang out of the 'our people' category.

This young man... was really becoming more and more naughty!

However, this smell was really fragrant.

Nether King gulped, smelling the fragrance that lingered in the air. He really was unable to bear it.

After a while, from the kitchen, a slender and lean figure slowly walked out. His hand held a dish that was covered by a lid.

Placing the dish on the dining table, Bu Fang looked at the spectators, signaling that they would decide it for themselves.

Then, he turned around, returning to the kitchen to continue cooking.

The spectators looked at each other. Who should have the first Papillion Steak?

Truthfully, Mo Tianji wanted it. Since he had spent money, he should have a little privilege right.

However, just as his hand reached out, Lord Dog's hairy dog paws pressed onto the lid.

Mo Tianji froze.

Lord Dog's eyes gave Mo Tianji a side glance, causing the latter's entire body to feel a chill.

Shit... This dog... Shameless!

"Lord Dog first." Blacky's gentle and magnetic voice rang out.

Mo Tianji was not willing, but he did not dare. After all, the guy in front of him was Lord Dog!

It was said in legends that it was an existence that was even more impressive than the Nether King. From that alone, it was obvious that he could not win against him. Hence, Mo Tianji could only indignantly give in to Lord Dog's pressure.

Lord Dog's hairy dog paw tapped. Instantly, the lid was removed.

The fragrance of the dragon meat drifted out, causing Lord Dog's drool to leak out of his mouth.

Clink, clank...

Lord Dog moved the knife and fork a little, his mouth instantly turning into a grimace. His exquisite dog paws were simply unable to use them.

This Bu Fang kid had done this on purpose.

Acting gracefully when eating Papillion Steak... Can 'graceful' be eaten?

Lord Dog swiped his paws, flicking the fork and knife to the side. He opened his mouth, then began to munch on that Papillion Steak.

As Lord Dog chewed, the taste of the Papillion Steak entered his mouth, causing his eyes to become brighter and brighter.

The others watched, then swallowed their saliva. It was really too fragrant!

Mo Tianji felt his heart twitching. He watched a dog leisurely biting on a piece of meat that he had spent a million crystals to buy. At that moment, he really felt that a piece of his heart had been bitten by a dog too.

It was so painful that tears almost fell from his eyes.

What a waste of natural resources!

As Nether King Er Ha watched Lord Dog eating so happily, his heart was filled with envy and hate. The ingredient was brought back by him, but in the end, he did not get to eat a single bite of it. This lazy dog did not do anything, yet it got to eat a piece of meat.

How unfair!

Nether King Er Ha was so angry!

Suddenly, his eyes shined. If he brought a few more Papillions back, then wouldn't it be settled?

Nether King Er Ha really felt excited at his own quick-wittedness.

In the next instant, he gave the Papillion Steak that Lord Dog was chewing in his mouth a meaningful look, then turned his body and left, his hair fluttering as he did so.

At that moment, Bu Fang walked out of the kitchen, holding many portions of Papillion Steak.

There were six portions in total. Since he had eaten one himself, the remaining five could be split among these five.

Nethery, Lord Dog, Flowery, Chu Changsheng, and the Heavenly Secret Saint Sovereign that was in front.

Of course, the Heavenly Secret Saint Sovereign's piece of meat was bought with crystals.

Bu Fang also poured a cup of Frost Blaze Path-Understanding Brew while he was at it, and this made Mo Tianji excited for quite a while.

Good wine paired with good meat!

After Mo Tianji ate it, he was instantly shocked. His entire being sank within the taste of the meat juice.


Among the waves of booming sounds, a sound rapidly dashed out.

Outside the Valley of the Gluttony, hundreds of miles away...

A city was destroyed, and the city walls had collapsed. The flames of war raged across the lands as black smoke rolled everywhere.

Within the city, many creatures of the Netherworld dashed to kill, fresh blood splattering away.

These creatures were troops that came from the Ruin Prison, besieging the city and taking it over by force. It caused the city to descend into war with heavy casualties.

The demons excitedly roared, constantly killing people in the Hidden Dragon Continent.

Above the sky, there was a huge demon dragon flapping its meaty wings.

The demon dragon, other than being in charge of transporting dragon eggs and catalyzing the Mandala Tree, was also in charge of attacking cities. With such a huge demon dragon, its combat ability was definitely terrifying.

When it attacked the city, none could overcome it!


The Papillion moved its wings, and its roars rang across the entire city.

Cries and shouts covered the entire landscape...

The troops of the Ruin Prison slaughtered without restraint, as if it was trying to make this city into a ghost town!

Suddenly, a figure rapidly dashed over and floated in the air.

This was a man who had a shining pitch-black hair. His face was handsome, revealing a little worry.

He floated above the city, his eyes shifting, finally landing on the huge Papillion that was in the air.

"Finally found it... Those guys from the Ruin Prison do have some methods. They actually thought of using the Papillion to bring Papillion eggs to catalyze the Mandala Tree, then using the Mandala Tree to deploy the troops of the Ruin Prison."

Nether King Er Ha crossed his arms, looking at the city that had been reduced to ruins. He gently let out a sigh.

His conflicted gaze looked around.

This was the calamity of the Hidden Dragon Continent. He should not meddle in it too much.

His objective this time was the Papillion, so the other matters were unrelated to him.

Hence, Nether King Er Ha only floated in front of the Papillion.

The Papillion looked at the tiny voice in front of it, opening its mouth to let out an ear-shattering dragon roar!

The roar stirred up a gale, whistling as it blew on the Nether King's hair.

Nether King Er Ha calmly looked at the Papillion before his figure disappeared. In the next instant, he was already standing on top of its head.

A wave of horrifying pressure instantly dispersed from the Nether King's body, causing the Papillion to halt its movements. If not for the Nether King holding back some pressure, then this stupid dragon might smash into the ground out of fright.

"Be good now. This king will take you somewhere to eat something good," said Nether King Er Ha in a gentle voice as he patted the Papillon's head.

The Papillion froze.

In the next instant, a void was ripped open.

The Papillion and Nether King Er Ha's figures instantly stepped into it, disappearing.

The troops of the Ruin Prison were stunned speechless, as if they did not understand how the Papillon would just disappear.

However, even if a Papillion was missing, the war was still not over. The shouts of slaughter continued to reverberate across the sky.

At the corner of the continent, terrifying wars like this exploded.


Bu Fang pulled out a chair, resting in front of the restaurant's gate.

Outside the gate, blood-colored snow fluttered down from the sky like feathers. It covered the ground like a layer of cotton-padded jacket.

Inside the restaurant, the sounds of knives hitting the porcelain plates could be heard ceaselessly.

Under Bu Fang's careful guidance, the spectators had managed to somehow learn to use the fork and knife. Other than Lord Dog, the rest used the knife and fork to eat the steak elegantly.


The void, which was not far from the restaurant gate, was ripped open. After that, a huge figure stepped out from within.

It was the Papillion that Bu Fang had seen this morning. However, the one in the morning was dead, while this one was alive.

Nether King Er Ha jumped down from the Papillon's head, landing in front of the restaurant.

With eyes full of anticipation, he looked at Bu Fang and said excitedly, "Bu Fang young man, this king has once again brought back an ingredient! This time, this king's portion should be there, right?"

Within the restaurant, the Heavenly Secret Saint Sovereign was shaken by the sudden noise from outside the gate. He turned his head over, then saw the huge demon dragon.

The Heavenly Secret Saint Sovereign froze.


This dragon meat was actually the meat from the dragon in front of him?

This.... Wasn't this the demon that attacked the continent from the Ruin Prison?!

So, he had actually been eating this plaything eagerly! It was actually a creature of the Ruin Prison!

It was so tasty! Such a delightful delicacy!

As of today, the continent descended into deep water and scorching fire because of these demon dragons.

Now that he had tasted the meat of this demon dragon, Mo Tianji was extremely excited. After he finished eating, he put down his knife and fork, then wiped his mouth.

He turned to Bu Fang and exclaimed, "Owner Bu, one more portion of Papillion Steak! Goddamn. This lord wants to eat all these Ruin Prison invaders!"


Meanwhile, in the Heavenly Spring Holy Land, a handsome man with a purple hair stood on a spirit leaf boat.

That spirit boat soared, scattering a brilliant radiance.

In the next moment, the void was ripped as he directly sped toward the Valley of Gluttony.