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 Saint Sovereign Tianji left.

The dramatic uproar and fight finally ended in this manner.

The blood-red snow before the restaurant was almost thoroughly cleaned up, along with the pieces of torn clothes scattered around the floor.

After obtaining his Spicy Strips, Nether King Er Ha happily strode out of the restaurant, with Saint Daughter Zi Yun following closely behind him like a shadow.

Ni Yan felt sleepy after eating. Now that she had merged with the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk, her mind was full of its starry power. This vast amount of power was massive, and Ni Yan's strength could barely contain it. This was the reason for the loss of her memories, and it was also the reason why she often felt sleepy.

Bu Fang originally wanted Ni Yan to live at one of the inns in the Valley of Gluttony. However, Ni Yan appeared to be comfortable in his room. Also, after she had her fill of food and drinks, she stumbled up to Bu Fang's room even with her eyes half-closed.

There was nothing Bu Fang could do... It was not as if he could chase her out as she was sleeping. Furthermore, he still needed Ni Yan to control the powers of the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk and help him brew the Yellow Spring Helplessness Wine.

Everything seemed to have returned to the way it was before.

Blood-red snow continued to slowly pour down from the sky, dying the grounds a bloody red color.

Heavy snow flooded the roads, and crunching sounds echoed whenever one walked through the snow.


Yellow Rock City

Yellow Rock City was the largest city located at the borders of the Hidden Dragon Continent. This city was built entirely of yellow-colored rocks, where ancient-looking buildings stood low. As a result of numerous years of war, the city was not flourishing well.

However, due to the fact that the Yellow Rock City was geographically located close to the Hidden Dragon Heaven Pass, it was a very important location.

Many cultivators in the city did not rush to the front lines of defense for the city. Instead, they were situated in the back lines and were secretly growing their strengths.

Among them were alchemists, doctors, craftsmen, etc...

Alchemists were able to refine pills that increased the cultivations of cultivators, and also pills that aided in their recovery of true energy. Doctors were involved in the emergency treatments. Lastly, craftsmen were naturally involved in the forging of weapons to attack the Netherworld creatures.

As long as there were spiritual resources, the craftsmen were able to forge destructive weapons.

These were the key groups involved in the Hidden Dragon Continent's counter against the Netherworld creatures.

Not far away from Yellow Rock City, a large gap split the skies above the city. This gap was so large, and it made many feel unsettled just by looking at it.

Thunder boomed and lightning flashed in the gap as terrifying forces circulated from it.

This gap was the entrance to the Hidden Dragon Heaven Pass. As long as one entered the gap, it would be equivalent to meeting a massive assault by the Netherworld creatures.

Night fell.

Blood-red snow lightly flowed down from the heavens, covering the entire Yellow Rock City.

Suddenly, at a corner of the city...

A jet-black Nether energy gushed out and quickly filled the air. Soon, the sky seemed to have been frozen as an array was formed.

Energy swirled within the array. In the next instant, numerous black shadows surged out like jet streams from the array.

These hundreds of shadows carried black-colored Nether energy with them. The moment they entered Yellow Rock City, cackling laughter escaped their mouths.

If one observed the array carefully, they would realize that the black shadows were not humans.

Some of these figures had black-colored heads in the shape of a snake tongue. Others had heads that were split open in the middle and looked like lizards.

Others also had purple-colored skin, and some had sharp thorns growing out of their bodies...

Wearing a jet-black armor, these figures wore exhilarated expressions.

The leader of the group of black shadows was a human-like creature. However, the leader appeared terrifying with a mass of eyes that stretched across his forehead.

The Demon Eye Clan members derived their powers from their eyes. The higher the number of eyes on their forehead, the greater their powers were.

Compared to Mo Ye, who only had a pair of eyes on his forehead, that leader was on a completely different level.

"Yellow Rock City... Our goal tonight is to destroy this city," the Demon Eye Clan leader coldly declared.

Then, the experts behind him wore excited looks on their faces as dark energy rushed out and demon marks appeared on their skins.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The sky turned pitch-black.

Booming sounds reverberated in the air! War cries and drum beats sounded, and right at the height of the sounds, everything erupted!

The human army from the Yellow Rock City rushed out and bravely fought against the Netherworld army.

The battle blasted its way through the city and dyed the sky red!

Guards of the Yellow Rock City were not exceptionally strong, and many of their experts were simply no match against the Netherworld creatures. After a few exchanges, they were killed one by one.

Pst! Pst!

These creatures from the Ruin Prison were filled with greed. They killed many experts and madly devoured their blood and flesh.

Fresh blood spurted out in all directions, further invigorating these creatures.


A deafening bestial roar came from afar.

In the next instant, large shadows rushed through the gap and quickly flew a hundred meters out.

These shadows were demon dragons, whose entire bodies were covered in scales. They gave off terrifying auras. Long sharp teeth grew from their mouths, and their eyes flashed brightly like lanterns.

As these dragons flew out from the gap, they spread out in all eight directions over the continent with frightening speeds.

No one knew where these demon dragons were headed.

Within the gap...

With fearful forces of the Hidden Dragon Continent, lightning struck.

A large hand reached through the gap and hit the demon dragons. This one strike crushed the dragons, and their bodies crumbled apart as their flesh rained down from the sky.

However, the moment the large hand appeared, black-colored energy wrapped around the hand and sealed its movements. Instantly, the hand was crushed apart.

The remaining dragons flapped their wings and continued flying to their destinations.

Shoosh! Shoosh! Shoosh!

As the demon dragon flew across the sky, a dragon egg suddenly dropped down from the sky.

With a smashing sound, the dragon egg fell right into the middle of Yellow Rock City.

As the egg hit the ground, it shattered right into pieces.

The contents of the broken egg seeped into the ground quietly.

All of a sudden, the ground started to shake violently. A dark purple-colored shoot grew from the ground.

Shoosh! Shoosh! Shoosh!

In an instant, the dark purple-colored shoot shot up and became a massive tree. As the light shone, the shadow of the tree swayed in the wind. Its purple trunk seemed to be swirling at its spot.

The experts of the Hidden Dragon Continent were utterly shocked.

What in the world was that thing?!

On the other hand, the Netherworld creatures were virtually jumping with joy.


The trunk of the tree continued to swirl, and then, a hole emerged from the trunk.

From that hole, black shadows gushed out.

Terrifying forces instantly flowed out through the hole along with the black shadows.

This sight stunned the experts of the Hidden Dragon Continent. They realized that those black shadows were actually the army from the Netherworld!

With that, the experts from the Yellow Rock City felt their hearts hit rock bottom.

Even the craftsmen of the city wore disheartened looks on their faces. They were powerless against the stream of these Netherworld creatures.

After a valiant struggle, the army of the Yellow Rock City was defeated.

Blood stained the entire city.

One night passed by...

Not far away from the destruction, clouds rolled in, and a star peaked its head out from behind the clouds.

Under the glow of the morning light, a new day had begun. However, Yellow Rock City had been utterly crushed. It was now... a dead city.


The demon dragons flapped their wings again as they tirelessly flew off. Every time they flew near a Hidden Dragon Continent major city, they would lay an egg.

As the egg fell from the sky, it would smash into bits, and a new demon tree would grow from the ground.

The growth of the demon tree also meant the opening of a gate from where the army from the Ruin Prison could rush out.

As for the human cities, it was also the first time they were under the attack of the Netherworld army.

Once the city gates opened, the human army rushed out screaming battles cries as they collided with the forces of the Netherworld army.

The demon dragons flew out in all directions, laying eggs and giving life to numerous demon trees along their journey.

The entire Hidden Dragon Continent was completely shaken by this event.

This was the first all-out onslaught of the Ruin Prison army, and they were no longer going to wait any further.

Hence, the major sects led their strongest disciples to fight against the Netherworld creatures.

Pill Palace and Grand Barren Sect were among many other sects who sent out their disciples to fight in the war against the Netherworld army.

In a mere few days, half of the continent was submerged in war.

However, power had its limits. It was very hard to completely wipe out the Netherworld creatures. Although the top Netherworld warriors were holding back, the weaker Netherworld warriors were going all out in the battle.

This group could fearlessly charge into the battle and fight with their all.

As the demon dragons slowly flew across the sky, these dark forces began to engulf the continent.

Even the most remote cities were not spared.

The Southern Region also witnessed the arrival of an exhausted jet black dragon that flapped its wings wearily. After laying an egg, that dragon dropped dead into the Hundred Thousand Mountains.


Ten meters away from the Valley of Gluttony

Vicious winds blew as a demon dragon found its way there.

That demon dragon slowly flapped its wings and flew, appearing in the outskirts of the Valley of Gluttony.

This was a human-populated area. As the demon dragon thought of this, it prepared to lay an egg.


The demon dragon's eyes widened, and it squinted to see a shadow that slowly stepped out on the snow.

This shadow stood below the dragon, and it lifted its head to stare directly at it.

Why did the gaze of this shadow scare the dragon so much?

Because of this, the dragon, who was prepared to lay an egg, quickly retrieved it...

Saintess Zi Yun panted heavily as she ran through the thick snow. Immediately, she saw Nether King Er Ha standing before her.

Upon seeing the demon dragon in the sky above them, she cupped her mouth with her hands in shock as her eyes widened in surprise.

What creature was that?!


The demon dragon opened its mouth and roared viciously, causing many old trees and snow in the area to be swept away helplessly from the sound blast.

"Hehehe... This is a dragon from the Ruin Prison. The yolk of the dragon egg can transform... I wonder how it would taste? Its strength is pretty good. As a creature of the Netherworld, it should be considered a good ingredient."

Nether King Er Ha lifted his head and looked at the dragon, rubbing his chin as he wondered to himself.

Such a devious stare caused the dragon to shiver in fear...

However, as the dragon thought of its initial goal, the demon dragon laid the dragon egg again, and the egg fell through the sky.

Nether King Er Ha cocked his head to one side...

Looking at the demon dragon and its egg, a sinister smile crept up his lips.


Taotie Restaurant

Bu Fang had just opened the restaurant doors when a cold breeze blew in, causing Bu Fang to huddle up involuntarily.

As the winter season fell, the air was getting colder and colder.

Suddenly, a shout rang from afar. As Bu Fang was just about to enter the kitchen, his body jerked in shock.

"Bu Fang young man, come out quickly and see what I have brought for you!"

Surprised by the call, Bu Fang walked out of the door again.

The pile of snow had been pushed to two sides of the street, revealing a single walkway.

Nether King Er Ha gleefully pulled a massive demon dragon with one hand, while his other hand carried a dragon egg that was even bigger than his head, walking toward Bu Fang.

Bu Fang rubbed his eyes in shock.

Did this guy steal someone else's ingredients again?!

As Nether King Er Ha threw the demon dragon onto the ground, the ground shook violently.

Then, he flipped his locks of hair from his face and lifted the dragon egg with one hand. Staring right at Bu Fang, Nether King Er Ha exclaimed, "Bu Fang young man, tell me loudly, how many Spicy Strips can be exchanged for these ingredients?"