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 If it's a Papillion Steak, it had to be a medium well steak.

This really tested a chef's ability to control the heat. However, Bu Fang was not worried about it since he had a flame-controlling technique, giving him better control over heat than other chefs.

The Black Turtle Constellation Wok was part of the God of Cooking set, and it could change into any type of wok Bu Fang willed.

The wok that the Papillion Steak required was not the same as ordinary woks, and with Bu Fang's will, the Black Turtle Constellation Wok slowly changed, and many edges appeared on it.

This was a wok grill, which could help make nice-looking patterns when frying the Papillion Steak.

He held the demon dragon meat, which was as thick as a finger and a half. Because the meat on the dragon waist hardly moved, there was less muscle contained within the meat. Furthermore, most of it was juicy fats, and it was the type of fat that one could not get tired of eating.

Pinching that piece of dragon meat, the very nice-looking lines of fat could be seen on the meat itself.

Bu Fang used the Heavenly Mountain Spirit Spring Water to wash the lines cleanly, then placed it on the blue-and-white porcelain plate that he had prepared beforehand

He then proceeded to fry the Papillion Steak.

Bu Fang opened his mouth, and a bundle of dark golden flame was spat out under the Black Turtle Constellation Wok.


The flame exploded in an instant, its temperature soaring rapidly. In just a while, the surface of the Black Turtle Constellation Wok began to heat up.

Pouring oil into it, the oil covered the entire wok with a popping sound.

Sizzle! Sizzle!

Steam rose as the oil that entered the wok began to soar in temperature. Smoke began to disperse from it as well.

The choice of oil was also very important. Bu Fang furrowed his brows, thinking that it was time to change it. Whenever he had time, he would go extract some oil.

A good oil could elevate the fragrance of the dish to another level, and this was a point that could not be missed.

On the fryer, a thin layer of white smoke rose. Bu Fang reached out his palm, waving over the surface of the wok. After feeling the heat, he slightly nodded his head.

Taking the nicely seared dragon meat that was prepared well, he quickly patted dry the water droplets on the surface of the dragon meat with water absorbent paper.

After finishing all these, Bu Fang then carefully placed that piece of dragon meat into the wok.

Sizzle! Sizzle!

When it entered the wok, the wok rang out with sizzling sounds, and the smoke slowly thickened!

A wave of meat fragrance also rose. This fragrance... made Bu Fang involuntarily twitch his nose.

There was less muscle on this piece of dragon meat, so once it entered the wok and was roasted, the fragrance instantly spread out. Tickling one's senses, it caused one to sink into it involuntarily.

"Not bad..." Bu Fang praised as he looked into the wok.

The first time he saw this demon dragon, he thought that its meat was not that great of an ingredient. He did not expect that when the dragon meat was fried, it would actually be so fragrant.

Once the dragon meat entered the wok, Bu Fang had yet to move it because there was no need to. At this time, the temperature of the wok was just nice. With a sizzling sound, the moisture within the dragon meat was completely locked within.

The dragon meat fried out like this would then be fresh, tender, and juicy.

Also, at that moment, it was creating grill marks on its surface, so a slight movement could ruin the pattern.

From within Bu Fang's spirit sea, many strings of mental force flew out, revolving around the Black Turtle Constellation Wok.

While he was frying the Papillion Steak, he reduced the temperature of the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame with his thought, slowly frying it with a low flame.

Sizzle! Sizzle!

The oil within the wok splattered everywhere, while the dragon meat also gently trembled.

The dragon meat at the bottom of the wok began to show a slight change in color. The difference in color on the bottom and top of the meat became obvious.

Next, the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife appeared in Bu Fang's hand. With the sound of a dragon roar, the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife turned into a small knife.

Gently flipping the Papillion Steak, he moved it a little, rotating it by seventy degrees.

Once again, the wok rang out with sizzling sounds as smoke rose.

After Bu Fang moved it, he let it continue frying. This way, he could fry out a net-like pattern.

Bu Fang's mental force constantly felt the changes in the meat within the wok. After all, he wanted to make sure that it was medium well. If it was fried for too long, the dragon meat would become tough, and it would affect the texture of the meat.

Bu fang's palm then slightly moved as the flame constantly changed temperatures.

After a while, meat juice began to seep out of the surface of the dragon meat. The aroma in the air then became denser and denser, whetting one's appetite. It was really fragrant.

He then scattered the seasoning that he had prepared. Once the seasonings descended, the meat aroma became even more fragrant.

Meanwhile, outside the kitchen, everyone was surrounded by this wave of fragrance.

The Heavenly Secret Saint Sovereign crossed his arms as he floated in the air.

For the past several days, he would always come to the Taotie Restaurant. After all, the Heavenly Saintess lingered here, so he did not dare to have the slightest trace of neglect.

Nowadays, the Hidden Dragon Continent could be counted as being in a horrible situation. Those Netherworld creatures always used special means to send their troops over. Once the troops entered, they headed into the city and attacked.

This caused the citizens of the Hidden Dragon Continent and the creatures of the Netherworld to engage in a huge war.

The flames of war raged across the lands.

As of today, other than the Endless Sea that had not participated in the war, demonic monsters appeared everywhere on the continent.

No matter which corner, even in the rural areas, those Netherworld creatures were always present.

It had to be said that this was really a catastrophe.

This was also because the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk had been destroyed. Since the Great Path's Principle had been weakened, a hole had opened up. Just that one hole allowed so many creatures of the Netherworld to enter.

Once Ni Yan, who was currently fused together with the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk, was killed, the Great Path's Principle of the Hidden Dragon Continent might have many more holes.

At that time, it would truly be the end.

Hence, the Heavenly Secret Saint Sovereign had to take care of Ni Yan properly. She could not have any mishaps happening to her.

According to his understanding, it would be best to bring Ni Yan back to the Heavenly Secret Holy Land and use the Heavenly Great Array to protect her. This should be the safest method.

Although this restaurant had strong experts protecting it... those experts were Netherworld creatures.

He wanted to bring Ni Yan away, but he knew that he could not beat that narcissistic man, nor did he have the confidence to beat that fat black dog that was sleeping soundly under the Path-Understanding Tree.

Hence, he could only come to the restaurant every day.

Luckily, the dishes of this restaurant tasted pretty good... He had traveled the entire continent and eaten countless delicacies, and only Bu Fang's dishes left a deep impression in his memory.

Today, he had just stepped into the restaurant when he sniffed the unique meat fragrance that was dispersed in the air.

This meat fragrance made the pores on his entire body slightly open.

"What smell is this? Why is it so fragrant?"

Mo Tianji's mind shook, looking at the group of people that were sitting on the dining table with looks of anticipation.

"Old Mo, you're here. This king had just picked up a new ingredient for Owner Bu. Owner Bu said he wanted to research a new dish, so why don't we wait here?" said Nether King Er Ha after seeing Mo Tianji, swaying his hair as he spoke.

As Mo Tianji ran to the restaurant these past few days, Nether King Er Ha had gotten a little familiar with him.

Of course, Mo Tianji still felt a little hatred for Nether King Er Ha. After all, this guy had personally stripped him of his clothes. This sort of deep-seated hatred could not possibly be dissolved so easily.

However, towards Bu Fang's new dish, Mo Tianji held a little anticipation. His eyes shined, pulling a chair out as he joined the people on the dining table. They were all looking forward to tasting Bu Fang's new dish.

The meat fragrance in the air became denser and denser, causing everyone to narrow their eyes.


In the kitchen, the meat fragrance was so dense that it was about to form a substance.

Within the Black Turtle Constellation Wok, the color of the Papillion Steak had become extremely dazzling, forming streams of light rushing toward the heavens. The energy fluctuations became extremely violent.

Bu Fang narrowed his eyes. His mental force surged forth, covering the surface of that meat like a hand.

He then flipped the Papillion Steak. Flipping the side that had just finished frying, the color had become a deep red color with intercrossed patterns on it.

Steam even dispersed from the oil as the fragrance rose forth from it.

Following the previous method, he fried the other side.

Bu Fang glanced at the side of the Papillion Steak. A deep pink appeared within the side, meaning that the Papillion Steak was only around medium done. It was still a little far from the medium well that Bu Fang needed.

As time passed, the oil on the Papillion Steak splattered. Looking at the side, there was a little pink tenderness on the color of the Papillion Steak.

Bu Fang pulled the corner of his lips as he grabbed the wok. With a move of his hand, the piece of Papillion Steak within the Black Turtle Constellation Wok was sent flying upward.

As the Papillion Steak flipped in the air, the orange-yellow oil scattered everywhere.

Under the shine of the light, the Papillion Steak radiated with a magnificent color, looking as if... it was glowing!

He held up a wide blue-and-white porcelain plate, and with a splat, the Papillion Steak landed on it.

When the Papillion Steak landed on the porcelain plate, it even bounced slightly, and the meat was trembling. When Bu Fang saw it, his appetite involuntarily bloomed.

Sizzle! Sizzle!

He then stir-fried rapidly. After that, he placed the stir-fried side dish on the other side of the plate, causing the entire dish to become even more perfect.

Covering with a lid, the fragrance was momentarily isolated.

After asking for a fork and knife from the system, and placing the knife and fork on the porcelain plate, Bu Fang then gently let out a breath.

As the Vermillion Robe swayed, the corners of Bu Fang's lips raised, revealing a satisfied smile. He then headed outside the kitchen.

Walking to the door, Bu Fang saw Whitey standing there. He raised his hand, gently patting its round stomach.

Whitey rubbed its head in response.

In the restaurant, the spectators had long held their excitement, looking toward the direction of the kitchen from time to time.

Lord Dog had finished eating the Sweet 'n' Sour Dragon Ribs, but he actually did not return under the Path-Understanding Tree to sleep this time.

Like the rest of the spectators, he had placed both of his paws on the dining table, watching with anticipation.

The meat fragrance that lingered in the air made Lord Dog's gluttonous desire appear.

Flowery, Nethery, Nether King Er Ha, Chu Changsheng-who was wearing a waiter's uniform-and the Heavenly Secret Saint Sovereign-who recently joined in on the fun- surrounded the dining table with eager faces.


Their faces were filled with excitement.

A slender and lean figure slowly walked out from that kitchen.

Bu Fang single-handedly held a porcelain plate that was covered with a lid. Once he walked out of the kitchen, he was slightly dazed.

Because he realized that many gazes landed on his body.

Bu Fang's heart instantly turned a little suspicious...

He raised his brows, then walked to the head of the dining table.

Placing the dish on top, he single-handedly pressed on the lid while the other hand pulled out a chair to sit.

Everyone's gaze focused on that plate, the sound of gulping saliva resounding out ceaselessly.

Indeed, they were very excited.

That extremely fragrant dish that Bu Fang cooked... was finally making its appearance!

They looked forward to it so much!

Lord Dog narrowed his eyes, sticking out his tongue.

However, Bu Fang did not open the lid. He took out a wine cup that was like a crystal, then poured a cup of Frost Blaze Path-Understanding Brew with a swishing sound.

The Frost Blaze Path-Understanding Brew was limited, so Bu Fang sold a very limited amount and also drank it very sparingly.

But today, in order to pair with this dish, he had to drink wine.

Eating Papillion Steak without drinking wine... What difference was that from salted fish?

Under everyone's gaze, Bu fang opened the lid.

Streams of dazzling light shined out from within, dazzling everyone's eyes.

The sizzling sound resounded as oil splattered everywhere, and the meat fragrance assailed one's nose!

"It's too fragrant! Bu Fang young man, quick, give this king a taste!"

"Bu Fang boy, Lord Dog wants it too."

"Bu Fang, I'm hungry..."


Many gazes landed on Bu Fang, all filled with the color of hope.

There was only one portion. Who would eat it?

This was a problem...

However, against their anticipation, Bu Fang only raised his head curiously, giving the spectators a side glance.

"Sorry, but... this dish... I'll eat it myself."