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 "Sorry, but... this dish, I'll eat it myself." Bu Fang's calm voice resounded.

When he said this sentence, his face did not change. There was not a trace of nervousness nor an increase in his breath.

The originally excited audience was shocked by his one sentence!

What was this doll saying?!

What did he say?!

"Little kid Bu Fang... This is not right, you know. Good things must be shared with everyone!"

"Bu Fang kid, Lord Dog's exquisite dog paws have long been hungry and thirsty. It's hard to endure!"

"Bu Fang, I'm hungry. I want to eat."


Nether King Er Ha and the rest instantly exploded, widening their eyes as they all exclaimed at Bu Fang.

The streams of golden light scattered, slowly revealing the appearance of that dish.


Steaming hot air rose. As the oil on it was still splattering, the deep red Papillion Steak brought a wave of unique meat fragrance. It assaulted everyone's sense of smell, causing one to involuntarily swallow their saliva.

Simply looking at it, it made one feel their appetite rise.

Bu Fang tilted his head, not caring in the least about these guys who were hungry and thirsty.

Not letting them eat it.....and they made such a fuss?

Was he the chef, or were they the chef?

Did they still dare to give out threats?

Bu Fang was very calm, sitting down on the spot leisurely.

He took a white cloth and spread it on top of the table, calmly looking at that tender, fried Papillion Steak.

The meat juice of the medium well Papillion Steak could be seen flowing with one's eyes.

Holding up an exquisite wine cup, the wine cup seemed to be transparent as the green-colored Frost Blaze Path-Understanding Brew reflected light from within.

The wine fragrance assaulted the nose, fusing together with the dense meat fragrance. It literally made one sink in the rich aroma, and it would be hard to extricate oneself from it.

Nether King Er Ha could no longer bear it...

Although this smell was a bit lacking compared to Spicy Strips, with such a delicacy in front of him, how could he bear it?

"Bu Fang young man, let this king have a taste first!" Nether King Er Ha's eyes lit up as he reached out towards the Papillion Steak.

However, before that hand had even touched the steak, it was smacked away by Bu Fang's palm.

"Don't make a fuss... Eating this Papillion Steak is not only about the taste. There's also the concept, tone, and mood. If it were swallowed thoughtlessly by someone like you, this medium well Papillion Steak would be a waste."

Bu fang paused, then calmly added, "You guys first watch me eat..."

Watch you eat?

Why don't you kill yourself?

The spectators were stunned speechless. Nether King Er Ha had felt that he was already very shameless, but compared to Bu Fang, he realized that he could still be a little more shameless.

Lord Dog's dog nose groaned.

Nethery stuck out her tongue, licking her red lips. A bright light shone from within her eyes.


Bu Fang looked at the Papillion Steak in front of him, as if he suddenly remembered something...

Looking at the steaming Papillion Steak, Bu Fang rubbed his chin. Then, he stood up, giving the spectators a look and said, "This dish still lacks an ingredient. I'll go to the kitchen for a bit and be right back. You guys are not allowed to eat it behind my back."

Everyone looked at each other, all nodding their heads in unison.

Even if we secretly ate it, we wouldn't tell you.

Flowery nodded her head until her hair was scattered everywhere.

Very satisfied with these people's stances, Bu Fang stood up and walked into the kitchen.

He needed to prepare a sauce. Although the Papillion Steak that he had fried was already full of flavor, a sauce should complement it to obtain the perfect taste. The sauce was something that could not be missed.

Taking out a small cup of Frost Blaze Path-Understanding Brew, Bu Fang poured it into the Black Turtle Constellation Wok. Then, he cut up the ingredients, placing it into the wok to cook on high heat. After that, he took out the Abyssal Chilli Sauce, scooping out half a ladle into the wok.

Plip plop.

In just a while, the sauce became well cooked. Bu Fang then scooped out a ladle of the boiling sauce.

Although the sauce needed to be cooled first, a boiled sauce had its unique taste as well.


Meanwhile, in the dining area, the atmosphere had instantly become a little awkward.

It was extremely quiet, and the only sound that could be heard was the sizzling sound of the oil coming from the Papillion Steak.

Nether King Er Ha widened his eyes, his gaze sweeping the entire surroundings. His gaze met once with everyone's eyes. His eyes... held a story.

Lord Dog narrowed his eyes, his dog paws tapping on the dining table. His eyes met with Nether King Er Ha's.

It was as if they could communicate with their eyes.

"Lazy dog... Are you eating it or not?"

"If you dare to eat it, I dare to eat it too..."

"One half for you, and the other half for this king?"

"Shut your mouth. Thirty percent for you, seventy for Lord Dog!"

"Goddamn! This lazy dog is indeed shameless. Ninety for this king, and for you, ten!"

"You want to fight with Lord Dog?"

"Don't be quick to jump into a fight... We are people with status. Can we settle this in a civilized manner? Eighty for this king, and you twent-"

"Forget it. Let's just fight!"

A human and a dog's gaze constantly clashed, as if there were burning sparks flying everywhere.

Heavenly Secret Saint Sovereign watched with a speechless face.

Nethery also rolled her eyes.

Ever since the Papillion Steak had come out, Flowery's gaze had never left it. But since Lord Dog had not eaten it, she did not dare to eat it either.

The awkwardness in the air made the Heavenly Secret Saint Sovereign a little uncomfortable. He swept his gaze over the spectators once, then finally opened his mouth and said, "Why are you guys so quiet? If you want to eat it, then eat... If you don't make a move, then this old man will make a move..."

In the next instant, he stood up and grabbed a pair of chopsticks, intending to eat the Papillion Steak.

He got closer and closer to it...

Nether King Er Ha and Lord Dog's eyes widened.

Nethery also opened her red lips, looking at this scene with anticipation.

"Wuuuuuuu..." Flowey couldn't help letting out a small cry.

"If you dare to touch that Papillion Steak, then you should prepare once again to be added to the blacklist and have your clothes ripped off when you enter the restaurant."

Just as Mo Tianji's chopsticks were about to touch the Papillion Steak, a calm voice suddenly rang out.

From the kitchen, Bu Fang held a small bowl of sauce as he slowly walked out.

When Mo Tianji heard Bu Fang's words, his figure instantly froze on the spot.

Ripping his clothes off?

A bad memory rose from within his heart. That tragic scene made his hands tremble, and the chopsticks he was holding no longer moved.

Everyone felt a little pity for him.

Bu Fang had come back.

Pulling out the chair, he once again sat on it. He pulled up the corner of his mouth, looking at the spectators playfully.

Then, he poured the small bowl of sauce over the Papillion Steak, which had been fried in a deep red color.

Sizzle! Sizzle!

Once the sauce was poured on top, in an instant, white smoke began to rise. The fragrance became more and more intense. Within that fragrance was the strong aroma of the sauce fused with the sizzling meat aroma.

Nether King Er Ha's eyes were about to pop out. With a twitch of his nose, he could smell that within that fragrance was a trace of... the smell of the abyss!

It was a smell that was very similar to Spicy Strips.

"Ahhhhhh! I'm going to die! It's the smell of Spicy Strips!"

The color of Nether King Er Ha's face had completely changed. Holding his face with both hands, he let out a screech.

The Papillion Steak that had been fried was placed there for so long, so the dragon meat had already calmed down. The meat had softened, and the taste became even better. Together with the seasoned sauce, its rich fragrance assailed the nostrils.

Bu Fang could not wait anymore.

"Woof! Bu Fang kid! Lord Dog wants to eat!" Lord Dog bared its fangs.

Bu Fang gave Lord Dog a side glance, then revealed a mean arc on the corner of his mouth.

"Eating Papillion Steak, what's important is how it's eaten... Eating it gracefully would warm the heart and delight the eye."

Bu Fang held up the fork and spoon that was placed on the plate. He asked, "Blacky, tell me loudly, how do you use the fork and knife?"

Lord Dog froze.

Everyone froze...

A knife and a fork were needed to eat this plaything? Why not directly use a pair of chopsticks?

Such a huge piece of meat! Biting it with one's bare hands, how pleasing would that be?

No longer caring about the spectators, Bu Fang held the knife in his left hand and the fork in his right. His back was as straight as a pen.

He first used the knife to spread the sauce on the Papillion Steak evenly, then began to search for the direction of the marks on the meat. There were meat lines on the dragon meat itself.

With the right direction, it would not be difficult to cut down, and the meat, when eaten, would be even more flavorful.

Under everyone's curious gazes...

Bu Fang used the fork to hold down the Papillion Steak, his right hand holding the knife. Then, he cut down along the line at a thirty-degree angle.

As Bu Fang cut, the spectators' mouths involuntarily opened, as if they could hear the minute shredding sound of the knife slicing on the meat.

Cutting off a piece of the meat, Bu Fang used the fork to send it into his mouth.

When this piece of meat entered his mouth, his brows instantly shot up.

He chewed methodically. The moment his mouth chewed, the meat juice within the Papillion Steak surged out.

The juice within the dragon meat was perfectly locked within it by Bu Fang. The medium well Papillion Steak still maintained its unique tender and fresh flavor, as if it contained a little sweetness.

The medium well meat was incomparably tender. When he gently chewed, a taste that was like butter instantly exploded, causing one to involuntarily narrow their eyes.

With a gulping sound, Bu Fang swallowed the dragon meat. The meat then rapidly went down his throat into his stomach.

The Abyssal Chilli Sauce brought along a unique spice, causing the pores on Bu Fang's entire body to open.

The spice caused the fragrance of the meat to become even more dense, setting off an even more refined and fresh taste. It made one hard to get tired of it.

Holding up the Frost Blaze Path-Understanding Brew, he gently swayed the ice crystal wine cup. The wine in the cup made a swishing sound.

Taking a bite of the meat, then drinking a mouthful of the wine...

The wine was cold when it entered the mouth, but it burned when it flowed down the throat. The Frost Blaze Path-Understanding Brew brought an extreme experience. Paired with the Papillion Steak, Bu Fang enjoyed it so much that he shut his eyes, gently letting out a breath.

Then, he opened his eyes, continuing to cut the meat.

Nether King Er Ha and the rest felt that Bu Fang's way of eating the meat was very unique.

They had never thought that one could actually use a knife and fork to eat meat. Moreover, what's more special was that... it looked pretty good when he ate!

Compared to Bu Fang's method of eating, grabbing and biting the meat using one's bare hands was really too vulgar.

However, cutting out such a small piece of meat... What taste could come out of that?

Looking at Bu Fang cutting with the knife, together with the sight of the oil and meat juice leaking out, Nether King Er Ha and the rest could not help swallowing their saliva.

The feeling of watching others eat a delicacy in front of them was literally pure torture.


The Nether King's stomach let out a rumble. He rubbed his stomach, pulling out a Spicy Strip. At this time, only a Spicy Strip could comfort his damaged heart.

Holding the Spicy Strip and putting it in and out of his mouth, this feeling allowed the Nether King to temporarily forget about the pain that the Papillion Steak gave him.

The others were not as lucky. They could only watch Bu Fang eat with their eyes wide open.

In just a while, the Papillion Steak had been entirely consumed.

Holding the Frost Blaze Path-Understanding Brew, Bu Fang slowly drank. The wine entered his mouth and filled up his stomach, causing him to feel full.

The meat had been eaten, and the wine had been drunk.

Bu Fang placed the knife and fork at a corner. Then, pinching a side of the white cloth, he wiped his own mouth.

This graceful movement was as smooth as flowing water and clouds, causing the spectators to be dazed by it.

The Heavenly Secret Saint Sovereign wore a strange look. So, eating such a meal required so much attention.


Bu Fang let out a burp, releasing meat fragrance.

The spectators watched Bu Fang's appearance that asked for a beating... They really wanted to hit someone!

"Bu Fang kid... Lord Dog really wants to send you to the heavens with a paw!" Lord Dog's gentle and magnetic voice was filled with quite a bit of anger.

Flowery also widened her eyes at Bu Fang. With her hands on her hips, she glared daggers at him.

Nethery's face was ice-cold. Her pitch-black hair moved by itself, her eyes turning darker.

Bu Fang remained calm. He looked at the people who were preparing to beat him up, then let out a breath.

"Six pieces of Papillion Steak meat can be cut out of a demon dragon. I ate one, and there's just enough left for you guys... If you guys want to eat, you can continue to catch devil dragons," Bu Fang said.

The spectators froze, then became excited. Did Bu Fang intend to make them Papillion Steaks?

Eh... That's not right.

Nether King Er Ha held the Spicy Strip in his mouth, then carefully counted.

There were six people, including that lazy dog. With five Papillion Steaks remaining, no matter how you counted, there wouldn't not enough...

Then, Nether King Er Ha looked at the Heavenly Secret Saint Sovereign sympathetically.

"Old Mo, this king pities you. After all, you are not one of us... Luckily, your Saintess went to sleep. Otherwise, this king's piece could possibly be gone."

Nether King Er Ha covered his face with one hand, wanting to laugh loudly.

Mo Tianji's face turned black.

However, Bu Fang lightly swept his gaze past Er Ha and said, "Aren't you very happy eating your Spicy Strip? Why do you want to eat the Papillion Steak?"

The laughter instantly froze.