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 "Wow! Such a huge dragon....."

"This plaything can be used as an ingredient? Why does it look so sinister?"

"It seems like a creature from the Netherworld... Look at that Nether energy around that dragon's body!"

The people from the Gluttony God City saw this huge demon dragon, and they all crowded around it. With faces full of shock, they reached out their fingers, pointing at that demon dragon as they talked about it.

Nether King Er Ha was very satisfied and pleased with himself. This was a creature of the Netherworld! Couldn't this kid Bu Fang exchange it for a few more Spicy Strips?

What's more special was that he held a dragon egg in his other hand. Using a dragon egg to make Egg Fried Rice, that taste... would definitely be very delicious.

Nether King Er Ha's gaze swayed. Raising his brows, he gave Bu Fang a 'you know' look.

Bu Fang pulled up the corner of his lips. He chose to ignore the Nether King's gaze. Crossing his arms, he walked out of the restaurant and stood in front of that huge dragon head.

Although this demon dragon had already been smacked to death by Nether King Er Ha with one palm, the pressure that the body emitted still made Bu Fang furrow his brows involuntarily.

"The grade of this dragon is not low... But, at first sight, it doesn't seem to be a good ingredient," Bu Fang said.

"Bu Fang young man, take a closer look, okay? Size it up carefully. This is definitely a very good ingredient. This dragon is called the Papillion! Papillion, you know? It's a very famous spirit beast in the Netherworld, and it's specially raised... I spent a lot of effort to catch it," Nether King Er Ha said calmly without a change in his expression.


Bu Fang slowly walked around the corpse of that demon dragon. Then, he raised his hands and pressed on a spot that was above the abdomen but close to its back. The meat on this spot could be said to be the most delicious part of the entire dragon.

However, to make Sweet 'n' Sour Dragon Ribs, all the meat that was needed was the backbone meat of the dragon.

After feeling the hardness of the ingredient and the feedback of the texture to his palm, Bu Fang slightly nodded his head.

To be truthful, this was the best dragon meat that Bu Fang had ever seen so far.

Of course, the Blood Illuminating Dragon that he had met during the previous trip to the Netherworld did not count. That huge dragon cannot be classified as an ingredient...

"How to say this... This dragon is huge, but the parts that can actually be counted as good ingredients are only three parts. Since there are only three parts, then I'll give you one Spicy Strip for each part. How about three Spicy Strips?" said Bu Fang as he tapped the hard, scaly armor of that demon dragon.

Nether King Er Ha froze, his face revealing joy in an instant.

Three Spicy Strips?!

This Papillion that he had picked up could actually be exchanged for three Spicy Strips? It was simply too delicious.

Although his heart was very excited, Nether King Er Ha's face remained stern.

"Bu Fang young man... Okay, let's count the dragon meat as three Spicy Strips. Now, how about this dragon egg?"

Nether King Er Ha tossed the dragon egg that seemed like a jade stone in his hands.

Looking at it, this dragon egg seemed to be pretty good.

Bu Fang received the dragon egg from Nether King's hands, carefully sizing it up.

However, the moment he touched this dragon egg, he could feel the uniqueness of this egg, not because it was special, but because... this dragon egg was actually lifeless!

There was not a trace of life energy in this egg. However, it contained a dense vital force.

This was really contradictory...

Bu Fang did not dare to eat this sort of egg as he could guarantee that this egg definitely did not taste good...

Since he did not dare to eat this egg, not to mention that it would not taste good, then what's the point of taking it?

Hence, Bu Fang tossed the dragon egg back to Nether King Er Ha and said, "I won't exchange anything for this egg."

After finishing his words, his hand then covered the body of the huge demon dragon.


A suction force appeared from the system storage space, directly sucking the demon dragon inside.

Nether King Er Ha was slightly stunned. This was a dragon egg, so why was it not exchanged for Spicy Strips?

No way... Could it be that the prices have increased? Nether King Er Ha's head was filled with confusion.

This pained his heart... A dragon egg couldn't even be exchanged for a single Spicy Strip?

Looking at the clear as a jade dragon egg, Nether King Er Ha's heart was filled with anger. He single-handedly held that egg, then smashed it on the ground.

With a cracking sound, that dragon egg smashed.

To everyone's astonishment, that dragon egg smashed into pieces as it hit the ground. That eggshell was as feeble as paper.

The liquid within the egg stained the entire ground.

Nether King Er Ha was dumbstruck. He retreated a step, looking at that dragon egg that had scattered all around the ground with his eyes wide open.

This egg... Why did it shatter so easily?

How could a dragon egg be so feeble? A dragon egg would not be so easily shattered!

This dragon egg is fake?!


Some people let out surprised cries as they realized that the liquid from the egg was absorbed by the ground at a breathtaking speed, quickly vanishing.


The ground split open.

In the next instant, a purplish-black sapling showed its head.

As if feeling the fresh air, that sapling then rose dramatically in an explosive manner.

The Nether King's eyes shrunk. Furrowing his brows, he retreated a few steps as he looked at the crazily growing purplish-black sapling with a startled expression.

"This is the Demon Eye Clan's... Mandala Demon Tree? It's the clone of the demon tree that had the transportation skill?"

Nether King Er Ha, as the Lord of the Netherworld, naturally saw through the origins of this demon tree.

He was suddenly enlightened, finally understanding why Bu Fang would not choose this dragon egg.

So, it seemed that this egg actually had the seed of the Mandala Demon Tree hidden inside it.

The dragon egg of this Papillion had contained a surging vital force and catalyzing ability, and the aim of using this sort of dragon egg was to catalyze the Mandala Demon Tree.

Within this dragon egg, the seed of the Mandala Demon Tree was the most important... The dragon egg was simply a dead egg.

When this dragon egg had been born, its fate had already been decided-to become a dead egg at the start.

That extremely proficient Bu Fang, had long seen through it all.

Bu Fang stood at the entrance of the restaurant, looking at the huge purplish-black tree that had grown over ten meters tall. There was even mucus dripping down that huge tree.

Bu Fang crossed his arms in front of his chest, his face calm. He then looked at Nether King Er Ha and said, "Whoever made this plaything come out, you better deal with it. Otherwise... Your three Spicy Strips deal will be canceled."

If this huge tree grew here, it would completely cover the entire Taotie Restaurant, and this was something that was definitely not allowed.

Nether King Er Ha froze. Instantly sucking in a breath of cold air, he did not dare to show a trace of neglect.

This Bu Fang kid wanted to deduct his Spicy Strips whenever he got the chance. This was simply a treacherous thought, and there was no use telling others!


The Mandala Tree had stopped growing. This was because the energy within the liquid of the egg had been used up.

The branches swayed as it gradually circled, forming a circular entrance.

There was energy revolving within that entrance, then... Pitch-black figures surged out from the hole.

As expected, this Mandala Tree was used to transport warriors from the Netherworld...

After determining the use of this huge tree, Nether King Er Ha's figure flew into the air and hovered outside of that hole.

With a wave of his hand, Nether energy surged out, which instantly condensed and formed a black palm that covered the entire sky.

His palm sweept out, harshly slamming down at that hole.

With a loud explosion, the Mandala Demon Tree instantly shattered apart, crumbling inch by inch.

Many creatures of the Netherworld had already walked out of that hole, but they were directly smacked back by that palm. That sort of sullen feeling made everyone scared.

"Since it can't be exchanged for Spicy Strips, then what use do you have?" Nether King Er Ha said.

Then, with a wave of his long sleeves, the debris on the ground had been instantly swept clean.

The ten miles street had once again become deserted.

After doing all this, Nether King Er Ha happily headed towards the restaurant, sitting at one of its dining tables.

Meanwhile, Bu Fang had returned to the kitchen and continued cooking. The fragrance of the steaming hot dishes quickly wafted out from within the kitchen.

This time, Bu Fang first made Dragon Blood Rice for Nethery, but Lord Dog's Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs took some time.

Bu Fang moved his hands, and in an instant, the backbone meat that had been cut from the demon dragon was placed on the chopping board.

The dragon bone of the demon dragon was huge. Hence, after removing the dragon meat, Bu Fang then took the backbone.

Bu Fang was very interested in this since it was an authentic Netherworld ingredient. That was why he prepared to make Sweet 'n' Sour Dragon Ribs first.

After a while...

Within the kitchen, the fragrance of a dish that had reached its peak drifted out, stirring people's minds and causing them to involuntarily swallow their saliva.

It had to be said that it was extremely fragrant.

Lord Dog, who was lying under the Path-Understanding Tree, instantly widened his eyes. His dog nostrils opened as his nose twitched.

In the next instant, he sat on the dining table like a gust of wind and cloud, sticking out his tongue with a face filled with excitement.

He looked in the direction of the kitchen, his heart filled with anticipation.

The smell of Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs! The smell of Sweet 'n' Sour Dragon Ribs! It was the smell of the true Sweet 'n' Sour Dragon Ribs!

The meat ribs were covered in boiling orange-colored juice, causing the meat quality to become soft. With a gentle sniff, it stirred up one's appetite.

Lord Dog had long grown tired of waiting. As a dog who was crazy about Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs, Lord Dog's love for the dish far surpassed everyone's imaginations.

Just like how the Nether King loved Spicy Strips, Lord Dog evidently loved Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs.

Every time he ate Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs, the fats on Lord Dog's entire body would shake. That was the tremble of excitement-the tremble when it was in a good mood.

Ordinary people just wouldn't understand.

When the Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs was placed in front of Lord Dog, his dog nose moved, deeply sniffing it.

In the next instant, he began to bite the Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs with a munching sound.

"Hm? This is the taste of the meat of a Papillion?!" exclaimed Lord Dog in shock as it chewed a piece of the Sweet 'n' Sour Dragon Ribs.

On the opposite side of the table, Nether King Er Ha held onto a Spicy Strip as it went in and out of his mouth. He muttered arrogantly, "This lazy dog can still tell the taste. Not bad... The Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs that you are eating now is the Papillion meat that this king had caught with great effort!"

After a pause, he added, "Tell this king loudly, how should this lazy dog thank this king?"

"What a joke." Lord Dog gave Nether King Er Ha a side glance, its gentle and magnetic voice instantly rang out.

Bu Fang merely looked at the dog and human bickering. He had long grown used to it.

Lord Dog usually slept under the Path-Understanding Tree. When it woke up and ate the Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs, it would then bicker with Nether King Er Ha, then continue sleeping...

Bu Fang, who did not seem to see anything out of the ordinary, pulled up the corner of his mouth, then turned around to return to the kitchen.

Next, he would try a new dish.

Walking in front of the stove, a light flashed in Bu Fang's hands, pulling out a dragon steak that had been cut into the shape of a block from the system storage space. It had dense energy revolving around it.

This dragon steak was the meat taken from the demon dragon's waist area. It was the area where the dragon's essence was most bountiful. Since it was close to the back area, but not exactly the meat from the back, it contained the perfect balance of fat and flesh.

What Bu Fang intended to cook next was... a medium well Papillion Steak.